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Category: #Other #Tweak
Author: Rahjital
Side: Both
Created: Sep 6th
Last modified: 1 day ago
Downloads: 236

Hello and welcome to Bullseye! This mod is aiming to overhaul and rebalance ranged weapons in a vanilla-friendly way.

  • A new aiming system, relying on player input rather than randomness
  • A specific role and handling for each bow
  • Obsidian and bamboo arrows, iron and steel spears, spear head clay molds
  • Broad rebalance - higher damage for spears and arrows, decreased arrow break chance, spear durability higher in melee and lower when throwing, and more
  • Other minor features (throw your spears with a running start to make them go farther!)

For a more thorough guide through the changes, be sure to check out the wiki!

All feedback is greatly appreciated and helps improve the mod. Let me know in a Github issue or in this Vintage Story forums thread!

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v2.1.1 23 1 day ago Show Bullseye
v2.1.0 53 3 days ago Show
v2.0.0 159 Sep 10th Show


Rahjital, Sep 16th

Thanks for trying the mod and for the feedback!

I might add an option to reduce the movement of the reticle. Drifters and animals are rather slow and move around so little that it'd make aiming at far distances very easy. I'll consider what to do about it, but in the meanwhile you'd have an option to reduce it for yourself :) I'm not quite sure what you mean in the part about spears, are you asking for them to do less damage than arrows? Spears have longer cooldown than bows, and better bows have large damage bonuses that make them stronger than spears, especially with iron and steel arrows.

And thank you for letting me know about the Movement mod issue, I'll take a look what's happening there!

Lyte, Sep 15th

I tried this, here's my take :  Archery - Crosshair moved around too much to be enjoyable ; Spear - Less damage compared to Arrows , VSMovement (mod) Dash occurs while attempting to Throw Spear , doesn't affect it too much , but is a bit of a nuisance.  With some tweaks , especially to Archery and aiming , I'll Reinstall this mod.

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