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Author: Verlia
Side: Both
Created: Jan 5th at 4:41 AM
Last modified: Sep 9th at 11:21 PM
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Latest file for Various v1.18.x: 1-click install

You do not need to have Feverstone Horses ( if you have this mod, horses are included.

This mod introduces new items and creatures

it’s also a WIP (Work in Progress); so things are subject to change.

This mod requires PetAI. --> Please be sure to have updated versions.



Creature total in mod; 18 Including Variants; 22

Faunlings; Friendly nomads that wander the forests.

Direwolves; abnormally large wolves that can be raised to be domesticated and ridden.

Golems; Large sentients formed of the earth.

Geode Crabs; Skittish creatures formed of the earth.

Spiders; Small 8 legged critters that skitter about. Can be caught and transported with a bugnet.

Toads; Small stubby potatos that hop about. Can be caught and transported with a bugnet.

Horses; Draft, Arabian, Zebras (not in yet), Donkies; Faithful ridable companions that can hold items when saddled.

Sharks; There's currently two variants that roam the waters; bullsharks and hammerheads. Both aggressive and one stronger than the other. However they still provide some fish meat if killed.

Stingrays; While not aggressive, it is defensive and may still deliver a rather stinging blow. Otherwise will happily propel itself along in the waters.

Buromenfish; A fish that seems to vary in it's amount of nutrient when flayed. It features an elongated body often in blue to silver colors.

Discus; A popular freshwater fish, although beautiful it doesn't provide much when caught. 

Eel; An elongated curious and defensive fish, rarely found.

Orca; Also known as the killer whale, belonging to the oceanic dolphin family, of which it is the largest member. Apex predators of the waters that have a diverse diet. However despite such, have a natural curiousity and attraction to Seraphs for social interaction rather than prey.

Ostrich; desert/savannah birds that can be bred similarlly like to chickens. However much faster and much more defensive. -addition to being able to ride them will be added in future.

Bison; addition to savannahs/plains, beast of burden, slow, can hold storage, milkable, ridable.

Giraffe; Gentle giants that roam the south. Can give a resourceful amount of meat and hide if killed. 

Cockatrice; (minor cockatrice)

Scorpion; a small addition to the south.

-Below- is part of the roadmap planned to be implemented but not yet in the mod (for one reason or another). 

Next release;



Snail; Progress; 80%

Dolphin; Progress; 80%

Angler; Progress; 30%

Lizardfolk; Progress; 80%

Lizard; Progress; 0%

Large Boar; Progress; 0%

Treant; Progress; 80%

Caracal; Progress; 30%

Rat; Progress; 0%

Snake; Progress; 80%

Demigryph; Progress; 80%

Gryffion; Progress; 80%

Wyvern; Progress; 80%

Pegasus; Progress; 80%

Demodog; Progress; 80%

Ghostfish; Progress; 80%

Goliath Crab; Progress; 0%

Sulfurbug; Progress; 80%

Fae; Progress; 30%

Large spider; Progress; 30%

Siren; Progress; 10%

Beetles; Progress; 0%

Slime; Progress; 50%

Fennec Fox; desert fox variant. Progress; 0%

Mimic; Progress; 10%

Shambler; Progress; 10%


Draft horse saddle; Not required to mount your companion, but adds comfort and storage.

Arabian horse saddle; Not required to mount your companion, but adds comfort and storage.

Bison saddle; Not required to mount your companion, but adds comfort and storage.

Carrot bundle; A tasty treat for horses.




Item drops relative to creatures. Ie, taking creature parts and making weapons/gear out of them or other.

Faunlings being able to assist players with fighting & farming. NPC nomad huts added.

Golems exploding breaking down into smaller aggressive golems. Golems being able to throw boulders than missles. 

Additional sounds to various creatures listed.

Revisiting some textures and entity shapes.

Creatures pulling carts.

More creatures & critters.


Known issues, (people are more than welcome to dm me if you happen to find a solution, it's greatly appreciated!(

1. Mounts struggle to get out of water if ridden into; dismount and have mount follow you out.

2. Mounts sometimes let you ride them even if not entirely tamed.

3. Bison w/o saddle mounted has your character hovering, can't be fixed with our current coding knowledge. Looks correct saddled.

If you happen to run into anymore issues than what's listed, I'll list them above so others are aware as well.


Want to interact with the Faunlings? Download to take on their quests and barter! 

-sneak+R click to talk with them. 

Contributors; Ahrondus, CaptainOats, G3rste, Spear&Fang, Macoto_hino (Japanese translation)

Discord: We are in the official Vintage Story discord! Please drop in, say hello, and feel free to reach out to us on our Feverstone Wilds mods thread if you have any questions/concerns/bugs!

There's much more than what's listed here on the roadmap, but it gives a good idea of how many other things we're working on to slowly add to liven up VS. 

Thank you for all the lovely suggestions!

We definitely try to implement what we can and try to improve the mod as we go.

If you'd like to support or donate, come by here; Verlia's Ko-Fi

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.4.3 6556 Sep 9th at 11:21 PM Show Install now
v1.4.2 545 Sep 7th at 7:16 AM Show Install now
v1.4.1 712 Sep 3rd at 2:11 PM Show Install now
v1.4.0 360 Sep 2nd at 7:53 AM Show Install now
v1.3.0 2507 Aug 8th at 1:09 AM Show Install now
v1.2.0 6260 Apr 20th at 6:02 AM Show Install now
v1.1.0 1666 Feb 16th at 12:29 AM Show Install now
v1.0.9 908 Jan 23rd at 9:15 AM Show Install now
v1.0.7 476 Jan 17th at 9:03 AM Show Install now

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💬 SoloBlood, 2 days ago

On my server I see these errors.  No game crashes.
30.11.2023 13:38:05 [Server Notification] A client reconnected, resuming game calendar.
30.11.2023 13:38:05 [Server Warning] Failed resolving a blocks itemdrop or smeltedstack with code wolftaming:dogtoy in mouth inventory accept stacks
30.11.2023 13:38:05 [Server Error] Task with code playfetch for entity feverstonewilds:tame-direwolf-male does not exist. Ignoring.
30.11.2023 13:38:05 [Server Warning] Failed resolving a blocks itemdrop or smeltedstack with code wolftaming:dogtoy in mouth inventory accept stacks
30.11.2023 13:38:05 [Server Error] Task with code playfetch for entity feverstonewilds:tame-direwolf-female does not exist. Ignoring.

💬 Ahrondus, Nov 20th at 6:41 PM

CodeRedAlert The golems used to throw stones in a previous iteration.  When VS updated to .net 7, something in the "throwatentity" ai task code underwent a change and it instead only started throwing a million errors into the server logs, and the actual function stopped working.  We've looked into a fix, because we do want some form of ranged attacks for the golems to help them be more threatening.

@Orcling  image  This is Dick.  He is a chick.

