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Author: NerdScurvy
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Created: Oct 22nd at 1:30 AM
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Fork of mod made by copygirl - CarryCapacity

Allows picking up and carrying blocks, especially containers along with their contents, in your hands and on your back.


To pick up a block with your hands, sneak and hold right-click.
A circular progress bar will be visible around your cursor as you wait.
You can only pick up certain supported blocks, such as baskets, chests, barrels, vessels (including broken ones), anvils, ...

To put a block onto your back, sneak and hold right-click without aiming at a block (or hold Ctrl when aiming at a block). 
A smaller selection of blocks can be put on your back. Notably, baskets can be worn on your back without any downsides.

To put a block down, or from your back into your hands, just sneak and hold right-click again.

Additional Information

Typically, when carrying containers, you are slowed down by some amount.
You also cannot sprint when carrying a block in your hands.

When taking any damage, you drop what you're holding in your hands.
When you die, what you're carrying on your back will drop at your death location.
If the death occurs on a land claim on which the player does not have permission and no suitable location can be found to place the block, then the player keeps the carryables (This is an interim solution). 


All carryables can be enabled/disabled via the CarryOnConfig.json file in ModConfig:

"AnvilEnabled": true,
"BarrelEnabled": true,
"BunchOCandlesEnabled": false,
"ChandelierEnabled": false,
"ChestLabeledEnabled": true,
"ChestTrunkEnabled": false,
"ChestEnabled": true,
"CrateLegacyEnabled": true,
"CrateEnabled": true,
"DisplayCaseEnabled": false,
"FlowerpotEnabled": false,
"ForgeEnabled": false,
"LogWithResinEnabled": true,
"LootVesselEnabled": true,
"MoldRackEnabled": false,
"MoldsEnabled": false,
"OvenEnabled": false,
"PlanterEnabled": true,
"QuernEnabled": true,
"ShelfEnabled": false,
"SignEnabled": false,
"StationaryBasketEnabled": true,
"StorageVesselEnabled": true,
"ToolRackEnabled": false,
"TorchHolderEnabled": false,
"HoldControlForBackSwapFocus": true

The HoldControlForBackSwapFocus option can be used to disable to Ctrl key interaction to prioritise swapping blocks to and from the back slot. 

Known Issues

  • Some containers do not render contents when placed - contents reappear on the next block update.:
    • Display Case
    • Oven
    • Shelf
  • Chest Trunk can only be picked up when interacting with the left side. The right shows the pickup option but does not work
  • Player keeps carryables on death where no suitable location is found to place the blocks

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v0.9.1 256 3 days ago Show
v0.9.0 850 Nov 20th at 7:05 AM Show
v0.8.0 1144 Nov 11th at 1:28 PM Show
v0.7.1 1028 Oct 30th at 3:37 AM Show
v0.7.0 541 Oct 25th at 10:46 AM Show

34 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 NerdScurvy, 3 days ago

Thanks Ziru Will include the file in the next version.

💬 Ziru, 4 days ago

🇪🇸 Spanish traduction:

save as "es-es.json" in %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\Mods\CarryOn-1.17.9_v0.9.0\assets\carryon\lang

💬 Mendall, Nov 22nd at 8:24 PM

@nerdScurvy I just tried it and it worked. I had too build a new wall because the one it was sitting against before I picked it up had bean chisled since i placed it and thats why it wouldnt let me put it back. thank you for the help. my hands are free again.

💬 Mendall, Nov 22nd at 8:15 PM

thnks @NerdScurvy ill give that a try


💬 NerdScurvy, Nov 22nd at 4:23 AM

Mendall The vertical rack needs to be placed against a solid wall.

💬 Mendall, Nov 22nd at 1:10 AM

I picked up a clay mold vertical rack and it will not let me put it down anywhere.

It will let me put it on my back and take it back off.

But when I try to put it down I get the circle forming in the center of the screen but then I still have it in my hands.

I have tried doing the /kill command in several places hoping to drop it. But that does not work either. I just spawn with it in my hands again. Any one have any ideas.


💬 NerdScurvy, Nov 21st at 1:57 PM

Added a compatibility mod: Carry On More 
Includes patches for Better Crates, Extra Chests and Sortable Storage

💬 Nebux, Nov 12th at 11:12 PM

there may be a bug or forgoten option to pick better crates crates

💬 Taska, Nov 12th at 5:39 AM

NerdScurvy Awesome, thanks! I'll give it a test tomorrow and package it together with a small update that'll come shortly.

💬 NerdScurvy, Nov 12th at 3:28 AM

McLenwe Ancient tools will need to be updated to use the new modId of carryon.

