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Author: Zach2039
Side: Both
Created: May 5th at 9:24 PM
Last modified: May 23rd at 3:08 AM
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Latest file for Various v1.19.x: 1-click install

Toolworks Additions

An unofficial Toolworks addon. Requires Toolworks


This mod includes patches and additional functionality to Crupette's Toolworks.

Changes include:

  • Add any color leather as a binding material, of durability 475.

  • Make handles ground storable against a wall.

  • Make tool heads and parts use vanilla's global tool durability modifier.

  • Fix crash when right-clicking with glue pot in air.

  • Fix resin glue recipe; made resin glue reheatable.

  • Fix compatibility issue with ExpandedFoods that prevented resin glue from being crafted.

  • Fix compatibility issue with XSkills that prevented toolheads from being placed.

  • Fix compatibility issue with ProspectTogether that prevented prospecting results from being recorded properly.

  • Add additional compatibility with AncientTools, StillNecessaries, PrimitiveSurvival, and TailorsDelight. Credits to ErisLuna!

  • Add any metal nails and strips as a binding material, of varying durabilities. Credits to ErisLuna!

  • Fix compatibility issue with MorePiles that prevented sticks and bones from being placed if vanilla storage behavior was disabled.

  • Change behavior of glued bindings to allow drop after tool break.

  • Add toolhandles of wood from Wildcraft Trees. Thanks to gabb!

  • Add compatibility with DanaTweaks ScytheMore module.

  • Add compatibility with SurvivalExpanded, fixing tool power with Toolworks tools.

Config Settings (VintageStoryData/ModConfig/ToolworksAdditions.json)

  • PatchToolworksCollectibleBehaviorToolGluingOnHeldInteractStart: Enables or disables harmony patch that fixes crash with using gluing items on nothing/air; defaults to true.

  • PatchToolworksCollectibleBehaviorToolBindingOnToolBreak: Enables or disables harmony patch that changes tool break behavior of glued bindings; defaults to true.

  • PatchToolworksCollectibleBehaviorProspectingPrintProbeResults: Enables or disables harmony patch that adds compatibility with ProspectTogether; defaults to true.

  • ApplyToolDurabilityConfigToToolHeads: Enables or disables vanilla's tool durability modifier for tool heads; defaults to true.

  • ApplyToolDurabilityConfigToToolParts: Enables or disables vanilla's tool durability modifier for tool parts; defaults to true.

Future Plans

  • None, atm.

Known Issues

  • If you have an existing config file and use v1.3.0, you must remove your config file and let it regenerate. Failing to do so will result in handles of incorrect durability.

  • Resin glue pot will not display item description properly, listing contents as "unknown" instead. This seems to be a vanilla bug related to cooking recipes that use dirtyPot: true and item descriptions on dirtyPotOutput.

  • [Error] [toolworks] Exception: Could not load file or assembly 'butchering... is an error related to Toolworks trying to load Butchering's DLL no matter if enabled or not; I am unsure if I can fix this or if Toolworks will need to be updated.


  • All credit for Toolworks goes to Crupette. Crupette has given me permission to publish this addon mod.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.3.2 581 May 23rd at 3:08 AM Show Install now
v1.3.1 59 May 23rd at 12:37 AM Show Install now
v1.3.0 149 May 17th at 3:50 PM Show Install now
v1.2.1 121 May 12th at 3:19 PM Show Install now
v1.2.0 232 May 8th at 11:16 PM Show Install now
v1.1.1 97 May 6th at 9:53 PM Show Install now
v1.1.0 87 May 6th at 5:13 AM Show Install now
v1.0.0 63 May 5th at 9:26 PM Show Install now

33 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Pine, 12 minutes ago

Please add compat for dapple groves!

💬 Hemril, 2 days ago

I'm not entirely sure how the fix works for MorePiles, since it won't let me stack sticks. Just lets me place them on the ground with the default keybindings. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Nevermind, it was a base game update that messed with that for 1.19.8. The Don't Place Sticks and Bones mod in More Piles comments seems to re-enable piling for those as best I can figure.

💬 LarekFlynn, 5 days ago

Zach2039 seconding the request for compatability with In Dappled Groves

💬 Dr_Cummies, Jun 9th at 5:31 PM

Hi, I tried contacting the toolworks modder but theyve been radio silent. I uploaded an incompatability with indapple groves on the main toolworks comments which includes information i think would help speed up a patch. By any chance could you please patch in dapple groves and this mod? Thank you. @Zach2039

💬 Maamessu, Jun 3rd at 6:04 PM

Toolheads on the Still Necessaries grindstone need their transforms and positions tweaked. At the moment some of them like to float quite a distance away from the grindstone itself when placed on it. The scythe is a big culprit.

💬 T_R_O_L_E, Jun 3rd at 11:37 AM

Hi, could you please add compatibility with In Dappled Groves mod

Thank you very much

💬 Zach2039Author, May 29th at 7:50 PM


Are you using a toolworks saw or a vanilla saw? I saw this issue as well, in our game, after switching to Toolworks tools mid-game. You will need to make a Toolworks saw. There are plans to create fallback recipes for vanilla saws and other tools to avoid these issues.