💬 Orcling, Nov 17th at 12:55 AM

Let me domesticate the cockatrice, i want BIG EGG

💬 CodeRedAlert, Nov 10th at 6:49 AM

Great mod, but could I suggest that the golems throw stones for a ranged attack now and then so they aren't easily farmed like they currently can be for ores?

💬 McTaco, Oct 18th at 7:11 PM

works fine for me on current version. Creatures spawn, can talk with faunlings, accept quest. Was able to finish the grass for a backpack quest, but can't finish the veggies for fruits quest.


Love the new creatures, so much fun. It did take about an in game week or two before these creatures spawned around. but that was fine.

💬 Deathscreton, Oct 18th at 5:42 PM

My horse won't eat from a large vanilla trough. I see that some other folks have had similar issues below, has ther3e been any update on this?


💬 Ponchoandlefty, Oct 16th at 5:57 AM

Does this mod still work in version 1.18.15?

💬 Fractomedus, Oct 14th at 5:44 AM

Update please, not working on 1.18.14 adn 1.18.5

💬 Aspendosia, Oct 11th at 9:36 AM

Not sure if it's the latest windows/Nvidia update, but my giraffes are sometimes immaterial, I can shoot arrows through them with the same spot hitting one time and missing the next, walk through them as the legs are insubstantial unless they're attacking me, and this leaves me with no meat feast for my kitties. I've also a bunch of mods running (not many). Any ideas if this is just a poor pack on my part or something else? Cheers.

💬 FennecFyre, Oct 8th at 4:56 AM

Is the vegetables-for-mushrooms quest still bugged for the faunlings? I can't turn in anything.

💬 Daelderia, Oct 7th at 6:07 PM



I have install PetAi, now its work but i just have horse, golem, toad, crab, direwolf, all other monster don't spawn, i use /entity wipeall  for force respawn of monster, but i see always same monster.
can you help me please?

And i have the same error as Ryuu in log server also in last version of mod

💬 Yanazake, Oct 7th at 5:27 PM

I wonder what happened there xD

> 7.10.2023 12:44:52 [Server Debug] Teleporting entity feverstonewilds:faunling-female to x=505499.7, y=59, z=513731.7

💬 VerliaAuthor, Oct 6th at 10:53 PM

S_Astar Heya Astar I use VSMC (Vintage Story Model Creator). Thank you! <3 

💬 S_Astar, Oct 6th at 4:44 PM


Hello, would it be possible to know which software you use for your 3D assets?

And the mod is too good !!!

💬 Ryuu, Oct 2nd at 1:36 AM

Verlia oh just realized you tagged me but it didn't tag me. LOL! No wonder I didn't see a response. I was like "I wonder if they ever responded to me" my bad then for not seeing, but seriously, they should really fix this name tagging system. It's pretty bad.

💬 Ryuu, Oct 2nd at 1:32 AM


in your vanillaEntities.json file you have the following:

"op": "add",
"path": "/server/behaviors/9/aitasks/1/entityCodes/0",
"value": "feverstonewilds:bison-*",
"file": "game:entities/land/bear.json",
"condition": { "when": "FSWBisonEnabled", "isValue": "true" }
"op": "add",
"path": "/server/behaviors/9/aitasks/3/entityCodes/0",
"value": "feverstonewilds:bison-*",
"file": "game:entities/land/bear.json",
"condition": { "when": "FSWBisonEnabled", "isValue": "true" }
"op": "add",
"path": "/server/behaviors/10/aitasks/1/entityCodes/0",
"value": "feverstonewilds:bison-*",
"file": "game:entities/land/bear.json",
"condition": { "when": "FSWBisonEnabled", "isValue": "true" }
"op": "add",
"path": "/server/behaviors/10/aitasks/3/entityCodes/0",
"value": "feverstonewilds:bison-",
"file": "game:entities/land/bear.json",
"condition": { "when": "FSWBisonEnabled", "isValue": "true" }

Error 1:
Patch 1 (target: game:entities/land/bear.json) in feverstonewilds:patches/entities/vanillaEntities.json failed because supplied path /server/behaviors/9/aitasks/3/entityCodes/0 is invalid: The json path /server/behaviors/9/aitasks/3/entityCodes/0 was not found. Could traverse until /server/behaviors/9/aitasks/3, but then 'entityCodes' does not exist.

in the \assets\survival\entities\land\bear.json in vintagestory folder, the "entityCodes" does not exist because it was changed to "entityCodesByType"  for "/server/behaviors/9/aitasks/3/entityCodes/0" and the 0 does not exist because it was changed to the astrisk symbol since it contains the following entities where "seekentity" is being applied:


Error 2:
Patch 2 (target: game:entities/land/bear.json) in feverstonewilds:patches/entities/vanillaEntities.json failed because supplied path /server/behaviors/10/aitasks/1/entityCodes/0 is invalid: The json path /server/behaviors/10/aitasks/1/entityCodes/0 was not found. Could traverse until /server/behaviors/10, but then 'aitasks' does not exist.

Error 3:
Patch 3 (target: game:entities/land/bear.json) in feverstonewilds:patches/entities/vanillaEntities.json failed because supplied path /server/behaviors/10/aitasks/3/entityCodes/0 is invalid: The json path /server/behaviors/10/aitasks/3/entityCodes/0 was not found. Could traverse until /server/behaviors/10, but then 'aitasks' does not exist.

Error 2 and 3 is happening because the /10/ does not exist since it only goes from 0 to 9. Not sure how this is supposed to be added but because of the cause of Error 1, then something similar may also be applying to Error 2 and Error 3 if -- hypothetically -- there was a /10/ container in behaviors.

Please fix because it constantly spams when the server reboots and I feel we are missing some of your content due to it not being added to the bear.json properly from within your vanillaEntities.json patch.

💬 VerliaAuthor, Sep 29th at 5:33 PM

@BillyGalBreath Ooooh thanks for catching that! I'll yell at a certain Oats for such misdeeds! 😄

💬 BillyGalbreath, Sep 29th at 3:49 AM

There's a bug where you can't turn in vegetables for mushrooms in the "fetchquestfaunling8" quest. The gatherObjectives/validCodes value has a typo and is set to "vegtable-*". Changing it to "vegetable-*" fixes the issue and allows the quest to be turned in.

💬 VerliaAuthor, Sep 28th at 3:55 PM

Heya @Daelderia do you have PetAI installed as well?

💬 VerliaAuthor, Sep 28th at 3:55 PM

Hey @Ryuu that's a small error with a patch we have that'll be remedied soon with our next update. When we update, it should be fine. 

💬 Daelderia, Sep 28th at 2:42 PM


First sorry for my english i'm frenchy.

I have install this mod on my server, but I don't see any animal or creature on this mod.

Can you help me please ?

I have the last update of the game and the mod.


