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Author: TeacupAngel
Side: Both
Created: May 18th at 1:07 PM
Last modified: May 18th at 1:07 PM
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No longer needed from 1.17 onwards. Use this mod only if you are still playing 1.16.5 or earlier.


Attempts to fix a bug with mod compatibility ( Made with Bullseye in mind, but should also help some other mods, such as Bricklayers.


"Can you describe the bug in short?"

When using a certain method of compatibility patching, a bug makes the patches only apply the second time a world is loaded. This is annoying in singleplayer (you have to exit your world and then reload), but fairly critical for multiplayer servers that don't have a method to reload a world without restarting the entire server - mod compatibility never works at all for these servers.

This mod contains a fix to always apply these patches on the first load.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.0 1188 May 18th at 1:07 PM Show CompatibilityFix

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TheLoneTec, May 19th at 9:33 PM

Great Job! working so far on a couple mods including carry capacity mod compatibility.

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