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Category: #Crafting #Magic #QoL
Author: llama3013
Side: Both
Created: Apr 13th at 9:01 AM
Last modified: 3 days ago
Downloads: 3527

This mod adds some potions that enhance the player. Currently these are: Archer's Flask, Fighter's Flask, Healing Oil, Hunter's Delight, Looter's Delight, Miner's Flask, Potent Oil, Purging Brew, Predator Pheromones, Scent Mask, Settling Brew, Spiked Oil, Sprinter's Flask

The server bug has been fixed. Thanks to SingABrightSong and NalaIsCool for server testing. If anymore problems arise let me know.

Version 1.2.2 changes the potion from item to block so all potions previously created will not port over.

Some notes:

  • This mod is currently balanced slightly better than before but some of it may still be overpowered. Balancing suggestions are welcome.
  • Mining potion increases mining speed only on stone and ores.
  • Poison and Regen potion poison/heal you over time.
  • Potion effects disapear after restarting the game or dying.
  • Potion bases and potion flasks are required to make potions.
  • The ingredients to make potions bases other than the basic one are currently just different combinations of flowers with a mortar & pestle.
  • All the recipes should be in the handbook. (search for "potion").
  • The Wild Farming mod is reccomended if you want a renewable source of flowers. (I have tested it and it seems to work)
  • Any bugs or suggestion please go to my forum post or my github page.
  • Should be compatible with most mods although I haven't tested it with many.
  • You can not drink the same potion when you already have the potion's effects active.


Big thanks to Cynthal for making the new potion flasks, herb racks and mortar & pestle shape, creating better names for potions and cover art.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.3.8 87 3 days ago Show
v1.3.7 571 Sep 11th at 6:00 AM Show
v1.3.6 640 Jul 24th at 7:02 AM Show
v1.3.5 356 Jun 7th at 4:19 AM Show
v1.3.4 178 May 30th at 12:15 AM Show
v1.3.3 282 May 13th at 4:32 AM Show
v1.3.2 112 May 12th at 8:03 AM Show
v1.2.2 370 Apr 21st at 1:19 AM Show
v1.2.1 118 Apr 19th at 8:18 AM Show
v1.2.0 91 Apr 19th at 3:36 AM Show
v1.1.4 149 Apr 15th at 1:27 PM Show
v1.1.2 108 Apr 15th at 2:48 AM Show
v1.1.1 80 Apr 15th at 1:48 AM Show
v1.1.0 80 Apr 15th at 1:34 AM Show
v1.0.2 116 Apr 14th at 3:25 AM Show
v1.0.1 82 Apr 14th at 12:18 AM Show
v1.0.0 106 Apr 13th at 11:17 AM Show

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llama3013, 3 days ago

update 1.3.8 adds a russian translation to the mod. Big thanks to ZigTheHedge for making the translation and sending it too me.

llama3013, May 31st at 6:49 AM

@Ravenrune Yes the updates on this page will be for 1.14.10. Until 1.15.+ is in a stable build and is added as an option for moddb.

EDIT: Currently the latest updates are for the latest vintage story release 1.15.2

Ravenrune, May 30th at 1:49 PM

Is the update on this page still for 1.14.10?

llama3013, May 26th at 8:06 AM

I have updated the mod to v1.15.0-pre.1 but I cannot set the download's game version to 1.15.0-pre.1 so I have put the download into the homepage forum.

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