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Author: CaptainOats
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Created: Apr 6th
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-Collaborative Classes-

Collaborative Classes is a mod that aims to bring a stronger focus on classes in vintage story. This includes changing the postives and negatives of the classes to be more focused on collaborative gameplay. Many of the classes now specialize in only a few particular things, with a set of negatives to things they are not good at. With the aim of the mod to promote trading and collaboration on servers, I would recommend not playing in single player.
Please note: I would personally say that the one class that is the most useful would be the Engineer whilst the Soldier and Merchant is more for higher populated servers/bigger groups.

Mod Includes:

  • Revamps the classes to be more focused around collaboration and trading within a community.
  • Adds reinforced tools (2x Durability) that require mulitple classes to craft.
  • Engineer can turn Crystalized Ores into Gem Bits for other classes to use in recipes.
  • Merchant can turn Gem Bits into sellable gems.
  • Merchant can convert Temporal Gears into rusty ones with the jewellers kit.
  • Merchant can make smaller denominations of rusty and temporal gears (for player trading)
  • Soldier can craft superior copper and iron weapons
  • Soldier can mend metal armor
  • Gatherer can craft dye which can be made into coloured chiselable blocks
  • Gatherer can craft seeds (quite expensive)
  • Hunter can make bone masks
  • Hunter can mend leather armor
  • Miner can craft a hybrid pick that both mines and can be used as a weapon

Things (Hopefully) To Come:

  • Finish Gem-Cutting Trait & Recipes. Done
  • Bone tools/weapons for hunter. Scraped Idea
  • Seed recipes for gatherer.
  • More Classes Such As Cook. or maybe adding recipes for food to existing classes? Need a coder
  • More Gem Bits recipes for Soldier, Gatherer, Hunter, Miner
  • Additional Items For Soldier. Done
  • Get Feedback=Better Mod?

Potential Issues:

  • Any mod that adds/changes classes or traits WILL clash with this mod. BUT should work with xskills and xlib mods
  • Any mod that edits the game lang file MAY clash with this mod.
  • Reinforced tools won't use other mods crafting recipes.
  • Loading up an old world and opening the traits tab WILL crash your game
  • This mod most likely only works on fresh worlds


  • Thanks to BluryFace for some great models - (
  • If anybody is looking to help or want to make a addon to this mod, absolutely, message me and I will be glad for the help/support


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.0 56 6 days ago Show Collborative Classes
v0.9.5 155 Apr 10th Show
v0.9.0 76 Apr 6th Show


CaptainOats, Apr 7th

@Shardas Thanks for the comment, really appreciate the ideas

Regarding some of the points you made, I was planning on making the cook/chef class have special food recipes that were 'better' than the normal ones (I am sure I can do this). The buff Idea is nice but would requrie proper C# code and i'm a big dumb dumb when it comes to that stuff. The crop idea would be great but sadly there is not a 'attribute' that I can pull from the game that increase actually crop yeilds (unless forage does that but I don't think so).

Merchant does need to be worked on, I was kinda thinking they were a replacement for the 'commoner' as a baseline for the mod but I probably need to make a 'worker' class or something simlair to fill that role. I forgot all about the crude bow and arrows so will have to add them in the next update, but thanks for reminding me.

I'm going to be honest the last point  about XSkills and XLib you made might be beyond my skills though it would be intresting to do.

I might (and this is just a posiblity) make a single player version of the mod with only one or two classes so people can play on their own. <Any feedback on this would be good.

Like I said before, thanks for taking the time to comment.

Shardas, Apr 7th

This is a great idea to have for a group of friends to play and advance. Makes me wish I had a group of friends to play it with. I will say having a Chef/Cook class is pretty useless unless you plan to give a much better saturation buff or extra benefits. You can make a farmer class that gets a bonus from crop and animal harvesting with a cooking buff to make more of a "stay at base to feed everyone" class.

I also think Merchant isn't viable as a class because it's dependant on generation and it wouldn't be practical for bigger servers. Does the hunter also have the Bowyer skill to make crude arrows and bow?

Have you thought of making this compatible with XSkills or adding an XLib menu so classes can improve? Like adding traits/skills from another class when you gain enough experience so there is more depth than just forever stuck as a miner?

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