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Category: #Creatures
Author: Syd
Side: Both
Created: Jan 26th at 4:22 PM
Last modified: Jan 28th at 10:23 AM
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Latest file for Various v1.19.x: 1-click install

This mod needs petai to work.


This Mod adds the possibility to tame bears. You can tame all greater bears. They currently do basic things like follow you around and attack monsters.


Planned features:

  • breeding
  • honeycomb feeding (currently doesn't work, but the guide already suggests it)
  • balancing
  • actual Panserbjørn (backpacks, armor, saddles)


I'm gladly taking help with translations. Language I already provide are:

  • english
  • german

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v0.9.2 3070 Jan 28th at 10:23 AM Show Install now
v0.9.1 140 Jan 26th at 6:06 PM Show Install now
v0.9.0 107 Jan 26th at 4:40 PM Show Install now

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💬 Perdous, Apr 13th at 2:58 PM

I really like this mod and I hope there will be more development to it since armors, backpacks and saddles would really epic to have. One problem I encountered though is that after a while I cannot feed my black bears.

💬 Yuzu, Mar 24th at 8:23 PM

It seems like the male black bear spam follows you after taming and continues to run into you if you stand still, which pushes you around. It even glitch teleports though doors and i had to relog twice to get the follow spam to stop. The honey combs don't work for feeding the bear and feeding after you tame it seems pretty glitchy. The bear doesn't need to be tended again message doesn't always pop up when i try to feed it and it won't take the meat. I'm not sure if the black bears are just broken or it's a known issue or if there is anything that can be done to help fix it. Any help would be appreciated.

💬 ParallelPenguins, Mar 20th at 2:13 PM

Syd  It was a black bear, I'm pretty sure. This was two weeks ago now so I might be wrong, but I think it was a black bear. I think it was male too.

💬 SydAuthor, Mar 16th at 12:49 PM

ParallelPenguins can you tell me which subkind of bear it was (black, panda) and maybe even the gender. I haven't tested with all bears (it is tedious, when they all want to kill you) and might have missed a combination.

💬 ParallelPenguins, Mar 5th at 11:30 PM

So I got a bear tamed... and it disappeared. Fed it the last raw meat and the chat said I had tamed it, but it just poofed out of existence. I'm not sure why. Any advice?

💬 SydAuthor, Feb 21st at 3:35 PM

Iver should not happen with the latest version, but I can look into it expects a version with 2 '.' and I only put "1.19" instead of "1.19.0" in one version because I was hoping it will catch all of 1.19

rayray they eat. honeycomb, cranberries, blueberries, raw redmeat, raw poultry, perfect meat petcookies and perfect veggie petcookies. I have to add edible items manually in and bears... well would usually eat everything even pandas and I haven't figured out how to do that or if I want that.

💬 rayray, Feb 20th at 6:39 PM

how do you feed him after taming ? ive tried many meats, now he is starving weight thin about to die 

💬 Iver, Feb 15th at 6:31 AM

"14.2.2024 22:18:18 [Warning] [apanserbjornstory] Dependency 'game': Failed parsing version string '1.19' at index 4: Expected PATCH version, found end of string (best guess: 1.19.0)"

In 1.19.3.

💬 Bl0ckparty, Feb 6th at 6:22 AM

Hurrah, Wojtek!!!!!  Can't wait for the accessories!!

💬 SydAuthor, Jan 28th at 10:04 AM

EvilToast sorry. I'm on it. I just reached the same issue. (the reason was I had to change the modid after I was done with the core and forgot to rename the part, where your bear switched to being tamed) It will be fixed in the next version.


you have to ask your admin to do a "/giveitem petai:magicbone", which you can then use to click on the buggy bears after the update to fix that behavior.

💬 EvilToast, Jan 28th at 12:11 AM

I've been having some issues, when the bear gets to 100% the naming prompt doesn't appear and it doesn't tame the bear, it still attacks me. I tested the polar, brown, and black bear and it's the same thing for all of them. No other mods except pet AI (v1.19.3), does anyone have any idea how I can fix this? :o

💬 Brick, Jan 27th at 7:07 PM

As much as I hate bears when I attempt wilderness survival hardcore, if I manage to survive long enough and tame a bunch of bears... Its gonna be awesome!

💬 Aksyl, Jan 27th at 5:13 PM

If anyone's upset about realism, kindly look up Wojtek.

💬 XurxoMF, Jan 26th at 9:51 PM

Thx a lot for the info, I love the idea! I'll add it to my next server lol 🤩

💬 SydAuthor, Jan 26th at 9:43 PM

XurxoMF there is a taming guide in the Book and yes you have to "capture" an adult bear. Yes it will hurt you, but then you have a very strong ally in the end.

💬 XurxoMF, Jan 26th at 8:41 PM

How can you tame bears? You need to fed an adult bear or a bear cub? If the second one... you've to buy it like wolf pups or you need to find one?

💬 Reverhaus, Jan 26th at 8:20 PM

You dont' pet the bear, the bear pets you 😂

💬 Ritzga, Jan 26th at 5:15 PM

huuge furry friend!

💬 AzuliBluespots, Jan 26th at 5:14 PM


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