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excellent, I now have an obsidian brick floor and love how it looks :)

I am curious whether the large bricks are supposed to be able to make the 'older' version or not but even if not I'm pretty satisfied with the obsidian small bricks 

52 minutes ago

I cant seem to find the ZeekeaConfig.json file at the path you described,

Great looking work though!

9 hours ago

Just place it with your other mods, the game will know what to do.

9 hours ago

You should make the compost take longer to make. More like 4 - 5 days I think.

9 hours ago

How do i install this :)?

I dont know ifit was intented, but theres no zip.file download

10 hours ago

Thank you for this :)

Would you consider making a Clay Bucket recipe? That would be so cool.

10 hours ago

That is soo embarrassing :-/ That's happening when testing in a creative world, another release will be coming shortly.

14 hours ago

one step at a time :P you can now make the small stone bricks but can't add mortar to make the brick blocks; when I looked at brick blocks and brick slabs for obsidian, the only way to make them is cutting a block in half for slabs and mortaring two slabs together for the block lol

23 hours ago

Theoretically you could just replace the textures that the paintings use with your own screencaptures, but I have the feeling that's not quite what he meant.

1 day ago

Not a this time, but for the future, who knows :)

1 day ago

Possible to turn an in-game screen capture into a painting?

1 day ago

Every poop block drops small poop item. It is a bug?

1 day ago

yay thanks :) mebbe you could do something with kimberlite too ;)

edit awesome to see the unused stones get some love <3

1 day ago

Hello Lisabet, oops, you are right, sorry about that! A new release will come shortly, fixing this. Thank you for your feedback :)

1 day ago

missed a step somewhere with the obsidian; I can polish it and cut it into slabs but not into bricks :( so I can't make the brick blocks

2 days ago

Thanks for the catch, I'll need to add an exception for saguaro. Cactus juice actually isn't very edible.
Cactus syrup will be in 1.3.10, though!

EDIT: I released a quick patch on the forums.

2 days ago

Hello I have a little problem here, so i wanted to create sagurao juice on our server and everthing crashed.So i decided to dig a little bit.

Server Log points to 
System.Exception: Can't create itemstack without item!
w Vintagestory.API.Common.ItemStack..ctor(Item item, Int32 stacksize)
w ExpandedFoods.BEScrewPress.releasePressure()
w ExpandedFoods.BEScrewPress.OnGameTick(Single dt)

I have created server localy, placed press added some sagurao, and speedup time. And it crashed again (v1.3.5, and 1.3.9)

So i did a mod with patch to override press function. That was overkill but pretty educational in mod creation. 
Applied patch on server and client. took down press with saguaro fruit in it. and told everybody on server to just not do it.
Everything worked.

But thats not a proper fix. I so i wanted to give it a blind shot. no expectation for it to work.
I opened zip, modified 

added saguaro to variantgroups in line 6. and apparently everything worked. On server and client side. 

2 days ago

Great mod, but a single staircase made of three blocks of hay may be to little.

3 days ago

The reason Gox (and me) use submodules is because NuGet is not really a viable solution at the moment. The VS ModLoader will barf whenever it tries to load the same assembly but with different versions. That means if you have two different mods, whom both use the same NuGet package, everything will break as soon as one mod updates to a newer release, but the other one doesn't. 
Submodules avoid this problem by explicitly baking the (possibly) diverging codebase directly into the mod assembly, so there can be no version mismatch, but still allows simple sharing between multiple codebases.

Ideas as to how we can avoid this problem are very welcome though. Hit me up on Discord at Capsup#8250.

4 days ago

No problem, thank you for using it. Yea a search feature for the server list is in the plans.

Im also going to try to make the mod pack maker work off of a list found online or either a text file you can download. Basically when creating packs you would just pick what mods and versions you want from the moddb and it will make a text document with all the modid's and versions and also allow pack makers to include external links for those packs that have mods that are not on the moddb.

As for downloading packs directly from the client i have to figure out a system for that. I might make a masterlist on pastebin where i can add links to peoples modpacks. OFC this will require me to manually approve peoples packs but once approved you should be able to update the pack yourself since the info will be pulled from the link you provide.

All this will take some time as im back to working extra hours at work again due to a few people quitting in key positions(yay for me having to play manager again T.T). But hopefully once things go back to normal ill have more freetime.

4 days ago