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Fields of Gold

Found and corrected(?) issue causing crops to drop crop-blocks at mid-growth stages, and updated it to ensure seeds only drop at stage one (seeds), or the last growth stage (yield+seeds in appropriate crops)

Vinter_Nacht 1 hour ago
More Recipes

Although recently turned off the display of the quiver, so it may not show in the handbook

DArkHekRoMaNT 3 hours ago
More Recipes


This should work with 1.15.6, mods rarely break on minor versions, so I rarely update this list of versions unless I update the mod. At the moment mod works until 1.15.7.

Also, as far as I know, nothing important has changed since the last update, so the mod should still be up to date.

DArkHekRoMaNT 3 hours ago
Ores-o-Plenty Mod

v1.9 Adds Olivine ore spawn to Andesite, Granite, and Basalt. 
I spent hours and hours trying to find Peridotite with no success and needed Olivine for Tier 3 Refactory bricks.

Haven't yet tested the mod on 1.15.7 but it should work fine. Let me know if it doesn't!

Buggi 5 hours ago
From Golden Combs

Concept piece for potential additional content.
Shelves on which you can store your brood box/pot if you so choose. Each shelf could hold up to two brood box/pots, or one of each.

Note that both wooden and clay brood box tops would be made somewhat smaller than they currently are (clay pots) or currently shown (brood boxes) to ensure they would logically fit on the shelves.

I would take some steps to ensure that they could hold items other than just brood boxes/pots.


Vinter_Nacht 7 hours ago
Collaborative Classes Revised

Noticed a bit of a bug.


On the class selector if i just 'ESC' out of the menu it forces me into a hunter class, which is fine. but it doesnt give me clothing for that class, I'm just in the nude. you may need to prevent the ability to ESC out of the menu or something

Robson 9 hours ago

Could you add the Shofar, craftable from a horn that drops from big horn sheep?

Vinter_Nacht 9 hours ago
From Golden Combs

Hope progress updates aren't getting annoying, but I'm excited to show the work progressing.


Vinter_Nacht 10 hours ago

The Bricklayers mod is carefully made so that it only adds end-game or late-game content or some QoL tweaks that make things simpler, but not cheaty. For instance, the recycling and transformation recipes make some things easier, but cost tool durability to offset that.

There are a lot new features in it (like colored clay, new glas colors, glazings, small bricks), and new items (powdered coal, powdered metals and frit) but there are never any recipes that either circumvent the vanilla restrictions (like that you need copper to make a saw) or simple give you "more output" than vanilla recipes.

Tels 11 hours ago
No Fall Animation

I've updated this to be a patch, as well as tested with VS version 1.15.7 and everything seems to be working.

CosmicRedshift 13 hours ago
Fields of Gold

Will look into it, as that's weird as hell. However, it also highlights an issue with the description of the mod.  You shouldn't have a chance of getting seeds when breaking partially grown crops with Fields of Gold. You can get them back during the first stage (maybe), or when mature. At all stages in between it shouldn't drop anything... ESPECIALLY not a partially grown crop block. XD


Vinter_Nacht 15 hours ago
Fields of Gold

Partially grown crops are dropping the partially grown block when broken rather than the expected behavior of possibly dropping seeds. This is particularly apparent with wild crops. 

Rorax 17 hours ago
From Golden Combs

That's accurate for the released edition. It shouldn't be far off from what skeps can drop.

Vinter_Nacht 1 day ago
From Golden Combs

Thanks for your mod. I have a question: When I harvest the honey, I randomly get between 1 and 4 honey combs - is this intended behaviour?

Abed 1 day ago

I'm guessing this mod is abandoned?  It's a shame really.  I was hoping to use this as an end game way to explore the northern and southern regions of my map.  But as it stands now, the mod isn't really usable.  It's way too shaky, way too slow, and it seems like you can only go to 130 elevation.  Hopefullt you pick it back up and continue working on it.  There's tons or promise here.

Berkyjay 1 day ago
From Golden Combs


Ongoing progress.  Working on the stacks you'll be able to store supers in until you're ready to harvest them or put them back in the hive.

Vinter_Nacht 2 days ago
Visually Glowing Arrows and Spears

YESSSSSS good god THANK YOU. The things are freakin' INVISIBLE normally!

Travisplo 3 days ago
Medieval expansion

We got a error with game version 1.15.7


[Server Error] Grid Recipe with output Item code medievalexpansion:grasicemix contains an ingredient that cannot be resolved: Item code lazytweaks:straw

Paned 3 days ago

Oh that is a strange crash WickedSchnitzel, it seems related to a spear breaking during a throw, but that's never been an issue in testing and I can't see why it would happen yet. Could be a conflict with another mod? Either way, Bullseye 2.2.1 is now released, and should hopefully stop this crash from happening again. Apologies for the inconvenience again!

Rahjital 4 days ago
Wildcraft v1.0.3!

PeterSanderson Oh dang that's not good, next update will fix that. hopefully will have that update out later today.

gabb 4 days ago