💬 Annastasija, May 29th at 5:57 AM

For some reason, the recipe for the handles made using two logs and a saw, just wants to make boards.. the only wood I can get it to work with is birch

💬 rboys2, May 24th at 11:15 AM

Any possibility with adding compatibility with CAN Crops?
From what I can tell, CAN overrides default hoes to make farmland into a "Farmland (CAN)" variant when tilling the ground, the toolworks hoes dont make the variant farmland.
Or is this more of a thing to report to that mod?

💬 Aerra, May 23rd at 12:53 AM

Legendary :) Thanks a ton!

💬 Zach2039Author, May 23rd at 12:38 AM


Done, with v1.3.1.

💬 MrTango, May 22nd at 9:50 PM

Would be cool if expanded foods flax oil could be used like linseed oil.

Also, had a bug; picked up a rough hew raw handle from ground storage and i got a clone.

💬 Aerra, May 22nd at 8:16 PM

Thank you so much for this <3

I think someone mentioned it in the toolworks comments already, but compatibility with the scythe tweaks from Dana Tweaks would be lovely :)

💬 menoleyanea, May 21st at 3:11 PM

it'd be really cool to see compatibility with Geology Additions! i saw that toolworks previously had compatibility with it but seems like it was a hassle to implement, just dropping a message here to see if anything comes out of it, thanks for the awesome compat patches!

💬 Maamessu, May 20th at 6:33 PM

Could we get compatibility with Ancient Armoury? Would be awesome to see some support for weapon mods too!

💬 gndrneutralnoun, May 18th at 8:02 PM

Could you potentially give us a config option to re-enable vanilla recipes for compatibility fallback reasons? Mainly for recipes that require tools. Thank you for this addon, really appreciate it :D

💬 Zach2039Author, May 17th at 5:48 PM

Tracking a known issue with Toolworks and v1.3.0 of Toolworks Additions here. Make sure to remove your existing config files when moving to v1.3.0, or else handles will have incorrect durability defined in the config.

💬 Wolfzank, May 9th at 3:26 AM


Perfect! The new durability on nails seems fine to me too

Seriously, thank you so much for all the work ^^ you rock pal

💬 Zach2039Author, May 8th at 11:27 PM


I've included a patch with v1.2.0, which is enabled by default, that changes glued binding behavior to allow them to drop now. Note that they will not keep their glued durability on drop. If it breaks, it turns back into the original item with equal damage, precentage-wise, to the glued version with original max durability (so no infinite bindings from glue 🙂).


Also, with v1.2.0, is a change to buff default durability of nails and strips by 150, plus the addition of cupronickel. If any durability feels bad, be sure to view Toolworks.json to adjust default settings and/or use vanilla's toolDurabilityMultiplier world setting.

💬 Wolfzank, May 8th at 8:47 PM


Okay, I tried copper nails without the glue and they dropped when the head/handle broke, so I guess it must be the glue?

Edit: Tested using meteoric iron nails (the type I used on the other tools) in case it had to do with the type of nail and they dropped to on tool break, so pretty sure it's the glue

💬 Zach2039Author, May 8th at 6:58 PM


Not intended. Let me take a look and see what is up.

EDIT: I wonder if glue is messing with durability in such a way that items that get the glue buff are not being returned. Do nails and strips not reinforced with glue behave in a similar way?

💬 Wolfzank, May 8th at 1:43 PM

Aloha again, dunno if it's intended, but when a tool bound using nails & strips breaks with durability left on the nails, these don't drop. Happened to me twice, in both cases the handle broke and didn't drop the nails back, only the head. They were improved using pitch glue

💬 Heckacoolmon, May 7th at 11:50 AM

Oh I didn't realize that this mod added in the fittings values to the original mod's config file, I thought it would be in the toolworks addon file.  I will play around with the values but I think just doubling the current ones would be a good start.

💬 Zach2039Author, May 7th at 9:27 AM

If parts durability isn't what you want, you can adjust it via Toolworks' config. I can give a balance pass on the defaults with next release but I recommend using the config in the meantime. Let me know what you think default values should be, if you have suggestions.

💬 ManaWei, May 7th at 6:53 AM

metal in handles would be an issue then.. 

💬 Heckacoolmon, May 7th at 3:45 AM

I really like the addtion of using the nails and strips as bindings but I think the durabality values on them are a little low, tin-bronze is only 400, which is less than leather straps and abut the same as twine, which just doesn't feel right.  Do you think they could be increased?

💬 Wolfzank, May 6th at 7:10 AM


Thanks a lot again ^^

💬 Zach2039Author, May 6th at 5:21 AM


Done; I will be testing it out in a multiplayer setting soon, but it seemed to work locally.



I'll see what I can do. I might be able to patch with harmony to check for toolhead breaking specifically; otherwise, you'd get refunded metal bits when any part breaks I would think.

💬 Wolfzank, May 6th at 1:35 AM

Aloha, first of all, thanks for creating this mod! Second, I commented a while ago on the Toolworks page that the mod's prospecting picks don't work with Prospect Together (they don't generate the mod's readings, only vanilla ones).  If compatibility could be added through this mod that'd be great ^^.

💬 Zach2039Author, May 6th at 12:32 AM

Sure do. Sent you a discord PM.

💬 ErisLuna, May 6th at 12:17 AM

Hey!  I've got a ton of changes I've added for a few other compatibilities, want them?

💬 GON, May 5th at 11:31 PM

Thank you for this

💬 ManaWei, May 5th at 10:05 PM

why don't you add in compatibility with AnvilMetalRecovery ? might be a ton of work but it would be a good match..

(edit comment delete)