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Author: Dauron
Side: Both
Created: Feb 18th 2021 at 2:51 PM
Last modified: Feb 3rd at 1:04 AM
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Update 2-2-22: New version 1.5.2 compatible with VS 1.16.0+

  • Updated the inventory GUI to display all of the contents in a chest. No more scroll bars, but wider windows. Thanks for the info Craluminum

This mod adds larger storage capacity chests to the game. The recipes are simply adding a plate of the metal tier to the previous tier chest in the player crafting grid. For example: the Copper Chest takes a Wooden Chest + Copper Plate. Bronze Chest takes Copper Chest + any bronze plate. Iron Chest takes any Bronze Chest + Iron Plate. Steel chest takes an Iron Chest + steel plate. I feel the recipes are fair enough. Every chest can be made into the "Labeled" version by adding a sign to it just like the wooden chest. Labeled chests can be upgraded to the next tier as well. These chests are based on the vanilla wooden chest so they behave and interact the same. They can be reinforced and are lockable.


  • This mod is required for both client and server.
  • Language files for English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese are included. Thanks to those that have contributed!
  • Compatible with Carry Capacity mod. Default configuration allows hand carrying only.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.5.2 1928 Feb 3rd at 1:04 AM Show
v1.5.1 479 Jan 22nd at 8:50 PM Show
v1.5.0-rc.2 631 Dec 25th 2021 at 4:45 PM Show
v1.5.0-rc.1 101 Dec 25th 2021 at 4:43 PM Show
v1.4.0-rc.2 1050 Jul 7th 2021 at 1:59 PM Show
v1.4.0-rc.1 218 Jul 7th 2021 at 1:59 PM Show
v1.3.1-rc.2 678 Feb 28th 2021 at 12:05 AM Show
v1.3.1-rc.1 273 Feb 28th 2021 at 12:05 AM Show

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Buggi, May 26th at 7:55 PM

Would it be possible to upgrade chests while they are placed by right clicking with the proper metal plate? The crates mod allows you to upgrade in place and it would really help!
Also, can you add a diamond tier to both mods? 2x capacity from steel level? Or allow other mods to define new levels maybe?

PeterSanderson, May 20th at 3:23 PM

I am using the latest mod version, in 1.16.4

I cannot place any of the chests on my back. They can be picked up however. Regular chests have no issues.

I see you mentioned hand carrying is default but I cannot spot a config file in mod configs to change this.

Should I just be able to edit carrycapacity.json to look like:

"op": "add",
"path": "/behaviors/-",
"file": "blocktypes/chests",
"value": {
"name": "Carryable",
"properties": {
"translation": [ 0.0625, 0, 0 ],
"rotation": [ 0, 180, 0 ],
"slots": {
"Hands": {}
"dependsOn": [ { "modid": "carrycapacity" } ]

Dauron, Feb 3rd at 1:05 AM

New Version 1.5.2 for VS 1.16+

Updated the inventory GUI to display all of the contents in a chest. No more scroll bars, but wider windows. Thanks for the info Craluminum

Dauron, Jan 22nd at 8:52 PM

Carry Capacity mod integration done through patching now. Separate versions no longer needed.

Dauron, Feb 28th 2021 at 12:06 AM

From now on for versions of this mod: rc.1 will be the one without Carry Capacity and rc.2 will be the one with Carry Capacity config. Until I can figure something else out. I also may end up in the future only doing the Carry Capacity version or if Carry Capacity becomes integrated into Vanilla that will solve it as well.

This change will also make the 1.3.1 versions not compatible with previous 1.3.1 versions

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