Best regard

💬 Ryuu, Sep 23rd at 9:20 AM

Would this be something you would need to take care of or Butchering mod author?:

[Error] Patch 2 (target: game:entities/land/bear.json) in feverstonewilds:patches/entities/vanillaEntities.json failed because supplied path /server/behaviors/10/aitasks/1/entityCodes/0 is invalid: The json path /server/behaviors/10/aitasks/1/entityCodes/0 was not found. Could traverse until /server/behaviors/10, but then 'aitasks' does not exist. Full json at this path: {
"code": "butcherable",
"item": "butchering:deadbear-male-{type}-1-dead"

[Error] Patch 3 (target: game:entities/land/bear.json) in feverstonewilds:patches/entities/vanillaEntities.json failed because supplied path /server/behaviors/10/aitasks/3/entityCodes/0 is invalid: The json path /server/behaviors/10/aitasks/3/entityCodes/0 was not found. Could traverse until /server/behaviors/10, but then 'aitasks' does not exist. Full json at this path: {
"code": "butcherable",
"item": "butchering:deadbear-male-{type}-1-dead"


(I commented to you and them)

Also got this other error that is from your mod:

💬 Yanazake, Sep 19th at 9:31 PM

Heeeey, I see the updates! Here's an update to the pt-br translation

💬 VerliaAuthor, Sep 17th at 5:10 PM

BillyGalbreath Hey Billy, all this is referring to is that the bears won't attack the bison correctly until the bison attack them. Aka, the number typed in was the wrong one. It doesn't effect anything else. It's planned to be fixed in the next update.

💬 BillyGalbreath, Sep 15th at 7:57 PM

I just updated to v1.4.3, and it's got a massive error about json patches

Downgrading back to 1.4.2 doesn't have the errors. I'll stick with the older build for now since we interact with bears and stuff a lot more than orcas.

💬 PlaguedMongoose, Sep 10th at 5:59 AM

The dire wolves are spawning (mainly females and their pups) left and right in my hometown base. How do I correctly lower their spawn rate or even drop it down to practically zero? It's making them kind of boring when I wanted them to be exciting. I looked at the code but really didn't want to mess it up since I love the mod. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I use bisect hosting if that is relevant!

💬 Ahrondus, Sep 9th at 11:18 PM

TaffyStars We have looked into adding faunlings as a playable race, but it is not currently at the front of the development queue.

💬 TaffyStars, Sep 9th at 5:45 PM

is there a way to make it so you can play as the faunlings?

💬 Ahrondus, Sep 8th at 11:40 PM

Current issue with 1.4.2, had to do a little rollback on data because of a corruption and the orcas are throwing the AiWander error again.  Will push a hotfix for it shortly.  Apologies for the issue.

💬 Razorray, Sep 8th at 11:47 AM

Is there anyway to preserve the existing animals when updating the mod? I lost all my tamed horses after updating. 


Edit: Updated PetAI and they came back. 

💬 Zinloz, Sep 5th at 6:12 AM

Thanks for fixing the orcas - no issues now.

Do ostrich eggs hatch currently? I've been trying to get mine to hatch for a couple months now. Always full feeders but the nest never gets more than 5 eggs (I see it can fit 6, and I've had eggs on the ground). And I never see the female roosting.

💬 Ahrondus, Sep 3rd at 9:49 AM

Zinloz  We have identified the issue and will be releasing a hotfix soon.  Thank you for this report.

💬 Zinloz, Sep 2nd at 3:58 PM

Orcas cause NRE spam. If enough of them spawn this will crash the game. Typically causes extreme lag regardless when this happens - I will shoot an arrow and it will "hang" in the air for like a minute before eventually landing/hitting something (or even flying back to me...), can't loot items for a minute, etc.

This was happening in VS 1.18.8 with Feverstone WIlds 1.3.0 and Pet AI 1.7.10/1.8.0, and it's still happening in Feverstone 1.4 in VS 1.18.10 with Pet AI 1.8.0.

If I go to an area with orcas spawned or nearby I will see the exceptions in the screenshot (sorry, no text log). If I close the game/server while near the orcas and then disable them in Feverstone WIlds config, then the exceptions go away once reloading the game and the orcas are removed (the exceptions also stop if I kill the orcas and loot them).

Edit: Probably easiest to reproduce with 4+ orcas loaded.

💬 Ahrondus, Sep 1st at 8:43 PM

Tobymaxgames  Fix for this is coming out with the .NET 7 update.

WolfieAK  Looking into this today, will test for issues and push any related fixes with the .NET 7 update.


Thank you all for your comments and love! We're looking to release our .NET 7 update soon which should fix many an issue. They'll be notated in the change-log to the best of our ability!

💬 Tobymaxgames, Sep 1st at 12:28 AM

For some reason i can only feed horses dry grass in this version of the mod, but the horses in the standalone mod can eat grain & fruit.

💬 WolfieAK, Aug 29th at 1:05 AM

Is anyone else having issues with Donkies not giving birth? I've had one go from pregnant to not pregnant twice with no baby donky being born. This is in a fenced in, outdoor area with plenty of filled large troughs and horses that are giving birth with no issues.

💬 Jobnor, Aug 27th at 3:54 AM

I'm here to express my love of the cockatrices, too! I wish I could domesticate them.

💬 codyo, Aug 21st at 2:08 PM

Would be an interesting mod if there was not an extreme amount of faunlings wandering around making up for a third or more of the population of animals in the wilderness. Feels weird having goat girls everywhere like I am playing with a hentai mod active.

💬 DUCATISLO, Aug 21st at 10:23 AM


💬 IKira, Aug 20th at 8:32 PM

well still dont remove the fact the spawn rates/conditions are kinda massive, like some areas with over 10 golems on the world, or 20 orcas on the sea at same spot

💬 VerliaAuthor, Aug 20th at 8:13 PM

wXDogeKingXw It's used on multiple servers, including on my own, if you need help removing particular entities, ask here or on Discord. Replies are sometimes faster on the VS FSWilds thread discord. 

If you don't know what you're doing, I wouldn't recommend messing around with stuff that'd cause errors out the whazoo. 

💬 IKira, Aug 20th at 5:53 AM

This mod has incredible potential, but its currently kinda broken, some mobs don't work properly or are poorly made, like the golems, spawn conditions, and spawn rates are completely messed up, and if you edit the mod or remove certain entities, it will cause a dead end to PetIA  IA  causing mass errors on the console, basically not compatible with player customized version, yes I removed some entities and messed a lot on this mod trying to fix stuff, but at the current state is not ready to be used on servers

💬 GhiestWulf, Aug 16th at 2:42 AM

Hi really love having this mod installed, i know your busy working on it, but wanted to ask or suggest a intreaction between your mod and the Fantasy creatures mod by Kiptrix and that is too see if your sharks & croc's can be made to Attack his orks and goblins whenever they enter the water, cheers for the great works and i hope you like this idea.

