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Author: SpearAndFang
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Created: Sep 1st at 2:34 PM
Last modified: 3 days ago
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"This is seriously the best mod for this game there is. It's so amazing that I hope it all gets integrated into the base game to some degree, because I couldn't imagine playing without it at this point. The functionality is superb." - l33tmaan

"You're kicking @$$ with this mod brother. Best one I've played so far. Looking forward to what else you have planned!" - PapaCheddar

"I'm pretty sure your mod is my favorite out of all of the mods I've used so far (if I had to lose all but one mod, I'd probably keep this one). It's very near perfect in terms of what I enjoy in mods like these (it creates new gameplay options, offers immersive ways of doing things, and is not overly complicated)." - Ariel


Siddly - Catfish, Arctic Char, Blue Gill fish models/textures
BluryFace - Crab and Firefly models/textures
CaptainOats - Particle designs, playtesting, mod support
Gox: modding support - Chunk based fish depletion/repletion
L33tmaan - Expanded Foods integration, moral support
Melchior - Particle design

ZigTheHedge - Russian translations
Evil Toaster - Russian translations
Qexow - Polish Translations
Kiava - German translations

Kinetic Knight - streaming Primitive Survival on Twitch
Quixjote - streaming Primitive Survival on Twitch
BotenRedWolf - streaming Primitive Survival on Twitch
Papa Cheddar - streaming Primitive Survival on youTube

And to everyone else that I forgot - sorry and thanks!

Huge shout out to Tyron/Saraty and the rest of the Vintage Story Team!


Here's the thing - I'm a huge fan of Vintage Story and especially its wilderness survival mode. I also have a keen interest in real life primitive survival. This mod is my attempt to meld the two to provide you with a more realistic early game experience, and is largely inspired by extreme survival shows like Naked & Afraid. Primitive Survival also adds plenty of end-game type elements to entertain you later on.

The in-game handbook contains more than enough information to get you started. Look under Guides - Primitive Survival: Quick Start Guide. A couple of items that are essential for this mod are stakes (used for primitive fences, weir traps and snares) and cordage (used to make limb lines, trotlines, fish baskets, snares, and monkey bridges).


There are three types of traps - a deadfall, snare, and pit trap.

The deadfall and snare are very similar in nature. They are designed to kill small animals on contact. The only real difference is that the deadfall might kill a chicken or a hare (or a baby anything), while the snare might be able to take down bigger entities (like a fox or a boar) as well. In both cases:

• Larger entities (like a player or a wolf) will only take a minor amount of damage when coming into contact with one of these traps, and will trip it.
• Only a baited trap will actually attract animals to it.
• Once a trap has been tripped, you can sneak - right click to set it again (with nothing in your hand).
• You can right click on any unbaited set trap to bait it (with a wide variety of food in hand).

While not a trap on its own, a handful of sticks can be sharpened at both ends to create a bundle of wood spikes, which can then be pushed into soft ground to create a pit of spikes. They're a little painful to walk across, and even more dangerous to fall on.

To make a fully fledged pit trap, use these same wood spikes but also push them into the sides of the top edge of your pit. Note: You can weave them together to span large areas. The next step is to add three layers of dry grass or some other plant based materials to seal up the surface. Pay attention to what it says in the hud. It walks you through the process. The final step is to add a layer of dirt or sand to the top. With proper planning, your pit cover will be 100% camouflaged which could be interesting in pvp play.

With dirt or sand in place, nearby mammals can tell that something still isn't quite right, and are attracted to your pit to investigate (increasing your odds of catching something). Note, you can also partially disassemble your pit trap by clicking on it (with nothing in your active inventory slot). Once you've started clay forming, you can make a mold for a Bed-O-Nails, which act as a much deadlier version of wood spikes (and can be placed on any surface).

See metal bucket below for the deadliest of pit traps...


There are currently four methods for fishing - a fish basket, weir trap, limb line, and trotline. They have some similarities but also some distinct differences. In general:

• Right click to remove fish (with nothing in your hand). Careful though, they're a little slippery!
• Right click on a hook or fish basket to bait it (with a wide variety of food in hand).
• Right click on a baited hook or fish basket to retrieve the bait (with nothing in your hand).
• A fish might simply steal your bait.

