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Author: Teppich
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Created: Jul 14th 2022 at 6:26 AM
Last modified: Jun 26th at 8:55 PM
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Latest file for v1.18.5: 1-click install


Beeswax Candles - Melt beeswax to a liquid state and resolidify it to a purified block of beeswax. Add a flax fiber to 2 beeswax blocks to make a beeswax candle.

  • Liquid beeswax provides some nutritional properties - each drink provides 150 saturation and 1 health.
  • 10 litres of liquid beeswax will dry to 5 litres of dried beeswax.

Lard Candles - Melt fat to a liquid state and resolidify it to a purified block of lard. Add a flax fiber to 2 hardened lard blocks to make a lard candle.

  • All vanilla candle assets have been renamed to reflect the lard as the primary ingredient for these candles.
  • All information regarding lard and hardened lard (and the saucepan and cauldrons) can be found within the assets and handbook entries for A Culinary Artillery and Expanded Foods.

Soy Candles - Rehydrate dried soybean mash with soybean oil and allow it to solidify into a block of soywax. Add a flax fiber to 2 soywax blocks to make a soywax candle.

  • Liquid soywax provides nutritional properties, albeit less than liquid beeswax - each drink provides 50 saturation.
  • Blocks of soywax will begin to rot after 18 months.
  • 10 litres of liquid soywax will dry to 5 litres of dried soywax.

Use the saucepan to simmer up to 4 servings of lard and wax, the small cauldron to simmer up to 25 servings, and the cauldron to simmer up to 32 servings.

Colored Candles - Submerge any plain candle into 2L of any dye to create dyed candles.

Handbook - More Candles: Your Candles and You! and More Candles: Candle Chromaturgy have been added to the handbook to provide more information regarding the assets in this mod.

  • A warning has been added to the bottom of More Candles: Your Candles and You! regarding the dried assets.
  • Current lang files in EN
  • Several translations of the EN lang file are in work by the wonderful people at the Crowdin Vintage Story projects

Lighting Fixtures - Wood lanterns from Primitive Survival and vanilla lanterns are grid compatible with all three base and colored candle assets. All candle types utilize their own bunch'o'candles, which retrieve their respective candle types when broken. All base and colored candles are currently compatible with vanilla chandeliers only, and also retrieve their respective candle types when broken.

  • While all candles can be used for wood and vanilla lanterns, currently only the vanilla candle shows up in the lantern display.

Lighting Objects - The oil lamp is now grid compatible with liquid lard and waxes, and now requires a torch to light.

  • The vanilla oil lamp asset no longer uses fat and a bowl.

Waxed Cheese - Place a bowl of liquid beeswax or soywax on either side of a wheel of raw cheese in the grid to coat the cheese in the wax and prep it for aging.

  • The vanilla beeswax asset can no longer be used to cover cheese wheels.
  • Crafting Mechanic: Cheesemaking has been patched to reflect this change.

Traders - Dried beeswax and dried soywax have been added to the Agriculture and Commodities sell lists, and the Artisan buy list. Beeswax candles and soywax candles have been added to the Treasure Hunter buy list.

  • Handbook entries for dried beeswax and soywax do not show that assets are purchased by Artisan traders, only that they are sold by Agriculture and Commodities traders.
  • Colored variants are not on any trader lists.

More Candles is dependent upon A Culinary Artillery and Expanded Foods for versions 1.0.1 and above. More Candles is compatible with Primitive Survival and Bricklayers. If you are looking for a simpler candle experience and don't want to or cannot install A Culinary Artillery and Expanded Foods (that's almost 6K KB!), More Candles 1.0.0 has both beeswax and fat candles that do not require any other crafting items besides the wax or fat.

Updates for More Candles will probably occur around updates for mods for which More Candles is dependent or compatible, or with major updates provided by Anego Studios.

If you have issues or errors with this mod, please use the More Candles github.



A huge thanks to l33tmaan for his work on Expanded Foods and A Culinary Artillery and for his assistance and collaboration with More Candles.

A huge thanks to Spang for his work on Primitive Survival and for his assistance and collaboration with More Candles.

A huge thanks to CaptainOats for his groundwork and assistance with the colored lards and waxes.

