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On Text By Date

I was interested in trying this, as I am nearsighted. Since it requires ChemistryLib it ends up adding much more content than just nearsightedness to the game. Do you think perhaps you could decouple the two? A version with just the command? I would appreciate it

Nateboy 49 minutes ago
Wild Farming - Revival

@SpearAndFang I was glad to help.

NikolayBrony 53 minutes ago
Anvil Metal Recovery

It seems breaking a mold with a hardened piece in it gives you back both the piece and 20 metal bits.

Burneddi 1 hour ago
Integrated videocard fix

Happy to provide feedback and I appreciate your suggestion to ask in the forum as well as your time and effort to provide solutions for the VS community. :)

LoneWolfREM 1 hour ago

Vaili Make sure you are using v.0.7.3. There was a similar crash in v.0.7.2. If this does not help please send me a crash report.

Xandu 4 hours ago
Joy of Painting

Next update will bring a lot of new features and fixes

Craluminum 4 hours ago
Stack Sizes

ty for this mod very nice.

SpeedRider 4 hours ago

Hi! I'm trying to install a few abc files I made to test out the mod but I can't quite figure out what you mean my games "installed directory", mind elaborating a bit? I tried both Roaming and the games folder itself under Roaming and the VintagestoryData folder, but no dice

PR1SMAT1C_GARD3N 5 hours ago
Alternative Map Icon Renderer

Could you include mod version to the zip file of each of your mods?

Craluminum 5 hours ago

Azkaron What your discord username?

Craluminum 5 hours ago
Fishing Expansion

@Saoshi looks like its bugged if youre in creative mode

sneezerstein 5 hours ago
Fishing Expansion

I've been playing with this mod and I don't understand what Jonas Lure is doing. He catches "nothing", after which music begins to play, which does not end until you re-enter the world. Also, if you catch it several times, the music is layered. Is this a mistake or am I doing something wrong? (I am using a translator, it is possible that something is written incorrectly :D )

Saoshi 6 hours ago
Darker Drifter Spawns

I am not sure this works in 1.18.5. Despite lining my small basement with enough oil lamps to keep every block at least level 5, I often enter to find drifters in there. Has anyone else seen issues?

Kishmond 7 hours ago
Simple HUD Clock

Anyone know what the room indicator icons mean? Like what rooms are they indicating? Because I made an indoor apiary that is 12x14 and it thinks its a greenhouse I think lol 

Sheppard2112 8 hours ago

now how are the sounds of the game changed by a mod that only affects how the player sees @Craluminum

Miloski 10 hours ago

I would love to see the mod work in 1.18. Is an update planed?

RaveDigger 10 hours ago

This looks amazing especially if the blood stays on the ground for a little while so you can track animals that your hunting, hope it gets updated/fixed.

Kunndt 11 hours ago
More Candles 1.1.0

An update should be rolling out in the next day or two with a potential fix for all of the drying issues and wax assets. I will be testing it and making sure that the logs do not reflect the same or similar errors.

Teppich 12 hours ago

The game crashes when you try to inspect the rope, old weapons and some things. Do you know what that might mean?

Vaili 15 hours ago
Immersive Corpse Drop

Craluminum - The source is GNU license, so technically you may do as you please. However, if you want my opinion, I think it would be more respectful to submit a merge request to the original repository so that I can update this version with your proposed change and add you as a contributor.

egocarib 17 hours ago