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Player Corpse

Suggestion: Add an option to let the corpse emit particles so that people can find them more easily in high grass, at night etc.

WickedSchnitzel 55 minutes ago
What Hammerspace

In general, I am Anti Inventory Management in games.

I see the value in limiting capacity early on. But some mechanism, like this mod, should quickly replace it.

1618 8 hours ago
Xandus Inventory Tweaks

As Agroku said below, I really love this mod!

I do have one issue, I cannot sort my character inventory. The chest sorting (by ID), push/pull, item switching, etc. seem to work fine. This is single player and I changed the key to Y since I am already using Z.

DarkSeedRA 10 hours ago

PSA - because of a game bug (https://github.com/anegostudios/VintageStory-Issues/issues/1680), compatibility with other mods doesn't always work. This is true for all mods Bullseye has compatibility with, but Weapons Pack Gamma is affected the most. In singleplayer, you can make the problem go away by exiting your world and loading it again. Sadly for servers, I don't know of a way to do that.

I'm looking into ways of solving this issue. Thank you for your patience <3

Rahjital 12 hours ago
Expanded Foods 1.5.3-pre.10

Oh no! Thanks for the catch, I didn't know people actually cooked those!

l33tmaan 19 hours ago
Hanging Oil Lamps

I absolutely love this mod. I am just wondering if you're aware that your mod doesn't work when using the World of Darkness mod. it just reverts the oil lamp back to vanilla usage.


Kamila 21 hours ago
Teleportation Runes

Hi there, what is the actual crafting recipe/layout to make the beacon? It's not in the handbook.



Bird_ 22 hours ago
Find The Resin

currently the mod is going to be fixed. the texture on the resin side of the tree has a white outline with a puke green and brown mix in the center. sadly i have no idea how to change the model of the resin block to have that texture on all sides and not just the front. i am currently still studying on how to make that work but for right now i can fix that, but soon it will be fixed.


edit: look up the worlds most uglyest color and you will see what I mean.

DemonBigj781 23 hours ago
Asphyxia (Gas API)

Could you add an option to the config to set up the duration until players run out of air underwater?

Oh and if i switch to spectator mode, the air bar wont disappear like the rest of the HUD. Not good for doing screens.


WickedSchnitzel 1 day ago
Translocator Locator

Asraiel Do you still support this mod, if you do, there is no recipe for the ruin locator i think.

Oranje 1 day ago
Expanded Foods 1.5.3-pre.10

Good Morning, I have noticed that Cattail Roots in the Clay oven render below the oven

Cattail Roots Rendering Below Clay Oven

Quixjote 1 day ago

I find this mod a requirement and I really hope it becomes part of the core game, I love it and it works fine for me. To pick up container vessels without having to "breake" them just makes sense and works great to improve immersion.

Just want to report that I'm using the mod Bricklayers which adds Coloured Container Vessels and the pickup mechanic does not work on them, which is a problem because the mod forces you to make only Coloured vessels when using fireclay, forcing you to find blueclay for the raw container which works with this mod.

Not a big problem, just wanted to mention it! Not sure how difficult it is with compatibilities between mods.

Zelascelar 1 day ago
XSkills - 1.16.4 Patches

does this replace tyhe originalk xskiills or is it needed as add on?

bringitonwimps 1 day ago
Player Corpse

a suggestion for something ive wanted for a while, could you make a config option to put the corpse randomly within a chosen block distance... so like say 500 blocks.  this way when you respawn the idea is someone, a previous person died, cause your a new dif person in the world and you or campanions may come across the loot of a previously unfortunate soul.   ive wanted it for a more hardcore "punishment" for death but something that wont remove the items from the game, just make em a lucky find on some random future day.  idk if anyone else would like this idea.  but i think it would be like a little treasure hunt mechanic as well.  youd have an idea of the vacinity based on setting but not know EXACTLY where the stuff was.

bringitonwimps 1 day ago
Medieval expansion

Any time I load up the server I just created (brand new to server hosting, btw), I get asked to remap a ton of blocks. I then get a TON of messages in chat stating "No mapping for blockcode gates:drawbridge5x6-vspacer17-oak-closed-north found", but for pretty much every variation of every item in this pack, it seems. I don't know if I've done something wrong or what. Any advice?

DoctorDDub 1 day ago
Crucible Capacity

Michaloid You can fill the anvil mold little by little - it doesn't have to be all 900 units at once.

DoctorDDub 1 day ago
Primitive Survival

WesCookie l'll give it further consideration.  And thank you!

SalazarWindriver If you place a normal shaped stair first, next to where you want your inside corner, the inside corner should recognize the situation so to speak...i.e. click on the ground whiile facing north, then click on the ground just east of that while facing north-east.

SpearAndFang 1 day ago
From Golden Combs

Oranje -> You need to put the empty frames in a frame rack and click them with liners in the frame rack. The frame rack is where you do all your maintenance of your frames.  You fill them with liners, harvest your honeycomb, and repair the frames all in the Frame Rack.  It's a separate block from the supers.

Vinter_Nacht 2 days ago
Primitive Survival

For some reason can't get better stairs to convert to the inner corner. It only will go to normal or outer.

SalazarWindriver 2 days ago
Primitive Survival

I know you're not interested in making smaller mods with all the different features (and I agree, that would be a nightmare to manage), but would you be opposed to -- at some point -- including config options to enable to disable elements of this mod? I love it, but some of the "not-so primative" aren't quite my cup of tea. I understand if it doesn't fit your vision of the mod, its still great either way!

WesCookie 2 days ago