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Category: #Creatures
Author: Hieronymus
Side: Both
Created: Jun 29th 2023 at 2:58 AM
Last modified: Dec 21st 2023 at 7:45 PM
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Latest file for v1.18.15: 1-click install

Adds thirteen species of true sunfish that spawn in different freshwater environments to your world. They can be caught and transported alive using a bug net. They can also be killed by standard means, with some of the larger species providing a new "panfish" food item. This mod includes the bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus), the green sunfish (L. cyanellus), the orangespotted sunfish (L. humilis), the pumpkinseed (L. gibbosus), the longear sunfish (L. megalotis), the northern sunfish (L. peltastes), the redbreast sunfish (L. auritus), the warmouth (L. gulosus), the bantam sunfish (L. symmetricus), the dollar sunfish (L. marginatus), the spotted sunfish (L. punctatus), the redspotted sunfish (L. miniatus), and the redear sunfish (L. microlophus).

Note: This mod requires the mod Bug Net Compatibility ( to function properly. Issues may occur if that mod is not also installed.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.1.2 3516 Dec 21st 2023 at 7:45 PM Show Install now
v1.1.1 1655 Oct 10th 2023 at 5:40 PM Show Install now
v1.1.0 1796 Aug 4th 2023 at 8:08 PM Show Install now
v1.0.3 402 Jul 27th 2023 at 11:34 PM Show Install now
v1.0.2 409 Jul 20th 2023 at 7:25 PM Show Install now
v1.0.1 239 Jul 18th 2023 at 5:02 PM Show Install now
v1.0.0 545 Jun 29th 2023 at 3:00 AM Show Install now

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💬 SunshineFaith, Feb 27th at 11:03 PM

Another amazing fish mod.  Can anyone tell me if it will be updated and if it does work in 19.3 anyway?

💬 HieronymusAuthor, Dec 9th 2023 at 6:27 PM

I might look into doing that in the future though.

💬 HieronymusAuthor, Dec 9th 2023 at 6:26 PM


No. I do not use that mod so I have not yet taken any steps to make any of mine compatible with it.

💬 BraniyaKz, Dec 9th 2023 at 1:43 AM

@Hieronymus - can your fishes be caught via primitive survival fishing?

💬 HieronymusAuthor, Jul 21st 2023 at 8:59 PM

Thanks! I enjoy making them.

💬 sheepon, Jul 21st 2023 at 6:38 PM

They're so cute!! They really add some life to the ponds and lakes in the game that was sorely needed. I love all your mods, they really bring a lot of life to the game. Thanks so much for sharing them!

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