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Author: Dnd
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Created: May 22nd at 6:22 AM
Last modified: May 30th at 9:17 PM
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Latest file for Various v1.19.x:
EntitiesConfiguration 1-click install

Supported Mods

Fauna of the Stone Age Packs: Caninae, Capreolinae, Casuariidae, Dinorthiformes, Machairodontinae, Manidae, Pantherinae, Rhinocerotidae, Sirenia,

Hieronymus Packs: African Monitor Lizards, Asian Monitor Lizards, Banded Geckos, Bearded Dragons, Giant Gouramis, Knobtailed Geckos, Leopard Geckos, New Zealand Frogs, New World Pond Frogs, New World Giant Tortoises, Old World Pond Frogs, Pacific Newts, Peacock Basses, Rain Frogs, True Sunfishes,

Other Packs Cats, The Critters Package, Feverstone's Horses, Feverstone Wilds, Medieval Expansion, More Animals, OutlawMod, Primitive Survival, Something in the Water,

Requires: ConfigLib, ImGui


With this mod you can use an in-game interface to control all creature spawning. This could be used for many things, like disabling drifters or bears, balancing creature spawning with specific mods like Biomes, increasing spawns for specific types of playthroughs and the possibilities go on. This is a companion pack for Entities Interact which gives creatures seek/flee interactions between different modpacks.

Important Notes

  • FotSA Canina: If you use this pack, make sure to disable Vintage wolves and foxes I (I left comments for reminders).
  • FotSA Capreolinae: If you use this pack, make sure to disable the specific listed Vintage deer and Vintage moose.
  • Every entity is configured to default values, even the mods. It is of my opinion that some creatures spawnrates are too high. That is just my opinion, so now you can change it to your liking. Play the way you want!
  • Deer, goats, hyenas, raccons and moose will be completely disabled if you turn their worldgen to 0. If you find any others that this happens for, let me know.
  • FotSA creatures and Hieronymus tortoises have both male and female spawn pools, effectively doubling the spawning.
  • FotSA creatures and Hieronymus creatures only spawn on runtime. Hopefully more people will start doing that, it really makes it easier.
  • Read the comments by each creature. It will save you headaches in the future.
  • If you use a lot of creature mods and something is not working as intended, check that it didn't release after this mod. However, I don't see any issues like that since this only changes worldgen and runtime spawnrates.
  • FeverstoneHorses, FeverstoneWilds, TheCrittersPackage are supported, but have exhibited some strange behaviors (see issues below).


The default key to open config settings is P. You can see the screenshot I took of where to find the controls for rebinding if another mod overwrote that keybind.

Worldgen: For most creatures, if you turn this off, they no longer spawn when you are discovering new chunks. At least that is how I think it works; I could be wrong and if I am I would love to learn more about it. However, for some creatures, when you turn worldgen to 0 they no longer spawn even on runtime. So that being said, I put notes by those creatures.

  • The numbers for worldgen go from .001 to .2 maximum. This is because if you turn the numbers any higher than .2 you may get some odd creature spawning behavior for certain entities and I haven't figured out the difference. I honestly don't know if there is anything to do about it.
  • I have found through testing that .001 is going to make most worldgen uncommon-rare. Most deer are set to .003 so you can get a feeling of how this might be ingame. If you move the slider to .2 you will overpopulate your world with that creature, but I need to do a lot more testing. See the screenshot above for when I turned the slider to 1 for Fallow deer.

Runtime: Creatures have a chance to spawn in your local area. The higher this is, the more likely they will. The numbers start at 1 and go to 500, sometimes they can go all the way to 3,000 or in the case of drifters, 10,000. This scale doesn't work exactly like you would think; the actual numbers for creature spawning could go from 0.00000001 to .005 if 500 is your maximum on the slider. The math works like this... take whatever number you put on the slider and divide that by 1e5 to get the actual decimal number. So if the slider was set to 500, the creature spawnrate is .005. Drifters slider is set to 10,000 and that translates to .1 on their runtime.

  • If you set the slider to 1 (a lot of the FotSA creatures are set to this), you will find that the animals should be rare-moderately rare. If you go all the way to 500 there will be a lot spawning often. Runtime sliders are not as aggressive woldgen sliders.
  • I need more people testing! I have played a lot, and been tuning spawning numbers for a while but it is a really hard mechanic to pin down due to the fact that you just have to play the game and see how it feels.

