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Author: Buggi
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Created: Apr 25th at 2:47 AM
Last modified: Jun 25th at 10:10 PM
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Flexible Tools is the new home for all my tools. Many people wanted the tools but not the changes with, say Ores A Plenty or Random Changes so here's a mod with not only those tools... 

But 3 MORE brand new gadgets to enjoy!

First the 3 NEW Gadgets:

Diamond Scythe: This beast has a few Modes (default "F" Key). Able to clear 3x3, 5x5, 7x7, and a 9x9 area of grass. Get to mowing or clearing for building!

Diamond Shears: Another AOE upgraded tool. Clears leaves with ease... 3x3x3 to a 9x9x9 area of leaves. An expensive tool for sure, but worth it.

 Item Magnet
I'm quite proud of this one, it took a lot of learning to get it to work and it was WELL worth it. Craft this and put in in your neck slot, once there it'll always be looking around you for things to vacuum up. Radius is 4 blocks around you. To disable the effect, just take off the item and put it in your general inventory!

----- Okay those were the new tools... here's the other ones -----

Rock Sniffer: Break a rock block with this to learn what rock types are directly under the broken block. ONLY reports unique rock types, ignores all ores nor does it give you depth information. Use to find those rare rock types.

Diamond Tipped Steel Pickaxe: Just a simple late-game pickaxe. Fast and very durable, mainly used as an ingredient for...

World Eater: This beast can clear 3x3 and 5x5 sections of material as well as a AOE Vein Mine of ores. Clear HUGE areas of ore in no time. Fills your inventory VERY fast.  Use F as always to select tool modes. With this new mod I've added sand, gravel, snowblocks, and glacier ice to  the veinmine list. Will also do both clays and peat. 


NOTES on the World Eater:
To prevent absolute FPS crashes when in 3x3 or 5x5 mode, or when veinmining it does NOT drop material on the ground if you have space in your inventory. Because the game doesn't merge item stacks on the ground, when you mine 300 sand, 300 sand is on the ground which crushes your FPS. 

Two bugs appear because of this behavior. First and for reasons I simply cannot figure out, when 3x3 or 5x5 mining, grass lingers if the block under it was mined. This does not happen when vein mining, even though I process the blocks in exactly the same way.

The Second and more dangerous issue is using the World Eater around your base. This thing will obliterate crates, chests, and other storages without dropping their contents. I could find NO simple way of detecting custom blocks and preventing it from mining them. So do NOT use it near your base!! If a skilled modder knows how to do this easily I'm eager to learn. Plus it seems to mess with the item codes when it does this. Very bizarre because I call the same function the game calls if you break the block normally.


My YouTube channel:

Dedicated to moddable games. Hit me, Buggi, up on Discord for questions or issues. My discord can be found via the Issue Tracker link above.
Please consider being a Patron or donating. This mod took me 9 hours to get done. Links on my channel banner on Youtube.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.3.1 67 Jun 25th at 10:10 PM Show
v1.3.0 7 Jun 25th at 10:01 PM Show
v1.2.0 147 Jun 7th at 8:45 PM Show
v1.0.0 284 Apr 25th at 2:51 AM Show

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Buggi, Jun 25th at 10:10 PM

v1.3.1 - Fixes Vein mine durability crash. 

Was tough to find these as the tool has so much durability.

Buggi, Jun 25th at 10:01 PM


  • Fixes crash bug with World Eater: Crashed when it ran out of durability, now fixed.
  • World Eater now respects land claims.
  • Rock Sniffer will report Oil if it finds it. (See my Crude Oil mod). 
  • Rock Sniffer now respects land claims.

Next version will likely be for 1.17+ only. Waiting for that to go RC at least.

Buggi, Jun 7th at 8:45 PM

v1.2.0 - Drifers now drop their loot instead of you having to harvest them. Tweaked loot tables a bit. The toughest two-headed drifer now has a chance to drop diamonds, which are used in all my advanced tools.

Might conflict with other drifter-based mods. Depending on what is loaded first.

Buggi, May 6th at 3:12 AM

It should not crash if your inventory is full, it should drop the items on the ground. I need server or client log printouts to track the issue.

Ikirou, Apr 30th at 11:06 PM

Ah okay i was about to tell about the Crash when using AOE Vein Mine but that is prob. the relative full Inventory

Hope u find someone who can help with the Bugs i love this Mod!
Great Work!

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