The fish basket is pretty straightforward. Place it in water but make sure there's free blocks of water all around it. Now hurry up and wait...and maybe one or two fish will find their way into your basket.

Building a weir trap is not so obvious. You simply build a fenced in area in the water with stakes, and then with nothing in hand, right click on the far side (center) of the fence to complete the trap. If the fence forms an "M" shape your trap is complete. Note: You cannot bait a weir trap.

You might want to check on your fish basket or weir trap a little more frequently than something with a hook, since fish can escape quite easily. Also note that the occasional sea shell or other trinket might drift into one of these two traps. The trotline and limb line are a little more complicated because you're also going to need hooks.

Hooks can be knapped with flint or one of several stones, or carved from a bone.

To place your limb line or trotline, face an object near water (i.e. a stake, fencepost, dirt block, tree) with cordage in hand, and right click. If you have enough cordage and there's a block to receive the far end of the cordage, you'll place a trotline. Otherwise you'll place a limb line. Once your line is in place you'll need to attach hooks (and perhaps bait them) by right clicking on a section of that line (with hook in hand). Obviously if your hook isn't in water you won't catch a fish.

Once you've started clay forming, you can make a mold for metal fishing hooks and a mold for fishing lures. Lures are added to hooks just like baiting a hook, and like bait, they will also improve your odds of catching fish.

What do I do with all these raw fish? Cook them up on a fire and eat them of course, or substitute them for meat in your favorite soup or stew!

For better inventory and cooking management, you can fillet your fish first. Worth noting that by doing so, you are removing valuable fish parts like the head, so you lose a bit of nutritional value. When you fillet a fish and may drop raw fish eggs or ovulated fish eggs. Both can be cooked or made into caviar.

Ovulated fish eggs or smaller fish can be thrown into water to replete fish stocks in that region (chunk). You'll find that areas get fished out quickly otherwise, so not doing so may force you to move to other water sources. A chunks fish stocks will naturally (but slowly) be replenished over time.


The premise here is that you can "cure" meat to create Jerky by simply cutting it up into small strips and letting it dry in the sun. So if you cut up your redmeat, bushmeat, or fish fillets, and they will start to cure automatically*. Note: You can still cook it on a fire afterwards if you like (before it cures). *Fish Jerky requires salt.


Build yourself a raft to travel on water with ease. With a raft in your active inventory slot, just jump in the water and steer your way to your destination. The raft does the rest! No need to place it, no buttons required. Jumping in shallow water helps keep you moving.


Build some wooden lanterns to light up your life. Not as bright as other lanterns, but they look nice and don't require glass.


Collect some earthworms and put them to good use. Anywhere there's soil and a reasonable climate, you'll find worms, but you'll need to look (right click) on rocks and branches to locate them. When you encounter a worm please remember - don't panic, breathe deeply, and maintain eye contact. Although they may look intimidating at first, they are in fact docile creatures. Handling and use:

• Right click OR sneak right click to pick up or place a worm.
• Eat them for a small protein boost.
• Use them to bait your hooks or fish baskets.
• Place them (sneak-click) on your farmland to both aerate and fertilize the soil.
• Use them to make your own fertilizer. For example:
    o Dig a one block hole and use a hoe to turn the bottom of the hole into farmland
    o place some worms in the hole
    o Eventually, the worms will turn that farmland into a block of pure worm castings
    o break the block of worm castings and use those drops to fertilize your garden. Retrieve any remaining worms, wash rinse repeat.

Warning: Don't introduce too many worms into your garden - eventually they will over-aerate/fertilize your farmland, turning it into pure worm castings, and the soil will no longer have the structural integrity to keep your plants growing. You've been warned! Pro-tip: Worms will occasionally leave the area or are whisked away by a predator, so pick them up if you want to extend their use. They will also die in extreme temperatures if left outside.


Ahh yes, the primitive lava lamp. Seven species of various colors and brightness levels. Make some firefly jars and place them outside on a very warm night. Bait them with fruit and surround them with flowers. With any luck you'll return to a jar full of fireflies. Build the special wood jar holder to attach firefly jars to walls.