💬 dotyerts, Aug 15th at 1:39 PM

15.8.2023 13:30:08 [Server Fatal] System.Exception: No such projectile exists - feverstonewilds:thrownstone-granite
at Vintagestory.GameContent.AiTaskThrowAtEntity.ContinueExecute(Single dt) in C:\Users\Tyron\Documents\vintagestory\game\VSSurvivalMod\Entity\AITask\AiTaskThrowAtEntity.cs:line 110
at Vintagestory.GameContent.AiTaskManager.OnGameTick(Single dt) in C:\Users\Tyron\Documents\vintagestory\game\VSEssentials\Entity\AI\Task\AiTaskManager.cs:line 174
at Vintagestory.GameContent.EntityBehaviorTaskAI.OnGameTick(Single deltaTime) in C:\Users\Tyron\Documents\vintagestory\game\VSEssentials\Entity\AI\Task\BehaviorTaskAI.cs:line 116
at Vintagestory.API.Common.Entities.Entity.OnGameTick(Single dt) in C:\Users\Tyron\Documents\vintagestory\game\VintagestoryApi\Common\Entity\Entity.cs:line 852
at Vintagestory.API.Common.EntityAgent.OnGameTick(Single dt) in C:\Users\Tyron\Documents\vintagestory\game\VintagestoryApi\Common\Entity\EntityAgent.cs:line 528
at Vintagestory.Server.ServerSystemEntitySimulation.TickEntities(Single dt) in C:\Users\Tyron\Documents\vintagestory\game\VintagestoryLib\Server\Systems\World\EntitySimulation.cs:line 326
at Vintagestory.Server.ServerSystemEntitySimulation.OnServerTick(Single dt) in C:\Users\Tyron\Documents\vintagestory\game\VintagestoryLib\Server\Systems\World\EntitySimulation.cs:line 165
at Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.Process() in C:\Users\Tyron\Documents\vintagestory\game\VintagestoryLib\Server\ServerMain.cs:line 849



1.18.8 - 1.3.0



Getting this error every bit and then

💬 BoogieBrando, Aug 15th at 10:33 AM

Agreed with OutcastZeroOne, this is a great mod but sometimes too much of something is a bad thing and a lot of these should be a much rarer find. I might follow and pass on this until there's an option to reduce spawnrates like maybe a few options for creature specific ones in the world generation menu or commands with the freedom to choose what spawns and what doesn't spawn (if someone, for example, didn't want too many fantasy creatures spawning). Otherwise this looks really promising

💬 Kara, Aug 15th at 4:18 AM

Fun fact, adding 

  "deathmsg-cockatrice-1": "Player {0} Played with the Wrong Cockatrice.",

to your en.json file under assets > game > lang 
add's a death message, for the creature. this should be able to be done with every unique creature. i might look into doing this for everyone, seeing as i need to do it for my server anyways so people arnt confused about What killed them LOL
💬 Velli, Aug 13th at 2:14 PM

I see that @hivehum also suggested it, but I would also love tameable cockatrices! Perhaps they could be a source of harvestable feathers, small pack animals, or guard crops from pests?

💬 Diodoron, Aug 13th at 6:48 AM

Thank you for this beautiful mod. The world seems so much more alive now.
I hope we will see a lot more interactions with the faunlings in the future. I want them as companions, trade with them, build them a village and maybe even see faunling babies.
And where can I find dire wolves? Any specific biomes?

💬 Accensus, Aug 12th at 3:52 PM

Something weird is going on and I can't tell if this is a PetAI issue or a Feverstone Wilds issue. What happens is that sometimes when I dismount my horse (fully tamed, 100% obedience), it just... leaves. It does a straight line towards the last location it was given the stay command. Giving it the Heel command followed by Stay makes the animal behave as desired. But sometimes this behaviour gets reset for whatever reason. I have no clue. Will edit if I find anything.

Finding 1: this is only a problem if the last mode the animal was left in was Stay. Using Heel all the time has no problems.

Unrelated, in case this is done on Feverstone Wilds' side, it'd be neat if the animal's speed is defined by creature weight, with well-fed animals being faster.

💬 OutcastZeroOne, Aug 11th at 4:09 PM

would it be posssible to add in an editable spawn rate setting in the config? I feel like some of these thing spawn way too often and feel kinda cheaty.

💬 IKira, Aug 11th at 12:57 AM

For some reason, horses are deleted. all tamed horses disappeared on the new update, and seem to not be spawning anymore :c

💬 IKira, Aug 11th at 12:51 AM

For some reason, all horses disappeared since new update, even tamed ones

💬 hivehum, Aug 11th at 12:18 AM

@Verlia i dream of a world where i can keep cockatrices as livestock instead of chickens. and their eggs would always come out rotten but it would be fine. because i love them. and they could pull carts too probably. i think they're too small to ride

💬 VerliaAuthor, Aug 10th at 7:02 PM

@Diodoron you'll see them in new and old chunks, it'll just take a bit for them to spawn in old chunks. It's safe to remove. 

💬 Diodoron, Aug 10th at 3:20 PM

I installed the mod to an existing save. Will I see the animals and if so only in new chunks? And is it save to remove the mod? (Made a backup in any case...)


💬 VerliaAuthor, Aug 10th at 7:45 AM

IndustryStandard Flew around for a few minutes and found some in SP. Some shark variants had spawn rates reduced but they're still there.

💬 IndustryStandard, Aug 10th at 5:51 AM

I haven't seen any of the sharks spawn yet on my server and I'm looking in some pretty massive bodies of water

💬 VerliaAuthor, Aug 9th at 8:06 PM

@hivehum What you tryin' to do with those cockatrices?? :O

💬 Fefa, Aug 9th at 11:17 AM

@Verlia Good to know it is working as intended, i was worried it would be a bug. I really love this mod and i want to see its future development. Keep up the good work!!

💬 hivehum, Aug 9th at 4:42 AM

please let us tame the cockatrices. please . please please please please please please

💬 dotyerts, Aug 9th at 2:20 AM

Is there any way to patch it so that we can load this on 1.18.8-rc1? It doesn't show up in the mod list at all

💬 VerliaAuthor, Aug 8th at 9:32 PM

@scarlette Hey there! You can find them in hot climates > savannah/desert plains. Happy to help.

💬 Calisto, Aug 8th at 5:27 PM

Hi, I have a question. Where do the bison spawn? I've been looking through temperate fields but haven't found any. Are they in warmer zones? They look so cool and I really want to tame one. Thanks for your help. 

💬 VerliaAuthor, Aug 8th at 4:54 PM

Hey all, for those curious about the Faunlings, they currently don't eat anything nor starve. If you happen to "obtain" one into your homestead and it dies, it's most likely due to fighting drifters as they will attack them if a drifter is close enough.

Information regarding them is up on the roadmap and some additional information is private as we don't want to spoil everything we have planned.

There is going to be additional NPC's, one is already spoiled on the roadmap above. We may implement something for the Faunlings as a placeholder for them to go ahead and be a companion, but it won't be like the taming methods like the mounts. 

@Accensus PetAi doesn't work on Faunlings as they aren't regarded as pets. Glad to know you, like many of us have much love for them :D. Currently, however they can only barter if you have VS quest installed and wander/fight drifters nearby. They don't eat nor starve (atm).

