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Author: Mr1k3
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Created: Apr 6th
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WeaponPack alpha Standard currently adds 7 new weapon types with metal variants. Standard version does not change tool recipes.

Incompatable with hardcore version

Weapons are now gated to certain types due to material limits which adds a fun dynamic to progressing though the ages. For example the khopesh can only be cast in a clay mold and is a starter weapon, as such its not able to be made from iron+ metals. More info can be found below.

Standard still includes recipes for resin by using a knife on a pine log in the grid.





The Macuahuitl is not only hard to spell it also packs quite the punch! This Aztec club weapon can be crafted traditionally from obsidian or with flint. The Macuahuitl has almost metal-like damage due to its extremely sharp teeth, they are brittle however so its durability is quite low. The obsidian version offers more damage at the cost of durability, and the flint version is the other way around.



This Egyptian sickle-sword can only be cast from copper ore bronze, its stats reflect its simplicity to craft. Has an above average wood/plant mining speed.



Relive the past with this roman gladius, It can only be forged on an anvil in copper/bronze and it must be hafted. Offers better stats than the khopesh because it needs an anvil.



The machete can be forged out of any tool metal, it is equal parts weapon and tool. While offering lower damage its ability to shred through wood and plants gives it a unique home in dense jungles.



This spear is unthrowable to its standard counterpart, it offers superior range and striking damage, its damage is lower than a thrown spear however. It can be made of any tool metal.



This polearm must be made of high-end materials, its more expensive to forge, and offers less range but more damage compared to a heavy spear.



Now this is a longblade! Must be made of high-end materials. This sword offers good range, damage and durability.

I need feedback on balance, feel like something is too grindy or powerful? Let me know!

I already have some plans for new weapons (throwing spear), and the heavy spear attacking speed and animations are placeholder for now.

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v1.1.0 110 Apr 6th Show ST-AlphaWeaponPack1.1.0 .zip


Shardas, Apr 7th

Any plans on adding new bows such as metal reinforced short, long, or recurve bows? I hate how there is only the basic bow in the game and better damage arrows are all consumable to having a better pound draw weight bow to make flint arrows do some good damage and metal arrows hit even harder. I know you have the better archery mod but a better bow progression would feel nicer to make a play style out of. 

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