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Oxygen Not Included

this is cool, VS devs will eventually add breathing but it's nice to have it earlier :D now can you do hydration? breathing, hydration and horses are the big 3 missing things from VS but I suspect horses are around the corner in the modding community

Minni6in 2 hours ago
Resin Renaissance By MAD

I searched an entire sandstone desert full of pine trees and not one tree had leaky resin. I'm intending to use the mod More Resin to see if that helps increase the resin some, some of those trees in the desert should have had resin, I even flew around in creative after to see if i missed any trees. Definitely none had leaky resin. This desert was close to spawn so I dont know if that makes a difference, maybe resin generates so many blocks away from spawn, not sure.

Lynne 2 hours ago
WeaponPack- New Weapons

Hey, I have some feedback and random thoughts:

  • I don't think it's a good idea to include the shield re-balancing changes in this mod. They should probably be separate. I very much like this mod for the added weapon variety, but I don't necessarily want it re-balancing the base game's items. Adding new shields, like roman ones for example, would fit well into this mod, but having the balancing changes in the mod feels a bit controversial.
  • The halberd's first person attack animation is a top-down strike, but I think it should be a poke instead. Its third person animation is already a poke, too.
  • It would be nice if the halberd was a two handed weapon, but I assume that would be difficult to implement.
  • Originally I thought the khopesh might also be a tool and should be able to cut foliage, like the machete, since it's a sickle, but I don't actually know if it actually was used as a tool or if it was exclusively used for war in real life. Maybe it's fine the way it is.
  • I assume it's intentional that the machete just destroys grass and doesn't let you harvest it, is it?
  • I think I would give the katar a fast attack instead of the slow speed - high damage combo that it is now. A punch dagger sounds like a weapon for fast strikes to me.
  • Shouldn't the throwing spears just be named "javelins"? Sounds better to me than having three separate weapons each named "spear".
  • This is just a random idea, but it might be a bit too game-y. The macuahuitl sounds like it would be a very painful weapon, but it currently seems to do quite a lot of damage when compared to metal weapons while just being sharpened rocks. Maybe I would lower its damage, but give it some sort of damage over time effect from causing bleeding on the target hit by the sharpened, serrated stone teeth.

All the weapon models are awesome by the way. Thanks for the mod.

Destragon 2 hours ago
Pet AI

Might I make a request for a config option to mute the animals using this library?  Cats in particular have been out-of-place loud on our server, even from a long distance.  :<

iotid 4 hours ago
Snow Collision

Thank you.

This issue should have been addressed in the main game ages ago

Gamer62 4 hours ago
Oxygen Not Included

Thank you . This is Really a cool Mod especially being able to config.it to what you want.

A lot more Mods should have the ability to config. as a few Mods i like but won't use as it's either OP or UP for my game play.

Gamer62 4 hours ago
WeaponPack- New Weapons

The auto-download issue should be fixed now, I also have an update coming soon.

Mr1k3 6 hours ago


Clarification, and minor tweaks update

  • Added handbook entry for the mod, includes information on how to change class, general tips for some classes (clarifying some unclear things), and information on how drop-rates are affected by stats. Hopefully helps people better understand some things with this mod
  • Tweaked all alternate "exclusive" recipes to be shown in their own grid in the handbook, also added this to the armor repairing so no more flashing back and fourth armor recipes. This change to other recipes should give the player better understanding of what recipes they have access to, instead of being hidden behind an alternating recipe list
  • Tweaked a load of trait-breakdowns clarified ore drop chances based off the 1.25 drop rate most ores have, and for example now a reduced ore rate by -0.2 tells you that you don't have any chance at double ores, rather than an unclear "-20% drop rate" and a reduced rate of -0.1 is shown as "-12.5" meaning you have half the chance at double ores, also clarified what "forage drop rate" applies to (to the best of my understanding)
  • Following my increased knowledge on drop calculations, most foraging "wild-crop and foraging" perks have been intensified or slightly decreased, now you should see more of a gameplay impact on these drop chances since they were way too low to notice.
  • Should be fixes for the lumberjack recipes, should be able to create all boards from all logs, also can now make firewood from 2 different wood type inputs, buffed stick recipe by multiplying the recipe by 2 which halves the axe durability usage
  • Some very very minor perk value adjustments here and there
  • fixed quiver not being shown in handbook or its recipe, the hunter still has access to it and now that is stated in the handbook even though I cant easily fix the perk not showing it
  • adds french translations courtesy of Ailin78 (they might be slightly outdated sorry Ailin78)
Mr1k3 6 hours ago


Documentation and crafting balance update:

  • added new handbook guide for the mod, offers a load of new information clarifying what the mod does and what it offers, let me know if there are any typos!
  • added some perks related to the clockmaker (or classes with the "technical" perk). The clockmaker class can now create those rare temporal part bases that you could only find in ruins before, they also have exclusive recipes that let them craft basic temporal components without a schematic, and this recipe also outputs a few more components
  • re-balanced pretty much all part recipes, overall I made batteries cheaper, with better returns on components from the anvil, and made temporal powercells use 2x the essence, these particular changes are meant to slightly balance out the recharge cost of either equipment. Also made bulbs, copper coil, zinc rods, and battery hulls a little cheaper or doubled outputs. Changed stasis pack to only use 8 plating instead of 10, re-balanced old torch recipes, now output a little less for a little higher cost, to keep them on par with other light sources and the electric lantern
  • added/improved a bunch of tooltips, added some more colors, and improved the clarity for some
  • Now parts, when making them on the anvil will state if the component will take two ingots to complete the recipe
  • separated some recipes in the handbook, almost all recipes that have multiple versions should be split into two separate grids, now you no longer have to wait for the recipe to cycle to show you what ingredients you needed, huge QOL improvement here for stuff with recharge recipes.
Mr1k3 9 hours ago
Vies Blocks

@BlueFuryDragon 1.16.1 is not supported by this mod yet. If you want to use it's content, please roll back to 1.16.0. I believe it won't be long until this mod gets updated to be compatible with 1.16.1.




Kruber 9 hours ago
Vies Blocks

My cute little cuddle doll is gone, not listed and the one I have turned into a flat white square. I took a pic but don't have a hosting sight anymore.

BlueFuryDragon 11 hours ago
Oxygen Not Included

Michaloid With version 0.2.1 you can now align the air bar to the left by setting "AirBarHorizontalAlignmentRight" to false.

Shoujiro 12 hours ago
Easily Balance Crucible Capacity

I mean it makes sense the ammount of copper in the crucible. But my issue is that it's inpossible to make a anvil, because it needs 900 units and the max you can make is 300 units.

Michaloid 13 hours ago
Oxygen Not Included

I like this one, but i think the bar should be above the health bar.

Michaloid 13 hours ago
Ranged Weapons

Hello! Are there any plans to adapt the mod to the Bullseye mod. I think this will give a more precision weapon with a smaller share of randomness, in exchange for, say, its power and durability

fiji 18 hours ago

Yeah. Can't place the boat at all. Also, theres no config file in the modConfig folder. Trying to use it on a multiplayer server. xeth

WickedSchnitzel 18 hours ago
Auto Map Markers

This mod is very time saving when exploring, awesome mod.

BlueFuryDragon 20 hours ago
MoreDrifterLoot v1.5.1

I'm curious, do they still drop gears? The blue ones and the money kind. I'm not seeing any, before I would get gears occasionally.

BlueFuryDragon 20 hours ago

I love this mod, the little bonus's you get are amazingly helpful.

BlueFuryDragon 20 hours ago
Survival Categories


BlueFuryDragon 20 hours ago