Mods / BetterDrifters- Increased Danger and Loot.

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Author: Mr1k3
Side: Both
Created: Apr 18th at 6:29 AM
Last modified: Aug 14th at 6:14 PM
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Better drifters is a mod that aims to make drifters a little more terrifying. As one of the main enemies its weird that these little guys are a threat at all to anything but your ankles. With this in mind I have increased the tainted, corrupt and nightmare drifter size by about 50% and they are now just barely smaller than the player. The normal and deep drifters had their size increased too by a slightly smaller extent. Nightmare drifters now have a glowing face so you can identify them a little easier so you have a little more time to try and out run them. Now drifters have new sounds and a distinct aggro sound.

Combat tweaks:

  • Drifters have had their health increased from: normal- 12-15, deep- 16-20, tainted- 22-25, corrupt- 30-40, nightmare- 40-65.
  • But have also had their max spawn count decreased from: normal- 14-10, deep- 8-7, tainted- 7-6, corrupt- 6-5, nightmare- 5-3.
  • Now you will face fewer drifters but they are individually more dangerous.
  • In addition their movement speed when chasing you has been increased for every drifter except the normal surface one.
  • Nightmare drifters will chase you so fast you almost cant out walk them, so while you can run away, they will close that gap far faster now.
  • Drifters can now see you from further away depending on tier, for example the surface drifter is unchanged at 14 blocks, while the corrupt drifter can see you from 20 blocks.
  • They also will attack more frequently depending on level, and will attack at a range of rates rather than a fixed one.
  • Normal and deep drifters now deal damage 20 milliseconds later than they used to so you can have more time to dodge them.
  • Drifters now spawn at more distinct heights, now you wont face nightmare drifters but at the deepest of depths.

Loot and cosmetics:

  • Not all is so scary, these drifters will now drop loot much more frequently and as a base you are almost guaranteed to get at least one flax fiber from a surface drifter.
  • Drifters take less time to harvest with a knife and some can just straight up drop metal scrap/parts off of themselves on death.
  • Overall most loot drop rates have been increased to match the difficulty increase, but not so much as to be considered overpowered.
  • Nightmare drifters have a 5% chance to drop their severed spiked arm on death, this weapon deals tons of damage but has a low durability.
  • Drifter size increased, includes hitbox extension.
  • Nightmare drifter looks scarier.
  • Drifters now make idle sounds less frequently because its annoying.
  • Enabled a rare unused idle animation called "despair", its purely cosmetic but I though it was a neat animation for being unused.
  • Now drifters have new sounds and a distinct aggro sound.




Loot examples:




Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v2.0.2 685 Aug 14th at 6:14 PM Show
v2.0.1 567 Apr 28th at 3:34 AM Show
v2.0.0 211 Apr 18th at 6:32 AM Show

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JingShi, Oct 7th at 4:23 PM

Please could you update better drifters to 1.15.6

OmegaHaxors, Sep 25th at 11:04 AM

This dosen't fix the killaura and the fact they stand perfectly still after missing a hit, but it's still a huge step in the right direction for drifter combat. Especially the reduction in passive noise, GOD I hated that. This is a must-download for that reason alone.

Mr1k3, Aug 14th at 6:15 PM

2.0.2 changes:

Enabled new drifter sounds, should be much more pronounced so you can better tell when drifters are near. Also now they have a very distinct aggro sound so you can learn when one is about to charge.

Slightly reduced spawn sizes and chance for lesser drifters so hopefully constant swarms from nowhere are less likely, mixed with their buffs should still have similar difficulty.

Now uses a patch rather than a full file replace, hopefully everything works but sometimes the modmaker does wierd stuff so let me know if something isnt right. But as a plus other mods that modify drifters should work with this mod.

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