Mods / Primitive Survival

Author: SpearAndFang
Side: Both
Created: Sep 1st
Last modified: Sep 1st
Downloads: 648

The raft mod.  Plus fishing, trapping, earthworms, monkey bridge, wood lanterns, hides as carpets, metal buckets, and more.  See the quick start guide in the in-game handbook for details.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v2.6.21 648 Sep 1st Show


EsperLoki, 3 days ago

Everytime I try to place bait on a trap, it crashes the game.

SpearAndFang, Sep 11th


Mendall, Sep 10th

Apparently some folks just know what this is.

But for the rest of us a short description of what it is or what it does would be nice.

breeze108, Sep 1st

Thanks so much.

Man, Sep 1st

found this just as i began to look for it, thanks!

balistafreak, Sep 1st

extremely good mod, unironically

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