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Latest file for v1.19.7: 1-click install

Supported Mods

Fauna of the Stone Age Packs: Caninae, Capreolinae, Casuariidae, Machairodontinae, Manidae, Pantherinae, Rhinocerotidae,

Hieronymus Packs: African Monitor Lizards, Asian Monitor Lizards, New World Pond Frogs, New World Giant Tortoises, Old World Pond Frogs, Pacific Newts,

Other Packs Cats, Feverstone's Horses, Feverstone Wilds, Medieval Expansion, More Animals, Primitive Survival, The Critters Package,


*1.0.8 Changes*

  • I have split off the creature spawning configurations from this mod. If you run a lot of creature packs and don't want to be overwhelmed with animals, you can download that here - Entities Configuration
  • Fauna of the Stone Age carcass system has been reenabled.

*This mod does nothing by itself*

If you already run these mods in an existing world, you may want to read the spoilers to see how creatures interact with each other. Your favorite cuddly friends may die, and I don't want to be held liable for that.

This is long list of patches that control the AI tasks of entities in all of the supported creature mods. Creatures will hunt other creatures according to their diets in the real world (with some leniency for game mechanics), or flee from predators.

I had played over 200 hours with all of these creatures enabled and wished that the animals would recognize each other, and now they do! I have some descriptions of interactions below in the spoiler.

Fauna of the Stone Age creature packs have patched vanilla Vintage Story, so if you do not run any of these other mods, this mod would be unnecessary since it does not change the way they already interact.

This mods primary use would be to supplement the predator/prey behavior of animals that aren't in the base game. I am looking to expand the use and continue improving AI interactions with not only creatures, but the player as well.


Cats: They hunt small game like birds, chickens, mice, and squirrels. The aggressive wolves are very dangerous to cats, even your pets. Large cats should ignore them, snakes should flee from them (since snakes are hard to see it would be very easy to lose a pet).

Feverstone Horses: Horses now flee from predators and snakes. When you are riding them, if they become afraid they will run away and you will lose control for a very short time, but it will not dismount you. Large cats and aggressive wolves will attack them.

Fauna of the Stone Age: Caninae: Aggressive wolves hunt larger creatures and smaller creatures alike. A pack of these wolves can clear a region if they are not dealt with. Less aggressive wolves go after smaller game. Foxes may eat snakes, bugs, birds and smaller creatures.

Fauna of the Stone Age: Casuariidae: Emus and Cassowary may eat insects and small creatures depending on species. They do have to be wary of predators trying to eat their babies.

Fauna of the Stone Age: Capreolinae: Deer flee from predators and stomp on snakes foxes.

Fauna of the Stone Age: Machairodontinae: These fierce predators hunt large creatures and their young as well as ground birds.

Fauna of the Stone Age: Manidae: Pangolins eat insects.

Fauna of the Stone Age: Pantherinae: Large cats hunt large creatures and their young as well as ground birds. Smaller large cats will hunt rodents.

Fauna of the Stone Age: Rhinocerotidae: Rhinos don't have many enemies, but they do not like snakes and golems.

Medieval Expansion: Aurochs will flee from predators, but they can also fight back. If the herd gets angry they can likely kill some wolves but I would have less hope for them going against large cats.

Hieronymus: Hieronymus has a bunch of reptile creature mods which are really wonderful, but they are all seperate mods and I won't list them individually here. You can see which ones I have worked on so far in the supported section.

  • Komodos hunt prey according to their diet and smaller reptiles or invertebrates become snacks for many creatures.
  • If you use his packs, remember you will need to download Bug Net Compatibility.
  • There are some packs of his that the creatures have no health, so there are no interactions to be had.

More Animals: These four types of 'chickens' should flee from predators hunting them.

Primitive Survival: Snakes hunt and attack rodents and ground birds. Things they hunt should flee from them.

  • All snakes have an attack now.

The Critters Package: Cute little animals are now the bottom of the food chain. If you have some of these animals in your world that you like, you better find a way to keep them safe because everything wants to eat them.

Vanilla Vintage Story: Bears hunt larger creatures (and horses) as well as ground birds. Hyenas hunt snakes and ground birds as well as larger creatures like horses, yaks and aurochs (if you happen to bring those to the warmer climates).

The Future

  • Improved behaviors between creatures. I may need to adjust move speed for specific creatures when they are fleeing or add new behaviors depending on feedback.
  • Getoutofwater behaviors. I don't like the way it is implemented in vanilla. The coastlines look funny when you have creatures chasing others out into the water, sometimes resulting in long loops of trying to get out of water and trying to flee from predators. No idea if there is an easy fix for this or not.
  • If there are creature mods that really catch my interest, I could integrate them. If there is anyone that is willing to help collaborate, I am looking to expand this mod even further than what it is currently.
  • Big cats improved hunting behavior. They are very good at hunting and killing players, but they are very slow when it comes to killing creatures. I don't believe they will be in range of creatures that often due to the seek/flee behavior.