Thanks also to Anego Studios, Khurasan, LOVEINJECTION, Purbsi, Tels, VinterNacht, and also the modding community at large for being absolutely stellar individuals.

Specific thanks provided within the changelog.


  • New candle types
  • Colored lard and wax blocks (will be implemented in conjunction with dyeing candles)
  • Implementation of an even more realistic oil lamp system
  • Possible compatibility with other mods that have lanterns or usages for candles
  • Different candle types and colored being displayed in the lanterns
  • Translated lang files for assets and handbook entries
  • Candles that burn out over time/have different colored flames (crushed metals)
  • "Scented" candles with effects - this will probably take the longest to implement
  • Bug fixes and fine tuning

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48 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 TeppichAuthor, Sep 12th at 12:48 AM

Aurymn Would you mind heading over to the MC Github (Click Issue Tracker) and filling out a report regarding your specific confliction?

💬 Aurymn, Sep 7th at 8:16 AM

I really do like having options for candle crafting, however, I had to remove this mod as it kept conflicting with Bricklayers

💬 TeppichAuthor, Aug 29th at 11:54 PM

Dying wax and lard is in the works again. Good news - the assets are dyeable. Bad news - beeswax is so powerful that it can spacially displace large amounts of liquid.

Huge thanks to Niclass <3

💬 Filvandrel, Aug 3rd at 7:18 AM

Interesting. I had made some homemade candles in the past using soywax, and the candles hardened overnight, but maybe it was some kind of special wax with additives that make them solidify quicker or something, I have no idea. It's fine then I guess, but as I said it would be nice to have a config to make it a little bit shorter, so thanks for hearing me out ^^

Sweet, I'm glad you like the ideas :D

💬 TeppichAuthor, Aug 2nd at 12:10 AM


When I set up the timers for the stages of the wax, I borrowed from real life cure times. Soywax cures for 10 to 14 days and beeswax cures for 7 to 10 days. In the code, the transition timer for beeswax is 240 hours, or 10 days, and the timer for soywax is 336 hours, or 14 days. However, I can see about adding a config file for the next update - I don't think it occurred to me to add one, so I appreciate you for bringing that to my attention.

I have no plans to necessarily use a crucible for making beeswax, however, I would like to make candle molds that act like ingot molds. I like the idea of putting it twine beforehand. I will add your other suggestion to my notes as well - making the candle and letting it dry. I would have to find ways/tools to do so, but it would be an interesting challenge for me.

💬 Filvandrel, Jul 29th at 11:54 PM

Hey, love the mod, but if I may I'd like to suggest some feedback :)
The double hardening timer for beeswax is really annoying, especially in early game when you're in a pinch to get some lightning done and you have to wait a few months just to get the wax dried. From immersive point of view it doesn't really make sense either, cause after boiling the wax and filtering it you would pour it into a mold with the wick and it would solidify overnight, so using dried wax to make candles is kind of off. If it's possible it would be better to heat the beeswax inside a crucible and then pour it into a clay mold with i.e. 6 slots in which you had to put twines beforehand, and let it solidify just like the ingots would. You could also pour it into a regular ingot form to make it ground storable just like ingots would. I saw simillar mechanic in the old VS "Immersion" mod so it should be possible to do. If not possible, the other option would be to use the liquid wax in a bowl or bucket to make the candle and then make the candle dry for a few days instead of the wax itself. It would also be a neat idea to make the liquid wax solidify into the hardened one in a day or two rather than a few months, and you could slow this process down if you so desire by putting it into a cauldron and close the lid, and it would be cool if the solidifed wax bricks could be ground storable after drying just like the peat.
If it's not possible at all, a simple config file with the option to decrease the time needed for the wax to solidify would be nice as well. Thanks :)

💬 TeppichAuthor, Jul 22nd at 9:13 PM

FinkThinker Did you also show this to Tels or just me? 

If you wouldn't mind also posting in the MC github that would be appreciated so I can have a better look at what you're seeing.

💬 FinkThinker, Jul 21st at 5:28 PM

I get over a 1000 server errors when loading this mod with bricklayers, demonstrated here.


