Mods / CarryCapacity

Category: #QoL #Storage #Utility
Author: copygirl
Side: Both
Created: Feb 15th
Last modified: Jul 17th
Downloads: 3755

Allows picking up and carrying blocks, especially containers along with their contents, in your hands and on your back.

[[ Usage ]]

To pick up a block with your hands, sneak and hold right click.
A circular progress bar will be visible around your cursor as you wait.
You can only pick up certain supported blocks, such as baskets, chests, barrels, vessels (including broken ones), anvils, ...

To put a block onto your back, sneak and hold right click without aiming at a block.
A smaller selection of blocks can be put on your back. Notably, baskets can be worn on your back without any downsides.

To put a block down, or from your back into your hands, just sneak and hold right click again.

[[ Additional Information ]]

Typically, when carrying containers, you are slowed down by some amount.
You also cannot sprint when carrying a block in your hands.

When taking any damage, you drop what you're holding in your hands.
When you die, what you're carrying on your back will drop at your death location.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v0.6.2 487 Jul 17th Show
v0.5.3 3268 Feb 15th Show


WQP, 4 days ago

If I was forced to only use one mod it would be this one :)

Lyte, 5 days ago

This Mod.  This fantastically phenomenal MOD !!!  Thank you so much for making it!  Immersion +100 , Utility +100 !!!

HappyMolly, Jul 18th

I love this mod, useful and intuitive controls.

Breagle, Mar 22nd

I think this should really be in the base game. Thanks a bunch!

Tels, Mar 21st

The most useful and still immersive mod. Thank you! Should IMHO really be part of the base game.

Edgareredra, Feb 28th

The required mod for this game imo. Thanks Copygirl!

MrLobaker, Feb 15th

Very useful mod, thx =D

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