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Branch Cutter

wXDogeKingXw have you already found a solution to the incompatibility? I'm afraid I have to deinstall this mod, because Xskills is importent for my RP project.

Screwy 56 minutes ago
CAN Jewelry


Hi, could you check in singleplayer without canjewelry, for example with suevite rocks, if it will drop more than reasonable amount of diamonds?

Or if you have a link to some guide for multiblock Qptech drill

KenigVovan 1 hour ago
Hide And Fabric v1.3.0

When will this be updated for .net 7??

Pamela 2 hours ago
Temporal Storm Music (cylinder)

That's a nice idea, thanks for this mod

Sayca 4 hours ago
Metin2 BGM
It’s extremely nice to see Metin fans so far ! Thanks for this mod, mate c:
Sayca 4 hours ago
Better Oultline

seems like the mod is working smoothly now!

Wandour 6 hours ago
Better Oultline

Wandour the original outline not showing was because I was disabling it on world loading so that it wasn't visually conflicting with the other outline (I removed that because I realized it wasn't needed anymore) so on crash it wasn't reenabled but when exiting a world and removing the mod it was good in my tests but I still don't understand why you were crashing but at least now the mod does'nt remove the original outline (and reenable it if updating the mod)

Flo_12344 7 hours ago
Better Oultline

Flo_12344 same issue happened but I wanted to add one more point, it seems like my outlines no longer exist after removing the mod when the crash happened

I have a theory, maybe since my outlines disappeared suddenly the mod is crashing because of that?  

I do not know why my outlines no longer shows but Im just connecting the timeline of events

which might make sense since im the only one crashing here
and everyone seems fine
i believe because my game base block outline vanished suddenly I can no longer use the mod ether cuz there are no outlines
i don't know how that happened or how to fix it
i tried reinstalling the game and no luck

Update : I completely removed the game from my PC this time including the roaming data
and It seems my suspicion might be correct
Indeed when the outlines disappeared the crashing begins
now when the outlines are back because i frelshy installed the game again
it's working normal

I'm not sure if a side effect of this mod might cause the outline to vanish from the base game but it might be a good idea to dig into that to avoid other players forced to delete all their data and saved keybind to get back the outlines

Wandour 8 hours ago
Better Oultline

Wandour Tried something let me know if it's fixed but not sure if it will work because I'm not able to reproduce the crash

Flo_12344 9 hours ago
Better Oultline

Flo_12344 instant crash when i look at a block so i cant really see other blocks but the block i looked at is a pine plank (i have a source up mod for re texture so idk if that matters)

Wandour 10 hours ago

you know what i really miss?

Infinity enchantment from minecraft

it can be like a End game combat skill that require you max archer trait and warrior class to get and probably lvl 10-15 requirement
but the arrows cannot be picked  again or the ghost arrow just break

Wandour 10 hours ago
Expanded Foods 1.6.7

oh, okay. Sorry for that.

JunidO 12 hours ago


I'll add them in Beta, it is not as important right now, and I just have not time and energy for this fix due to Beta active development.

Maltiez 12 hours ago
A Culinary Artillery 1.0.15

Step 1, find a small mod that creates custom traders, copy paste what they have, change however you need.

Step 2, create custom trader wagon, export, add to mod.

Strp 3, profit?

Hexedian 12 hours ago
A Culinary Artillery 1.0.15


Oh boy, that sounds like a fun time. 

l33tmaan 12 hours ago
A Culinary Artillery 1.0.15

Without a custom structure to spawn in, I suspect they can't spawn at all. Trader spawns are hard-coded in structures, so if you want them to spawn, add a new trader cart for cookware traders, or modify existing ones to add cookware traders. I recommend the former.

Hexedian 13 hours ago
Fauna of the Stone Age: Caninae

Dang, I was expecting people to say 5 hp, 4 dmg and 80% the speed of the base game wolves to be too low. If that's not what you are seeing from the coyote let me know, cause in testing they didn't pose much of a threat.

Tentharchitect 13 hours ago

wildejackson I have a hunch the same thing might be screwing with compatability with xskills so I will definitely be giving a look at alternatives solutions for that, thanks.

Fiacre 13 hours ago
Stone Bake Oven

has anyone tried the 1v.18.12 mod?

Noerrick 13 hours ago

I know you have plans for compatability atm so I have another one to add to the list (sorry). Theres a mod called mortal damage https://mods.vintagestory.at/mortaldamage but it overrides the player character like your mod does. I dont have the setup to decompile it so I cant see for myself how exactly your mods conflict but its just something to think about in the future.

wildejackson 13 hours ago