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Author: RogueRaiden
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Created: Jan 16th at 10:34 PM
Last modified: Jun 7th at 4:36 PM
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Rogue House Server Additions was made to tweak and add extra things customized for my server. Not for other servers. Feel free to use in Single Player.

Tweaks & Additions:

-Handbook guides: Server Greeting & Info, Modlist, Pet guide, Claim and Group command lists.

-New Class: Rogue.

-40+ Clothing items: Rogue set, Ranger set. Elven items. Creepy sets. Rolled-sleeve shirt in the 12 linen colors. Blacksmith shirt.

-2 Paintings.

-Castable & smithable Copper cage bar. (For Animal Cages recipe)

-Turf block: Always green grass block.

-Temporal powder: Made from grinding down Temporal gears.

-Emerald, Peridot, Smoky quartz, Clear quartz, Obsidian, Rose quartz, and Amethyst can be crushed in a Pulverizer.

-Rune powder: Used in teleport rune crafting.

-Snowball: Collected from breaking Snow layers. Throwable, deals damage like a stone. Craftable into Snow blocks.

-Soil Mix: For new composting recipes.

-Smith recipes for multiple tools at a time.

-Obsidian glass: Craftable, chiselable, colorful glass blocks!

-Obsidian glass mix: For crafting the Obsidian glass blocks.

Animal Cages Tweaks:

-Small cage recipe changed.

-Medium cage recipe change. Requires newly added Copper cage bars.

-Various critter sound distance and volume tweaks.

-Disabled stone holes.

petAI, wolftaming, and cats Tweaks:

-Cats won't hiss and run away from tamed wolves.

-Heath Buffs for all tames.

-Whisle recipe changed.

-Bone hooks recipe changed.

-Beacons & Runes recipe changes. Requires newly added Rune powder and Temporal powder.

Trade-o-mat Tweaks:

-Disabled Coins and Vending machine.

-Elevator & Temporal elevator recipes changed. Requires newly added Rune powder.

Useful Stuff Tweaks:

-Disabled Welcome mats, Tent bags.

Wildcraft Tweaks:

-Disabled 'over time' Poultice healing effect. (On the server, each time healing is applied the client rubber bands around)

ZEEkea Tweaks:

-Disabled client-crashing Torch holder and Ice picks.

-Disabled wall panels, night lamps.

Base Game Tweaks:

-Drifters need a lower light level to spawn. (From 9 to 7)

-Drifters drop items they are carrying (Rusty Gears, Temporal Gears, Flax fiber, Sticks...) and can be harvested for rot, some for Scrap metal and their skin...

-Grass drops more Dry grass depending on grass length. (Short grass drops 0-1, Med 1-2, Tall 2-3)

-Traders have increased health and damage. So they can protect themselves from nasty players.

-Temporal Gears stack to 6.

-Barrels stack to 16.

-Ice has a chance to drop when mined with Pickaxes.

-Compost recipe changed, Low and Medium fertility soil craftable.

Rogue House Community PvE Public Server (Search for 'Rogue' in the browser)

Mumble Server for Proximity Voice RP using the Mumble Link mod. Details in the Discord.

Rifts / Drifters / Aggressive Animals / Rare Temporal Storms / Underground Farming / 60 Day Months

Rogue House Discord  -  RogueRaiden.TV  -  Patreon

Windmill built by RH Community Member DiZz.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.13 116 Jun 7th at 4:36 PM Show
v1.0.12 68 May 21st at 11:13 PM Show
v1.0.11 48 May 14th at 2:05 AM Show Rogue House
v1.0.10 40 May 11th at 7:32 AM Show
v1.0.9 65 May 7th at 12:35 PM Show Rogue House
v1.0.8 25 May 7th at 12:54 AM Show Rogue House
v1.0.7 68 Apr 30th at 11:05 PM Show Rogue House
v1.0.6 56 Apr 28th at 8:55 PM Show Rogue House
v1.0.4 83 Apr 24th at 12:38 PM Show Rogue House Additions
v1.0.3 59 Apr 23rd at 3:20 AM Show Rogue House Additions
v1.0.0 41 Apr 22nd at 9:46 PM Show Rogue House Additions

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Avikarr, Jun 10th at 1:37 PM


Thank you for clarification :) Greetings!

RogueRaiden, Jun 9th at 2:29 PM


No mods are needed for this to be installed, most of the tweaks have conditions added so things that depend on mods wont load :)

Correct, its not a modpack. Some tweaks for mods, some new content. There are some guides for my server included, they can be ignored.

The server itself is like a modpack, with this being the set of changes for it.

I'll have to add a list of incompatible mods, as there are a couple.

Avikarr, Jun 8th at 11:00 PM

This looks cool. I'm just starting to use mods overall in VS, so tell me if I understand this :D
Do I need all other mods listed in "Server Mod List", to use this in single player? It's only tweaks for other mods, not modpack, yes?
Thanks in advance :)

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