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Created: Jan 16th at 10:34 PM
Last modified: Nov 3rd at 3:26 PM
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Rogue House Additions was created to tweak things and add content customized for my server. Not meant for use on other servers. Feel free to use in Single Player. No other mods are required for install. Some features only enabled with its dependent mod installed.


Additions & Changes:


  • Elvish leather set.


  • Chiselable green grass block.
  • Tool Rack varients - Stick, all woods and most metals.
  • Vertical Rack varients - All woods and most metals.
  • Torch Holder varients - Most metals.
  • Paper lanturn recipe.
  • Sod roofing recipe.
  • Grass drops more based on length.
  • Tree seed drop rates increased.
  • Stick drop rates from branchy leaves increased.
  • Breaking stone blocks drops extra stones.
  • Torches and Torch Holders provide a small amount of warmth.
  • Soil Mix - Redone composting.


  • Rogue - Light on their feet, combat focused. Lower health and higher hunger rate.


  • Rolled-sleeve shirt in all cloth colors.
  • Blacksmith shirt.
  • Ranger set - shirt, gloves and boots.
  • Drifter skin set for each drifter type - shirt, pants, gloves and boots.
  • Rogue set - shirt, pants, gloves, boots, cloak, cape and mask.
  • Moon robe.
  • Dark robe.
  • Elvish coat.


  • Direwolves - Large northern wolves. Tameable and ridable with PetAI installed!
  • Gorillas - Large southern animals. With Silverback varient.
  • Prime Locust - Large, rare boss-like creature lurking in the deep.
  • Drifter light level for spawning decreased from 9 to 7.
  • Drifter drops overhaul - Gears, sticks and flax drop from the drifters. Harvest for scrap metal (on some), rot, grubs and their skin.
  • Foxes tameable with PetAI installed.
  • Rams are tameable and ridable with PetAI installed.
  • Trout - Additional fish that swims about.
  • Fish drop "raw fish" rather than being harvestable. Can cut into Fillets.

Food Stuffs:

  • Water is drinkable.
  • Whole cooked fish - Cooked Salmon and Cooked Trout.


  • Rogue House Server Info guide, at the top of the Handbook.
  • Server mod list guide.
  • Claiming guide.
  • Chat Groups guide.
  • Redone pet taming guide.


  • Snow Balls
  • Quivers craftable with Bowyer trait, have 12 slots and can hold spears.
  • 16 more Resonance Archives for the other game music.

Miscellaneous Other Things:

  • Traders HP increased.
  • Traders damage increased.
  • Translocator Engineering Redux parts added to some traders.
  • Temporal gears stackable to 6.
  • Barrels stackable to 16.
  • More efficient smithing recipes.


  • Small grave sites, some with treasure.
  • Surface ruin decoration, some with treasure.
  • Surface bunkers.

World gen:

  • Numerous lakes that connect together to form large bodies of water.
Mod Tweaks:

Note: Changes only load if the mod is installed.

Cats & Wolf Taming:

  • Pets cannot be harvested.
  • Corpses persist for 60 game days before decaying into bones.

Teleportation Runes:

  • Rune and Beacon recipes changed to require Expanded Matter Temporal powder.

Simple Elevators:

  • Temporal dust removed.
  • Elevator recipes changed to require Expanded Matter Temporal powder.

Compatable, should be no conflicts - Partially Compatable, minor conflicts - Not Compatable, breaking conflicts:

All Class altering mods - Same/conflicting changes.

A Culinary Artillery - All good!

Bricklayers - All good!

Buildable Sod - Same changes.

Bunny's Calendar - All good!

Expanded Foods - All good!

Expanded Matter - All good!

Cats - All good!

Chisel Tools - All good!

CraluTweaks - Duplicate stuff, some same changes.

Bullseye - Crashes for some reason.

Dire Wolves - Duplicate stuff.

Fox Taming - Same changes.

More Drifter Loot - Same changes.

More Torch Holders - Duplicate stuff.

Paper Lantern Recipes - Duplicate stuff.

Player Corpse - All good!

Pot On The Shelf - Same changes.

Rackable Firestarter - Same changes.

Simple Elevators - All good!

Tabletop Games - All good!

Teleportation Runes - All good!

Translocator Engineering Redux - All good!

Wolf Taming - All good!

Vanilla Variants - Duplicate stuff.


Rogue House Community PvE Public Server (Search for 'Rogue' in the browser)

    "Here at the Rogue House, we are addicted to chiseling and can stop whenever we want, but we choose not to. We also enjoy immersive survival gameplay with lots of creativity used in building and community play.

Lightly modded. 30 day months. 96 IRL minute days, up from 48. Wind, Temporal Storms & Stability, Underground Farming. World height of 384. 75% Spoil & Hunger rate. No Teleport commands."

Rogue House Discord  -  Support on Ko-fi  -  Subscribe on YouTube

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💬 Avikarr, Jun 10th at 1:37 PM


Thank you for clarification :) Greetings!

💬 RogueRaiden, Jun 9th at 2:29 PM


No mods are needed for this to be installed, most of the tweaks have conditions added so things that depend on mods wont load :)

Correct, its not a modpack. Some tweaks for mods, some new content. There are some guides for my server included, they can be ignored.

The server itself is like a modpack, with this being the set of changes for it.

I'll have to add a list of incompatible mods, as there are a couple.

💬 Avikarr, Jun 8th at 11:00 PM

This looks cool. I'm just starting to use mods overall in VS, so tell me if I understand this :D
Do I need all other mods listed in "Server Mod List", to use this in single player? It's only tweaks for other mods, not modpack, yes?
Thanks in advance :)

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