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Author: jayu
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Created: Jun 23rd at 1:50 AM
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Latest file for v1.19.8: 1-click install

My take on thirst, released now in beta version. Thirst will decrease your hunger rate by a max of 30% if you keep the bar above half, and will increase the hunger rate by a max of 30% if your bar is too low. Keeping well hydrated will also give you a euhydration health boost. Water has to be boiled to avoid risk of vomiting, and using a dowsing rod will lead the player to pure water reservoirs which can be used to make a well, a renewable source of pure water.

This mod isn’t about making things overly challenging but about introducing a thirst mechanic that's enjoyable. Similar to how Vintage Story makes even the mundane tasks engaging and rewarding, I want players to relish the process of finding their own water sources, building wells, and crafting waterskins to carry water. It should be gratifying to look back and see the progress from simply drinking out of a leaky wooden bowl.

The mod, as the name says, aspires to be balanced but it certainly won't be at the start. I encourage you to contribute to the balancing by providing feedback and suggestions.

If you want more hardcore thirst, check out: Hydrate or Diedrate!



Thirst is the main mechanic of the mod. Together with a hunger bar, you now have a thirst bar. Keep an eye on it! Its value will affect your hunger rate. If you're well hydrated, you will get hungry more slowly but the inverse is also true, when below 50%, you will get hungry faster. You can drink either from containers, or directly from the source.

Thirst features

Vomiting and water purity

Not all water is born equal. Normal water will have a small chance of being contaminated and making you vomit! You don't want to do so, as it will drastically lower your hydration and saturation. Boil water or look for pure springs to avoid that. Pure water is the only water with 0 chance of vomiting.

Water boiling

You can boil water in a firepit using a kettle or an ACA caouldron or saucepan. This will drastically lower your chance of vomiting when drinking it,  but you have to wait for it to cool down!

Water expires

Water will get contaminated by being held in containers that aren't properly sealed. Use waterskins or other (configurable) containers to keep it clean and pure for longer.

LiquidContainers is highly suggested to carry water with you


Look for pure spring water with a dowsing rod.


Euhydration is a health boost acquired thorough regular hydration. Drinking salt water and urine will lower it!


Choose if you sit or stand in the client config, then either sit and right-click or stand and ctrl-right-click with a empty hand to release your bladder! This is only possible when your bar is overloaded. Doing so on farmland has a chance of adding some nutrients to the soil, while doing it in a container will fill it up! If you're a Bear Grylls wannabe, you can also drink it... (Controls disabled by default, values are configurable). Urine can be fermented in a barrel to make lant, used to soak hides.


The configuration files are full of options and I add more every release. If there is something about this mod you'd like to have adjusted, check them out! If you don't find any option for it, you can request it.

In the configs, you can set basic things like thirst rate or max hydration, the radius of the dowsing rod, etcetera, and also more advanced stuff all the items and blocks that get can be drank or eaten to get hydrated, which containers you can place in a firepit to boil water, which containers slow water expiration, which stats (vanilla or modded) are affected by thirst (it doesn't have to be hunger!) and much more!

Graph showcasing the different curves you can choose for the thirst stat multiplier here.

ConfigLib is suggested for a better config experience

Vanilla stats you can set
walkspeed, meleeWeaponDamage, healingeffectivness, rangedWeaponsAcc, rangedWeaponsSpeed

Features in progress:

  • Handbook (in game)
  • More liquid storage options:
    • Water tank
    • Demijohn
  • Waterskin model rework
  • Better compatibility with HoD weather cooling
  • Lavoisier and ChemistryLib compatibility (mechanics)
  • Water filtering (some compatibility with Lavoisier and ChemistryLib)
  • Saltpeter making with urine and rot
  • Better water purity or contamination system
  • Rework of euhydration: minerals from water that give health boost
  • Some mechanism to use a well, perhaps lowering buckets to grab water
  • Sweating? Changing thirst rate based on external temperature, the reverse of cold
  • Better endgame: running water/pipes?
Compatibility features

Rivers – river water is potable

LiquidContainers –containers extend water shelf life

HydrateOrDiedrate – hot weather reduces thirst, bladder works with HoD thirst

XSkills – skills for max hydration and bladder

ACA – bottles extend water shelf life, can boil water in cauldron

Note: the mod has a default behavior (values configurable) for how much hydration each nutrition type gives. For many mods, this may be sufficient, or alternatively you can add items you believe deserve more hydration (like juice) to the hydration dictionary in the config or using configlib. The mod now also supports the format of HydrateOrDiedrate. Share them here or on the forum post! (in the config format please) This way we can build a large compatibility dictionary. Check the hydration values in the spoiler below for already included mods.

