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Author: Xandu
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Created: Oct 10th at 7:53 PM
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This is another mod that adds chests to the game. But instead of adding just fancier and bigger chests this mod adds chests with unique features (and probably bugs, too). So when you encounter some bugs please report them. It's an early version.


Filter Chest: The Filter Chest is a simple chest with only a few slots. It always tries to keep at least one item in each slot. So the chest can be used to let only specific items pass through it.

Personal Chest: The Personal Chest contains a unique inventory for each player that can be accessed from each Personal Chest across the map.

Coffin: If you have one Coffin in your inventory while you die it will be placed at your current location and all your items will be transferred into it. It is useless when placed by a player and drops nothing when being destroyed. I know there is the player corpse mod that does a similar thing and does it probably better. But I found this idea funny and you can use it to add an item sink to this feature. 

Shared Chest: The Shared Chest is a chest that can share its inventory with other Shared Chests. To link two or more Shared Chests they have to use the same tags in its label. You can add these tags by simply adding an id in square brackets ("[id]") to the text of the label. The id can be an integer between 0 and 99 (configurable).

Sorting Chest: The Sorting Chest has filter and buffer slots. The sides of the chest are colored and are associated to a slot with the same color. You can put filter items into the colored filter slots to define which items can be put into the corresponding buffer slots. If you put no items in a column all items with no filter will be accepted by this buffer slot. Every few seconds the chest tries to push items from the buffer slots into neighboring inventories.


The mod adds a configuration file that allows you to disable the recipe for certain chests so you can only use the chests you like. Additionally you can change the number of shared inventories for shared chests that can be created and the number of slots for shared and personal chests. You can also add inventories that are affected by the coffin here.

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