💬 TeppichAuthor, Jun 20th at 4:36 AM

Ruyeex That is part of my roadmap, to make all of the lanterns with all of the different types and colors of candles. If 1.1.2 holds up long enough without too many errors, that will probably fall after I figure out the issue with the colored waxes and the containers.

💬 Ruyeex, Jun 14th at 4:52 PM

I wonder if you could make a entire set of lanterns with the new candles both colored and normal ones.

💬 TeppichAuthor, Jun 12th at 9:51 PM

vapidincarnate Thank you for bringing this to my attention. A quick fix has been dropped to readd the candle recipes.

💬 vapidincarnate, Jun 12th at 9:24 PM

Were the candle-crafting recipes removed in v1.1.1, and was this intentional?

Three files were present in assets/morecandles/recipes/grid/ in v1.1.0, but are absent in v1.1.1:




💬 TeppichAuthor, Jun 8th at 10:37 PM

An update should be rolling out in the next day or two with a potential fix for all of the drying issues and wax assets. I will be testing it and making sure that the logs do not reflect the same or similar errors.

💬 TeppichAuthor, Jun 5th at 4:09 AM

Baronjutter Will take a look at your report shortly, thank you.

Also, you should be able to move the cauldron somewhere else, including your inventory, with the contents of the cauldron still inside. You set the cauldron on the ground and you then scoop out the contents with whatever can hold liquids.

💬 Baronjutter, Jun 5th at 12:18 AM

I have a shelf full of saucepans full of "100% dried" liquid beeswax. They've been like that for days.  Will they ever dry?

💬 Baronjutter, Jun 4th at 7:56 AM

So I cooked up some liquid beeswax, I now have a cauldron sitting in my fire pit saying that it's "dryable - 12 days"
Can I move the cauldron off somewhere else to dry or does it need ot sit on my fire pit?  How do I do this?

💬 TeppichAuthor, May 27th at 4:33 AM

Bulwar73 Would you mind filling out a report here and posting your logs there? I would like to see what you're looking at so that I can get out a fix as required.

💬 deadbrain, May 26th at 5:46 AM

@Teppich Ah, I see my problem now, I think... I was trying to do it with water already in the pot(from the bucket), and I also have no clue how to make water something I can just place in the firepit cooking slot... I'll look into that some more then... Thanks for the help!

💬 Bulwar73, May 26th at 2:44 AM

I reported a crash to github thinking it was linked to " A Culinary Artillery" but actualy it is this mod that was causing all of the issues. I boiled lard in a large cauldren and put the 5lt in the saucepan in the celler to dry on a shelf. The 3 saucepans showed their progress that the lard was drying. Then when I went to get them when done. The lard was gone and the game would crash. I could not enteract with the saucepans at all. The log files would point to the " A Culinary Artillery". So I went to that page to report on top of reporting on github with it in the Title. I then could not start my world without it crashing because of the change I had made. 

Until I disabled this mod, "More Candles" now all works fine and no crashing. I just don't have the ability to die the lard or beeswax. There is something about the assets inbetween this mod and the artillery mod that is not communicating. I finaly looked through all the diffrent logs and there was one that showed this mod. It had all of the die assets listed and that they "could not be found" in the error file. I am not a great code guy so that is all I can tell you. I understand some but not a great deal.

💬 TeppichAuthor, May 26th at 1:40 AM

deadbrain You can use the saucepan or the cauldrons from A Culinary Artillery. If you take a single piece of beeswax and 1L of water, you should be able to boil up one serving of Liquid Beeswax

If you think you might be having an issue with the mod, please log a report with the github so that I can see what you're seeing.

💬 deadbrain, May 25th at 7:04 AM

I'm sorry if this is a question with an obvious answer, but how do I boil beeswax(1.1.0)?

I read the in game handbook about how a large couldron can handle 32 units, and how 1L+1Beeswax = what I need to dry, but when I have the water in the couldron, and have the couldron on a firepit, placing the beeswax does nothing. I've also tried just having the couldron off of the firepit and trying it that way to no avail. I've also tried melting the beeswax in a crucible with no effect, though I didn't expect that to work.

I also tried reading about it in the handbook through ACA's info for boiling, but that didn't make it any clearer for me...