On HoD compatibility:

We talked it out with Chronolegionnaire (author of HoD) and reached the conclusion that it is better not to merge the two mods, they will remain sister mods for the foreseeable future. It is also hard for us to add compatibility for each feature the other adds, as it effectively doubles our work. But do not despair, we reached the agreement that, as long as due credit is given, we can freely take inspiration from each other's mod. This benefits us, as it allows us to follow our creative intentions to make the mods the best they can be, and it benefits you, the user: if there is a HoD feature you really want in here (or vice versa) we can work on adding and also make sure it fits with the design choices of our mods. For this reason, it is possible I will add a similar clothing cooling system in the future. (Currently it is sort-of compatible with HoD, but the values are very skewed, there is a config setting you can adjust for this).

Compatibility hydration values

Updated list of hydration values included in most recent default configs, if you're missing them, you have to reset your config

Expanded Foods

Wildcraft: Fruits and Nuts

Wildcraft: Herbs and Spices

Floral Zones


A Warrior's Drink!

Known issues


If you cannot drink from a water source or relieve your bladder, try to delete the config files, that should fix it.

If you are getting crashes when placing items
Words by the wise SpearAndFang:
I wonder if the people need to either delete the contents of their vintagestorydata\cache folder or look in their mods folder and ensure that their aren't multiple copies of your mod in there. Disabling mods in the mod manager isn't always enough. I always advise that people look at their mods folder and tidy it up
Contribution shoutouts

XxShyWolf – Help with debug

Hydromancerx – Bladder suggestion

Maamessu – Debugging

Maltiez – Kettle mold model

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v0.0.30 153 2 days ago Show Install now
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v0.0.4 73 Jun 23rd at 4:26 PM Show Install now
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v0.0.2 36 Jun 23rd at 3:02 PM Show Install now
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138 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 jayuAuthor, 7 hours ago

Thauidite fixed

💬 Thauidite, 16 hours ago

Hello, I'm getting crashes whenever I try to put the kettle on a fireplace with water in it.

Not quite sure if I did something but the latest update seems to have been causing that for me.

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at BalancedThirst.Util.Extensions.GetLitres(ItemStack stack) in /Users/jacopouggeri/workspace/VintageModding/BalancedThirst/BalancedThirst/Util/Extensions.cs:line 169
at BalancedThirst.Blocks.BlockKettle.<>c.<GetTotalLitres>b__15_0(ItemSlot slot) in /Users/jacopouggeri/workspace/VintageModding/BalancedThirst/BalancedThirst/Blocks/BlockKettle.cs:line 47
at System.Linq.Enumerable.Sum[TSource,TResult,TAccumulator](IEnumerable`1 source, Func`2 selector)
at BalancedThirst.Blocks.BlockKettle.GetTotalLitres(ISlotProvider cookingSlotsProvider, ItemStack inputStack) in /Users/jacopouggeri/workspace/VintageModding/BalancedThirst/BalancedThirst/Blocks/BlockKettle.cs:line 47
at BalancedThirst.Blocks.BlockKettle.CanSmelt(IWorldAccessor world, ISlotProvider cookingSlotsProvider, ItemStack inputStack, ItemStack outputStack) in /Users/jacopouggeri/workspace/VintageModding/BalancedThirst/BalancedThirst/Blocks/BlockKettle.cs:line 41
at BalancedThirst.Blocks.BlockKettle.GetMeltingDuration(IWorldAccessor world, ISlotProvider cookingSlotsProvider, ItemSlot inputSlot) in /Users/jacopouggeri/workspace/VintageModding/BalancedThirst/BalancedThirst/Blocks/BlockKettle.cs:line 74

