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Wild Farming


could you keep working on that very handfull mod

Singlas 11 minutes ago
Wildcraft Trees v1.1.0

Thanks for the feedback folks, we're working on a patch to resolve some of issues that have been brought up along with some known issue that initially escaped my attention, stand by for version 1.1.1

Catasteroid 1 hour ago
Infinite Ore Veins (Alpha)

Please update mod to 1.17.9

Ziru 1 hour ago

And one more think... If i set game:gear-rusty to 0 value in COIN_VALUES, all traders have no money in his wallet and i cannot sell the my items

Vronizos 1 hour ago

I think RETURN_ITEM is not working properly
This is my config, and trader always return copper coins. For example i buy something for 1 gold coin and trader give me 255 copper coins 

"Comment": null,
"Default": {
"tradeomat:coin-gold": 256,
"tradeomat:coin-silver": 64,
"tradeomat:coin-copper": 1,
"game:gear-rusty": 0
"Val": {
"tradeomat:coin-gold": 1,
"tradeomat:coin-silver": 0,
"tradeomat:coin-copper": 0,
"game:gear-rusty": 0
"Comment": null,
"Default": "tradeomat:coin-copper",
"Val": "tradeomat:coin-gold"

Vronizos 1 hour ago
A Culinary Artillery 1.0.10

A limitation of the meal system is apparently they must have one solid item in them. I've reported it to Tyron so hopefully that gets addressed at some point, since putting my grubby fingers into the meal system seems like a bad idea. In the meantime, just add some cheese or vegetables or something. Sorry about that.

I have no idea what's going on with your egg shell issue. Are you in multiplayer?

EDIT: I have figured out the egg shell issue. Try cracking it into a bowl while I work on a fix.

l33tmaan 2 hours ago

Cousken The standard vanilla vessel made from "blue-grey" clay is still available, you can clayform it in one piece and then fire it in a pitkiln. That all other vessels from Bricklayers need 3 pieces was a deliberate design decision aka D³ :)

Tels 2 hours ago
Wildcraft Trees v1.1.0

Douglas Fir Logs do not have a firewood recipie.  Quarter douglas fir logs do.

Chuckles 2 hours ago
In Dappled Groves

what's the news on this being released?

Whitaker 5 hours ago
CoB Server Exclusives

Note: If you did use the mod before, you may have to delete "CoBConfig.json" and let it re-generate, to be able to use the new config-options. I have added a bunch with update 1.6.3

WickedSchnitzel 7 hours ago
A Culinary Artillery 1.0.10


l33tmaanI just updated to newest version still isnt working, also still not getting egg shells. Going through my mods I cant find anything else that changes eggs.

Thanks for the response! I'll keep trying.

Rayldan 13 hours ago
Ice Building

But this is interesting. The blocks are beautiful. We builders do not have enough blocks. I want to do something, but there is no such block. Sadly . And oh yes, the furniture in this game is a dream. There is no furniture. I will wait for the furniture. I'm with you . Good luck. Thank you for your work.

znatik 14 hours ago
Volumetric Shading Continued

ty for updatingg 💜

iotid 17 hours ago
Wildcraft Trees v1.1.0

Absolutely excellent, thank you for this mod :)

Ryan_Thomas 20 hours ago
Meteoric Expansion

Any chance of tweaking meteor impacts so they only blast soil and smooth stone? I've been eying the "actual meteor impacts" toggle in the config, but I know players on my server don't want to wrestle with land claims just to be sure a space rock doesn't say hello to their hut house. 
Amazing mod regardless, very atmospheric.

Thranos 23 hours ago
Wildcraft Trees v1.1.0

I'm getting the white with question mark texture on hazelnut trees

Chuckles 1 day ago

Hi Teacupangel, sorry to hear about your hand and hope it heals up quickly. I'm getting this occasional crash but luckily I can restart the game and it works fine again. Seems to happen only when remapping the world after adding new mods, but thought you might want to know about it regardless. This mod is such a great improvement over the vanilla bow system. Nice work!

Running on 64 bit Windows with 16 GB RAM
Game Version: v1.17.9 (Stable)
11/30/2022 3:29:48 PM: Critical error occurred
Loaded Mods:
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Bullseye.BullseyeItemSpear.GetHeldItemInfo(ItemSlot inSlot, StringBuilder dsc, IWorldAccessor world, Boolean withDebugInfo) in E:\VintageStory Mods\1.17\Bullseye\src\BullseyeItemSpear.cs:line 240
at Vintagestory.API.Common.ItemStack.GetDescription(IWorldAccessor world, ItemSlot inSlot, Boolean debug) in VintagestoryApi\Common\Collectible\ItemStack.cs:line 370
at Vintagestory.GameContent.GuiHandbookItemStackPage..ctor(ICoreClientAPI capi, ItemStack stack) in VSSurvivalMod\Systems\Handbook\Gui\GuiHandbookItemStackPage.cs:line 42
at Vintagestory.GameContent.GuiDialogHandbook.BuildPages_Async(List`1 allstacks) in VSSurvivalMod\Systems\Handbook\Gui\GuiDialogHandbook.cs:line 516
at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx)
at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx)
at System.Threading.QueueUserWorkItemCallback.System.Threading.IThreadPoolWorkItem.ExecuteWorkItem()
at System.Threading.ThreadPoolWorkQueue.Dispatch()

Event Log entries containing Vintagestory.exe, the latest 3
{ TimeGenerated = 11/30/2022 3:29:54 PM, Site = , Source = Windows Error Reporting, Message = Fault bucket 2063857912588054362, type 5
Event Name: CLR20r3
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: Vintagestory.exe
P3: 63501532
P4: Bullseye
P6: cec899ad
P7: c5
P8: 0
P9: System.NullReferenceException

NerdimusPrime 1 day ago
Meteoric Expansion

How often do meteors actually crash down when the configuration is changed to allow it? I mostly see them blowing up or the meteor showers.

Yanazake 1 day ago
Ice Building

znatik@ The blocks do not melt in warm weather, only lake ice melts.

UnnamedSystem 1 day ago
Plains and Valleys

I would love to see rivers instead of so many small ponds, most areas look like a swamp :/

Karidwen 1 day ago