Taska I've created a pull request on the github repo.

💬 McLenwe, Nov 11th at 5:05 PM

I just noticed that you can´t carry the bark baskets from " Ancient tools" with this fork. (possible with the original mod) I guess something broke the patch. Thank you for maintaining this crucial mod. :)

💬 Artor, Oct 28th at 8:28 PM

Can you allow picking up of entities?

💬 Heebeejeebees, Oct 28th at 3:00 AM

Juliustice Nope. You can have both, but there may be issues with this edition of the mod you may prefer CopyGirl's work to avoid, so long you other mods don't mind it.

Craluminum Maybe now is your time to shine mate. Push your commits and make it good in a PR?

💬 Craluminum, Oct 27th at 10:04 PM

The mod has duplicate patches that add second tooltip

💬 Juliustice, Oct 27th at 5:06 PM

Does fork mean you need this mod and the old mod? Or does it mean you just need this one?


💬 BuildD, Oct 27th at 4:19 AM

I've encountered a small bug with this and the sortable containers mod, if a container is set to sortable it can't be picked up. Luckily it can be swapped between the two states for now, nothing game breaking but a bit inconveniente.

💬 Heebeejeebees, Oct 26th at 7:04 PM

Juliustice Yes, this is a fork of CopyGirl's CarryCapacity.

NerdScurvy You might want to let people know via the thumbnail this is what it is. Some people don't pay mind ot the text underneath. Also, if you hadn't already leave a post in CopyGirl's CarryCapacity submission for curious people browsing who take notice to her mod, but not to yours.

💬 Juliustice, Oct 26th at 4:35 PM

Is this a replacement for the old Carry Capacity mod? Or do you need this and the old one together?


💬 NerdScurvy, Oct 26th at 12:37 PM

EiraValkyrie It may be possible to configure how the block is oriented. Will look at it on the weekend.

Craluminium I am a member of the Vintage Story Discord. Will create a post for this mod in the mods forum as soon as I get access.

💬 dakko, Oct 26th at 1:38 AM

Oooo... what a great name! Good choice.

💬 EiraValkyrie, Oct 25th at 5:37 PM

Any way to make Leaky Resin blocks rotatable when placing them down again (like, always make the resin face you when placing) if you code it in to be carryable, or is that somehow hardcoded into world position

💬 Craluminum, Oct 25th at 4:50 PM

Do you have discord?

💬 Craluminum, Oct 25th at 11:30 AM

You can make all blocks in the game carryable with a single line of code

💬 dakko, Oct 24th at 11:25 PM

CopyGirl asked that forks be renamed to avoid conflicts and confusion. Link

Also here on Github

💬 PeterSanderson, Oct 24th at 4:29 PM

Is there any way to make the new fork compatible with Extra Chests upgraded chests and Ancient Tools bark baskets? Thanks for creating this fork btw.

💬 HorizonAdmin, Oct 24th at 1:15 PM

NerdScurvy After some further tests, it looks like the player corpse issue is a conflict with another mod, Mortal Damage. The Carry Capacity problem seems to only affect bark baskets from Ancient Tools

💬 NerdScurvy, Oct 24th at 1:05 PM

I'll try to reproduce the multiplayer server issue and see what can be done. The CraluTweaks mod could easily be patched.

💬 Heebeejeebees, Oct 23rd at 4:08 AM

Unfortunately, this version of CarryCapacity isn't compatible with CraluTweaks — it contains dependent code which relies on CopyGirl's build of the mod. Previously players with both of these mods had the capability to carry leaking logs, Not sure if this is a thing you can fix.

💬 HorizonAdmin, Oct 23rd at 3:42 AM

I'm still having a problem where having this installed on a multiplayer server causes player corpse to stop working and carry capacity doesn't work either.

💬 Rivkets, Oct 23rd at 3:34 AM

Axebeard there was an issue with another mod called player corpse, this one fixes that issue because the original mod author quit modding

💬 Mendall, Oct 22nd at 7:04 PM

where where did you seeachange log. I dont see it.


💬 321BoltsOfLight, Oct 22nd at 3:16 PM

Oh so does that mean this one is fixed to work with player corpse? edit: nvm I saw the changelog now, sweet thank you for fixing that!

💬 NerdScurvy, Oct 22nd at 5:15 AM

The older version was throwing an error on the death event, preventing the item in the back slot from dropping. The error was also preventing the Player Corpse from working.

💬 Axebeard, Oct 22nd at 4:38 AM

What's the difference between this and the original? The original still work on 1.17.9 for me.

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