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Created: May 22nd at 4:47 PM
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A collection of flightless birds of New Zealand, these birds will add life to the temperate and subtropical ecosystems of your world, acting as ambience, food and prey. Currently 7 families are in, more are on the way!

This mod includes:

Common Name Scientific name Category Weight Health Height Damage Temp Precip Foliage Needs Altitude Group Size Meat Drops Fat Drops Hide Drops Other Drops Movement Diet
Rifleman Acanthisitta chloris Acanthisittidae 0.07 2 9cm 0.1 2-14 50-100% 40-70% Forest 1.05-1.5 1-2M&F 0 0 0 3+-1 feathers Climbing insects
Long-billed wren Dendroscansor decurvirostris   0.3 2 10cm 0.1 6-12 60-100% 60%+Forest 1.05-1.2 1M&F 0 0 0 3+-1 feathers Climbing insects
North Island stout-legged wren Pachyplichas jagmi   0.5 2 10cm 0.1 6-16 35-100% All 1.05-1.6 1-2M&F 0 0 0 3+-1 feathers Climbing insects
South Island stout-legged wren Pachyplichas yaldwyni   0.5 2 10cm 0.1 2-12 50-100% All 1.05-1.6 1-2M&F 0 0 0 3+-1 feathers Climbing insects
Lyall's wren Traversia lyalli   0.2 2 9cm 0.1 2-14 50-100% 50-100% Forest 1.05-1.5 1-2M&F 0 0 0 3+-1 feathers Climbing insects
New Zealand rockwren Xenicus gilviventris   0.2 2 9cm 0.1 2-12 50-100% 0-50% Forest 1.3-1.65 1-2M&F 0 0 0 3+-1 feathers Climbing insects
Bushwren Xenicus longipes   0.16 2 9cm 0.1 2-14 25-100% 25%+ Shrub 1.05-1.5 1-2 M&F 0 0 0 3+-1 feathers Climbing insects
New Zealand owlet-nightjar Aegotheles novaezealandiae Aegothelidae 0.2/0.05 2/1 0.3H 0.25 t1 6-14 50-100% 75%+ Forest 1.0-1.5 1M&F 0 0 0 10+-5 feathers 3meter step insects
Southern brown kiwi Apteryx australis Apterygidae 2.2/3.5/.5 3/2 .55 L 1t1 4-12 65%-100% 60%+ Forest 1-1.5 1-2M&F 1 0 1S 5+-4 feathers  
fish,fruit, insects, vegetables
Great spotted kiwi Apteryx haastii   2/2.5 3/2 .45/.5H 1t1 4-14 25-100% 20+Shrub 1-1.5 1-2M&F 1 0 1S 5+-4 feathers  
fish,fruit, insects, vegetables
North Island brown kiwi Apteryx mantelli   2/3 3/2 .35/.4H 1t1 10-16 25-100% 20%+ Shrub 1-1.5 1-2M&F 1 0 1S 5+-4 feathers  
fish,fruit, insects, vegetables
Little spotted kiwi Apteryx owenii   1/1.5 3/2 .35/.45L 1t1 4-16 25-100% 20%+ Shrub 1-1.4 1-2M&F 1 0 1S 5+-4 feathers  
fish,fruit, insects, vegetables
Okarito kiwi Apteryx rowi   2.2/3.5/.5 3/2 .55 L 1t1 6-12 80%-100% 80%+ Forest 1-1.4 1-2M&F 1 0 1S 5+-4 feathers  
fish,fruit, insects, vegetables
South Island adzebill Aptornis defossor Aptornithidae 18/2 6/3 1H 4t1 6-12 35-65% 55-100Forest 1.0-1.25 1-2 M&F, 2-8 M&F&B 3-4/1 0 1M 15+-7 feathers   insects, meat
North Island adzebill Aptornis otidiformis   16/2 6/3 0.8H 4t1 10-16 50-75% 55-100Forest 1.0-1.25 1-2 M&F, 2-8 M&F&B 3-4/1 0 1M 15+-7 feathers   insects, meat
North Island giant moa Dinornis novaezealandiae Dinornithidae 65/180/10 14/19/5 2H/1.5H 6t1/9t2 10-16 50-100% 25-80 Forest 1.0-1.5 1-2 M&F 8-10/19-23/3-4 1/3/0 2L/2H/1M 15+-7 feathers 2 meter step
Fruit, Vegetable, Grain, grass nibbleCrop, sweetBerryBush
South Island giant moa Dinornis robustus   70/200/10 14/19/5 2.1H/1.6H 6t1/9t2 6-12 35-100% 25-80 Forest 1.0-1.5 1-2 M&F 8-10/20-24/3-4 1/3/0 2L/2H/1M 15+-7 feathers 2 meter step
Fruit, Vegetable,Grain, grass, nibbleCrop, sweetBerryBush
Kākāpō Strigops habroptila Strigopidae 2/1/.2 3/2 .64 L 1 t1 6-14 50-100% 25%+ 1.0-1.5 1-2M&F 1.1 poultry 0 1S 15+-7 feathers Climbing
Fruit, Vegetable, nibbleCrop, sweetBerryBush

