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Immersive Wood Sawing

Tels, thank you for telling me. I left it unchecked cause i accidentaly deleted it :)

NemaxuswarZet 18 minutes ago
Expanded Foods 1.6.9

Add kvas. It is an Eastern European alcohol made by fermenting bread.

Nymphe 19 minutes ago
Vintage Recipes

HoosierDaddy Valid points, thank you for the feedback. I'm not espially liking these "you get 4 for each craft" recipes just to deal with the "material cost" issue, tho.

While one could use 1 hoop for the bucket (cut it in half, use both halfes) and 2 hoops for the barrel. That would actually sound and look right.  It would be more expensive, but then how many buckets/barrels do you ever craft as these do last foerver?

One problem with hoops I overlooked is that there are no copper hoops, gating this barrels and buckets beyond copper.
(That reminds me, I should forbid using silver/gold nails and strips in crafting 😀

Maybe I just add a configurable option ala `Require hoops in barrel crafting` and `Require hoops in bucket crafting`. The default would be to use strips and nails for both

Then people can decide how they want to play - with cheaper, easier barrels & buckets, or the hard-core variant.

Tels 25 minutes ago
Vintage Recipes

First, very nice. Been thinking something like this was needed for a while. Since @Vinter's smithing mod.

@Tels,you could implement both barrel recipes, just require 4 boards in each board slot and change the output of the hoop recipe to 4. No, it doesn't make sense that one hoop can do 4 barrels but I don't think its a good idea to make juice and wine and compost even more pointless than they already are..

The bucket, I'm not convinced. Yes, that's what it looks like but inland farming is already gated behind the saw. If you can set up near a large lake, it's already easier to just put down packed dirt 1 block under the surface, and build your farm on top..(Or skip the packed earth if you aren't playing gravity for dirt.)

HoosierDaddy 38 minutes ago

I'm getting the same rendering issues with no other mods installed

BuilderOfBlocks 56 minutes ago
Tailor's Delight

No problem! Glad to help :)

gndrneutralnoun 1 hour ago
QP's Chisel Tools 1.12.3 (Bug hunt edition!)

decorative chests from #extrachests?

jk hehe

Wandour 1 hour ago

Right off the bat, I have a suggestion: floor cushions.


Edit: ...and perhaps small plant pots which could be mounted to walls without looking like they're floating. That sort of thing always feels very homey to me.

CKitt 1 hour ago
Double Slabs

Bless you, Dana. You're the real MVP.

gndrneutralnoun 1 hour ago
Tailor's Delight

gndrneutralnoun Ah, either I missed it or there was some problem with it. You can place them on a shelf or in a scrollrack, or on the ground. I'll see if I can add toolracks in the next release, thank you for the report!

Tels 1 hour ago
Immersive Wood Sawing

I reported this on discord as well, but there seems to be an issue in the latest version. The mod simply stops working if installed alongside Wildcraft: Trees & Shrubs. For now I've rolled back to v0.2.0, which works fine.

Maamessu 1 hour ago
Less red red bricks

Oh my god, I never noticed this but now that I have it's going to bother me SO MUCH. Thank you.

gndrneutralnoun 1 hour ago
Tailor's Delight

Hi, I love this mod, I just have one nitpick about it - for some reason the wooden spindle can't be placed in tool racks! Would you consider enabling this? I understand if it doesn't fit your vision for the mod. Either way, thanks for the mod.

gndrneutralnoun 1 hour ago
Fishing 2

As mentioned by the author below DasPrinzip, an error when starting the server:

20.6.2024 19:35:44 [Error] [fishing] An exception was thrown when trying to start the mod:
20.6.2024 19:35:44 [Error] [fishing] Exception: Cannot access child value on Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JValue.
at Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JToken.get_Item(Object key)
at Fishing.AlchemySystem.ReplaceBehaviors(ICoreAPI api) in D:\VSProjects\Fishing\Fishing\src\alchemy\AlchemySystem.cs:line 180
at Fishing.AlchemySystem.AssetsLoaded(ICoreAPI api) in D:\VSProjects\Fishing\Fishing\src\alchemy\AlchemySystem.cs:line 150
at Vintagestory.Common.ModLoader.TryRunModPhase(Mod mod, ModSystem system, ICoreAPI api, ModRunPhase phase) in VintagestoryLib\Common\API\ModLoader.cs:line 660
20.6.2024 19:35:44 [Error] Failed to run mod phase AssetsLoaded for mod Fishing.AlchemySystem

As I said earlier, everything depends on the Alchemist class included in the mod. Please remove this extra class from your mod. We want to use your mod, unfortunately, this error does not allow us to do so.

UA_Shaman 2 hours ago
Immersive Wood Sawing

The modinfo.json still says it needs 1.18.8 - which makes VS complain when you are on 1.19.8. This seems to be a typo or leftover?

Tels 2 hours ago
Vintage Recipes

Huh, you are absolutely right. I must have messed up my test world when I tried it, sorry about that. XD

Maamessu 2 hours ago
Joy of Sailing

My friend and I are on a modded server and have noticed that for some reason his sailboat is going the expected faster speed (approx 4x walking speed), but mine is going significantly slower (I can barely move faster than base walking speed).  Are there separate configs per player somehow in this mod, or would the client config override the server config?  Just struggling to figure out why this would be happening.

Apart from this, we absolutely love the mod!  It's such an amazing addition to the game!

NoizMakyr 2 hours ago
Vintage Recipes

Maamessu Hm, no, that can't be. Vintage Recipes only patches recipes and doesn't patch the saw it self. It also has no code, items or blocks. And I tried it, it works with immersive sawing together. Must be another mod that breaks it.

Tels 2 hours ago
Wildcraft: Herbs and Spices

Love the wildcraft series.

Any thoughts on making some plants like wood spurge able to be pressed to make poison for arrows? Recently was bored and happened to look up wood spurge and there was mention it was used historically for arrow poisons.

Heavy_Mettaloid 2 hours ago
Decaying Creatures

Will be happy to hear feedback! I`m not sure about how spawn of my mobs will feel in raw gaming expirience , those mobs created as mutch more rare and powerful enemies.. so will be happy to fix something if it needs to..

Have a good playtrough! Servius

Kanahaku 3 hours ago