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Category: #Crafting #QoL #Storage #Tweak
Author: Craluminum
Side: Both
Created: Feb 21st at 7:01 PM
Last modified: Jul 29th at 9:38 AM
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Various QoL tweaks.

Everything in the mod can be configured through configuration file.

For "dough using jug" recipe use Immersive Crafting.

Drop wallpapers

Hit the side with the wallpaper attached to get it back


More carryable blocks (Carry Capacity required):
  • Bunch'o'candles
  • Chandelier
  • Clay oven
  • Flowerpots
  • Forge
  • Leaking resin (disabled by default)
  • Mold racks
  • Molds
  • Shelves
  • Tool racks
  • Torch holder


Infinite trader money

Sets max trader money as 999999

  • Place firestarter on tool rack
  • Place pies and pots on shelf
  • Scrap metal block to metal plates, torch holders to metal bits
  • Use planks in pit kiln
  • Visually glowing arrows and spears (disabled by default)
  • Pick up bony remains using right-click
Configuration file

Configuration file is located in VintagestoryData/ModConfig, it is appeared after loading any world.

• starts with "Carryable": Whether allow to carry a block or not
DropWallpapersEnabled: Whether or not drop wallpapers attached to the block
• InfiniteTraderMoneyEnabled: Sets max trader money as 999999
• PickUpBonesEnabled: Pick up bony remains that animals leave after butchering using right-click
ScrapRecipesEnabled: Whether or not be able to scrap metal block into metal plates and torch holder into metal bits
UsePlanksInPitKilnEnabled: Whether or not allow to use planks in pit kiln as well as sticks
VisuallyGlowingArrowsAndSpearsEnabled: Highlights lying arrows and spears as hardened metal (disabled by default)


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.2 1236 Jul 29th at 9:38 AM Show
v1.0.1 2101 Mar 17th at 2:06 PM Show
v1.0.0 718 Feb 21st at 7:25 PM Show

10 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 TheNiteFox, Oct 25th at 5:23 AM

This mod still works perfectly fine with the Original CarryCapacity, and the Original CarryCapacity still works perfectly fine in 1.17.9 (: Just so everyone knows. Though it would be cool if you could add compatability with ancient tools in the future to be able to carry the leakypines you can make from ancient tools knife scorging. 

💬 Heebeejeebees, Oct 24th at 6:14 AM


It might be easier to tell you what the fork does. Oomf tells me the fork only lets her carry chests, vessels and anvils. So if your mod depends on a particular item which has a conditional match with tree resin, that might be the problem, which would be resolved by the fork author fixing it.

💬 Craluminum, Oct 23rd at 11:10 AM


Does any other mod that has carryable blocks work with new Carry Capacity? 

💬 Heebeejeebees, Oct 23rd at 4:03 AM

There is a new version of CarryCapacity that had been released by NerdScurvy but their mod is incompatible with this. Either CarryCapacity becomes configurable with a ModConfig file or you have to add a condition which accounts for code in this version of the mod so carrying leaky trees is a thing with this new fork of CC.

💬 Craluminum, Aug 2nd at 10:06 AM

I forgot to remove them or you haven't loaded any world since update

💬 Kirona, Aug 2nd at 6:31 AM

In the config, I'm wondering what these do: AdjustWithRightClickEnabled, LazyKnappingClayformingEnabled

💬 Craluminum, Jul 29th at 9:04 AM

This mod is compatible with 1.17, I just want to release a new version that removes some tweaks (one of them become obsolete in 1.17)

💬 Devestatio, Jul 28th at 11:27 PM

Craluminum Most of your mods say they are compatible with 1.17, but this main file with all of them in one, doesn't say it is. Should we use the seperate files instead?

💬 BlueFuryDragon, Apr 24th at 10:05 PM

How do you enable the enabled stuff? I do not know how to edit files like these.

💬 HersheysWaffles, Feb 22nd at 5:23 PM

Does the mod still require CarryCapacity if the features dependant on it are disabled?

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