Mods / Darker Drifter Spawns

Category: #Creatures #Tweak
Author: Zach2039
Side: Both
Created: Jan 12th at 1:39 AM
Last modified: Jan 20th at 7:06 PM
Downloads: 225
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Lowers max light level from 9 to 4 for drifter spawns, making it easier to prevent spawns with artifical light.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.1 95 Jan 20th at 7:06 PM Show
v1.0.0 130 Jan 12th at 1:45 AM Show

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💬 Smile, Jan 21st at 11:04 PM

We removed the mod and they were no longer able to do it.
Not sure then.

💬 Zach2039, Jan 21st at 10:03 PM


It shouldn't. This mod consists of a single patch that accomplishes the light level change shown here; that's it. Source is published if you want to peruse it for confirmation.

💬 Smile, Jan 21st at 8:08 PM

It seems that this mod also allows drifters to open doors for some reason.
Was a shock to people on my server and myself. Just letting you and everyone else know.

💬 Zach2039, Jan 20th at 7:06 PM

rebus Should be fixed now with a less picky dependency on game version.

💬 rebus, Jan 17th at 8:48 PM
<1>"game@1.17.10 - Version mismatch (has 1.17.9)"
I found it, I haven't updated yet.
Thank you, thank.

💬 lait, Jan 17th at 6:29 PM

rebus check the log files, which can be found in the vintagestoryData folder. Without that info it's hard to tell what's causing it.

💬 rebus, Jan 17th at 6:05 PM

"Some mod dependencies cannot be resolved. Please check the log files."
game mod admin message.
What I can do ?

Thank you

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