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Author: Kosher
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Created: Sep 6th
Last modified: Sep 13th
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Gothic-like fast travel system

Tired of walking all day?

Wanna get to your mines faster?

Wanna build home somewhere on еру top of a mountain?

This mod is for you!

Re-imagined in-game traveling system, inspired by Gothic 3.

This mod adds a new way to fast travel - teleportation runes!

It's simple:

1 - Craft Teleportation Beacon.

2 - Craft Rune Stone and bind it to the Beacon.

3 - PROFIT - teleport to your beacon from anywhere.





Look at that floating beauty, wanna have one?

Can be crafted using:

  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Stone blocks - 2x (andesite, granite, basalt)
  • Metal plate (copper, tin bronze, bismuth bronze, black bronze, silver, gold, iron, steel)
  • Temporal gear

Currently have 24 variants, that are based on metal and stone:


Fancy, isn't it?



In order to craft Rune Stone player need to:

1. Create Rune Stone Base - Blacksmith or Molds (copper, tin bronze, bismuth bronze, black bronze, iron, steel)

2. Create Rune Stone Core - Clay Forming (any clay)

3. Create Raw Rune:

  • Rune stone base
  • Rune stone core
  • Knife
  • Temporal gear

4. Burn it at 950 degrees


Rune has different durability and teleporation time based on used metal:

Metal Durability Teleportation Time
Copper 1000 5
Bronze 2000 4
Iron 4000 3
Steel 8000 2

Rune uses 1 durability to teleport user for 10 blocks.

  • Right click on the beacon to bind rune to it.
  • When rune is bound to the beacon hold RMB, to teleport to the beacon.

To be done:

Releases plan

Version 1.1

  • Sounds! Teleport, detach rune, teleportation failed (with a small easter egg)
  • Changes to the balance (teleportation time and durability) based on the feedback
  • "Smart Cancel" - save previously bound beacon, when player "Cancels" binding to a new one (right now rune become un-bound)

Version 1.2

  • Runic backpack


  • Resolved an issue with "Teleport to" text. Now destination of the rune is shown in Info pop-up in inventory.
  • Renamed "Nest" to "Base".
  • Added information about mod items usage into handbook.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.1 85 Sep 13th Show
v1.0.0 98 Sep 6th Show


Polraudio, Sep 10th

Very nice mod! Keep up the awesome work.

Kosher, Sep 9th

@EreticKB, hah, thank you, I'm actually considering an idea to dedicate more time to Vintage Story modding, but to reach same level of greatness as Azanor - I can't even imagine how much effort that would require :D 

EreticKB, Sep 9th

Have we new "Azanor" for Vintage Story? I hope one day you create large magic mod, no worse than Thaumcraft.

Kosher, Sep 8th

Hi @Travisplo! Thanks for the proposition, you're right - this name might be confusing, I've created simple poll to collect a feedback, and based on it will include (or not, but I doubt it) this change to 1.1:

Travisplo, Sep 8th

So, just making sure, the Rune "Nest" is just the Base that the Core sits in, right? Nest sounds a bit wierd as a descriptor for it. Is that a term from Gothic?

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