Known Issues

Testing: This needs testing! I have done as much as I can as one person, but now I need feedback from the community on the different interactions. With the sheer amount of creatures, I am bound to have missed some things.

Vanilla creatures: I have not had time to mess with too many of these. For example, there are many variations of deer in vanilla and I haven't had time to make them all flee from snakes, so snakes won't hunt them.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.0.8 595 May 15th at 12:32 PM Show Install now
v1.0.7 62 May 15th at 3:32 AM Show Install now
v1.0.6 691 Apr 30th at 2:44 AM Show Install now
v1.0.5 977 Apr 11th at 8:16 PM Show Install now
v1.0.9 67 6 days ago Show Install now
v1.0.4 923 Mar 24th at 3:48 PM Show Install now
v1.0.3 809 Mar 8th at 5:17 PM Show Install now
v1.0.2 265 Mar 6th at 3:31 PM Show Install now
v1.0.1 93 Mar 6th at 3:43 AM Show Install now
v1.0.0 308 Mar 3rd at 8:59 PM Show Install now

37 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 DndAuthor, May 15th at 12:34 PM

Maamessu Thanks for the report. I had not had the updated Critters Package when updating everything for some reason. This is now fixed.

💬 Maamessu, May 15th at 6:57 AM

Getting a single patching error with the new version. I'm not using the reduced spawns addon. This is on a server.

💬 Hydromancerx, May 15th at 6:19 AM

So happy to see this mod updated! Keep up the great work!

💬 DndAuthor, May 12th at 11:39 PM

Ahrondus lol! I'm sorry, but thanks a ton for your mod!

💬 DndAuthor, May 12th at 9:12 PM

ext_ Lots of things will break if you do update them to the most current. I am almost finished with an update, but I had to rework all of my code from the ground up to make it easier to work with in the future. This update will fix all the errors and have much more improved creature interactions, and it will include a few more animal packs as well.

💬 ext_, May 10th at 9:36 AM

can I update my FotSA mods to newer versions? currently if I do that patches break, or at least there's plenty of errors in logs

💬 Ahrondus, May 9th at 5:52 PM

What do you mean!? My horses are apex predators! My poor babies! 😭
Can't believe I hadn't seen this mod's thumbnail before until now. Great stuff!

💬 DndAuthor, May 7th at 3:08 PM

Hydromancerx I am reworking all of my code to streamline the process in the future. I can't support compatibility with all of Hieronymus' mods due to the fact that some of them are not meant to die, so there are not any interactions to be had. However, all of the packs that can be supported by him will be on the next release!

💬 DndAuthor, Apr 30th at 2:49 AM

Version 1.0.6 has been updated with the newest version of the Fauna of the Stone Age: Caninae and will not be compatible with older versions due to entity behavior changes.

💬 DndAuthor, Apr 30th at 2:46 AM

sheepon I appreciate it! I would love to hear how your world is going once you get some more playtime with the mod. Even though it is running in tandem with Biomes it would be nice to see if everything is running smoothly and creatures are acting like they should.

💬 sheepon, Apr 27th at 7:34 AM

Very cool mod! :D I can't imagine how long it took you to put something like this together, so extra thank you for making it!


Hi! I did some work on Biomes and am using it in my current world with Entities Interact. Both mods seem to work at the same time no problem, and I'm not seeing anything in the Entities Interact patches that would conflict with Biomes patches. As Dnd said, Biomes is essentially a whitelist; it shouldn't affect entity behaviors/spawn rate values. However! When using Biomes, stuff can be slower to spawn in since sometimes the server rolls for something that gets blocked in the region you're in. So Entities Interact + Biomes will most likely change how the balancing feels compared to using either mod alone. Whether that balance feels good or bad is something we can only find out through playing c:


💬 DndAuthor, Apr 24th at 2:22 AM

Galaxy_Sloth As far as I know, the Biomes mod has a whitelist that allows specific creatures to spawn or not. I don't believe it patches the spawn rate of creatures, but adds regions they are allowed to spawn in. Might be worth asking in their modpage, since mine is literally only patches to creatures, it would be easier for them to answer.

💬 Galaxy_Sloth, Apr 21st at 11:10 PM


I'm assuming this mod wouldn't work with the biomes mod, since they both affect spawning, would that be correct?

💬 Hydromancerx, Apr 12th at 4:16 PM


Please add support for African Monitor Lizards and Bearded Dragons!
Thanks in advance!