💬 TeppichAuthor, May 13th at 3:51 AM

Credinus Can you head over to the issue tracker and fill out a report so that I can see what you're seeing?

ForestWitchReyna I have been having some occasional issues with A Culinary Artillery, and I'm wondering if there is a correlation between the issues that you, I, and Credinus are having. If you could also head to the issue tracker and fill out a report, I can take a look at it and try and get a fix out.

I am also in contact with l33tmaan as well regarding this issue.

💬 Credinus, Apr 30th at 10:34 PM

ForestWitchReyna Our server has been having a similar issue using bowls, except instead of crashing, it just caused the 100% dried state of lard and beeswax to disappear and return an empty bowl when retrieving them.

Teppich Are you aware of compatibliity issues? We're running a lot of mods on our servers, but I'm not sure of any that would affect drying beyond the necessary Culinary Artillery/Expanded Foods.

💬 ForestWitchReyna, Apr 30th at 7:00 PM

Question: What exactly should I be letting lard dry in? Because I had some in bottles on a shelf and upon them hitting the 100% dried/cured and about to form hardened lard it crashed the game. Both bottles disappeared on reloading.

💬 TeppichAuthor, Mar 29th at 8:21 PM

Hello! I had intended to release this on March 1st but with 1.18 stable on the horizon, I will be releasing the update when 1.18 drops. I had been meaning to provide an update previously, but several issues with the chandelier and with some of the waxes and lard came up that I wanted to fix first.

The issues have currently been resolved and I am now putting together the finishing touches for 1.1.0.

💬 Thranos, Jan 13th at 9:32 PM

That explains my wax woes, then. Dang. I assume a patch to fix that is incoming?

💬 ForestWitchReyna, Jan 13th at 4:03 PM

Put simply Thranos at the time I made my comment , if you put 20 units of the beeswax that you get from squeezing honeycomb into a bucket, into a large cauldron along with 20 water, this makes 2 litres of liquid beeswax. That 2 litres of liquid beeswax hardens into 0.2l of hardened beeswax. You need 0.4l of hardened beeswax to make one candle. Therefore 40 units of initial beeswax == 1 candle.

💬 Thranos, Jan 12th at 8:28 AM

Wait, so what does that mean for using cauldrons to melt wax as of this current release version? Is it bugged?
I'm not quite understanding what ForestWitchReyna said about "40 beeswax to make a single candle". 

💬 TeppichAuthor, Jan 12th at 1:53 AM

ForestWitchReyna I forget that I have Stackables on by default now and my numbers were projecting much higher than is possible in vanilla. I have changed the small cauldron number to 20 and the large to 32, as per vanilla stacking limits. Thank you for catching that 💚

💬 ForestWitchReyna, Jan 9th at 12:29 PM

Is there a problem with cauldrons? I've been using the cauldron without any notable issues, takes a while and about 40 beeswax to make a single candle, which you can't put in because 32 stack limit. Is that a realism/balancing thing or the cauldron robbing me?

💬 TeppichAuthor, Jan 4th at 4:46 AM

Thanks to SalazarWindriver for asking about making huge batches of wax and lard with the cauldrons as well as the saucepan. Description has been updated to notate that cauldrons can be used and how much you can make in each container. 💚

The usage of cauldrons has been updated in the handbook entry and will be available in the next update.

💬 TeppichAuthor, Dec 26th 2022 at 6:06 PM

Ruyeex I thought I had that in my to-do list but turns out that I did not. I will probably add that in for the next update 💚

💬 Ruyeex, Dec 25th 2022 at 3:21 PM

Can you make the wax colored just for customisation in the future?

💬 TeppichAuthor, Dec 24th 2022 at 6:45 PM

Tels The issue should be fixed in this update.

💬 Tels, Dec 19th 2022 at 11:27 AM

I'm getting this error when I try to load 1.0.2

[Error] Syntax error in json file 'morecandles:blocktypes/waxblock.json': Failed deserializing waxblock.json: Invalid property identifier character: {. Path
'behaviors', line 22, position 2.

💬 TeppichAuthor, Dec 14th 2022 at 7:33 AM

Thranos Compatibility with Primitive Survival is already complete and will be released next update, and compatibility with chandeliers, candle-holders, and other lantern mods is in the works. 