Known Issues

  • Deer, goats and moose spawning mechanics are very strange. They have no runtime, so the only way to tune the spawning is with worldgen. It does work, but needs more testing.
  • FeversonteWilds also has some uniquely challenging spawning going on.
    • If you turn the worldgen too high you get an extraordinary amount of creatures. However, turning the worldgen down doesn't seem to do much; I am not quite sure what is going on here.
    • Turning the worldgen to 0 does not disable these entities like it should. The runtime should work, but it is hard to tell and I need people to test (seriously, I am the only one testing, so hopefully with this tool it will be easier for others)
  • TheCrittersPackage has some issues and it is similar to FeverstoneWilds, except for the fact that most creatures in this pack have maxspawn limit.
    • Turning the worldgen to 0 does not disable these creatures.
    • Need more people to test if the sliders are working as intended on this one as well.
  • Not sure if the issues with those 2 packs is due to a compatibility issue or not.


"Can you add xyz so I can change their spawnrate?"

Probably; it will just take time. Feel free to drop links to the packs that I can add and I will get to them when I can.

  • Maybe request a discord page.
  • Maybe add a donate link. These take a lot of time and lots of data to go through.
  • Maybe add other functionality. If there is anyone that can help improve I would love to work with you :)

Please share your settings and how many entities are spawning if you do any testing. This can help other people in the future know what kind of settings they should aim for.


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.0.4 474 May 30th at 9:17 PM Show EntitiesConfiguration Install now
v1.0.3 149 May 28th at 2:31 AM Show EntitiesConfiguration Install now
v1.0.2 213 May 24th at 9:49 PM Show EntitiesConfiguration Install now
v1.0.1 227 May 22nd at 5:34 PM Show EntitiesConfiguration Install now
v1.0.0 84 May 22nd at 6:29 AM Show EntitiesConfiguration Install now

28 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 DndAuthor, Jun 6th at 9:21 PM

Marlim I can do that at some point, yes.

💬 DndAuthor, Jun 6th at 9:21 PM

Rasvangr Good to know, and glad you got it working!

💬 Rasvangr, Jun 5th at 2:53 AM

I figured it out, turns out I didn't have ImGui installed properly! Whoops! Thank you for you help though!

💬 DndAuthor, Jun 5th at 1:11 AM

Rasvangr If you had all of the settings how you wanted and saved them, once you reload into that world you really shouldn't be seeing anything continue to spawn if they are set to 0. You can run /entity wipeall to remove all entities from the world to start fresh and see if they start spawning again. You are saying this is happening with foxes and wolves, so if it is a mod conflict it would be something that modifies the way those creatures spawn. Have you noticed that it works at all for you? Did you bump any numbers way up to test if they are working?

💬 Rasvangr, Jun 5th at 12:51 AM

I've just tested again, this time I opened a world, double checked that the settings were how I wanted them and I didn't skip any by accident, then generated a new world. I confirmed that mobs I disabled by setting the spawn rates to 0 are indeed still spawning by searching for them with the Block Overlay mod. Do I still need to exit and reload the new world to make the settings work on a new world? Or did I somehow manage to break the mod? 😅

💬 DndAuthor, Jun 4th at 7:45 PM

Rasvangr Was this world previously generated or is this a brand new world? Did you restart the world after changing their spawn settings? Did you make sure to set both worldgen and runtime to 0? I have had wolves and foxes set to 0 for a while now so I can test other things, and haven't seen any at all.

💬 Rasvangr, Jun 4th at 2:50 AM

I seem to be having some issues getting the mod to work properly. Setting things to 0 should disable them, right? I've encountered both foxes and wolves with all their spawn settings set to 0. I thought maybe there was some weirdness happening because I had Configure Everything installed as well but uninstalling it didn't seem to fix it. I don't -think- I have any other mods installed that might conflict but I'm not sure. Any advice?

💬 Marlim, Jun 1st at 1:33 AM

Do you intend to add compatibility with the Lichen Continued mod?

💬 DndAuthor, May 25th at 3:11 PM

JmXxHD You can adjust everything in a single-player world, hit save and it saves all of your configurations in the config files. You can then move that file to where you keep your server's config files.

💬 JmXxHD, May 25th at 7:44 AM

Hey, is this Mod compatible with Server? If i open the Mod Hud everything is greyed out.


