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Author: Taska
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Created: Jun 24th at 12:03 AM
Last modified: Oct 9th at 4:35 PM
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Ages pass. Civilizations rise and fall. Yet even time can't erase all evidence of history. Ancient history is preserved through the artifacts dug up centuries after they were lost.

Ancient Tools is a mod that looks to inject tools into Vintage Story that have either been lost to time, or have been treasured since ancient times. It will bolster the vanilla Vintage Story experience by providing immersive tools and techniques to further progression.

I intend to start small with this mod and update it when new things are ready. If you have any suggestions please do leave a comment!


So...what's included?

Mortar and Pestle

A time-tested classic. These two items can be used together as an alternative to the quern to grind down items into a powder. They may be accessible earlier in your adventure and cheaper to create...but they can only handle one item at a time and cannot be automated. 


The adze, introduced in the Neolithic era, was a tool commonly used by ancient carpenters to shape wood into various objects or architecture. In its current implementation in the Ancient Tools mod, the adze is used to strip bark from trees. The stripped logs can be used for decoration or construction projects, and the bark itself has various useful crafting options!

Curing Rack

Curing meats with salt is a centuries-old practice of preservation. A wide variety of racks can be crafted from your favourite woods for all your meat curing needs. Attach rudimentary hooks from bone, salt your meat, and let it hang to cure your delicious meats! Make sure your curing environment is nicely controlled to prevent spoilage. A cellar is recommended!

For Modders:

Parts of this mod can be customized by your mod if they are installed alongside.

Do you want a custom mesh for a grind-able item in your mod to appear in the mortar? You can do that!

Here's a guide that describes how:  Custom Mortar Shapes Guide

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8 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

Taska, Sep 29th at 9:32 PM

Naw, you're not forgetting anything. The only real advantage that the mortar and pestle might have is that it may be craftable before a quern, and it looks cooler. I don't want to invalidate any vanilla mechanics with this mod. I just want to make alternate paths of progression.

Shirelagel, Sep 29th at 7:05 AM

Great stuff, but I'm curious, what is the purpose of the mortar and pestle? By time you can make the saw for the bucket for the water to use flour, you should already have a pickaxe to make a quern. Is there a recipe I'm forgetting?

l33tmaan, Aug 31st at 6:30 PM

I guess one more thing - could I work with you to get some of the grindables in Expanded Foods visible in your mortar? Would those shapes be better in Expanded Foods or here? I think it would be best to keep compatibility stuff to Ancient Tools, but I'm open to ideas.

Taska, Aug 31st at 5:29 AM


Oh whoops, that's an oversight. Can totally fix that, shouldn't be any trouble.

I'll totally look into making some recipes that should work with Building+ too, that's a good idea. Never used it, this'll be a great chance to check it out.

Glad you're enjoying the mod ^.^

l33tmaan, Aug 31st at 3:55 AM

The adze is GREAT, not only do the stripped logs look good, but the baskets are also gorgeous! Keep it up! Two things, though:
When you break it, it drops facing a certain direction, taking up multiple inventory slots, which is a bit annoying.
Any chance you could make this compatible with Building+? There's some wooden supports that have a debarked version, and it'd be neat to be able to use the adze for it.

Taska, Jun 25th at 5:48 PM


I would love to try to have a version compatible with Alchemy. It'll take some refactoring and a lot of custom shapes to pull off but I think it'd be possible.

I think for now the plan will be to have a single craftable potion just to show Llama what this is all about. If I get their approval then we'll see what happens from there.

Thanks for the suggestion ^.^

l33tmaan, Jun 25th at 3:39 PM

It would probably be up to Alchemy Mod to add custom meshes for the mortar and pestle in this mod.
Or maybe this one can just replace the one in Alchemy...

Stargazer, Jun 25th at 7:59 AM

Heyhey, this looks very good :)

Are you aware of the Alchemy Mod? 

It also brings a mortar and pestle to the table, albeit a smaller one, that CANT be placed on the ground (so far afaik), only on shelves.

Are you planning to do some compatability stuff with Alchemy Mod :)?

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