@kiptrix We actually plan on making the ostrich ridable, but it hasn't made it's way in yet. Many of us would love a big bird to ride :D. For the golems it'd be funny to see them climb but there's some other things planned for them to make them more challenging. 

@Fefa In the next update or hot fix, their disobedience will be lowered by half so hopefully that'll help. R+clicking on an animal increasing it's obedience isn't a bug as you're actually petting it (You can see it in F5/third person view). So that's working as intended.

💬 Accensus, Aug 8th at 2:56 PM

The mod has my curiosity, but the faunlings have my fullest attention. Therefore, I have a couple of questions regarding those. First of all, does the PetAI integration even work with them? I'm asking for the usual reasons, yes. I'd like to adopt one. Or five. Second, is it at all possible to somehow relocate one from their spawn location? If yes, how? And last question: do they even eat anything? I wouldn't like any of them starving to death...

💬 Kiptrix, Aug 8th at 11:54 AM

Love the update :D If possible, an ostrich relative (mythical species) that can be ridable would be so cool. I know its bad to ride ostriches IRL but a fictional ostrich mount that is ridable would be so cool. Also, to make golems more challenging, make them climb. That would surprise a lot of people thinking a hole will stop them.

💬 Fefa, Aug 8th at 8:56 AM

Thanks a lot for the update. I was wondering, about the horses "Feverstone Horses" I had it installed, but uninstalled it since th is one adds the horses as well. But i noticed that their obedience goes down too fast, even faster than you can feed em. Is there a way or command to disable the obedience feature? or make it always 100% or make it go down lot slower? For cats, dogs, wolves and direwolves there no problems at all, but horses, is almost imposible to keep obedience up.

Also noticed another bug, if you keel the rightclick pressed while looking at the creature you can increases its obedience even if you dont feed em. It increases really slow each second, maybe by petting the creature? hehehe. Not sure if its intended or not, but even that is not enough to keep horses obedient. Havent tried other mounts, so no idea if the same is true for the other big mounts.

💬 VerliaAuthor, Aug 8th at 1:47 AM

@Voidwalker Hey Void, it's definitely been talked about! I've updated the roadmap a bit so others can see more into what's planned, including for the Faunlings which do include having them tethered to their home blocks. 

Handbook has been updated for the missing information on taming those extra other mount companions as well as the mod in itself!

Please let me know if there's any issues! Here or Discord thread.

💬 VerliaAuthor, Aug 8th at 1:42 AM

Thank you guys so much for the suggestions, we definitely want to improve the golems more but haven't quite reached there yet. There's a lot of limitations unfortunately but we're still trying to figure them out. 

💬 Fefa, Aug 7th at 6:17 PM

Any large creature on vintage story is easy to kill if you just dig a hole 3 deep, even bears. I think add a range attack to golems, like boulders or  so, make only melee or metal weapons damage em and make em more intelligent. Most of times you hit em 3 or 4 times and they just stand there and hardly attack you. If you can make em dont stop when attacked, they can be deadly. But not sure if thats a game problem itself since drifters, wolves and other creatures do the same standing thing.

💬 PeterSanderson, Aug 7th at 4:34 PM

Suggestion: Beef up the golems. Right now they are pretty much pinatas for progression breaking. Get to a safe distance, flint javelin or spear, rinse and repeat. Non metal weapons shouldn't touch them, or they should heal fast enough to make them irrelevant (IMO), with metal weapons below iron requiring many, many hits. They are only dangerous if you go toe to toe with them.

💬 Aljistar, Jul 29th at 3:06 AM

Nikkolai I did. they were murdered in my castle. so i made a camp for them outside a chunk away so they werent in my active one while drifters spawned.

💬 Lionheart_, Jul 27th at 11:15 PM

Really cool mod can't wait for the next update :D

💬 Aris_Kuroi, Jul 27th at 6:36 PM

Please tell me, is it possible to somehow catch geode crab? It would be cool to be able to bring him home as a pet)

💬 Nikkolai, Jul 21st at 3:09 PM

Aljistar You brought it into your house didn't you, zesty?

💬 Aljistar, Jul 12th at 9:14 PM

 how do Faunlings eat? do they passivly gain weight while in grass rich soil/dirt?  im having issue with them dying of starvation i beleive.

💬 FlamingRose279, Jul 1st at 7:26 AM

Yes it does work on 1.18.5, from my playing with it the faunlings arent bartering anything in that version for some reason. :/

💬 DragonRelic, Jun 27th at 3:17 PM

Does this work with 1.18.5?

💬 Voidwalker, Jun 27th at 5:15 AM

Tehgarin Hexaclover 

So Taming Direwolves actually acts the same as Taming wolves, where you need to find/chase a Wolf cub and feed it raw animal meat. It helps to chase and fence in the animal to keep it in one area so you can tame it easier. Once you feed it enough it will become a pet. Once grown you can command it like any other tamed animal and even Ride it which is cool AF.


Also Verlia 
Have you thought about making a Base/Block that the Fuans would gather around or stay near? Like the Job Station System from the VSvillage mod? I love the Faunlings and often do jobs for them but its sometimes hard to find them when I have what they want and often times they have wandered out into the sea or into deep caves. It could be Thematic and be a Carved/Decorated Tree/stump or a Shrine to nature? You could maybe use some of the Systems VSVillage does to have the Fuanlings do more like FIghting or Minding a field. You could make it a reward so you'd have to do a certain quest and they'd give you a special block that would draw them near it or summon one?

💬 Tehgarin, Jun 19th at 6:13 PM

Yes hard to figure out how to tame. nothing in book in game. ALso how to catch DO we need Cages mod for this.? It says oinly PetAI. I assume cages but dont want to add if not needed..? Help.

💬 Hexaclover, May 13th at 12:52 AM

Could i catch toads somehow? Would be cool! and how do i tame direwolvses? no info on that....

💬 VerliaAuthor, May 3rd at 11:42 AM

@Jenpai Hi Jenpai! If you have VSquest mod installed, this mod recognizes it and allows you to barter with the Faunlings! I'll add this info to here later for others to see as well.

💬 Jenpai, May 1st at 4:08 AM

I saw a sever that had fawns giving out quests, does anyone know what mod that is? cus it doesn't seem to be giving out quests with this mod alone

💬 Ahrondus, Apr 29th at 7:54 PM

Stejer  1) No the Arabian and Draft horses cannot breed between each other.  That's not currently planned.
2)  There is a modconfig, you can disable the fantasy creatures if you'd like.

We're working on saltwater/freshwater spawns and some other things. Be on the lookout for an update!

💬 Stejer, Apr 22nd at 10:04 PM

Hey, hi there, hello, so i happen to have two questions 1- can the arabian and normal horses breed between each other? and if they can what are the differences between the child and the parents 2 -  would it be possible to make a version without the fantasy creatures? I know that there is a standalone version for the horses but Id like to also have the sharks, frogs, rays etc anyway thank you

💬 VerliaAuthor, Apr 22nd at 6:38 PM

Yep yep! We're testing with that now and adding it to the critters. Thanks for all the feedback peeps! Helps a lot! Next update is already showing them spawning nicely in the new waters. 