My primary perogative for the time being is to provide alternatives and processes for vanilla candles, and refining any bugs, but in the future, as I become more skilled and confident, I would love to see about making molds for candles, having the wax set in the molds, and having candles burn out over time. 

Also, I love that you're having fun with the processes and I hope that this mod continues to bring you fun and joy 💚

💬 Thranos, Dec 13th 2022 at 11:32 AM

At some point, compat with Primitive Survival's wood lanterns would be nice. It's fun doing the different candle type processing, as an aside. Currently processing my first batch of beeswax into candles.
Ever given any thought to molded or dipped candle creation methods to add more depth to it, or is the mod more focused on providing alternatives to the base-game beeswax candles?

💬 TeppichAuthor, Dec 11th 2022 at 3:05 AM

Jimzawy I don't think so because more than a few people have had difficulty finding beeswax. SpearAndFang even made a hive finder mod, which may or may not have been in answer to that problem. I think making candles from all different kinds of materials is good, especially if you want to play in various ways. If you're a vegan, you can do soywax candles. If you can't find soybeans or beeswax, then animal fat candles become a solution. Also, you could save the vanilla beeswax for crocks and the fat for lard, and never use the fat for candles at all, or vice versa.

Also considering that beeswax is the only current vanilla candle ingrediant, having different materials to use for candles takes the weight off of beeswax by itself.

💬 TeppichAuthor, Dec 11th 2022 at 2:57 AM

Thranos I can see about talking to l33tmaan about the other candle recipes, or also, like you said, patching them out if you have More Candles active.

💬 TeppichAuthor, Dec 11th 2022 at 2:55 AM

HellsRazer Yes, 1L bottles are very large but when I was looking at the candles, some of them seemed to look like 1L. I can do some tweaks to the formulas, however - maybe look at the smaller portable cola bottles for comparisons.

Edit: New grid recipe amounts will be presented at the next update

💬 Jimzawy, Dec 10th 2022 at 10:56 AM

Great Mod Teppich, this is my first playthrough and I am tempted to use animal fat to make candles since I have too many animals around, and I didnt think of bees wax until winter, do you think making candles from animal fat would make candles more OP then they already are ?

💬 Thranos, Dec 8th 2022 at 6:05 PM

Do you think it would be possible to make this mod supress the Expanded Foods oil/peat/rope funky candle recipes?
It's kind of jarring to have the more in depth mechanics from this and then just...
Super DIY caveman candles.
(Not ripping on the EF candles, those things are a life saver when bees aren't an option, but this mod cover that well by itself.)

💬 HellsRazer, Dec 7th 2022 at 10:45 PM

Disclaimer: this is a nitpick.


While this is a very interesting mod that gives nice alternatives to finding bees, your candle recipies triggered a sanity check for me.

To understand why I want you to go to a market of some sort that sells coca cola, sprite or any kind of soft drinks, or even water in 1 litre bottles (if you do not have something like it in your home) and I want you to look at those bottles.

That is how big the candles should be according to your mods recipie.

Kinda ridiculously large are they not?

💬 LOVEINJECTION, Sep 5th 2022 at 10:21 PM

we believe in you bro 😎

💬 TeppichAuthor, Sep 2nd 2022 at 3:57 PM

OpPointBaker Fortunately, I was able to get some help regarding the fat issue and an update should be rolling out shortly. I can't give an exact ETA, but it is currently in the works.

💬 OpPointBaker, Sep 1st 2022 at 3:36 PM

For tallow, I'd suggest looking into how ores are smelted in a crucible. I.e. Treat the rendered fat/tallow like molten metal and pour it into candle molds. Could do the same thing with the wax.

💬 TeppichAuthor, Aug 5th 2022 at 7:03 PM

LOVEINJECTION If I can figure out the coding to boil fat and make tallow, I will definitely add it to the update.

💬 LOVEINJECTION, Jul 28th 2022 at 1:42 PM

i was waiting for this recipe to be added. thank you.

I think the change you made is fine as it is, but of course animal fat candles aren't made of unprocessed animal fat and it requires boiling off most of the crap to make tallow.

(edit comment delete)