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Author: Chiappo
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Created: Feb 21st at 4:25 PM
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The Critter's Package

This mod was made before 1.13 and never got released.. (2020) and sorry if some of them already are in other mods these were made awhile ago

The current Creatures in this pack are:

  • Hedgehogs
  • Squirrels* (Red, Brown, Black)
  • Ducks
  • Yaks (Bull, Cow, Calf)
  • Crows (Land & Air Versions)
  • European Robins (Air)
  • Crabs
  • Woodlouses*

The animals with * on means theres other mods adding similar things (not sure if any conflicts)


Hedgehogs - will likely eat any kind of worm/snail/slug etc though they're really shy and slow. (C&C Supported)

Ducks - Loves to waddle around water

Crows - can be scared off with Trainning Dummies - since they will eat your crops and berries

Yaks - will most likely appear in the further cold areas and higher up at the high mid peaks area

European Robins - will fly around and sing


Id love to add more but for now these are what i got - hope you'll enjoy them


TO OTHER MODDERS: i plan on adjusting the mod so it can be supporting other mods in future (i may remove some things but i will not scrap them)

Special Thanks

Thanks to these people who made this pack possible

  • Kravity - for their help on SFX
  • VS Team - for their awesome game
  • Mr. Dischinger (YT) - who was so kind to gave permission to use their Yak sounds
  • Taska Raine - for the modconfig setup
  • Minnigin - for being really helpful


if you cannot find the Modconfig file from 0.7.6+ you'll need to run it ingame once to get it

Please if you find any bugs/errors put them to me in comments

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v0.7.6 2178 Mar 2nd at 2:27 PM Show
v0.7.5 339 Feb 24th at 2:53 PM Show
v0.7.4 171 Feb 22nd at 2:12 PM Show

21 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 MagentaLizard, Sep 3rd at 11:43 PM

Can we please get hedgehog stew?

💬 YourCreator, Jun 12th at 9:46 AM
💬 BlueFuryDragon, Apr 27th at 7:35 AM

I absolutely love this mod, however the small animals need to know not to linger inside the berry bushes created by the Wildcrafts mod. I have also mentioned to them that I think the damage on getting poked is to high I believe. I have seen piles of squirrels, crows and hedgehogs, kittens too but that's another mod. So compatibility would be great.

💬 Chiappo, Mar 2nd at 1:59 PM

@Minni6in Thanks for the heads up.. thats very nice to know

Also the next Update will be released very soon which will add the European Robins & second version of Crows.. (both of these will only be flying around.. so do not worry about crows fly into your crops and eat it all YET...?)

💬 Minni6in, Feb 27th at 1:52 AM

once they release the hawk entity we will have proper flying ai that can attack and all that fun stuff, til then though, til then

edit : also to avoid the brightness from increasing the entity shape I've discovered if you just make it big in the model creator instead than it won't do that, there's a resize feature in the tools section, just select the origin block of your entity (mine are always named body) and increase it all, or decrease for babies

💬 Chiappo, Feb 26th at 10:25 PM

@Mysticar Oopsie i meant .75 has the woodlouse name bug present but .76 has it fixed

💬 Mysticar, Feb 26th at 8:53 PM

@Chiappo awesome! Seems I overlooked the update from .74 to .75 😄

💬 Chiappo, Feb 26th at 6:01 PM

@Mysticar already fixed no big issue its just the name of dead creatures not the loot itself 😂

💬 Mysticar, Feb 26th at 4:41 PM

Crows seem to have a minor name bug. When killed, the body says "Dead Woodlouse".

💬 Sindanarmo, Feb 26th at 4:25 PM

Robin!!! Can't wait :D I imagine that modding a flying entity can be quite difficult so take your time and in the meantime we can enjoy already existing in mod animals :)

💬 Chiappo, Feb 26th at 3:45 PM

the next version adds a new bird (the European Robin) aswell a second type of crow that can fly around (This version will not eat any crops/berries) only the groundbound one..  i have yet to figure out a better way to make crows fly/eat/walk so in the meantime i'm doing this as a work around

Also a Modconfig is in the works (so you can turn off specfic creatures)

💬 Chiappo, Feb 25th at 8:44 AM

@Sindanarmo Glad you like them - and yeah the crows... i agree it would be great if they could fly but as it turns out i have not been able to make it work i even tried make 2 seperate types of crows one that flies and other that doesnt but they kept getting stuck in water (Flying once) AND going crazy then flying around for some reason...(Insane SPEED) i will have to check something again to check if i can solve it..

💬 Sindanarmo, Feb 25th at 8:31 AM

Hedgehogs are just perfect now :) Ducks also, crows are funny and make perfect crow sounds but can you make them fly at least a little? That would be really awesome cause sky is still kinda empty...

💬 Sindanarmo, Feb 24th at 6:16 PM

1618 Creatures&Critters mod is supposed to have crocodiles in next release :)

💬 1618, Feb 24th at 5:25 PM

Love the mod. Thanks

Alligators/Crocodiles would be a valuable addition.

For people like me who disable annoying surface drifters, having dangerous animals to deal with would balance the peaceful elements of the game.

💬 Chiappo, Feb 24th at 10:05 AM

@Sindanarmo Yup i am on it... i am trying my best to solve the issues as currently standing... dont worry next update will solve alot 😀 SOON released...

💬 Sindanarmo, Feb 24th at 8:47 AM

I think it would be also useful to have a config similar to the one for Creatures&Critters allowing to disable some of them and/or make animals more climate dependent - for instance yaks live mostly in high mountains in rather cold parts of the world and having them in temperate climate in lowlands is kinda weird.

💬 Chiappo, Feb 23rd at 8:00 AM

Broken i may plan on adjusting it to passively require Creatures and Critters Not mandatory! just gotta check something... so it can run alongside if any issues (will mean i will have to remove some of the animals sadly)

Minni6in i do not have the required skill/Knowledge to make them swim as the basegame does not allow such.. Edit: THey do though not SINK to buttom of water and animation is made tho

💬 Minni6in, Feb 23rd at 2:59 AM

do the ducks swim?

💬 Broken, Feb 22nd at 10:24 PM

Wanted to let you know that there are a couple mods out there now that at current have some of your creature types in it. Check out Creatures and Critters & Lichen. The Yaks prolly be jes fine for sure ad the Auroch is quite different, but in C&C they have squirrels and snails (loads of diff ones for snails).  As for all the others they sound fun. Will wait to get the mod until some sorting has been done. Might want to collab with Catasteroid , Minni6in , Lich. Maybe even  Ahrondus since I saw a horse mod. I think if you all worked as a singular unit the life that would spring into the game would be amazing.

Edit: Yup, totally didn't see you had the * for the mods part for other ones that had similar critters. 
Still think if you all would collab you could add a zoo to the game lol

💬 Sindanarmo, Feb 22nd at 7:51 PM

Love animal mods and yours is great, hedgehogs and ducks are very adorable 😍 Squirrels as well :) Noticed that crow texture is missing.

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