💬 Yanazake, Apr 22nd at 11:43 AM

Oh, there's ACTUAL saltwater mixed in the game now. I had no idea. Good thing people are testing - it's probably because it's literally a new liquid block, so the mod isn't accounting it.

💬 andresgr12, Apr 22nd at 2:15 AM

hi since the 1.18 the mod they dont drop bone just the esqueleton but one dire wolfves still drops bones on the lasted version on the mod


💬 Undea, Apr 20th at 3:06 PM

ok i did some testing, with only your mod on.

Freshwater spawning is fine, but in saltwater nothing is spwaning.

💬 Undea, Apr 20th at 2:44 PM

@Yanazake was this saltwater?

you have sometimes 2 type of water in the ocean. oceanwater is darker than normal water.

you can test it too with a bucket and look at the text. ^^

💬 Yanazake, Apr 20th at 2:04 PM

I didn't see any golem or faunling yet, but I'm still testing adding mods, so I probably was just unlucky. I'm  planning on adding the outlaw mod, and wonder if the fauns might be aggressive to outlaws if they get harmed.

💬 VerliaAuthor, Apr 20th at 2:00 PM

Lol, yeah the Buromenfish are a random loot drop, sometimes you may get a fat one and sometimes you may get a scrawny one. The majority of creatures are set to spawn away from players so it indeed also may take some time for them to appear as well. 

💬 Yanazake, Apr 20th at 1:49 PM

Tasty fantasy fish, drops a lot of meat 👀 
I made a new world with random weather locations to test things and it SEEMS they spawn correctly in oceans at default map height. They did take a  while to spawn, but at least I saw the fish (and other creatures from other mods, they all actually spawned randomly while I was above an area with water, so maybe it takes some time.)

💬 VerliaAuthor, Apr 20th at 1:04 PM

@yanazake A Buromenfish is a fantasy fish, not real ^_^" Thank you for the file!

@Undea Thank you for the feedback, we're not quite done putting out an update for 1.18 as we have some new things we'd like for this mod. We'll be taking a look at the spawn rates for the creatures as well, we think the new world gen makes the sea critters more rare to spawn. We'll be fiddling with their rates as we update in hopes that they'll be properly found/seen better.

💬 Yanazake, Apr 20th at 11:26 AM

Question, what is a Buromenfish? I'm trying to translate the mod to brazilian portuguese, but I can barely find anything on that fish. 

Anyway, aside from the name of that one fish, here's the translation file!

💬 Undea, Apr 20th at 10:43 AM


seacreature dont spawn in oceans.

It looks like they dont spawn in saltwater.

another thing what maybe make problems i have my world at 320 blocks.

💬 Yanazake, Apr 20th at 10:38 AM


💬 VerliaAuthor, Apr 19th at 2:54 AM

Sorry for the delay peeps! It's been some hefty work figuring some blockades for the upcoming stuff the mod's getting, but it's definitely getting there. 

LadyBlakeHammer Hey Lady! Sorry for the late reply, we do plan on having our own custom bandit types (the Faunlings were kind of a baseline to that, but not in a menacing way whereas there was going to be another npc type that is). I'm glad to hear you love the mod, we're certainly pouring our love into it, too! 

LeonaLens I'll try to gather up some guides for the creatures so to help! Thank you for the input.

💬 Ahrondus, Apr 18th at 4:51 PM

Update for 1.18.0-r.c.-X is underway! Be on the lookout in the coming days.

💬 Yanazake, Apr 17th at 1:45 PM

Hoping for an update!

💬 bluelightning32, Apr 14th at 6:00 AM

v1.1.0 is not compatible with 1.18.0-rc.6. The server log is spammed with NullReferenceException messages.

💬 Stejer, Apr 10th at 9:20 PM

hello! Would it be possible to have a version with only the real creatures (toads, sharks, rays etc)? I know there is already a mod just for the horses but if you could make one just for those who want a less fantasy-like game I would appreaciate.

💬 LadyBlakeHammer, Mar 6th at 9:15 AM

LeonaLens I'd wager find a pup, in the same fashion of Wolf Taming, capture it if you have Animal Cages and tame it in that manner.


Hi Verlia I love difficulty in my games, and I wanted to know if your own custom Bandits, or common enemy were in the works that might make the game difficult? I tried this mod with the Outlaws Redux mod, and it appears the AI conflict, as the Bandits in that mod act in similar fashion to Golems, throwing rocks, walking around menacingly, or ignoring players as if the players do not exist. So, I hope you come to make something amazing, cus I love this mod <3

💬 LeonaLens, Mar 4th at 5:43 PM

true. Need to have ability to nerf horse spawn rates and mb golems.

BTW can't find any info about direwolf taming. Guide is very needed, but what can I do for taming now? I want a direwolf right now!!! 😅 

💬 Credinus, Feb 28th at 6:21 PM

The creatures are fantastic, overall a great mod. However, would it be possible to create a config file to control spawn rates of individual creatures? I've found that spawn rate of some of the creatures is causing an unintentionally high abundance of various resources, such as hide and ore. Being able to fine tune the rates of things would be great, especially for server administration.

💬 Ahrondus, Feb 17th at 10:52 PM

Winterdragon  Surely, we can write up a guide on direwolf taming!  Further interaction with the faunlings is planned. Currently, if you have the mod VSQuest by G3rste, faunlings can also be questgivers and will offer you barter trades (goods for goods, no currency trade).  The idea behind the horse taming is that you must feed them enough to gain friendship with them (domestication), and then care for them and earn their trust (obedience) before they will follow commands. This is a feature that isn't subject to change any time soon.  You can make the process easier by giving them higher quality foods, which will in turn make their taming and obedience rates go up much faster!

💬 Winterdragon, Feb 17th at 7:34 PM

I dunno if its in yet, but a guide on how to tame the dire wolves would be something id love to see. Also would love more inhteraction with the faunlings. And the horses feel they need some work too, the way to tame them is ok, but to have to constantly feed them just to have them follow you around feels tedius. 

💬 Ahrondus, Feb 16th at 7:19 AM

September You've stumbled upon one of our working themes for Faunlings, as a matter of fact! They did indeed die to drifters, it sounds like. Faunlings will defensively attack drifters that get too close! A bit of a "nature versus corruption" theme there. They stand a fair chance in a fight against surface and deep drifters, but alas get overwhelmed by anything more powerful.. For now..

💬 September, Feb 12th at 2:48 AM
💬 September, Feb 11th at 5:11 PM

This is a great mod and I love the mobs! The Faunlings especially creep me out (in a good way)! All in all, the current roadmap is good, and the creatures look very cool. I love this mod and can't wait for more depth added to the mobs.

