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Created: Jul 4th at 10:29 PM
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This mod includes the sloth bear, the moon bear, the spectacled bear and the base game bears with new models, cool animations and AI behaviors. I will be adding a few extinct bears, and then eventually some variations of other bears, like grizzly, kodiak, spirit bear, golden moon bear, etc...

Untamed Wilds: Ursidae is compatible with almost all other creature mods right out of the gate. If you want all creature mods to interact with each other, you can download my other mod Entities Interact which adds predator/prey compatibility behavior to most creature mods.

The bears spawnrate is nearly equivalent to the base game. Females and cubs spawn at half the rate of males, which spawn solitary. If you want to change the spawning rate of my bears, or any creature from the base game and most other mods, check out Entities Configuration, which will allow you to quickly change the spawnrate of creatures with an in-game menu and sliders.

I am not a fan of being assassinated by silent ninja bears and wanted to change them in the base game. However, I also wanted to try my hand at modeling and animating, so instead I made this!

What to expect

One of the goals of this mod is to bring bear behavior closer to how they act in nature without losing the challenge of the base game. Some things have been changed to provide a new experience when dealing with the ursidae family. With that being said, things are subject to change for a balance of game mechanics and fun for the player.

  • Bear aggression is not always 100% (sloth bears and polars are very aggressive).
    • The seek behavior for most bears won't trigger when near a player as long as they are saturated, unless you get too close.
  • Mama bears aggreession is much higher.
    • Cubs will not seek out a player, but they will defend themselves if harmed.
  • Bears diets include fruits and they will eat berries; some might go for your crops, most go for berry bushes.
    • Bears hunt more often, whether it is for insects, fruit, meat or the player.
    • Bears can eat loose items from the ground (if it is in their diet) and they will eat from troughs.
  • Brown bears base speed is faster than the player, the polar bear is the slowest.
    • Polar bear swim speed is the fastest, though you should be able to barely outswim them (I think).
  • Bears will make noises as you wander through the area.
  • Bears can be bred like all creatures from the base game.
    • The breeding process takes a bit longer than other animals in the base game.
    • They are not pets and are not domesticated , just tamed (maybe someday).
  • Female bears are nearly equivalent in health and damage as the base game bears.
    • Male bears are a little more deadly, larger and drop a little more loot.
  • The spawn conditions for bears are more in line with Earth.
    • Bears only spawn on runtime.
  • Bears are scavengers and will eat carcasses from the FotSA mods.
  • Bears from the base game have been disabled.
    • If you use EntitiesConfiguration, make sure to disable the base game bears as it overrides this mod's disabling patch.


  • Brown Bear
  • Black Bear
  • Panda Bear
  • Polar Bear
  • Sun Bear
  • Moon Bear (asian black bear)
  • Sloth Bear
  • Spectacled Bear
  • Giant Short-Faced Bear (extinct)
  • Short-Faced Bear (extinct)
    • I may settle on a different species, but since I've already added compatibility for these 11 in Entites Interact, I may decide not to.
  • Steppe Bear (extinct)
  • Proper bear cub models (not mini-mes)
  • Taxidermies and bear hides; maybe bear trophies
  • Bear meat
  • Bear sub-species (grizzly, kodiak, spirit, etc...)
  • Additional animations
  • Additional sounds
  • Bear dens (possibly, would have to look at the spawner mod)
  • Butchering compatibility
  • Biomes compatibility
  • Bear mounts and saddles (1.20), would likely require a new animation since currently bear running is very bouncy

A real big thanks to TenthArchitect for a lot of help and guidance. And a thanks to everyone else who were willing to give me feedback.

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💬 Hydromancerx, 1 day ago


It just splits up the northern hemisphere into 6 regions and the southern hemisphere into 6 regions. Unlike real life it is just a square grid split up by longitude and latitude.So say you started in Altantic Palearctic if you went south past the equator you would be in Atlantic Afrotropic. Or if you went far enough east you would be Central Palearctic. And if far enough West then Atlantic Neoarctic. And so on if you kept going more west or more east. And each region covers everything from a pole to the equator. So like a lion and a polar bear could both be in Altantic Palearctic but never meet because of their temperture ranges don't overlap.

💬 DndAuthor, 1 day ago

Hydromancerx I can look at that for the next update. What you are saying makes sense. I have never played with Biomes myself.

💬 Hydromancerx, 2 days ago


I think the biome mod regional range on the Polar Bears should include all northern hemsphere regions. My argument is those zone got all the way to the north pole and thus would count as part of those regional zones.

💬 Hydromancerx, 2 days ago


Thank you so much!

💬 DndAuthor, 2 days ago

Hydromancerx It was easier than I expected. Added support for Biomes!

💬 DndAuthor, 2 days ago

Hydromancerx I will look into Biomes support. I don't think it will be too difficult.

💬 Hydromancerx, 2 days ago


Glad to see the Spectacled Bear release! Can you support the Biomes mod sooner than later? I use it and want to be able to see the bears in my game. But if they are not added to the whitelist they will not spawn.
Thanks in advance!

💬 Hydromancerx, 3 days ago


Awesome! Paddington bear would approve! Here are some more from the extra pic last time ...

- Ballusia - Small little prehistoric bear. So cute!

- Indarctos - A larger prehistoric bear.

- Ursavus - A mediusm sized prehistoric bear.

- Agriotherium - A prehistoric bear from Africa! This should be useful with the Biomes mod.

- Cave Bear (Ursus ingressus) - Your classic prehistoric bear.

- Protarctos - A prehisoric bear with subspecies.
Many thanks in advance!

💬 DndAuthor, 4 days ago

Hydromancerx I love all of these! Speaking of short-faced bears, the spectacled bear will be coming soon!

💬 Hydromancerx, 4 days ago

I am hyped you are doing both short faced bears! Some other sudgestions ...

- Kretzoiarctos - A prehistoric Panda

- Ailurarctos - Another prehistoric panda.

- Kolponomos - Marine Bears that were otter-like.

- Chapalmalania - A bear-like raccoon relatve.

More pics of exinct bears because it looked cool.
Thanks in advance!

💬 DndAuthor, 4 days ago

Bear with me, please, as this is a new release and there will likely be more updates up front for minor bug fixes and balancing changes. That and the addition of more bear content!

💬 DndAuthor, Jul 5th at 1:43 PM

Michaloid Thanks a ton, I appreciate that! This was my first time ever modeling or animating so I wanted to get them right. If you find any bugs or have feedback please post here or on discord.

💬 Michaloid, Jul 5th at 10:09 AM

Holy crap these models look soooooooo goood!!!

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