All of the adult birds can be fed in order to get them to place nests. These nests count as entities and can be broken, dropping eggs. While the eggs are in item form they will slowly rot, but can be used for incredibly satiating meals. While on the ground, they slowly grow and will eventually hatch into baby birds.


All species have a unique pelt that can be used to craft hide, feathers and a taxidermied full body.

Occasionally a fly covered giant moa carcass will spawn, blocking giant moa spawns in the area. They have a chance to spawn when first arriving in an area or when all giant moa have been killed off from the area, allowing players to locally wipe out giant moa. Destroying the carcass of the respective type will allow more giant moa to spawn again and some carnivores and scavengers may destroy them as well, so if you want giant moa spawns prevented in an area protect these carcasses.

All the animals in this mod have a strict population cap and will only spawn on runtime, not world gen. This is also to make the mod more server friendly so as to not add an overwhelming number of entities. 

And a big thanks to everyone who gave feedback and assistance!

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21 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 TentharchitectAuthor, Jul 7th at 11:23 PM

You can indeed gndrneutralnoun
Feeding them will cause them to create a nest when ready to breed, which will then generate chicks once it matures (via the same method as bells generating drifters)
However, if you are planning on travelling you might be better served by breaking an incubating nest and placing the dropped eggs. This fewer number of eggs will age into chicks, which will happen whether or not the entity is loaded in 

💬 gndrneutralnoun, Jul 7th at 7:43 PM

Is there any way to farm kakapos and/or encourage them to lay eggs? I think they're absolutely adorable and ideal friend material, thank you for introducing me to their existence. I wish to feed and be friends with them.

💬 CKitt, Jun 23rd at 4:01 PM

The tiny, rapid kiwi feet are absolute perfection. You did a great job on them! 😁

💬 CKitt, Jun 21st at 8:17 PM


You've about made my weekend now.


💬 TentharchitectAuthor, Jun 21st at 6:01 PM

Thank you for saying so OscarK, getting to represent folks homes in the vintage story world is part of my dream!

And now I've added Kiwi too CKitt! 😀

💬 OscarK, Jun 21st at 11:41 AM

cannot express how much I adore this mod. Am from Aotearoa and have loved having some semblance of home in worlds

💬 CKitt, Jun 20th at 12:14 AM

You added wrens! 😁

💬 TentharchitectAuthor, Jun 17th at 6:18 PM

Yep, all the animals I've made a breedable, though some aren't as efficient due to high food costs, long gestation time and such

💬 Oweyan, Jun 16th at 8:05 AM

@Tentharchitect Can you breed the giant moa? I would love to have them as farm animals :D

💬 TentharchitectAuthor, Jun 11th at 2:32 PM

Thanks grunge_forever, glad you're enjoying the taxidermy system!
As for pre-Holocene animals, I did a multi-year modding project on them for another game, so I'd rather leave that to other modders. I believe there are now five folks who are working on dinosaurs, but I don't know if or when they will be released

💬 grunge_forever, Jun 11th at 12:33 AM


Hey! I'm loving the mods alot, I'm just wondering if you'd ever do a release for more dinosaur-age creatures? Maybe a pterasaur pack, or a sauropod pack.