I got some suggestions, though. Faunlings and Golems are entirely passive. Nothing attacks them, and they attack no mobs either. Wolves and Drifters ignore Faunlings and Golems.

  1. Male Faunlings should be hostile towards Drifters and Wolves if they come too close, while female Faunlings should fear Drifters and Wolves and/or only fight back if there are no males around to protect them. Some subtle behaviour like curiously approaching the player on rare occasions could also be added for flavour.
  2. Golems should be extremely hostile towards Drifters and should actively seek them out to kill them. This way, they become more than just another piece of "mobile scenery" and can be useful to keep around (during storms or otherwise). They could also follow the player randomly once in a while (when near them), as if they are guarding them. They should ignore wolves unless they attack a Faunling or the player.
  3. Some tools should deal significantly more damage to Golems (Pickaxes and Hammers). Possibly up to 3 or 4 times (maybe even more). In exchange, they should take very little damage from arrows and bladed weapons.

Edit: Shortly after I typed this out, I found the mangled bodies of 2 Faunlings. I don't even know what killed them, considering there aren't any hostile mobs nearby. Creepy.

The message says "A mangled body, must've been killed by a vile creature.". Perhaps killed by a Drifter? Confirmed it later on. They run away from drifters, so it's a bit of a suprise.

💬 The_Unknown, Feb 3rd at 4:55 PM

downlaoded petai... still does not give any of your creatures, even though it has the needed PetAi mod and does not see any issues:

Other mods installed are as follows:

Deposit Stretcher - Quaan

Pet Ai - G3rste

Primitive Survival - SpearAndFang

VS Quest - G3rste & Zwetsche

VS Village - G3rste

Going to start a new world (i loaded an already created world once i installed the mod) - if it works this time i will report back as an edit... if this is not edited within the next 24 hours then consider that it does not work for me

EDIT: decided i WOULD explain regardless... new save still does not let your mod work... i will try disabling a few mods  to see if it makes it work (first world was exploration custom - settings were enimes on 10 days)... new world is standard (no world settings changed)

UPDATE: New world loaded as Vanila (only mods are yours and PetAI...) WOrld is Standard... (no harks/stingrays/forest creatures/horses... nothing)

FINAL UPDATE: Tried Wilderness Survival world as vanila - only Yours and PetAi... works as intended...

so... lets assume this mod does not work on standard world or exploration world for some reason... (i am discounting monster spawn time even though only wilderness is set to instant spawns... simply because horses are NOT monsters... or did you tage them as monsters? - all previous forms of game play the mod does not work and ONLY works on Wilderness Survial (unles it IS due to the spawn timers????)

💬 The_Unknown, Feb 3rd at 4:08 PM

*Unable to resolve some mod dependancies. Check Log Files*

I ahve disabled all other mods apart from core (Tyron) mods and refreshed the mod list and it still says the same thing (1.17.10)

Ohhh... needs petai lol

💬 VerliaAuthor, Jan 23rd at 2:23 AM

BeetleSong Thank you for reporting this, I'll be putting out an update shortly to remedy this.

Lumber I'll see if I can do this in the upcoming update so they're less likely to spawn in small pools.

liefy Their spawn rate should be much less now, any sharks there will probably remain till killed but won't spawn anymore like it was previously. In the next update they should spawn deeper as well.

💬 BeetleSong, Jan 21st at 6:43 AM

I'm having strange behavior with Direwolves, namely adult Direwolves. Killing them causes them to instantly disappear. Looking into creative I cannot easily find them unless I search in which case they appear textureless. Placing them down its a Direwolf. Nothing unusual but again killing them causes them to instantly disappear as if they don't have a dead state?

I'm not well versed in modding so I can't easily read the json file to know if there is something missing however

💬 Liefy, Jan 20th at 5:25 PM

@Verlia Ah, I see. Okay. Waiting on that for various reasons including the bull shark infestion issues >_>'


Also, any possibility of the direwolves getting compatible dog accessories? (Collars, scarves, armor, etc)

💬 Lumber, Jan 20th at 2:55 PM

Just saw the comment from Stejer, and I've noticed the same issue. A few small ponds around my base full of sharks. I've even found them spawning in waterfalls and dying at the bottom of them. I think an easier way to prevent large fish from spawning in small ponds would probably be to set the spawn height lower. The surface of water is typically at the same height across the world with a few exceptions. So, if you set the max spawn height to something like Y=110 or Y=105 they could only spawn in deeper water bodies.

💬 VerliaAuthor, Jan 20th at 3:35 AM

@Liefy no, not yet. Our focus is primarily on other things. Configs take a lot of work that'll be worked on when we can. 

💬 Liefy, Jan 19th at 6:58 AM

No configs yet? :(

💬 Stejer, Jan 17th at 1:59 PM

hey, just something that i had since the first one that wasnt patched so it might not be a bug, but sometimes sharks spawn in very small pools of water, hardly three blocks deep. my idea would be to make so sharks need x amount of space around them to spawn, like 3 blocks deep with 4 blocks around of water. no idea how easy it would be to implement but it just feels weird seeing sharks spawn in a very small pool.

💬 VerliaAuthor, Jan 16th at 10:37 PM

For those that have golems crowding their area, please try to clear them out as an update is inc soon. This update will pertain in updating the golems closer to what they're supposed to be like.

💬 macoto_hino, Jan 16th at 8:29 AM


Buromenfish is still not real, is it? I searched for it and only found this site.

I didn't realize that "Rrrriibbbittt" was a frog's croak!
This is the difference between English and Japanese expressions. I learned other animals in junior high school.

I am glad that automatic feeding from troughs will be implemented to feed direwolves.
If it is implemented, I hope it will be compatible with Vanilla Variants as well as horses.

💬 Pawsitively, Jan 16th at 4:32 AM

Love the mod, spawns are a little much to the point of hurting my fps. Would be super happy to see the direwolves improved to be on the level of horses, their turning is a lil bit too slugish for me and the lack of auto moving over 1 block changes in height makes them super hard to ride.

💬 Ahrondus, Jan 15th at 11:40 PM

macoto_hino  Buromenfish does not have a translation as it is not a real fish name. The toad description "Rrrriibbbittt" is just supposed to be a spelling of the audible croaking sounds that toads and frogs make, with a little exaggeration for humor.  Currently, the tamed direwolves can only be hand-fed. But that is a great idea for them, and we have discussed and will implement a trough feeding behavior for them in an upcoming release!

💬 macoto_hino, Jan 15th at 9:30 PM


I am trying to translate, but I don't know what "Buromenfish" and "Rrrriibbbbittt" mean.
Is it only by hand feeding a tamed direwolf? Or does it also eat from the troughs?

💬 Voidwalker, Jan 13th at 11:05 PM

I love this mod even with Higher Spawn Rates its still a much needed mystical breath of fresh air to help the world feel lived in, Though The spawns can get out of hand. Theres a Small pon near my current Base and its just filled with Bull sharks and ONLY Bullsharks. there are like 20+ just hanging out. Intsead of getting made I made it a feature and named it Shark Lagoon. Looking forward to the updates~

💬 Voidwalker, Jan 13th at 11:02 PM
💬 Ahrondus, Jan 12th at 1:41 AM

Lumber -- This is fixed in an upcoming release. Code/animation cleanup is in the works.

