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Category: #Storage
Author: Dauron
Side: Both
Created: Feb 18th
Last modified: 6 days ago
Downloads: 1279

Updated 7-18-21: New version 1.3.1 compatible with Vintage Story 1.15 ONLYFixed a double click issue with empty/filled crocks.

This mod introduces a new storage block with a new mechanic for Vintage Story. These "Better Crates" can only store one type of item but they store much more of it than a wooden chest.


  • No GUI element but instead shows the item model with quantity on the label.
  • Interact by left clicking to take items out and right clicking to insert items. They can only be broken with an axe.
  • Upgradable to the next tier by using an upgrade item on them, no need to put into crafting window to upgrade.
  • Fully multiplayer compatible. Including claim protected, reinforcement and locking mechanic.
  • Compatible with hoppers and chutes. Bottom side is the output. All other sides can be inserted into.
  • Rotates when placed. Can also be placed into the floor to face up or ceiling to face down.
  • Detailed Handbook information with links to each new block/item. Just search for "Better Crate".
  • Reactive block interaction overlay information.
  • Compatible with Carry Capacity mod. Highly recommended! Note: Crates can only be carried by hand.

Known Issues:

  • While nearly all blocks/items display correctly, some blocks that have overlays such as soil with grass will display without the grass. This only applies to creative mode as you can't have those blocks in survival. There is always the possibility with mods and newer game versions that new blocks/items may not display correctly.
  • Very rarely when broken the label quantity text will not get destroyed. This seems to only happen in creative mode. This will fix if you restart the game.
  • Anvil work items in 1.14+ will not display properly. I feel this is a rare case usage and have not devoted time to fixing the issue for now.


  • There are 2 versions of the mod. One that is configured for Carry Capacity and one that is not. Default configuration for Carry Capacity version is hand carrying only.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.3.1-rc.2 132 6 days ago Show
v1.3.1-rc.1 14 6 days ago Show
v1.3.0-rc.2 104 Jul 7th Show
v1.3.0-rc.1 21 Jul 7th Show
v1.2.7-rc.2 651 Feb 27th Show
v1.2.7-rc.1 112 Feb 27th Show
v1.2.6-rc.2 122 Feb 27th Show
v1.2.6-rc.1 69 Feb 27th Show


WQP, 4 days ago

A very well done and very useful mod. One of those that feels like it should be in vanilla almost :)

Dauron, Jul 7th

Updated to version 1.3.0 for VS 1.15. Also Added Steel Crate that has 512 slots.

l33tmaan, May 16th

Integration with Mystic Metals for some truly large crates would be awesome, too.

Zaldaryon, May 16th

Suggestion: add another 2 upgrade tiers: meteoric iron and steel crates.

Juliusvanvern, Apr 30th

To learn more about this Mod, check my Video: 


Dauron, Feb 27th

From now on for versions of this mod: rc.1 will be the one without Carry Capacity and rc.2 will be the one with Carry Capacity config. Until I can figure something else out. I also may end up in the future only doing the Carry Capacity version or if Carry Capacity becomes integrated into Vanilla that will solve it as well.

This change will also make the 1.2.6 versions not compatible with previous 1.2.6 versions

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