💬 jayuAuthor, 17 hours ago

v0.0.31 Changelog

  • Added calabash juice and mash
  • Added utility and debug option in config to reset mod boosts (works only when using ConfigLib)
  • Calabash rework: calabash fruit can be carved when dried or fresh, when fresh, it will yield calabash flesh while when dried, it will yield a gourd
  • Fixed container drink speed config resetting back to default
  • Changed lant recipe to work for amounts as low as 1 litre
  • Urinating on blocks will stain them (can be toggled off), stains can be removed with a watering can
  • Added a client config option to set urine color
💬 jayuAuthor, 2 days ago

RomixERR thanks, it will be fixed in the next version

💬 RomixERR, 2 days ago

I found a bug. Setting the value in config file: "ContainerDrinkSpeed": 0.25 -> "ContainerDrinkSpeed": 1.00.

I'm logging into the game. Everything is working fine. After exiting the game, I find that the value has been reset to 0.25

💬 RomixERR, 2 days ago

The mod is awesome! Everything worked as it should!

How to slow down the rate of loss of hydration. "ThirstSpeedModifier": 0.0 -> "ThirstSpeedModifier": 0.5


💬 jayuAuthor, 2 days ago

v0.0.30 Changelog: Fixes and more calabash

  • Fixed XSkills compatibility issues (Euhydration is not boosted anymore when upgrading CamelHump)
  • Renamed gourd fruit to calabash
  • Calabash plants can grow in the wild
  • Calabash plants don't drop seeds anymore, they have to be obtained by drying the fruit slices
  • Added pickled calabash and recipes
  • Added pie and meal translations for calabash recipes (meals don't work yet)
  • Fixed drinking from ACA bottles
💬 jayuAuthor, 2 days ago

BrownishStorm there is a plan to add that, I just never have the time between the features and bug fixes. Although what you need wouldn't be in the guide, kettles work the same as normal containers as long as they are not on a firepit. On a firepit, it will burn both the water in the kettle and the one in the firepit slots as long as there are 12 or less litres and not more (the capacity of the kettle).

💬 BrownishStorm, 2 days ago

man I could really use some instuctions in the guide book. Do you have any plans to add that? right now I am trying to figure out how to transfer water from a kettle to a jug.

💬 jayuAuthor, 3 days ago

LordWungus making aca bottles work for drinking will take a while because they currently use custom code to allow you to drink that is different from the vanilla code I'm altering. I will have to rewrite parts of my drinking code for this to work

Edit: Nevermind, it was easier than I thought, now it works

💬 jayuAuthor, 3 days ago

IAMspEeDex currently drinking works for containers that implement the vanilla container class, or inherit from it. I'll check what the ACA bottle does that breaks that. Also drinking and water containers are two separate things, you can drink from buckets too no problem. Water containers are for stuff that increases the duration of water. I removed ACA bottles from the water container list because they already provide a reduction to perish rates so if I added mine too they would be too op.

💬 jayuAuthor, 3 days ago

F3niix I don't know about realistic starvation, depending on how the mod applies its hunger modifier the modifier given by thirst wouldn't work, although you could set it to modify other stuff like walk speed, damage or healing effectiveness. The first mod is mine so yes, in fact they use very similar code.

💬 IAMspEeDex, 3 days ago

I like this mods approach way better than Hod's in Hods you can just go with a random container to any puddle, fill it in the container and drink it no problem.

I do have a problem with adding water containers tho, im trying to add the Clay Bottle from "Aculinaryattilery" with the item id: "aculinaryartillery:bottle-clay-burned" but i cant get it to work. The container shows hyd stats and all but drinking from it gives 0 to the thirstbar.

Maybe Because it counts as a block? But so does your kettle and the Mug from bricklayers...


The Mug from bricklayers seem to work out of the box


💬 F3niix, 3 days ago

Hello, is the mod compatible (Or can it be) with "What a Scatastrophe!" and "Realistic Thirst" ?

Link : Scatastrophe / Realistic Thirst

Thanks you

💬 LordWungus, 3 days ago

Drinking out of ACA bottles doesn't appear to give any hydration at the moment

💬 jayuAuthor, 4 days ago

CassMerry did you do the routine stuff like clearing your VS cache? It displays fine for me so I'm not sure what's causing that

💬 Astella, 4 days ago

Cuiwi Hi Hi! I had to update my configlib for it to load try to do that and see!

