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A collection of deer from the subfamily Capreolinae, these shy animals will act as a challenging prey source and potential danger for players and their crops.

This mod includes:
Alces alces, the moose.

Capreolus capreolus, the western roe deer.

Capreolus pygargus, the eastern roe deer.

Hydropotes inermis, the water deer.

Blastocerus dichotomus, the marsh deer.

Hippocamelus antisensis, the taruca.

Hippocamelus bisulcus, the huemul.

Mazama americana, the red brocket.

Mazama chunyi, the dwarf brocket.

Mazama gouazoubira, the gray brocket.

Mazama nana, the pygmy brocket.

Mazama nemorivaga, the Amazonian brown brocket.

Mazama rufina, the swamp brocket.

Mazama temama, the Central American red brocket.

Mazama tienhoveni, the fair brocket.

Odocoileus hemionus, the mule deer.

Odocoileus pandora, the Yucatan brown brocket.

Odocoileus virginianus, the white-tailed deer.

Ozotoceros bezoarticus, the pampas deer.

Pudu mephistophiles, the Northern pudu.

Pudu puda, the Southern pudu.

Rangifer tarandus, the reindeer.


Deer are faster than most prey animals Vintage Story players are familiar with, many sleeping during the day in thick foliage making them harder to detect and catch. They can be lured with certain crops and berry bushes, as well as filled food troughs with suitable foods. The largest among them are deadly, the moose especially will attack players that get too close and can be hard to take down. Using creative hunting techniques is recommended for deer both big and small.

Those who are able to catch a pair of deer can domesticate them, and the larger species can be milked, with different species requiring different amounts of food and pregnancy length.

Most species have a unique pelt and antler drops as well that can be used to craft hide, skulls, antler mounts, taxidermied full body and head mounts.

The deer of this mod have a unique meat type, venison, which is slightly less filling than red meat, but more so than bush meat.

On occasion a fly covered deer carcass will spawn, preventing deer spawning in the area around them. They have a chance to spawn when a player first arrives in an area or when all deer have been killed off from the area, allowing players to locally wipe out deer. Destroying this deer carcass will allow more deer to spawn again and some carnivores and scavengers may destroy them as well, so if you want deer spawns prevented in an area protect these carcasses.

All the animals in this mod have a strict population cap and will only spawn on runtime, not world gen. This is to make the mod more server friendly so as to not add an overwhelming number of entities. This mod uses 1.22% of the texture atlases. Players with a full texture atlas can use the in-game commands .clientconfig maxTextureAtlasWidth 8192 and .clientconfig maxTextureAtlasHeight 8192 to quadruple the size, though it is not recommended for players with insufficient RAM.


And a big thanks to everyone who gave feedback and assistance!

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💬 Tentharchitect, 5 days ago

Venison, fat, a unique pelt that can be used for decor or crafted into the base game hide with a knife and for those that have them, antlers or tusks. The carcass drops a small amount of venison.

💬 Praal, 5 days ago

What drops do these have?

💬 Tentharchitect, 5 days ago

Reworded a couple things in the description, had copied and edited from my Pantherinae mod and missed them, thanks for pointing it out.

💬 tRead, 6 days ago

This part isn't clearly written: "a unique type of fly covered carcasses will prevent deer spawning in the area around them"

Possibly better: "fly-covered carcasses will prevent deer spawning in the area around them"

💬 tRead, 6 days ago

Gah!  My reaction to the first screenshot above was "Gorgeous!"  Then I switched to cussing.
Great job!!

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