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Created: May 9th at 1:40 PM
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Crafting grid should die! Less crafting grid! Huge mod compatibility!

Requires Make It Compatible

Documentation on GitHub

  • Ability to craft items by clicking with a solid ingredient on a placed liquid container:
    • Vanilla:
      • Dough (1L of water + 1 flour)
      • Mortar (8x) (1L of slaked lime + 1 sand)
      • Alcohol-soaked bandage (0.2L of aqua vitae + 1 clean bandage)
    • Expanded Foods:
      • Wet shelled soybeans (1L of water + 1 shelled soybeans)
    • Ancient Tools:
      • Dough (same as above)
    • More Crops:
      • Corn Dough (same as above)
  • Ability to seal placed crocks on the ground using fat or beeswax, also from mods:

Except liquid containers from QPTech, because their liquid containers are not implemented according to European the base game standard

Known Issues
Github #1893: Cannot seal a placed crock with fat when Place Every Item is installed. It is caused by the bugs in base game patching system

Thank you to the following people:

  • Xytabich: For inspiration (some part of code is copied and edited from Glassmaking code)
  • SuperFunRazors: Code consultation
  • G3rste: Code consultation
  • Taska: Code consultation
  • VinterNacht: Code consultation
  • Melchior: Code consultation
  • Xel: Code consulation
  • Apache: Inspiration

I would be very grateful if anyone contribute to the mod, I have big ambitions about improving and making crafting more immersive.

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v0.0.1 68 May 9th at 1:59 PM Show

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1618, May 10th at 2:09 AM

Love this concept. Metalworking is the best part of the game, grid should be minimal. Thanks.

Would like more in depth description.

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