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Pocket Dimenstion

Looks very interesting. Will be keeping an eye on this project. Hope you sort out the problems soon.

DilanRona 1 hour ago
Vintage Engineering

I would suport if it's going to do everything the other mod will, including concreate and turning mechancial power into electricity for the stuff and electricity back into mechanical power (something the QPT lacked)


Azraile 3 hours ago


Noooo! I used to config it so it would spawn huge ruined cities! Is there any mod or anyway i can do that again?

Norcross 3 hours ago
CAN Jewelry

You rock. It looks to be working now. Thank you so much!

GreenM4N4 5 hours ago

Works for 1.19.8. I would like to request a config file though- I would like to increase the spawn rate and/or drop rates of certain things (salt and limestone).

Eranderil 5 hours ago
Hydrate or Diedrate



Chronolegionaire 6 hours ago
Hydrate or Diedrate

Version 1.1.6 Released

Fixed Compatibility with Night Vision Goggles when Warm Armor is installed. 

The underlying issue is not fixed but it is handled more gracefully in the background now. The underlying issue is an inherent incompatibility with something both of our mods are doing. 

Chronolegionaire 6 hours ago


What? No. In fact, it's even more editable than the yaml was. I added the highlight color and the banned blocks list to it. Just open the json file and edit the values, just like you did for the yaml file.

BillyGalbreath 6 hours ago
Balanced Thirst

v0.0.30 Changelog: Fixes and more calabash

  • Fixed XSkills compatibility issues (Euhydration is not boosted anymore when upgrading CamelHump)
  • Renamed gourd fruit to calabash
  • Calabash plants can grow in the wild
  • Calabash plants don't drop seeds anymore, they have to be obtained by drying the fruit slices
  • Added pickled calabash and recipes
  • Added pie and meal translations for calabash recipes (meals don't work yet)
jayu 6 hours ago
In Dappled Groves

Getting a bug on the new release where trying to split logs on a cutting block loops the animation instead of completing the process, and using an axe to split logs or log sections on the ground completes them instantly. No instabreak issues when mining log blocks with the axe though.

LordWungus 6 hours ago
Nat's Survival Expanded (A survival and progression overhaul)

Is it possible to have option to switch off pickaxe restrictions? These sound a little bit unrealistic.

Wahazar 7 hours ago
Hydrate or Diedrate

I like how you made soup relevant!

Guimoute 7 hours ago
What a Scatastrophe!

Marlim solid suggestions, I plan to add a mechanic that will make it stick to the ground if you don't shovel it out, the player name can definitely be implemented there. Handling it once it gets picked up though is possible but seems a lot of effort, I might add that later on. I also do plan to retexture or remodel the solid block to not be just peat but smellier.

jayu 7 hours ago
Balanced Thirst

BrownishStorm there is a plan to add that, I just never have the time between the features and bug fixes. Although what you need wouldn't be in the guide, kettles work the same as normal containers as long as they are not on a firepit. On a firepit, it will burn both the water in the kettle and the one in the firepit slots as long as there are 12 or less litres and not more (the capacity of the kettle).

jayu 7 hours ago

Does the change in file type mean it is no longer editable? The file in the modconfig folder is a .json. I ask because my save was built around a mobile base that isnt all that mobile anymore x.x


Tyllandian 9 hours ago
In Dappled Groves


I really like this mod, but I was wondering if there is any way to speed up the wood processing time....

It's quite a bit too much for me and the thought of having to make charcoal like this torments me (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

Razvandicoot 9 hours ago
Decor Bazaar

waterdrinker many thanks!

Aszek572 10 hours ago
Balanced Thirst

man I could really use some instuctions in the guide book. Do you have any plans to add that? right now I am trying to figure out how to transfer water from a kettle to a jug.

BrownishStorm 10 hours ago

Sorry about that, Tyllandian. Starting with v2.0.0 I changed the config from YAML to JSON, so the new file would be tentbag.json

BillyGalbreath 11 hours ago
CAN Crops


it doesn't have any new crops/plants yet

KenigVovan 11 hours ago