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Having issues with adding the fifth item drop to the Hens, so I might not be able to get egg drops added unless the game properly supports it.

5 hours ago

@RemiKami, @CJHKnight2: I'll be looking into that, however, the only AMD card I own is in an aging laptop, so I can't guarantee anything. I'll update my comment if I find out what's causing the bug.

Edit: I couldn't reproduce your problem, but I still tried to optimize/fix some of the code that might have caused problems. If you can, please retry with the most recent version of my mod.

21 hours ago

Any screenshots of cryptids? (Nightcrawler) Is there nothing but green mist?

22 hours ago

Love the mod, but just a heads up, when I was using it the generated world seemed to be missing ore and all the ancient structures.

I was combinding it with a bunch of other mods, so it could just be that, but if more people report the same it might be worth looking into.


1 day ago

Yes, it is. I've decided to just do one release from now on.

1 day ago

@l33tmaan Is the newest version 1.2.3 for modded too?

1 day ago

Looks useful

3 days ago

Love the look of the ferns and moss.  Just a heads-up, the base game will have Redwood trees from version 1.15 onwards, including Redwood leaves, Redwood seeds and Redwood saplings.  They look fairly similar to yours :)  Except their trunks are 2x2 blocks wide.

Seems a shame to lose your beautiful textures once we get to public 1.15, but there are many other conifer species which the game could benefit from ... Sequoia?


3 days ago

Started a fresh world with this mod, and it's great! Love the moss, really adds to the game. Can't wait to see what comes next for this mod

4 days ago

No, we didn't know about this mod. Making our mod compatible with other mods and adding grindstones (albeit not for sharpen tools, but for polishing wood) is on the TODO list.

5 days ago

There is another mod (Necessaries) which adds 'glue' (an item used for making grindstones).  Is your glue compatible?

5 days ago

The mod should work in existing worlds, but the new trees and plants will only spawn in newly generated chunks. That means you need to travel to undiscovered areas first.

Be careful, and make a backup, as this is the very first version, we are new to modding and have not actually tested adding it to a new world. We will work on this the in the near future :)

5 days ago

Darn this mod looks so cool! Could I add it to my world? Or will I get errors. Fresh worlds only?

5 days ago

Suggestion: Cattail flour and soy flour (from soybean). Also you can marinate cattail root in the vinegar and use in salads

5 days ago

I'll see about adding that to another version for you. Took some time to consider it, but personally I don't see that being a logical drop.

6 days ago

Updated to 1.2.3! Check the thread for details.

6 days ago

@Theisgood I'd love that! If you do take some screens, feel free to post them on the forum or send me a message in Discord ^.^

Mar 2nd

Thank you so much @theisgood, I hope you enjoy it!

Mar 2nd

Thank you guys so much! My hope is to figure out a way to use the terrain generator instead of the cave generator, as that would be a lot more efficient and would create a more continuous underground environment.

Mar 2nd

Sorry for having to post this in another comment but I didn't think about this till after you updated but adding or changing eggs to the drop list for chickens too. Forgot to say that in that message. lol

Mar 1st

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