💬 DndAuthor, Apr 1st at 4:47 PM

@Slides To edit the .json file, you can open the mod with winrar, open the .json files with a text editor, edit them, and when you save the text file winrar will prompt you to save as well. No need to unzip/rezip. As for spawn rates, what do you feel is too low, specifically? I ask because the only feedback I've received so far is on my multiplayer server and I have had people tell me some creatures spawn too often, but haven't heard anything about low spawn rates. Specifics would help me because I know what creatures I have adjusted already and will help to refine the spawn rates further with more testing.

💬 Slides, Apr 1st at 11:54 AM

That's understandable, but in my time with this mod (~20 hours at this point) I feel like the spawn rates for some creatures are a little low. I will keep playing though and let you know. On a side note, to edit the .json files I would have to unzip the mod, edit the files, and then rezip it, correct?

💬 DndAuthor, Mar 31st at 4:19 PM

@Slides I don't know how to work with the config files, so unless you edit the .json files yourself or find a mod that does this for you, then no. I am looking for feedback to further adjust spawn rates overall, since adding a bunch of creatures can make your world feel overloaded with creatures, if you have thoughts on spawning.

💬 Slides, Mar 30th at 5:06 PM

Is there any way to configure or edit spawn rates?

💬 itinerare, Mar 25th at 12:00 PM

Absolutely understandable! Thank you for taking the time to respond and your continued work on this mod.

💬 DndAuthor, Mar 24th at 4:54 PM

Bobosaw I don't plan on working on the water creatures at the moment, since there is not much else they can interact with.

💬 Bobosaw, Mar 24th at 4:13 PM

Any plans on adding compatibility for the mod "Something in the Water"?

💬 DndAuthor, Mar 16th at 3:08 AM

@Khana, this is beyond my ability, and likely beyond the ability of what is programmed in the base game. The cat hunts hares and chickens by default, so by extension this mod makes them hunt anything like a chicken, as well as some smaller creatures from other mods. I would suggest to have your birds penned up so the cats cannot reach them.

@Hydromancerx, I saw this mod and although it looks awesome, there aren't enough water predators currently updated to 1.19 to make good use out of interactions. Also, creatures and the 'getoutofwater' behaviors are not very intuitive at the moment. Hopefully, someday, there would be a large patch that focuses on water which would make mod support worth it. So little of a player's time will be spent in the water, and land predators would be confused trying to attack in the water, get out, attack, then they drown.

I am still waiting for certain mods to be updated to 1.19.x before working on them for the other requests.

@itinerare, I haven't delved into the Outlaw mod with interactions. Although it is an interesting and unique mod, it changes the game so completely that it feels as if it is for a niche playthrough, something which I have not had an interest in running (yet!). The amount of mobs in the pack and their predatory behavior would really be a lot of work, possibly as much work as I've put into this whole project already.

💬 Hydromancerx, Mar 15th at 7:55 PM

Please support these too for the aquatic predator vs prey

Fauna of the Stone Age: Sirenia

💬 Khana, Mar 12th at 5:00 PM

if there could be the option for tamed cats to not go after generation , say, 4 onwards, that would be awsome. iv hired some farm cats for my crops but if i put some in the farm i dnt want them goin after ducks and chickens that iv bred.



💬 Hydromancerx, Mar 8th at 1:07 AM


So an update about the Lichen mod. After trying it out it seems to still work fine. I wasn't in the climate zone for the Gemsbok but i was for the deer. And tbh they are really nice deer! As much as i like all the new deer, I really like these! So yeah it is worth adding to your list.

💬 Hydromancerx, Mar 6th at 5:28 PM


Thank you for starting to add Hieronymus mods!

💬 DndAuthor, Mar 4th at 10:24 PM

b0b4444 Yes, this will work with the supported mods 1.19.x+ and I don't foresee further updates changing that, but I will be watching.

💬 b0b4444, Mar 4th at 9:38 PM

The mod is listed for game version 1.19.0, does it work with all the 1.19.x?

💬 itinerare, Mar 4th at 12:54 PM

Thank you for this! I use the vast majority of these mods and had the same woes regarding their not interacting.

Adding that I'd love to see the aforementioned Outlaw mod supported here if you're so inclined, since its additions are so pervasive-- and so it's a little silly when they're apparently ignorant of a large portion of the animal life present in the world (and vice versa).

💬 DndAuthor, Mar 4th at 2:42 AM

Arroz126 If you have only downloaded the 3 Fauna of the Stone Age mods, you would not need this. This patch communicates between FotSA and other creature mods. Fauna of the Stone Age already communicates between vanilla Vintage Story creatures. For example, this communicates between FotSA and Feverstone's Horses, meaning the wolves will attack horses now. I should also add, that if you haven't played the game yet, the Fauna mods are amazing, and the creatures can be deadly and unforgiving. Something to keep in mind if it is your first playthrough.