Look for them anywhere new chunks of trees are spawned. Remove their contents and revisit them occasionally to see what nature has restocked them with.  Chop them down and use them as primitive storage at your base.  Hold friendly contests by trying to throw rocks or shoot arrows into them.


Place unused pelts on the floor or roof or walls to liven up your abode.


Make these to get across large ravines, between trees, or over lakes with ease.


Four species of snakes, two venomous, two docile. Two species of crabs, one land based and one water based. Harvest snake meat and crabmeat and enjoy it over a campfire or in a soup/stew.


Metal Buckets - Build a metal bucket to move lava around, decorate your home, or maybe pour some into your pit trap to quickly dispose of undesirables. Smith a metal handle (using one of several metal types). Combine that handle with five metal plates (iron, meteoric iron, or steel) on the crafting grid to complete your bucket.

Relics - There's some other surprises in Primitive Survival that have been intentionally left undocumented. Have a look at the Creative Inventory to get a glimpse at these "things that shall not be named". Watch the introductory video for the best clue.

Better Stairs - Put stairs back in the crafting grid to convert them to/from a smarter variation of themselves. Inside corners, outside corners, and sideways corners, right side up or upside down, and sneak click to rotate. Supports all vanilla stair types.

Fireworks - craft three different types of fireworks and light them up on special occasions.

Particulator - If you're tired of chiseling maybe give particle design a try. It's fun to play with and difficult to master, but you can create some amazing effects for around the homestead. See the particulator's gui for the deets. Build a link tool to link your particle effects to other blocks.


For Windows users, look here:
C:\Users<userid>\AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\ModConfig and edit primitivesurvival.json.

You can edit this json file with your favorite text editor (or notepad) to customize your Primitive Survival experience. A few caveats - don't change the overall structure of the files or remove or add rows, only change the assigned values. You can change a true to a false, or an integer to a different integer, or a decimal to a different decimal. For example, a number like 0.3 could be changed to 0.5 or 1.0, but don't change it to .5 or 1 - keep the overall "look" of the number the same. Likewise, don't change a number like 5 to 5.5 or 6.0, it's probably expecting a whole number like 6.

If things go awry, you could delete the file completely, and the next time you start the game the file will be recreated in that same location with the original (default) values. Below is a brief explanation of each setting.