💬 LielenBlue, May 23rd at 7:11 PM

Dnd That did it, thanks! 

💬 DndAuthor, May 23rd at 6:43 PM

LielenBlue I think the default key to open the configuration is P. I added a screenshot to the page if you reload where you can find the key to rebind it if needed.

💬 LielenBlue, May 23rd at 6:20 PM

Hi, when i press escape, i dont see the mod config button. do you have any idea what could be wrong? thank you for your time! This is a really useful mod. I'm intending to use it with the Fauna of the stone age mods. 

💬 Maamessu, May 23rd at 6:08 PM

Hmm. That's more than slightly concerning for me then. What you described is what I expected to happen with unsupported mods, yeah. So that it's not is... curious. I'll do some more testing, thank you so much!

💬 DndAuthor, May 23rd at 6:01 PM

Doing some testing real quick, I installed 'Giant Gouramis' from Hieronymus, looked in the file for the fish spawn conditions and went to that part of the world. Once I found the correct spawn conditions, they spawned immediately. They are also not called 'fish' but are listed under their scientific name of 'Ospronemus-goramy' which may be confusing. Hope this helps!

💬 DndAuthor, May 23rd at 5:54 PM

Maamessu I don't think that would have anything to do with this mod. What this mod does is go into each file and surgically replace runtime or worldgen values into the spawnvalues of each creature. Since I have nothing linking to those creatures at all, I don't see how that could be a cause of this. Did you test both with and without this mod for fish?

💬 Maamessu, May 23rd at 5:48 PM

So far I have noticed a nicer variety in spawns with this based on my settings (I halved just about everything for server performance). That said, I've also noticed that all of Hieronymus's fish (which are unsupported by the mod), don't seem to be spawning at all. Or perhaps they are just spawning so rarely that I don't see them compared to previously where they would overfill small ponds. I also haven't seen any spawns from Something in the Water. I feel like this might be unintended behaviour of the mod (interacting with unsupported spawnrates)?

I briefly saw a fish from Feverstone Wilds, so I know water spawning isn't completely broken.

I know fish are on your road map. I think what I'm trying to say/report right now is that I expected unsupported mods to maintain their default spawnrates, and right now it doesn't seem like they are.

Keep up the great work!

💬 Aerra, May 22nd at 7:49 PM

Thank you so much for this!

💬 DndAuthor, May 22nd at 5:29 PM

I swore I put that note in there, I'll add it. This is assuming default settings across the base game and all mods. You will need to configure lower spawnrates accordingly.

💬 Maamessu, May 22nd at 5:00 PM

One quick question! Is this already configured for reduced spawns, or is it the baseline settings?

💬 DndAuthor, May 22nd at 4:34 PM

Maamessu Yeah the roadmap was honestly just a bunch of random thoughts compiled. As you are talking about Better Ruins/Traders, I would have to check if compatibility even existed before adding it. This should be compatible with the mods you listed because mine only changes the worldgen or runtime values, nothing else.

💬 DndAuthor, May 22nd at 4:32 PM

BillyGalbreath I did get that sense, but honestly was not sure because that seems so weird to me.

💬 Maamessu, May 22nd at 4:12 PM

Oh interesting! I like that you're going for a completely configurable option. Amazing work!

Regarding your roadmap, you might not need to put in the work for doing traders as Better Ruins/Better Traders already handles their spawns. Then again, there are folks who don't want to use either of those, so having another option would be good. I'm also wondering if this could be use alongside that Addittional Spawn Constraints mod for really fine tuned constrol of where things go. Really exciting possibilities!

+1 for Outlaws support. If you're feeling kind, maybe support for Rot Creatures as well? :)

💬 BillyGalbreath, May 22nd at 3:50 PM

Dont worry about Dana. She knows damn well yours is a content mod and not a code mod. She's just advertising her own mod here. She does it to a lot of us.

💬 DndAuthor, May 22nd at 2:06 PM

DanaCraluminum I mean, I get what that can do, just didn't understand the question. I'll give it a go, though. It does not pull all the data automatically because I have no programming experience. All this data I had to go over by hand.

💬 DndAuthor, May 22nd at 7:41 AM

DanaCraluminum I don't understand what you mean.

💬 DanaCraluminum, May 22nd at 7:32 AM

Why it is not collecting all creatures automatically like I do in my Configure Everything mod?

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