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Expanded Foods 1.6.5

Please update to 1.18, this mod is a must for me!

Freeflier 2 hours ago
Natural Patches

This works so far on 1.18pre8 with one issue I've found: california poppies were renamed to golden poppies and now the mod spawns [?] blocks. I updated the json files by changing all the names manually, there werent that many, and it works as it should now. edit: and acanthus?

psilosabina 3 hours ago
Vies Blocks

Hey any ETA for the update to 1.18?

adres4t 6 hours ago
Animal cages

can you make it compatible with "more animals" ? https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/2455 <3

mj_outlaw 8 hours ago

I figured it out.  I use the load skills command and I then have to leave the entire game before it kicks in.

Pamela 8 hours ago
Better Firepit

Thank god someone made this. Hopefully will keep it updated! 

Buggi 8 hours ago
Honey Press

You can press less. Press 5 at a time and you will get nice even returns.

Buggi 8 hours ago
Flexible Tools (a Veinminer, a Magnet, and Other Tools)

Asil "I'd like to carve some decorative entrances on my mountain bases." - Use a chisel? 

Tiggy Yes, remove the drifterdrops.json from the assets/game/patches directory.

Buggi 8 hours ago
Ores-o-Plenty Mod

Yanazake You can configure the mod all you want. Just edit/delete the files associated with the change you don't want. I named the files as best I could according to their purpose.

Buggi 9 hours ago
Ores-o-Plenty Mod

Yes, I will be updating all my mods to 1.18. Was just waiting for a more stable release that way I know the API changes are locked in.

Buggi 9 hours ago
Angel Belt

@Chervial Do you have another mod that uses the same hot-key? It should certainly cycle through the modes. Try remapping the key and trying that.

Buggi 9 hours ago
The Nightwatcher

Now there's bears? Do they really spawn frequently enough to justify adding them?

Buggi 9 hours ago
Meteoric Expansion

mj_outlaw Have a look at some of the other config options to help with that! If you reduce the horizontal speed of meteors, then increase the vertical speed of them, you'll have loads of them touch down. You can also tweak the lifespan to extend the time they fly through the air before blowing up in an airburst.

The mod was balanced for default worlds in such a way that meteor touchdown is somewhat uncommon.

Also, meteor showers are purely cosmetic. They don't do anything if they should happen to collide with the terrain.

Taska 10 hours ago
Human-Like Skin for Seraphs

Just tried it and it seems to work fine. Craluminum 😀

PurpleStar 12 hours ago
Human-Like Skin for Seraphs

PurpleStar Have you tried it?

Craluminum 13 hours ago
Human-Like Skin for Seraphs

Does this work for v1.18.0-pre?

PurpleStar 13 hours ago
Better Firepit

Works perfectly on 1.18.0-pre.8

Craluminum 13 hours ago

@Ruyeex this mod does not include any coin designs, those are stored by the server the mod is installed on

Xel 14 hours ago
Stop The Squeak!

Good, more sounds for me to potentially tweak

Rythian 15 hours ago
Stop The Squeak!

1.18 added much more sounds, there are 348 sounds in 1.18.0-pre.8

Craluminum 15 hours ago