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Author: Ahrondus
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Created: Feb 12th at 9:22 PM
Last modified: Jun 17th at 10:56 PM
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Horses are finally here!
If you wanna try taming, breeding and riding horses, feel free to download our mod.
We'll be listening and watching avidly for bugs and feedback alike.

This mod requires PetAI. --> PetAI by Gerste
Please be sure to have updated versions.

You do not need this if you have the Feverstone Wilds mod. (Pending)

Horse when mounted has a difficult time getting out of water, be wary!

More Sounds!
Saddles, saddlebags and horse attachments!
Horse statistics and generational stats!

These plans are subject to change.


Contributors: Ahrondus, Verlia, Gerste

If you'd like to support or donate, come by here; Verlia's Ko-Fi

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.2.8 554 Jun 17th at 10:56 PM Show
v1.2.7 1688 Apr 19th at 6:23 PM Show
v1.2.6 2304 Mar 3rd at 6:00 AM Show
v1.2.5 1297 Feb 13th at 8:10 PM Show
v1.2.4 332 Feb 12th at 9:24 PM Show

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DemonBigj781, Jun 19th at 2:11 AM

Question? Why does my honse keep on killing me and falls into pits. at least make it to a horse will not go into pits or cliffs deeper than 3 blocks while riding it. Also the owner sould not freidnly fire on the horse. Hit should be a pet instead and it slowly raises obediabnce. How do you milk a horse? This link is not safe for work:

Pietrko, Jun 15th at 12:14 PM

The horses deseperatly need to be milkable.

Nomadinc tribes of Asia lived of the horse blood and milk. Adding this simple feature could lead to totally new way of playing (nomadism - since then you could easily travel with your food source).

If you could provide the same features for horses the critters mod provided that would be game changing (transport bags and horses being milkable).



BlueFuryDragon, Jun 12th at 9:20 AM

I have Vanilla Varients, and the horse won't eat out of the troughs from that mod.

Artor, May 31st at 9:48 PM

Herd behaviour would be cool!

Ahrondus, Apr 19th at 6:26 PM

Added Russian Translation, thanks Schmarotzer.
I am looking at more modding for the horses, but got a new job that is taking up a lot of my time. I am working on tweaking the movement, and will look at making the horses immune to rider damage while mounted to make hunting from horseback easier. We still have plans in the works, including a new saddle and cart system which are currently in progress. Thank you all for your continued support!

Stejer, Apr 15th at 10:07 PM

I was wanting to try hunting while riding a horse but almost every time i try to throw a spear it hits the horse, is it possible to make the spear pass through the horse or something? at least make so the horse is immune to damage while you are riding it?

Schmarotzer, Mar 4th at 3:26 AM
wickedpersimmon, Feb 26th at 4:37 PM

Would it be possible to make them a source of mechanical work? To turn a mill or operate a pulverizer via a gearing sequence? Kind of like this sugarcane mill.Cane Mill

1618, Feb 14th at 10:17 PM

Can the wild horses be made to run across a field together? Difficult to do?

Maybe they come out of the distance and run across the field and disappear back into the distance.

iotid, Feb 14th at 3:49 PM

Also going to chime in that these fellas are massive at double the height and more width than a medieval expansion's aurochs, although they feel relatively right when you're looking up at them.  Maybe we should ask ME to scale their aurochs up to be a bit more true to life instead!  The horses are fun to ride on a straightaway, the animations are lovely, but the turning is indeed awkward.  Also one request--could it be possible to pick up foals with Gerste's medium animal cages?  Keep having them pushed out of a wide pen with 3x high fencing by their parents.  Locally added that to the cage config myself, but it'd be nice as a default bit of compatability.

Lash, Feb 13th at 8:52 PM

@Ahrondus Oh I know horses are pretty big, grew up with them. Just in terms of gameplay they are extremely awkward and slow to turn which makes them a pain :/ Is there any way to adjust their turn radius or just how responsive they are?

Verlia, Feb 13th at 8:09 PM

The horses are actually accurate to size. Horses are quite big, unless you're comparing them to ponies or Arabian horses. Which might be what you're thinking of. Mules or donkies would be smaller as well. Draft horses would be about 2-3x the size of these horses. :)

Ahrondus, Feb 13th at 8:05 PM

Lash Thanks for the feedback. The horses are based on draft horses, which tower over the average person! And technically, we could have made them BIGGER, and they still would be proper size!! 😀

Lash, Feb 13th at 7:27 PM

Just a bit of feedback, the horses are too large and it makes them extremely awkward and hard to direct

Ahrondus, Feb 13th at 7:16 PM

Max008 I am releasing an update shortly with a potential fix for harvesting horses causing either a crash, or there being no resources when harvested. Thank you for the feedback!

Max008, Feb 13th at 6:18 PM


if I gut a dead horse with a knife, the game crashes. This happened to me twice in a row.


1618, Feb 13th at 3:46 PM

Much needed mod. Thanks

Edit: Lag spikes have been solved.

YourCreator, Feb 13th at 9:09 AM

@Ahrondus Pls make head model lesser a bit

Ahrondus, Feb 13th at 7:44 AM

YourCreator The Hay Bundle is another taming specialized item that will be implemented in a future patch. Thank you for making a translation! I will add it in an upcoming content patch!

YourCreator, Feb 13th at 7:31 AM

Hay not present in mod, but lang string exists.
Russian translation here

Ahrondus, Feb 12th at 11:59 PM

Amigurumi Thank you for the compliment! We're proud of our current animations, and can't wait to add others!
As for the horseshoes: We'll take that under consideration in a future update, but it would likely be purely cosmetic. The benefits of horseshoes are for horses travelling on hard surfaces frequently, and the majority of terrain in Vintage Story is soft. Things like dirt, gravel, and sand wouldn't normally require shoeing a horse for, but for travel on stone and roads horseshoes would surely be recommended!

Amigurumi, Feb 12th at 11:13 PM

The animation on these looks great. Are you planning on adding things like horseshoes and such later for upgrades?

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