💬 Cuiwi, 4 days ago

Here to say that I'm having the same problem Astella is. With the mod loaded, the world just gets stuck loading forever.

💬 CassMerry, 4 days ago

Seems that ceramic kettles are invisible, though the other types all show up fine and looks great!

💬 Maltiez, 4 days ago


update config lib to latest version

💬 Astella, 4 days ago    everytime I add the mod my world just stays on an inf loading loop! 

💬 jayuAuthor, 4 days ago

v0.0.29 Changelog: Gourds

  • Fixed source drinking not working
  • Added gourd crop and container (models temporary), replaced waterskins with gourd

Wild gourd plants currently don't grow because of the vanilla pumpkin not growing if not on farmland. I will fix this in the next version. As a temporary fix, they are currently the only way to obtain the seeds.

💬 Oftu, 4 days ago

Thank you!

💬 jayuAuthor, 4 days ago

Oftu yes, I will upload a fix with the next update

💬 Oftu, 4 days ago

Hi, thank you for the mod, unfortunately cannot drink from natural water sources now. Deleting configs does not help :( Same with deleting a mod cache.

💬 Astella, 5 days ago

Ah sorry and thank you!

💬 jayuAuthor, 5 days ago

Astella the issue was caused by Gantry conflicting with how I was checking for HoD to be loaded, next update I will remove the possibility to use HoD hydration values anyway since the mods have diverged enough it doesn't make sense anymore. Then that should load just fine.

Also if you can next time place the log in a pastebin please

💬 Tikimillie, 5 days ago

pee?? disgusting!! i look forward to soaking my hides in pee.

once upon a time they used pee to treat wool too, maybe you can do something with that?

💬 Astella, 5 days ago

Hey! This was with the latest release just now!!