💬 Arroz126, Mar 4th at 12:21 AM

Sorry for my ignorance, I'm new to the community, but is it necessary to install the 'Pet Ai' mod for it to work? I currently have installed the 'Fauna of the Stone Age: Caninae' and 'Fauna of the Stone Age: Pantherinae' mods. So, with your mod, would hunting between animals be activated

💬 Hydromancerx, Mar 4th at 12:02 AM


I should also add that I use Sam's Humanoid Creatures and VS Village too. I use Phoenicius's Patches so they will interact with each other. Once I reach the Medieval Era I will probbly add in the Outlaw mod. I have tried it in the past but it was a bit much for the Neolthic Era. I also have been eyeing the Fantasy Creature mod since it supported that patch mod. But i am on the fence since I try to keep it more realstic.Then again Feverstone Wilds has stuff like Golems, Faunlings and Cockatrice so it's not like a am full realism. I will see how I feel when am am ready to add the Outlaw mod.

💬 Hydromancerx, Mar 3rd at 11:25 PM


1. All of the Hieronymus mods work great! They really fill in the world to make it seem alive with ponds and rivers full of fish and amphbians. And the spawn rate of the repiles is pretty good to where it is rare an a treat when you stumble upon one! Plus I love putting the monator lizard skins on the walls as a trophy.

2. I am testing out the Lichen mod today so i don't know how well it has aged.

3. Feverstone Wilds! i have used for awhile now and it seems very solid. It hasn't had an update in forever but still chugs along.Has some of my favorite creatures.

4. Yeah the small shark mod dosn't seem to attack the player but the sharks in Feverstone seem to work fine. A hammerhead ate me once when I fell off a cliff into the water. :( As for the vanilla raft i hab't tested but the Joy of Sailing raft seems to make you immune to animal interactions. I have never been attacked when on a Joy of Sailing raft or sail raft.

5. The Rogue House Addations is one of my person favs and one of the reasons i even use a server mod in single player. So yeah please patch the gorilla at least since they are so cute!

Thanks for the quick response and I look forward to your updates to this mod! If you have any other questions about specific creatures from other mods I have a packed single player game that runs them all just fine. Oh and I play on a custom Homo Sapien single player game. So no lore content like drifters in my game.

💬 DndAuthor, Mar 3rd at 11:06 PM

@Mendall - This is good to know! I meant more that I would like to see the crab-eating foxes hunt crabs, etc... I've only once come upon a beach of crabs in my playthrough and it was late in the game so I didn't hunt them.

@Szczwany - This is less of a mod and more of a patch to existing creature behavior. Any of the mods listed in the Supported section should be compatible with that.

@Hydromancerx - Some of these mods look great! I haven't considered any mods that have not been updated for 1.19 or greater. I haven't tested any of them to see if they still work, and if they aren't updated I figure they are likely abandoned by the author currently or still updating. In that case I would wait for them to be updated so I won't have to do the work twice. I mainly did this so I can start a multiplayer server with more creatures and it took four long days of work, so for now I will rest and figure out how to start a server, haha.

The shark mod is interesting, but current creature behavior in water is awful so I don't forsee any favorable interactions with land based creatures. Now, water creatures fighting would be something if Feverstone Wilds ever updates. How does the sharks mod work with the vanilla raft or Joy of Sailing? Do they just kill you while you try to ride away or are they too slow to keep up?

That being said, Hieronymus' stuff looks awesome, is updated and may be added for support in the future. I would like to get some more feedback from testing first to make sure I haven't done anything fundamentally wrong so far.

💬 Hydromancerx, Mar 3rd at 10:41 PM


I saw your comment in the Canine mod page and was so glad to see you posted this! Please add support for the Feverstone Wilds! There are so many possiile interations Like their Giraffe, Bison and Ostrich! Also they have sea creatures like Sharks, Stingrays, Eels and Orcas. I cannot wait to see marine ecoystem interactions. oh and the hippos and crocs! Oh also there is a small shark mod that i would love to see supported as well. Talking about supported mods are you going to support all the small fish, amphbian and reptile mods by Hieronymus? I would love to see the monator lizards hunting and the tortises being prey for other mod predators. Other mods you might want to consider are Lichen which has things like Gemsbok and the very obscure Rogue House Addations which have Gorillas. I play in single player but their pack works just fine and gives addational animals. Anywho a BIG thanks in advance!

💬 Szczwany, Mar 3rd at 10:01 PM

Is it compatible with biomes mod?

EDIT: the idea of this mod is genius!

💬 Mendall, Mar 3rd at 9:45 PM

You said you needed to do more about crabs, but I'm not so sure. If you have ever lived in an area with some form of land crab, you would know they can quickly become a hoard to rival the undead. When they go on a breeding binge, it can be hard to find a place to step that you don't smush one. So to many crabs isn't really all that unnatural.


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