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Author: Buggi
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Created: Nov 13th 2021 at 7:56 PM
Last modified: Aug 31st at 7:36 PM
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My Random Changes

Lots of tweaks and changes. First thing, if you have an existing world, please empty any Storage Vessels before adding the mod as I change the amount it stores and you may lose the items in there...

Changes, in no particular order:

  • Adds Chain block for decoration. Create a chain link mold, and combine 3 links in a crafting grid for the block. 1 metal ingot = 2 chain block.
  • Adds Mass Ingot Mold and Mass Plate molds - Poor 40 ingots in one shot and 8 plates in one shot respectively. Made nuggets stack to 400 so a crucible fully loaded can fill 2 mass ingot molds or 5 mass plate molds at a time.
  • Adds a Spile mold for Expanded Foods Spiles.
  • Adds Craftable Chandeliers in a select few metal types. Max them out with candles for the best light source in the game!
  • Adds Metal fences in a select few metal types.
  • Combining Chiseled blocks now yields the amount you put in. So, for example, 4 blocks in the grid gives back 4 multimaterial chiseled blocks. This can also be used to copy an already chiseled block by adding it and other materials to it.
  • Make Sand from Gravel using the Pulverizer. 
  • Tweaks/adds Nitrogen-based fertilizer recipes.
  • Increases Seed Output from mature plants, increases some mature plant food drop chance. 
  • Adds Titanium Chain Mail Armor for the ULTIMATE in armor.  Also allows for repairing the armor.
  • Adds Chain-mail Mold for obvious reasons...
  • Increases Tool-head stack size to 32 for most tool heads for bulk storage.
  • Adds slightly cheaper Metal Block recipe (3x3 ingot) and Metal Block -> Ingot recipe using a chisel.
  • Make Resin from a Barrel using Honey and powdered Borax. 
  • Mulch Meat and grass into compost in a Barrel as well.

Chain links shape, mold shape, and all other JSON modding done ON STREAM if you want to see the entire process!
Watch it here:

There you have it. If you're wondering how you can possibly poor Titanium into the chain mold, then my Ores O' Plenty mod has you covered as I set Cokes burn temp to 1900. Smelt down that Titanium! I did this because while coke is in the game, there is literally no reason to use it. You make it in very small batches and it's really no better than charcoal which you can make in very very large amounts. So now you have a reason to make coke and a use for it as well. Also helpful in melting down those steel bits and blister steel bits you may get from the Anvil Recovery mod. 

I tried to name all the files in the mod with their general purpose, if you want to tweak the settings or eliminate a function all-together then please do so. Just don't try to release a changed version of this mod as your own.

As always, my YouTube channel is dedicated to moddable games and VS is just plain fun to mod and play. 
Check out my channel here:

I'm always on the lookout for mod ideas.
Support me if you want via Patreon:

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v3.1.0 617 Aug 31st at 7:36 PM Show
v3.0.0 50 Aug 30th at 11:08 PM Show
v2.1.0 378 Apr 25th at 3:02 AM Show
v2.0.1 420 Jan 12th at 5:58 AM Show
v1.9.2 278 Dec 3rd 2021 at 1:06 AM Show
v1.8.0 285 Nov 13th 2021 at 7:58 PM Show

11 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Buggi, Oct 5th at 9:37 PM

Sure, I guess...

💬 l33tmaan, Sep 20th at 2:23 AM

A spile mold! Neat! You mind if I just... take it? :p

💬 Buggi, Apr 29th at 9:51 PM

The files in all my mods are usually self explanitory. Remove any files not related to mass molds. You'll have the shape files, clayforming files, and a block file left over. You won't need any of the files in /patches/ 

💬 Rufkut, Apr 26th at 4:27 PM

I only want those parts, the mass ingot and plate mold, how do I remove the rest? 

💬 Buggi, Apr 25th at 5:57 PM

@Rufkut what don't you want in the rest of the mod? You can customize mods on  your end to suit your playstyle.

💬 Rufkut, Apr 25th at 3:14 PM

Hey can you make a standalone version of mass ingot and plate molds? 

💬 Buggi, Apr 25th at 3:03 AM

Version 2.1.0 Removes the tools from the mod as all my tools (and a few new ones) were all merged into one new mod, Flexible Tools.

💬 Buggi, Mar 16th at 1:47 AM

@Chervial Interesting issue! All the tool does is call the blocks function to tell what it drops when mined. It does not alter or in any way change those drops. Now there are a couple bugs for sure. I will have to look at why grass doesn't disappear when mining below it for example. Regarding storage containers I'll have to add special code to detect them. I coded 3x3 and 5x5 mode to NOT create drops because you can quite quickly overwhelm your FPS with hundreds of items on the ground. So I run through blocks your trying to break gathering a list of their drops, then push those drops into your inventory. I then erase the block, not calling the normal breakblock routine which is why it voids the inventory.

In the short term, I suggest NOT using the World Eater near your base :)

💬 Chervial, Jan 21st at 3:36 AM

Hi, first off I love this mod and thankyou for taking the time to make it and share it with us.
However since the 1.16 update where you added the bit where the world eater 3x3 and 5x5 drops auto go into the inventory has produced some odd behavior with storage containers. When hitting blocks in range around storage containers, and hitting the actual container itself while in 3x3 or 5x5 mode deletes the contents of the container.
Also when testing the containers when the item was broken and picked up it had odd name, ie
-wood chest into game:block--chest east,
-labled chests into game:block--labeledchest-east
-reed and vine basket into game:block--stationarybasket-east
-ceramic vessels into game:block--storagevessel-burned (or the name of the pattern I tested all of them)
-both the treasure chests into game:block--chest east
-the wooden trunk into game:block--trunk-east
The crates didn't change names when broken but still deleted the contents. Same with shelves and barrels
I also tested this with the extra chests mod, again the inventory would be deleted and every chest variant also returned an odd item having the copper chest icon with the name extrachests:block--chest-east
As no crash actually happened I have no logs but please let me know if I can provide any additional info.

💬 Buggi, Jan 17th at 2:07 AM

The sqare removed needs to be an odd number, it just works best that way. I kept the WorldEater a very high level item, something to strive for and work towards. Once you have it, oh the mining that can be done! 
If diamonds are an issue, I'd suggest a world generated with my Ores A Plenty mod as I increase diamond generation a little bit (they don't have a function in the vanilla game so very little generation). And remember either way, you can get diamonds drop from the rock around meteor spawns so keep an eye out for those!

World Eater Tool modes are activated with the default key of "F", like all the other tools in the game.

💬 Broken, Jan 12th at 2:48 PM

I just downloaded this mod, mainly for the vein miner. One of the old mods that is no longer updated had a 3x3 mining hammer and well, my and my crew miss that a lot. So seeing the vein miner or grid addition mining upgrade in the picture caught my attention. The question is, how do you activate it? I have used the same key for smithing/clay forming but nothing comes up. 

Edit: Neven mind, saw that it was for specificly the world eater tool. Is there any way you could add a little extra? Like high end bronze(black bronze) having the 2x2, the Iron having up to 3x3, and the steel getting up to the 4x4 respectivly? Do enjoy the content addition of this mod thus far.

(edit comment delete)