• AltarDropsGold: Whether or not the functioning altars will drop gold along with everything else.
• DeadfallBaitStolenPercent: % chance that a deadfall will have its bait stolen and inflict no damage.
• DeadfallMaxAnimalHeight: Entities with this eye height or less can be seriously damaged by this trap (so, foxes).
• DeadfallMaxDamageSet: Maximum damage inflicted by an unbaited deadfall.
• DeadfallMaxDamageBaited: Maximum damage inflicted by an baited deadfall.
• DeadfallTrippedPercent: % chance that a deadfall will be tripped and inflict no damage.
• FallDamageMultiplierWoodSpikes: A damage multiplier applied to wooden spikes - fall velocity also a factor.
• FallDamageMultiplierMetalSpikes: A damage multiplier applied to the bed o' nails - fall velocity also a factor.
• FishBasketCatchPercent: % chance of catching a fish in an unbaited fish basket, every FishBasketUpdateMinutes.
• FishBasketBaitedCatchPercent: % chance of catching a fish in an baited fish basket, every FishBasketUpdateMinutes.
• FishBasketBaitStolenPercent: % chance that the bait will be stolen from a fish basket, every FishBasketUpdateMinutes.
• FishBasketEscapePercent: % chance that a fish will escape from a fish basket, every FishBasketUpdateMinutes.
• FishBasketUpdateMinutes: Real life minutes until fish baskets are potentially updated.
• FishBasketRotRemovedPercent: % chance that rot will be removed from a fish basket, every FishBasketUpdateMinutes.
• FishChanceOfEggsPercent: % chance of getting fish eggs as well when you fillet a fish. 50% of the time those will be regular eggs, 50% of the time they will be ovulated eggs.
• FishChunkDepletionRate: Every time a fish is caught, you are this % less likely to catch another fish. Likewise, if a fish escapes or is released into a chunk, the chunk is repleted of fish by this same %.
• FishChunkRepletionRate: % that a chunk is repleted with fish, every FishChunkRepletionMinutes. • FishChunkRepletionMinutes: Real life minutes before a chunk is repleted with fish (by FishChunkRepletionRate percent).
• FishEggsChunkRepletionRate: % that a chunk is repleted with fish when you drop ovulated fish eggs into the water in that chunk.
• FishChunkMaxDepletionPercent: The maximum % amount that a chunk can be depleted of fish. • LimbTrotlineCatchPercent: % chance of catching a fish on the hook (with no bait or lure) of a limb line or trotline, every FishBasketUpdateMinutes.
• LimbTrotlineBaitedCatchPercent: % chance of catching a fish on the baited hook of a limb line or trotline, every LimbTrotlineUpdateMinutes.
• LimbTrotlineLuredCatchPercent: % chance of catching a fish on the lured hook of a limb line or trotline, every LimbTrotlineUpdateMinutes.
• LimbTrotlineBaitedLuredCatchPercent: % chance of catching a fish on the baited+lured hook of a limb line or trotline, every LimbTrotlineUpdateMinutes.
• LimbTrotlineBaitStolenPercent: % chance of bait being stolen from the hook of a limb line or trotline, every LimbTrotlineUpdateMinutes.
• LimbTrotlineUpdateMinutes: Real life minutes until limb lines and trotlines are potentially updated.
• LimbTrotlineRotRemovedPercent: % chance that rot on the hook of a limb line or trotline will be removed, every LimbTrotlineUpdateMinutes.
• ParticulatorMaxParticlesQuantity: The maximum number of particles you can set in the gui.
• ParticulatorMaxParticlesSize: The maximum particle size you can set in the gui.
• ParticulatorHideCodeTabs: Whether or not the CODE tab is visible in the Particulator's gui.
• RaftFlotationModifier: How fast the raft accelerates from under water to the surface.  Careful with this one, it's sensitive..
• RaftWaterSpeedModifier: Multiplier that determines the speed of a raft. • RaftFlotationModifier: Multiplier that determines the buoyancy of a raft.
• SnareBaitStolenPercent: % chance that a snare will have its bait stolen and inflict no damage.
• SnareMaxAnimalHeight: Entities with this eye height or less can be seriously damaged by this trap (so, pigs). • SnareMaxDamageSet: Maximum damage inflicted by an unbaited snare.
• SnareMaxDamageBaited: Maximum damage inflicted by an baited snare. • SnareTrippedPercent: % chance that a snare will be tripped and inflict no damage.
• TreeHollowsMaxPerChunk: Maximum spawn count of tree hollows in new chunks.
• TreeHollowsSpawnProbability: Probability of a tree hollow to spawn in a new chunk.
• TreeHollowsUpdateMinutes: How often the contents of a tree hollow is replenished.
• WeirTrapCatchPercent: % chance of catching a fish in a weir trap, every WeirTrapUpdateMinutes.
• WeirTrapEscapePercent: % chance that something in a weir trap will escape, every WeirTrapUpdateMinutes.
• WeirTrapUpdateMinutes: Real life minutes until weir traps are potentially updated.
• WeirTrapRotRemovedPercent: % chance that rot in a weir trap will be removed, every WeirTrapUpdateMinutes.
• WormFoundPercentRock: % chance of finding a worm when you right click pick up a normal rock.
• WormFoundPercentStickFlint: % chance of finding a worm when you right click pick up a stick or flint.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v2.7.3 207 3 days ago Show
v2.7.2 411 Nov 21st at 10:55 PM Show
v2.7.1 610 Nov 8th at 1:06 AM Show
v2.7.0 203 Nov 6th at 4:02 PM Show
v2.6.21 1336 Sep 1st at 2:39 PM Show

31 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

SpearAndFang, 3 days ago

Primitive Survival 2.7.3 released.
Another minor release to tidy up some relatively minor issues:

- Updated: Russian translation - thanks ZigTheHedge
- Fixed: broken fireworks recipes (Fountain, Beenade) - thanks to players on Dragoness' Twitch stream for bringing it to my attention
- Fixed: Modinfo dependencies - thanks DArkHekRoMaNT
- Fixed: snake and crab meat pies naming/textures - thanks Papa Cheese
- Tweak: decreased crabmeat drops a bit
- Tweak: decreased spawn rates, decreased spawn quantities, added many more spawn conditions for crabs and snakes - thanks Vallen