PS. I think with your extinction feature its really cool that players can make taxidermy museums of ALL KINDS of animals, potentially extinct. The player thinks "Wow, this was an amazing beast. Shame I killed them all off, but atleast i have this AWESOME stuffed version as a reminder of what once was. Really adds a depth of history to a well-played world that i think is painfully missing in vanilla VS.

💬 Bigstooge, May 28th at 8:45 PM

Holy fuck, The Moa. That's great 

💬 yapludepatte, May 27th at 3:26 PM

Finnally the giant moa is in a game i play 

💬 TentharchitectAuthor, May 26th at 4:37 PM

Hey Stejer
Glad to hear you're enjoying the mods and excited about the future mods as well! All of the animals you listed will come in future packs eventually, there are some features I'm waiting for 1.20 to release before making like the riding, animated part limit increase and water/land ai task attributes.
Can't recall if I've told you specifically but the way I'm doing it now is making 2 animal packs for every Floral Zone mod released, trying to keep them in theme with each other. So this one goes with the Neozeylandic pack since it represents the native birds there. I was originally going to do penguins as the second, but since learning 1.20 was still a ways out, I'll be doing an animal pack from the next floral region penguins could work with, the Chile-Patagonian Region, and doing penguins with that one if 1.20 is out by then.

No promises on any other packs, but the upcoming Floral Zones are Mediterranean, Circumboreal, Maleasian, Chile-Patagonian and Usambara-Zululand. That should give you an idea of what might be arriving and when. 

💬 Stejer, May 26th at 3:45 PM

Hello! Since you seem to be focussing a lot in australian species these days how about a mod that adds both the modern day marsupials like the kangoroo but also the extinct one like the thillocene (you could make so he has fear of sheep since the was extinct cuz farmers thought they were killing the sheep and plsss make them domesticable)

Id also like a mod cammels, alpacas etc (as you said before you seem to not be very good with riding programs wich would be essential for those but it would be awsome)


love your mods!


ps: elephants and hippos would be cool as well like a mod with africa most dangerous animals

💬 yapludepatte, May 24th at 4:14 PM


💬 TentharchitectAuthor, May 23rd at 3:04 PM

Hey Stejer! 
They have a different diet than chickens, fruit, vegetables, nibble crops and berry bushes. You can see the diets of my animals in the stats tab on the mod description for future reference!

💬 Stejer, May 23rd at 2:33 PM

is their feed the same of chikens?

💬 TentharchitectAuthor, May 22nd at 10:30 PM

RobertS42 For consistency's sake I'm using it as an easy way of generating a unique mod ID and having them as families is almost guaranteed to be unique. I suppose it should be Dinornithiformes and Flightless Birds of New Zealand Except Penguins, but that'd be a pain to have in the files. Might just switch it to Dinornithiformesplus


💬 RobertS42, May 22nd at 10:10 PM

This is probably not my place to say this, but it maybe better to rename the pack to something more akin to "Aves of New Zealand" rather than Dinornithidae? That would be a bit more descriptive since only the Kiwi would be in the same infra-class. And even then it would only be very distantly related.

💬 TentharchitectAuthor, May 22nd at 5:03 PM

Releasing the bird families as they finish, feed back would be most welcome especially around their breeding. It's something that takes quite a while to test so if folks are willing to test that while I'm working on the next family of birds it'll greatly speed up development.

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