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Author: Hieronymus
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Created: Nov 5th 2023 at 7:31 PM
Last modified: Dec 21st 2023 at 7:50 PM
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Adds thirty-two species of monitor lizards that spawn in different environments to your world. This mod includes the Bengal monitor (Varanus bengalensis), the golden monitor (V. flavescens), the clouded monitor (V. nebulosus), the roughneck monitor (V. rudicollis), Dumeril's monitor (V. dumerilii), the Yemen monitor (V. yemenensis), Nesterov's monitor (V. nesterovi), Gray's monitor (V. olivaceus), the Panay monitor (V. mabitang), the bitatawa (V. bitatawa), the turquoise monitor (V. caerulivirens), the Ceram mangrove monitor (V. cerambonensis), the Kei Islands monitor (V. colei), the Talaud mangrove monitor (V. lirungensis), the quince monitor (V. melinus), the sago monitor (V. obor), Rainer Günther's monitor (V. rainerguentheri), the Tanimbar monitor (V. tanimbar), the tricolor monitor (V. yuwonoi), the peacock monitor (V. auffenbergi), the Timor monitor (V. timorensis), the Asian water monitor (V. salvator), the Bangon water monitor (V. bangonorum), the yellow-headed water monitor (V. cumingi), Enteng's water monitor (V. dalubhasa), the marbled water monitor (V. marmoratus), the large-scaled water monitor (V. nuchalis), the Palawan water monitor (V. palawanensis), Rasmussen's water monitor (V. rasmusseni), the Samar water monitor (V. samarensis), the Togian water monitor (V. togianus), and the Komodo dragon (V. komodoensis). 

Monitor lizards will generally spawn as adults, but juveniles will sometimes appear instead. Juvenile monitor lizards can be caught and transported using a bug net, although this process will not work once they grow to adult size. All monitors drop their skins, which can be used as decoration or as a taxidermy component. Some adult monitors are also a source of bushmeat. 

As adults, some monitor lizards will chase and attack certain prey items. Although they will not actively hunt players, some species may attack if the player gets too close - a behavior that is still demonstrated by monitors that have been raised in captivity.

This is the second mod in a series of mods based on the genus Varanus.

Note: This mod requires version 1.0.1 or later of the mod Bug Net Compatibility ( to function properly. Issues may occur if that mod is not also installed.

Special thanks to Tenth Architect for the Fauna of the Stone Age taxidermy system, which this mod also uses (although it does not require any FotSA mods and works with or without them).

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.0.1 1250 Dec 21st 2023 at 7:50 PM Show Install now
v1.0.0 536 Nov 5th 2023 at 7:32 PM Show Install now

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💬 DrBubba, Jan 31st at 10:07 PM

AWesome.  Thanks for the update, Hieronymus

💬 HieronymusAuthor, Jan 31st at 9:21 PM


I haven't had the time to do any testing yet, but the only one that I currently know I need to update for compatibility is New World Giant Tortoises.

💬 DrBubba, Jan 30th at 7:15 PM


Do any/all of your critter mods still work on 1.19.x?  I have found I kind of miss the wildlife sounds your mods add to the world.

💬 HieronymusAuthor, Nov 11th 2023 at 7:47 AM

If you do not have any mods installed that alter creature spawning, I do not know what is going on. I use all of my own mods and am not finding any issues, and creatures will spawn under the sorts of conditions you would expect them to spawn under - for most monitor lizards, these areas will be warm and low-elevation. Turning on entity debug info using the client config command will allow you to more easily find entities that have spawned, and using /entity count or /entity countg will help you determine if they are spawning in the first place. I would recommend turning on entity debug info and using the count commands in order to determine what exactly is happening, as nobody else has reported an issue like this and I have yet to encounter it during my own testing.

💬 Farg, Nov 10th 2023 at 10:33 PM


That was one of my first assumptions because I had used the Biomes mod originally, but I removed it (and generated a few new worlds just in case) when I went looking for the modded creatures. I'll admit to knowing nothing about the inner workings of how creatures spawn in VS, what kind of conditions should creatures from your mods be spawning under? Is it possible that having them all installed at once could be causing an issue?

💬 HieronymusAuthor, Nov 8th 2023 at 5:58 AM


I have done some additional testing, and I have a couple of questions to help you figure out what is going on. First, are you using Crabb's Biomes mod? If so, there are some biomes in which no monitor lizards will spawn. Second, are you using any of Tenth's Bioregion mods? Some of them do not allow any monitors to spawn, and if multiple ones are being used they will greatly limit what animals can spawn in a world. Third, if you are using any of the aforementioned mods, are you using the latest version? Crabb's Biomes did not support the Asian monitors at the time of your comment, although it has been updated to do so now. My best guess is that you are using a mod that changes entity spawns in some way, possibly one of the ones I have mentioned.

💬 HieronymusAuthor, Nov 7th 2023 at 4:53 AM

They don't spawn on world generation, they only spawn during runtime with a relatively low spawn rate. In addition to that, there is also a limit on the number of monitors that can be in the world at once, so if you are flying around too quickly you may be entering new areas before monitors have a chance to spawn there or before the ones already in the world can despawn. I could increase the number that are allowed to exist, which I might do. I haven't been having issues with them spawning, though.

💬 Farg, Nov 7th 2023 at 4:33 AM


I tried making a few different singleplayer worlds set to different climates and zipped around in creative but saw neither tail nor scale of any of them. There's not any kind of delay on their spawning even if "monster spawning" is set to immediate, is there?

💬 Farg, Nov 7th 2023 at 4:28 AM
💬 HieronymusAuthor, Nov 7th 2023 at 1:51 AM


Does the area that you are in meet the spawn requirements for these creatures? They spawn just fine for me if I am in an area that meets the conditions.

💬 Farg, Nov 7th 2023 at 12:07 AM

I've been having issues with the various critters from this mod and your other mods not spawning on my server. Is there some trick to it?

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