Server Moderators: If the spawn rates are STILL too high for crabs and snakes, my next best suggestion is to edit some files inside the zip file. Look in the folder assets\primitivesurvival\entities\land and decrease the "chance" entry (the very last entry) in one or more of the following files:

Bairdi Crab (crab-bairdicrab.json)
Land Crab (crab-landcrab.json)
Black Rat Snake (snake-blackrat.json)
Chain Viper (snake-chainviper.json)
Coachwhip Snake (snake-coachwhip.json)
Pit Viper (snake-pitviper.json)

I'm guessing that you should divide the current chance by the number of people that typically play on that server and use that number.

SpearAndFang, 3 days ago

I just tried mucking with trotlines and everything seemed fine.  If you're running Vintage Story v1.15.10 (the version released yesterday), that is likely what's causing the problem.

Other than that, since nobody else has reported a similar problem (and the trotline hasn't changed in a long time), I'd look first at your VintageStoryData/mods folder.  Everything in there should either be a zip file or maybe a dll or folders, no duplicates, no backups, no unzipped mods, no older mods or unused mods tucked away in there for safekeeping.  You could also try reinstalling Vintage Story 1.15.9 (always use the FULL installer).

If you're using multiplayer, make sure everyone is using the same version of Vintage Story and Primitive Survival, and NOT Vintage Story 1.15.10.

If none of the info above is helpful, then feel free to share your server-main.txt and client-main.txt logs here, on the forums (click on the "homepage" link above), or via Discord (SpearAndFang#6757).


Kato, 3 days ago

For whatever reasons whenever I got to interact with a trotline or anything when trying to fish it instantly crashes the game for me. I have the logs as well if I need to provide them.

SpearAndFang, 5 days ago

Hi Vallen!
I believe that your assessment of the situation is spot on.  As these are my first worldgen/runtime mobs, I'm having all kinds of problems managing spawn locations and frequency, and continue to struggle to find magic numbers that work well in both singleplayer and multiplayer.  I will definitely take a shot at making the spawn rates easily configurable - this would help for sure.

And thanks for the kind words!

l33tmaan, 6 days ago


Vallen, 6 days ago

Heya SpearAndFang,

I recognize that mob spawns are a tricky thing. I'm on v2.7.2 on a server. In the desert we have a large quantity of crabs and snakes spawning. By this I mean I can see 7-8 snakes from my base at any time and are seeing about the same in crabs any time we approach a water source. Are you considering adding a config option for those mob spawns (if that's even doable)? I realize this may be completely different for single player and in another biome as well but I thought I'd at least report these findings in hopes that they are useful. Thanks again for the great mod. We <3 you.


SpearAndFang, Nov 24th at 3:40 PM

Glad to hear it Verlia, thanks for the follow up. 😀

Verlia, Nov 23rd at 7:39 PM

Thanks SF for upping their rate a little <3 I finally see crabs and noodles here and there. <3 Makes my heart warm :3

DArkHekRoMaNT, Nov 23rd at 4:08 PM

Correct "dependencies" and in modinfo.json SpearAndFang

SpearAndFang, Nov 21st at 10:57 PM

Agreed.  I revisited those spawn parameters and they should be functional again.  Thanks!

I've also added tree hollows - Natures treasure chest - they appear at the base or side of many types of trees, and much like resin, are occasionally replenished.  Or chop them down and use them as a chest at your base.

New release...released.

Verlia, Nov 21st at 9:43 PM

Since the last update when their spawn rate was tuned down, I haven't seen a single snake or crab. :/ I've been in a lot of environments, do they have a real particular liking? I always hope to see noodles in the least, maybe a crab here and there. But none. :/

SpearAndFang, Nov 14th at 6:53 AM

I've moved on to other things, but if you would like to improve them they can be found in assets\primitivesurvival\shapes\entity\land and can be edited with Vintage Story Model Creator

YourCreator, Nov 13th at 7:20 PM

Please fix snake's movement, they are really like walking dance xDD. 

SpearAndFang, Nov 8th at 1:09 AM

New release: v2.7.1

Updated Russian translation - courtesy of ZigTheHedge.  Amazing, thanks Zig!

