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Author: Craluminum
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Created: May 9th at 1:40 PM
Last modified: Aug 27th at 1:32 PM
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Less crafting grid! Huge mod compatibility!

More immersive in-world crafting, such as making dough using placed bucket with water or sealing placed crocks using fat.

Craft using a placed liquid container

Craft items by right-clicking with a solid ingredient on a placed liquid container.

  • Vanilla:
    • Dough (same as in vanilla)
    • Mortar (8x) (1L of slaked lime + 1 sand)
    • Alcohol-soaked bandage (0.2L of aqua vitae + 1 clean bandage)
  • Expanded Foods:
    • Wet shelled soybeans (1L of water + 1 shelled soybeans)
  • Ancient Tools:
    • Dough (same as in vanilla)
  • More Crops:
    • Corn Dough (same as in vanilla)
    • Copper cable (1L of liquid rubber + 1 copper wire)
Craft using a tool on placed block

Craft items by right-clicking with a tool of certain type on the placed block.

  • Vanilla
    • Pineapple slices (12) (use a knife/sword on pineapple)
    • Pumpkin slices (4) (use a knife/sword on pumpkin)
Seal placed crocks

Seal placed crocks on the ground with appropriate items.

  • Wax placed cheese
  • Compatible with each of the following things from any mod:
    • Liquid container (except liquid containers from QPTECH)
    • Crock
    • Tool types

All known compatible mods which also makes the mod more visible in the search:

Known Issues
  • When fat can be placed the same way as crocks, then it cannot seal crocks placed as Quadrants on a block, but it can seal it when placed as a SingleCenter.
    Disable placeability of fat and beeswax in Place Every Item config as a temporary solution.
Configuration file
Configuration file is located in VintagestoryData/ModConfig, it is appeared after loading any world.

InteractionSoundsEnabled (bool): Sets whether to make sound on interaction or not
InteractionParticlesEnabled (bool): Sets whether to spawn particles on interaction or not

Thank you to the following people:

I would be very grateful if anyone contribute to the mod, I have big ambitions about improving and making crafting more immersive.

Documentation on GitHub


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.1.0 1008 Aug 27th at 1:32 PM Show
v1.0.0 1414 May 29th at 4:15 PM Show
v0.0.2 275 Aug 27th at 12:35 PM Show MakeItCompatible-v0.0.2 [Obsolete].zip

3 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Craluminum, Aug 27th at 9:24 AM

1.1.0 version will have a completely new way of adding behaviors to items/blocks, that way will have no mod conflicts and it will not require Make it Compatible anymore

💬 Craluminum, Aug 20th at 11:23 AM

If anyone is waiting for an update, I have no ideas of what new recipes to add. High priority is to find a way how to get rid of Make It Compatible completely. The best way would be to implement new recipe system, but I currently don't have enough experience to do that.

💬 1618, May 10th at 2:09 AM

Love this concept. Metalworking is the best part of the game, grid should be minimal. Thanks.

Wanted to share this example of how to add a mechanical feature. From the game Apico by the great Aavak:

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