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wojtek16 It will be 1.19.7 or 1.19.8 - older versions of VS have more bugs and are not supported by my mods anymore. Sorry!

Tels 48 minutes ago
Place Every Item

Altre I will look into this once I update this mod

DanaCraluminum 59 minutes ago
CAN Crops

Any possibility with adding compatibility with Toolworks?
From what I can tell, CAN overrides default hoes to make farmland into a "Farmland (CAN)" variant when tilling the ground, the toolworks hoes dont make the variant farmland.

rboys2 1 hour ago
ModsUpdater For Linux


Can you give me your pathmods name and the config.ini file ? I guess you put mods in the mod's server folder. right ?
And I guess you didn't change the mods path in the config.ini ?

I never put mods in the game's folder but in the the VintageStoryData folder.
I think you have two choices :

  • Try to move zip files into your VintageStoryData/mods. In your case. (On my linux VM Mods are in it's /home/username/.config/VintagestoryData/Mods )
  • Edit hte config.ini and put the paths of the folder you use for mods. but I don't know if the creative/essentials/survival files will cause issue or not, as they are not in the moddb.
Laerinok 1 hour ago
Wildcraft: Fruits and Nuts

Is it possible to trim berry bushes with this mod? It seems to overwrite the prompt

MarkusAureus 1 hour ago
Place Every Item

So you're aware, this mod made my memory usage go from 3 gigs of RAM to the full 32 gigs available to my system. Tested with and without other mods. From having read around, it seems to be a limitation of how the game caches mod data, but I figure I'd let you know just in case I've got the wrong idea.

Altre 1 hour ago
Flexible Tools (a Veinminer, a Magnet, and Other Tools)

I find it surprising you have a youtube channel but never made a spotlight or anything for this mod. 😕

Kief 2 hours ago
ModsUpdater For Linux


The modpath is correct, and the only other files in the folder are the default surival, creative, and essentials files. Otherwise there are plenty of .zips in there!

c1charge 2 hours ago
Fauna of the Stone Age: Rhinocerotidae

Thank you very much Nikuksis!
Yeah I'm going to recalculate all the weight to drops ratios and DnD helped make a config for the rhino drops, so that should come in the next update. Good to know about the MaxY for sirens, though just fyi they won't spawn in taller worlds at that height due to light not reaching that deep. I'll have to change up their light requirements a bit and should have that working better next update.

As for the dogs and deer, you should see similar populations of them as in the base game unless a large pack/herd species spawns. They all share group spawn pool so the 16 fox species will have the same amount in the worlds as if there was 1 fox species (albeit spawning in more climates)
As for a compact pack, I will not be doing that as it would be a lot of additional effort to maintain, and at some point maintaining my mods will take up all my mod making time. I'd like that to be later than sooner. 

Tentharchitect 2 hours ago
Japanese Horde: Armor

inca armor maybe one day ?

or any pre-columbian armor is welcome, there are many of them

yapludepatte 2 hours ago

Could we get a compat recipe for Expanded Matter's Temporal Grains?

Aeonsteel 3 hours ago
Fauna of the Stone Age: Rhinocerotidae

Hi! I have russian translations for fauna mods:
sirenia, rhinos, both cats ,casuary and pangolins

Thanks for the great mods! Yuor models looks awesome.

Though i had to patch sirens and rhinos and tune down the loot, i think having 300+ meat, 50+  fat and 16 huge hides from single rhino is way too much assuming you can just poke them through hole in blocks.
I also set MaxY for sirens to 0.85, since i have few of them spawned in tiny 1-block-deapth pond near my base (also free tons of meat and fat).
Will check if that Y limit will works and allow them only to spawn in deep lakes and oceans.

I didnt use dogs and deers packs since they add way too much of species and its a bit overcrowd my world. I'd love to see some compact pack with fewer species(one or few of each kind) from all your fauna mods (but may be added another classes like mammoths or Ground sloths.

Nikuksis 3 hours ago
Fauna of the Stone Age: Dinornithiformes Plus


yapludepatte 3 hours ago

wojtek16 - It won't crash. This is true for most mods that adds world blocks. The new mushrooms just won't spawn in already generated chunks, so you would need to explore to find them.

Maamessu 3 hours ago

Wow. Wow. This is everything I've always wanted. Thank you.

Maamessu 3 hours ago

Does anyone know if you add this mod to an existing world could it crash it? I was gonna see if we could add it to a server we are updateing and back it up but not sure if it would cause issues or not yet 

wojtek16 4 hours ago
ModsUpdater For Linux



This message should occurs only if there is no .zip file in the mods folder which seems not  being your case. Strange.
Do you have other files than the .zip in the mods folder ?

Just to be sure, the modpath in the config.ini file is the good one that leads to server's modspath ?

Laerinok 4 hours ago
Feverstone Wilds

Id like to know just to be sure. If I change the settings in the mod configuration and then update the mod (and as such deleting the old file) does the custom settings reset to normal or they keep as I edited?

Stejer 4 hours ago
Banners 🙵 Flags

Would you make it work for other 1.19.x versions, or primarily 1.19.8? Look awesome!

wojtek16 4 hours ago
Fauna of the Stone Age: Caninae

Hey thanks Longinus_Prime! This mod doesn't break wolf taming, so you could still buy a wolf pup from the trader and tame it with that mod, but I've not gotten to making this mod compatible with wolf taming/pet AI yet. If anyone is willing to do it sooner than later though, I'd be happy to incorporate it into the mod

Tentharchitect 4 hours ago