💬 Lumber, Jan 9th at 2:14 AM

Death animation on the golems is borked for me. They fall to their knees, the head and arms fall off, then he stands back up and reassembles and starts the animation over.

💬 VerliaAuthor, Jan 8th at 8:31 PM

A github and config is in the works. 

An update for spawn rates and some updates to creatures is incoming.

Thank you for your patience <3

💬 StewBag, Jan 8th at 3:00 PM

Loving the extra creatures but i would really like to be able to tune the spawn rates. Is a config file in the works?

💬 Orangutanion, Jan 7th at 10:17 PM

+1 for the github repository. Many of us want the mods we use to be open source, and it's a reliable way to track bugs.

💬 Maxwell, Jan 7th at 6:17 PM

Is there a github repository?

💬 Yanazake, Jan 7th at 9:16 AM

I kinda want to see how the shark looks. Might trade dangerous waters for this after all, since it adds still more variety, and I'm tired of piranas.

💬 Mendall, Jan 7th at 5:37 AM

Is there any way to tone down spawn rates a bit. my home is surrounded with cute little horned girls.
which you would think is a good thing... but there are just to many of them, I’m wore out.
Also I have a drifter trap that stays full of little crabs that drop copper.
But worst of all I get a new batch of dire wolves in my front yard every single day, I spend half of every day killing off dire wolves.
I haven't seen a golem yet though.

💬 VerliaAuthor, Jan 6th at 11:38 PM

@lumber There's texture on all of them, some are contrasted more than others so it may appear more vibrant.

💬 VerliaAuthor, Jan 6th at 11:37 PM

@Belarrius That may be something you have to contact on their side rather than mine. I couldn't tell you why as this mod only does creatures and items atm.

💬 Belarrius, Jan 6th at 10:02 PM

@verlia but look at this


If it's not because of Wildcraft trees, how to fix the problem? It's about "douglas wood" and same for wooden chest, I don't understand why

💬 NiclAss, Jan 6th at 9:44 PM


I have tested this mod with BetterRuins and both seem to work fine.

💬 Lumber, Jan 6th at 9:03 PM

Is the hair on the faunlings supposed to be stark white? It's almost like there's no texture for them.

💬 VerliaAuthor, Jan 6th at 7:43 PM

Belarrius This mod doesn't effect any compatiablity or textures with Wildcraft trees. 

znatik We play with Better Ruins mod, I'm not sure why there would be issues there. This mod only introduces creatures/items. Nothing that affects textures nor environment such as trees, ceramics, etc. 

💬 Belarrius, Jan 6th at 2:26 PM

and some textures like wooden chest and textures of Wildcraft Trees v1.1.4 mod are also suffer

💬 znatik, Jan 6th at 1:30 PM

Fish in fashion are beautiful. Everything is very great. But the mod is not friendly with the ceramics mod. Textures suffer. The Beter Ruins mod has stopped working. Fruit trees texture is not correct 



💬 macoto_hino, Jan 6th at 8:20 AM


There was an update from FS Horses that they have made it compatible with Vanilla Variant troughs, but it didn't work in my environment, so I'm hoping for FS Wilds troughs.

💬 VerliaAuthor, Jan 6th at 8:14 AM

PeterSanderson Setting up the config file in the mod isn't in atm; but it is one of the things planned.

Macoto_hino So the horses didn't seem compatiable with Vanilla Variant troughs? 

💬 Lexingtondavid, Jan 6th at 4:32 AM

I adore the concept of building a village of faunlings, I can't wait~ 

💬 Wandour, Jan 6th at 2:13 AM

holycrap yes I cant wait for more <3

💬 PeterSanderson, Jan 5th at 9:11 PM

Are the spawning rates changeable via the config file? One of the issues I have with Feverstone Horses is that far too many horses seem to spawn at the moment for my liking. Thanks again for your work on this mod, I am looking forward to trying it

💬 macoto_hino, Jan 5th at 8:13 PM


FS Horses. I have not tried FS Wilds yet.

💬 VerliaAuthor, Jan 5th at 7:57 PM

@macoto_hino Yes and yes. Which Feverstone's Horses are you talking about? The one from FS Wilds or just FS Horses? We're still trying to figure a way for the cart but it's definitely something we want to do.

@Maxwell Unfortunately, you'll lose any existing horses as they get replaced with Feverstone Wilds. 

💬 Maxwell, Jan 5th at 3:53 PM

How would an existing server go about moving from Feverstone's Horses to this mod? Can we add this, and then remove Feverstone's Horses? We'd like to keep our existing horses.

💬 macoto_hino, Jan 5th at 1:46 PM


So this mod will be updated separately from Feverstone's Horses.
Will compatibility be implemented separately as well?
Feverstone's Horses seems to be compatible with Vanilla Variant troughs, but they did not eat from the troughs in my environment.

I am really hoping for a cart for horses on the roadmap.
It would be nice to be able to rope the horses somewhere like in Minecraft.

💬 Belarrius, Jan 5th at 1:20 PM

The bug is with "Wildcraft Trees v1.1.4" about douglas tree and wood, and all "Wooden Trunk"

💬 PiddlyWink, Jan 5th at 11:23 AM

Just loaded this up and looks great so far!

💬 VerliaAuthor, Jan 5th at 10:34 AM

macoto_hino Yes it'll be updated independently. As horses are split off from this mod originally in case people didn't want other fantasy origins in their game.

There'll also be configurations later on for those that would like to turn off/on certain things, too.


💬 macoto_hino, Jan 5th at 8:49 AM

I understand that Feverstone's Horses is included with this mod, but will Feverstone's Horses be updated independently of the original?
Or will it reflect the version updated in the original? I can only sleep at night wondering.

💬 VerliaAuthor, Jan 5th at 7:00 AM

@CaptainOats Lmao 😂

@Voragine Thanks.

💬 CaptainOats, Jan 5th at 6:16 AM

Do YOU suffer from existential dread? Has YOUR home become re-possesed by the bank and roaming spirits? Do YOU lack all awarness of space and time, resulting in loss of multiple limbs and timelines?

This mod WON'T fix those issues BUT what it does do...

- Provide a good variation of fantasy creatures.

- Potato-like toads ftw.

- Love Dark Soul's crystal lizards? Re-live the annoyance of catching those buggers with Geode Crabs!

- Adds challange that the game needs past the usual drifters and wolves.

- Need more Waifu's in your life? Faunlings are your go-to cute creature.

- Ever look at rock/ore and think "What if alive and kill me?"? Look no further!


CaptainOat's totally un-biased, non-associated, independant review.

💬 Voragine, Jan 5th at 5:46 AM

very interesting mod

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