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Author: Medvhe
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Created: Mar 7th at 8:19 PM
Last modified: 9 hours ago
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Latest file for v1.19.8: 1-click install

This mod tweaks all the unused vanilla weapon models, and integrates them into the latest version for the game. (1.19.8)

All items should be fully craftable, some with semi custom animations, like the claymore.

Many of the original models are rescaled, balanced, and tweaked to better fit the games style, and gameplay.

The mod is a relatively early build for now, and some issues might occur, however I did test it, and it should in theory function as expected.

I hope you enjoy the weapons!


Update note summary:


Axes have proper hit timing now.

The Longsword now swings faster than the Claymore.

Added a Falchion.


Added Ukrainian by request, thanks to DeanBro!

Added further crafting functionality to the Warhammer, and all Axes.

(ore crushing, log chopping)


The first proper release!

  • Fixed every issue that I have found (hopefully most/all).
  • Axes, Knives have decreased plant cutting speed, for more balance.
  • Sword smithing was slightly reworked.
  • Some weapon crafting heads/blades were rescaled and readjusted.

(xskills should still be compatible.)

This should be a first "complete" release, I hope you enjoy it!


(In the future I might restrict the weapon crafting, by making the ruined variants necessary to be found.)

If there are any bugs, or you feel something should be improved, please feel free to give feedback!

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.0.2 60 9 hours ago Show Install now
v1.0.1 2270 Jun 4th at 5:44 PM Show Install now
v1.0.0 5570 Mar 16th at 6:12 PM Show Install now
v0.9.7 711 Mar 11th at 3:40 PM Show Install now
v0.9.5 365 Mar 10th at 3:06 PM Show Install now
v0.9.4 626 Mar 7th at 8:40 PM Show Install now

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💬 MedvheAuthor, 19 hours ago



Because of life stuff I had less time to work on the mod lately, but the speed of the longword has been bothering me as well (tho it should take one less hit to kill things with it, but) I do want to make it faster in the next update, however I'm not sure that alone will be enough for a release. So that should be in the next update :)

I might work on releasing the new update with configlib support + faster ls swing + and maybe a new falchion, just need to have time.



I may or may not have added that as an oversight, I don't think its possible to use it for that, I'll prob remove those.

💬 GVLT, 1 day ago

Hi, I see that claymore have stats for wood cutting and leaf cutting. But how do I use it for that purpose?

💬 RanOutOfSpac, 1 day ago

Hey there! First of all, this is currently my favorite weapon mod on here that I've found, so fantastic job.

I was just wondering if there's a way I can edit attack speed for weapons myself? I found range, damage, tiers even mining speed, but for the life of me I can't find attack speed in the files. I personally find the balancing a bit out of whack after doing some testing in creative mode. The Longsword you made is my favorite by far and the unique animation that goes with is great too, but testing shows that it's extremely slow speed makes it inferior to weapons that have the default animations still by quite a bit. The hits to kill is basically the same as much faster weapons too. Basically I wanna just edit attacks speeds to what I think is balanced without bothering you about it IF possible. Again, fantastic work. This is legit the weapon mod I've been waiting for. 

💬 Vexin_Irso, Jun 21st at 12:49 PM


I was thinking something like a falchion? Maybe a Spatha?

💬 MedvheAuthor, Jun 18th at 6:54 PM


a !



I could definitely try my hand at making more models, I only specifically made the longsword for VS so far, what do you have in mind?

(I might not have a lot of time for it lately, but I might spare some for the mod again)

💬 Vexin_Irso, Jun 17th at 2:44 PM

This is so sexy. Are you open to commissions/adding more swords??? Love it dude.

💬 DUCATISLO, Jun 4th at 6:49 PM


💬 MedvheAuthor, Jun 4th at 2:20 PM



I will add it to the mod, this patch will only have the language addition nevermind I added the wh, and axe crafting.


I will definitely try to add more balancing tweaks, crafting, as well as mod compatibility later down the line, sadly I've been a bit busy lately, so the mod will have to wait a bit.

I will also look into ConfigLib later on.

I hope you enjoy it so far, and if any major issue comes up with the mod (like sth breaking from updates) please let me know!

💬 YourAverageJoe, May 29th at 5:06 AM


Wanted to say, love that you've added the ruined weapons into the game with different metal tiers. This is just about exactly what I was looking for with melee weapons (plenty of great options already out there for ranged weapons).

Two questions:

1) will you consider rebalancing/making these weapons compatible with vanilla tools/weapons and other mods, such as Bullseye? Adjusting weapon speeds (khanjar faster than a sabre to offset attack range, for example)? 

2) any thought to allowing user configuration, like ConfigLib? 

I imagine it's been quite a bit of work just to get this off the ground as it is, but figured I'd ask to see what the roadmap for this mod is like.

💬 DeanBro, May 25th at 7:57 AM

Hello! I have translated your mod.



💬 SpacemanSpliff, Apr 9th at 10:22 PM

I really enjoy this mod. Thank you for your work.

💬 MedvheAuthor, Apr 7th at 5:58 PM


Thank you!
I might add those crafting features to the items later, when I get some time again!

