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Author: Lance
Side: Server
Created: Mar 25th at 8:03 AM
Last modified: Apr 22nd at 5:18 AM
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Latest file for v1.18.1: 1-click install

In order to get a totally monster-free experience, you must start a new game!  If you don't start a new game there's a high chance that locust nests have spawned into your world already.

1) Create new world

2) Click Customize.

3) Disable temporal stability.

4) Disable rifts.

5) Disable temporal storms.

6) Play in peace.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.1.0 175 Apr 22nd at 5:18 AM Show Install now
v1.0.0 118 Mar 25th at 8:10 AM Show Install now

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💬 Lance, Apr 28th at 11:56 AM

Cookieie Glad it's still working for you.  That locust code was moved to a place that didn't sound like it was going to work.  wonderwaffle2k9 As for the monster spawns with other mods -- no I can't do anything about it if you add mods that add their own spawning system.  Thanks NiclAss for confirming you have a spawner system in the mod.

💬 Cookieie, Apr 27th at 8:26 PM

@Lance, I've played nearly 17 hours, So far so good. I do not have "betterruins" and I do not think I will be getting it.  Based on the previous comments.  @Niclass and Wonderwaffle2k9,Thanks for the info.

💬 NiclAss, Apr 27th at 5:32 AM


I don't think that this can be prevented bcs the spawners in the structures are set by betterruins so if vanilla doesnt somehow disable those enitiys somehow. 

💬 wonderwaffle2k9, Apr 27th at 1:43 AM

I downloaded your newest version and started a new game as instructed, but im playing on 1.18.1(Stable) and I had a bell spawn along with the corrupt drifters it summons. I have BetterRuins by NiclAss. Would that cause this issue? The ruin I'm at didn't have a bell prior to installing your mod.

💬 Cookieie, Apr 21st at 11:51 PM

I will wait.   I appreciate your willingness to attempt this task. Have a successful work week. 

💬 Lance, Apr 21st at 10:30 PM

The locust nests generation got moved somewhere else and I can't find them.  I will try to look again when I have time but I'm in the middle of a 4 day 48 hour work week right now and don't have the time to be tracking things down.

💬 Cookieie, Apr 21st at 6:23 PM

I second Rhonus request. Please update the monsters mod for 1.18. With your initial mod you made this game 1000x's better for me with my anxiety issues.  I'd hate to think I wont be able to enjoy all the new goodies coming in 1.18.

💬 Rhonu, Apr 21st at 5:21 PM

I saw that you updated the No Bears mod for 1.18, will you update this one as well please? I started a new world last night and came across a big overhang that was dark enough to spawn locust nests. This mod is a must have for me, I don't mind wildlife but monsters are a big no-no

💬 Mendall, Mar 27th at 6:48 PM

thks fer the answer I think ill try it. would be real nice to be able to build at night without the interuptions


💬 Lance, Mar 26th at 7:11 PM

Mendall if you leave storms on you will probably get spawns then.  Storms are special events that ignore a lot of other rules.  Double headed drifters only spawn during storms as far as I'm aware since their normal spawn behavior is set to zero.

💬 Mendall, Mar 26th at 5:50 PM

I kinda like the monsters but would be nice to have peace at times is it posible with the settings you listed to say for instance leave storms on so you get monsters during storms or perhaps monsters spawn if you go into rust if you leave temporal stability on. is that a thing. It would be nice to explore a cave in peace just once in my life. but I dont want to give up monsters compleetly.


💬 Lance, Mar 26th at 4:54 AM

Cookieie glad it's working for you.  I added a no wolves mod to finish the trifecta if interested.

💬 Cookieie, Mar 26th at 3:15 AM

@Lance, So far so good. 10 hours in and not one monster.  I can not thank you enough for giving us a peaceful world to roam around in.


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