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On Text By Date
Better Crates

Would it be possible to cancel the breaking of these blocks if you're in creative and not holding an axe?

OmegaHaxors 3 hours ago
Ores-o-Plenty Mod

You should probably change the name to More Ore or something, because it sounds more like an ore expansion mod than a grind-reducer.

OmegaHaxors 4 hours ago

Strange, the latest version of CarryCapacity works just fine in my 1.15.5 world, haven't had any issues at all.

Rahjital 11 hours ago

I really hope this gets updated sometime. It would be very nice to have it in my 1.15.5 world.

Travisplo 11 hours ago
Richer Than Dirt

Loktar: Thank you, that will be in the next update

Malakai: Not sure why you would be getting an error with Muddy Gravel, I haven't even incorporated Muddy Gravel into RTD yet. Do you have Wild Farming installed by chance? I know that allows panning of Muddy Gravel. Either way, I will keep it on my radar during my next update :) Thank you for the heads up.

Quixjote 1 day ago
More meat mod

Mod caused an error and I had to remove it from my server, had some mutton in a players inventory reach 100% rot, it was unable to enter into the state of being rot, meaning whenever that player connected the game would try and make it rot, be unable to do so, and crash the server.

BernardLangstone 1 day ago

@PanBanan Can you post your mod list and a crash report on the forum?

Xandu 2 days ago
Human-Like Skin for Seraphs

I would imagine ( I have Zero evidence mind you ) that the not human colour palatte was an attempt to be... well, not human. Elf, Dwarf, Troll, Hobbit etc in that other fantasy world and in this one Seraph, Drifter and those dang jumping gangs with the glowing butts.

... and yes, cool mod, thank you :)

RussellL360 2 days ago
Primitive Survival

Everytime I try to place bait on a trap, it crashes the game.

EsperLoki 3 days ago
Human-Like Skin for Seraphs

Thanks, I always thought it was weird that I could make some crazy-colored seraph, or... just a white guy. Seemed like an odd decision.

l33tmaan 3 days ago
Human-Like Skin for Seraphs


I was really confused about why they chose such strange skin colors and eye colors its just don't work together and looks ugly

Wandour 3 days ago
Human-Like Skin for Seraphs

Yew bloody ripper! Excellent work.
The "vanilla" skin tones have been horrid in their available colours. You really only have a few to pick from without feeling inhuman. The only saving grace is that they helped justify the lack of a drowning mechanic. Clearly, I'm Merfolk.

Now I can feel like a human again.

XMT 4 days ago
More Chance For Terra Preta

I'm glad if you like it :)

The modification was created for players who have a problem with finding terra preta and for those who simply want it to appear more often in their world.

When a stable version 1.15.6 comes out, I will release a version (separate mod) that allows terra preta to appear everywhere, without temperature and altitude restrictions. And possibly I'll add some less restrictive options.

animatiV 4 days ago
More Chance For Terra Preta

Holy dirtballs, I am usually swimming in too much terra preta by my first winter without this, I guess now I can feed all my sheep onions for fun.

Moonmonk 5 days ago

This doesnt seem to work anymore.

1618 Sep 17th
Temporal Prospector

Can this be configured to find terra preta?

Cinder85 Sep 16th

Thanks for trying the mod and for the feedback!

I might add an option to reduce the movement of the reticle. Drifters and animals are rather slow and move around so little that it'd make aiming at far distances very easy. I'll consider what to do about it, but in the meanwhile you'd have an option to reduce it for yourself :) I'm not quite sure what you mean in the part about spears, are you asking for them to do less damage than arrows? Spears have longer cooldown than bows, and better bows have large damage bonuses that make them stronger than spears, especially with iron and steel arrows.

And thank you for letting me know about the Movement mod issue, I'll take a look what's happening there!

Rahjital Sep 16th
Sliding Doors

nice mod, saves a lot of chiseling

would be cool to have wood variants.

RayTC Sep 16th

Such a good concept but I can't get it to work.  All my torches still go to burned out not extinguished (and yes these are torches created and placed after the mod was installed).  Does this not work with 1.15?  Or am I missing something obvious like toggling a setting or something?

Shadou Sep 16th
Vintage Server Launcher

If anyone uses this for their community please let me know how well it works.

Polraudio Sep 15th