For now, at least the vanilla items still beat them in those areas, might not even be a bad thing.



I only did some light testing, but the mod should work fully with 1.19.7.

If you find any issues please let me know however!

💬 Felkin25, Apr 7th at 5:24 AM


It works for the 1.19.7?

💬 Zxerre, Apr 4th at 9:08 PM

These feel great, looking amazing, and are customizable in the config files.

I like using these over their vanilla counterparts, but they don't seem to work in the crafting grid. The warhammer doesn't crush ore from mining, the axes don't chop logs into firewood, and I think its a mod but the knives don't work for cutting firewood into sticks.

💬 Moby_, Mar 14th at 2:24 PM

niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice, they look so good!

💬 Mendall, Mar 12th at 11:12 PM

Holy cow those weapons are beautiful, I want these if only to decorate with. Great work.

💬 CKitt, Mar 11th at 3:53 PM

Wow, that was fast! I'll give it a try tonight, I've been delighted with your mod so far.

💬 MedvheAuthor, Mar 11th at 3:10 PM


The warhammer also functions as a smithing hammer now :)

(I also added a longsword of my own design.)

💬 CKitt, Mar 10th at 4:29 PM

So far, I've been enjoying it quite a lot! Even though I've only used 0.9.4 so far, the change in experience between the falx and warhammer has been great. It's such a minor thing, but it feels better to use that than the falx.

💬 MedvheAuthor, Mar 10th at 3:49 PM


I would gladly look into making it a smithing hammer + the current functionality.

I won't be able to work on the mod for at least 1 or 2 days, but I will see into it!

I hope you enjoy it so far!

💬 CKitt, Mar 10th at 3:41 PM

I saw your newest patchnotes, about the various axes being able to be used as normal for cutting wood, and I have to ask: any plan to make the warhammer also work as a smithing hammer? It wouldn't be particularly useful, but it would sure entertain me to swing that around to smith items!

💬 CKitt, Mar 8th at 9:53 PM

I can have a warhammer in Vintage Story? Even if it's basically just a different model and functions as the same metal tier of falx in terms of damage? Sold! I look forward to trying your mod this evening.

💬 MedvheAuthor, Mar 8th at 5:10 PM



It should work in 1.19.3, but the only version I truly tested is 1.19.4, so no guarantees,  if you do test it, I would be very thankful!

💬 MedvheAuthor, Mar 8th at 5:07 PM



I didn't really consider xskills compatibility yet, but I do believe it should work.

bearded axes, battle axes, and the bardiche work as normal axes, so most likely should work with Tool Mastery,
gladius, arming sword, claymore, sabre, flanged mace, morningstar, spiked mace, warhammer should work with Swordsman,
dagger, stiletto, khanjar, and baselard are all knives, so most likely Tool Mastery,
boar, voulge, fork, and ranseur are set as spears, so they should work with Spearman
Keep in mind, I haven't really tested the mod with xskills, so this is not certain, if I am wrong please give feedback and I will gladly work towards better compatibility!
💬 DUCATISLO, Mar 8th at 4:18 PM

i think some day this might get official like getting blue prints on the recipe to make these weapons

💬 wojtek16, Mar 8th at 3:30 PM

Do you know if you might back port this or if it works in 1.19.3? I can test it out in singlplayer and can try to get it going on my friend's server to test if you think it might work :)



💬 umbrage, Mar 8th at 3:04 PM

This looks fantastic. 😎

💬 ShanaLarisar, Mar 8th at 2:22 PM

Is this compatible with xskills, and if so could you list which weapons would benefit from which perks?

Love the mod so far!

💬 MedvheAuthor, Mar 7th at 11:38 PM


I was definitely inspired by Lore Weapons, and wanted to make my own rendition of implementing these unused weapons.

I really loved what LWs was trying to accomplish, however I think it's a bit rough around the edges and quite a few necessary features are missing, like a proper translation, fitting animations for the weapons, the weapons sizes were not consistent, and generally too big, maces were not implemented. In it's current state Lore Weapons is not working properly with the current game versions, and the mod has not been updated since june last year. So I decided to make my own mod of the idea.

I gave every weapon an animation that was most fitting to its size, I scaled all of them differently compared to LW, to fit the characters hands better, gave the larger weapons such as the claymore, voulge, ranseur etc. an idle animation. (The shovel over shoulder rest). Some of the weapons are restricted by metal types, for example: arming sword, claymore, sabre etc. can only be made in iron and up.

The claymore now uses two hands to swing, the balancing in this mod is also similar to vanilla, but the weapons are better differentiated by damage here, there are generally more balance differences between the weapons. I sadly didn't exactly follow a change log as this project was admittedly quite ad hoc.

I plan to further balance the weapons, and most likely bring different smithing recipes to my current ones.

In short: the idea is the same, the implementation is imo visibly different.

I hope my answer was at least somewhat useful!

💬 dotyerts, Mar 7th at 10:35 PM

Hello, I'm curious about the differences in your mod in comparison to the mod Lore Weapons - Vintage Story Mod DB . Thank you

Thank you

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