I've made a number of changes to snakes/crabs to hopefully address most all of the feedback I've gotten so far.
- Turned up the minimum spawn temperatures for crabs and snakes, to make it much less likely that they spawn in winter.
- Set the max spawn light level to hopefully prevent these same entities from spawning in animal stalls.
- Halved the overall spawn level of these new entities. Along with the temperature and light level changes, this should help.

Thanks all!  Appreciate the kind words!

GamingToast, Nov 7th at 7:54 PM

Is there a way to reduce the amount of Snakes and Crabs spawning? I am running this on an Server and we have around 10 snakes per chunk which doesn't feel intended. Well there are too many snakes and i can't find anything in the configs (or maybe i'm just blind) to reduce the spawn amount

ihenh, Nov 7th at 7:18 PM

I just updated the mod. There are a few pretty nice additions. But apparently the "never hostile" setting does not affect crabs and snakes. If possible please update so that "never hostile" applies to added animals or add a "damage points" setting to the config file, which can be set to "0".

I got literally chopped in pieces by a crab hidden in deep snow (I did not expect a crab during winter,  -8°C does not feel like a crab friendly weather condition ❄️ )... Soon after that, my chickens were "attacked" by a chainviper. None of my chickens died, so I wonder: Are snakes predators like foxes or wolves?? Do I have to remove grass blocks in my pen in order to prevent snakes to spawn?

1618, Nov 7th at 5:12 PM

Love the new update. Especially the animals. Id like to see Birds, Frogs, and Turtles added.

Please consider making this interact with the "Omniummod" mod, which has Oceans and actual Fish swimmiing in the waters.

SpearAndFang, Nov 7th at 12:24 AM

Four different noodles to be precise, and none of the pool variety.  Thanks for the update on your issue.

Verlia, Nov 6th at 11:33 PM

Hey Spear&Fang, sorry, turned out the server owner didn't have the mod installed, lel. Love the new video/update! Is that - A NOODLE?! xD

SpearAndFang, Oct 25th at 7:24 AM

Should be fine - I've been using it aok, but I haven't tested every individual block/item yet.  If it's not even loading, you'll want to check and remove previous versions of the mod, and you might even try deleting VintageStoryData-ModConfig-PrimitiveSurvival.json, although I doubt that that's the problem.  I might even recommend doing a full install of 1.15.7 rather than an upgrade - I've always gone the full install route.

Verlia, Oct 24th at 9:53 PM

Hey Spear&Fang, is the mod up to date to be played on 15.7? I've it installed but doesn't seem to be working.

SpearAndFang, Oct 24th at 8:43 AM

A number of artifacts will show up in fish baskets and weir traps - you can place a temporal relic on the ground and then add additional pieces to it (like a small jigsaw puzzle).  One such completed puzzle will open the necronomicon to reveal one of two ways to complete an altar (using the same temporal relic as a starting point).  An activated altar is dangerous but rewarding.

Monia, Oct 23rd at 2:43 PM

What is this "Necronomicon"?


SpearAndFang, Oct 6th at 9:40 PM

Hmmm.  Not sure what the problem is exactly. I rather arbitrarily threw that one on the end because of a bug in this ModDB website.  The mod itself is definitely 2.6.21.
Maybe for whatever reason it's looking at the filename of the zip file?  If so, just rename it in your mods folder (add the one).  While you're in there make sure you don't have some other version of Primitive Survival kicking around.

PeterSanderson, Oct 6th at 4:37 PM

Hi there - I just did a fresh download this morning, but the server I am attempting to connect to keeps asking for version 2.6.21.


EsperLoki, Sep 21st at 12:29 AM

Everytime I try to place bait on a trap, it crashes the game.

SpearAndFang, Sep 11th at 12:42 AM


Mendall, Sep 10th at 10:21 PM

Apparently some folks just know what this is.

But for the rest of us a short description of what it is or what it does would be nice.

breeze108, Sep 1st at 6:11 PM

Thanks so much.

Man, Sep 1st at 5:58 PM

found this just as i began to look for it, thanks!

balistafreak, Sep 1st at 3:11 PM

extremely good mod, unironically

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