10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Server logger started.
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Game Version: v1.19.8 (Stable)
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Event] Launching server...
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Event] Server v1.19.8, network v1.19.8, api v1.19.0
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Entering runphase Initialization
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Event] Loading configuration...
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Entering runphase Configuration
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Loading savegame
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Create new save game data. Playstyle: surviveandbuild
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Default spawn was set in serverconfig, resetting for safety.
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Savegame C:\Users\aaliy\AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\Saves\foggy hermit valley.vcdbs loaded
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] World size = 1024000 256 1024000
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Start discovering assets
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Found 1 base assets in category blocktypes
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Found 0 base assets in category itemtypes
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Found 25 base assets in category lang
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Found 0 base assets in category patches
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Found 24 base assets in category config
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Found 0 base assets in category worldproperties
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Found 48 base assets in category sounds
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Found 95 base assets in category shapes
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Found 133 base assets in category textures
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Found 0 base assets in category recipes
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Found 0 base assets in category worldgen
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Found 3 base assets in category entities
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Found 329 base assets in total
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Event] Building assets...
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Entering runphase LoadAssets
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification] Will search the following paths for mods:
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification]     C:\Users\aaliy\AppData\Roaming\Vintagestory\Mods
10.7.2024 20:58:59 [Notification]     C:\Users\aaliy\AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\Mods
10.7.2024 20:59:00 [Warning] [cuniculture] Dependency 'game': Failed parsing version string '1.19.x' at index 5: Expected PATCH version number, found 'x' (best guess: 1.19.0-x)
10.7.2024 20:59:00 [Warning] [greenhousebuff] Dependency 'game': Failed parsing version string 'made on: 1.19.8' at index 0: Expected MAJOR version number, found 'm' (best guess: 0.0.0-madeon1.19.8)
10.7.2024 20:59:01 [Notification] Found 126 mods (1 disabled)
10.7.2024 20:59:01 [Notification] Mods, sorted by dependency: aculinaryartillery, africanmonitorlizards, asianmonitorlizards, balancedthirst, bandedgeckos, beardeddragons, irregularguybetterjam, bettertraders, bloomeryfulldrops, craftablecompanion, CutTheFat, decor, drifterlightlevel1, dyedhardenedclay, easierfruittrees, eldritchcuteclothing, ensatinas, entitiesinteract, FarmSurvival, caninae, capreolinae, casuariidae, dinornithidae, machairodontinae, manidae, pantherinae, rhinocerotidae, sirenia, foundrymod, geodesandgemstones, geoaddons, giantgouramis, hideandfabric, knobtailedgeckos, leopardgeckos, mannequinstand, newworldgianttortoises, pondfrogsiii, newzealandfrogs, pondfrogsi, pacificnewts, peacockbasses, plantmat, primitivesurvival, qptech, rainfrogs, satup, truesunfishes, vichnybackpack, viesblocks, game, alchemy, animalcages, artofgrowing, augplantlib, flags, beehivekiln, biggercellars, butchering, canjewelry, chickenSit, clipfix, commonlib, cuniculture, danatweaks, dressful, electricity, expandedfoods, fieldsofsalt, freedomunits, greenhousebuff, herbarium, kevinsfurniture, knapster, krpgenchantment, krpgwands, lavoisier, lichenredux, liquidcontainers, medievalexpansion, metalunittooltip, moreanimals, petai, claywheel, rustboundmagic, simplecloth, somethinginthewater, stonebakeoven, tempseed, thecritterpack, creative, vsimgui, vsquest, survival, vsvillage, wildfarmingrevival, woodstain, 118hair, alchemistry, bugnetcompatibility, cats, compatibilityfix, configlib, electricityaddon, em, feverstonewilds, foxtaming, fruitpresstweaked, helvehammerext, morecandles, newworldcrops, simplevillages, vanity, vsvillagedesert, vsvillageviking, vsvillageaged, vsvillageindustrial, vsvillagetowers, wildcraftfruit, wildcraftherb, wolftaming, bricklayers, tailorsdelight, dressmakers, upholstery
10.7.2024 20:59:04 [Notification] [morecandles] Successfully compiled 2 source files
10.7.2024 20:59:05 [Notification] Instantiated 233 mod systems from 122 enabled mods
10.7.2024 20:59:05 [Error] [Gantry] Could not add mod `BalancedThirst.Compatibility.HoDCompat.HoDCompat` to the service collection.
10.7.2024 20:59:05 [Error] Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at BalancedThirst.Compatibility.HoDCompat.HoDCompat.ShouldLoad(EnumAppSide forSide) in /Users/jacopouggeri/workspace/VintageModding/BalancedThirst/BalancedThirst/Compatibility/HoDCompat/HoDCompat.cs:line 18
   at Gantry.Core.Hosting.Extensions.HostExtensions.<>c__DisplayClass3_0.<AddModSystems>b__0(ModSystem p)
10.7.2024 20:59:06 [Notification] [commonlib] Config HelveHammerExtensions.Config, HelveHammerExtensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null loaded successfully
10.7.2024 20:59:06 [Error] [compatibilityfix] An exception was thrown when trying to start the mod:
10.7.2024 20:59:06 [Error] [compatibilityfix] Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at CompatibilityFix.CompatibilityFixCoreSystem.StartPre(ICoreAPI api) in E:\VintageStory Mods\1.16\CompatibilityFix\src\CompatibilityFixCoreSystem.cs:line 27
   at Vintagestory.Common.ModLoader.TryRunModPhase(Mod mod, ModSystem system, ICoreAPI api, ModRunPhase phase) in VintagestoryLib\Common\API\ModLoader.cs:line 626
10.7.2024 20:59:06 [Error] Failed to run mod phase Pre for mod CompatibilityFix.CompatibilityFixCoreSystem
10.7.2024 20:59:06 [Error] [balancedthirst] An exception was thrown when trying to start the mod:
10.7.2024 20:59:06 [Error] [balancedthirst] Exception: Could not load file or assembly 'configlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'. The system cannot find the file specified.
   at BalancedThirst.Config.ConfigLibCompat..ctor(ICoreAPI api)
   at BalancedThirst.Systems.BtCore.StartPre(ICoreAPI api) in /Users/jacopouggeri/workspace/VintageModding/BalancedThirst/BalancedThirst/Systems/BtCore.cs:line 34
   at Vintagestory.Common.ModLoader.TryRunModPhase(Mod mod, ModSystem system, ICoreAPI api, ModRunPhase phase) in VintagestoryLib\Common\API\ModLoader.cs:line 626
10.7.2024 20:59:06 [Error] Failed to run mod phase Pre for mod BalancedThirst.Systems.BtCore
10.7.2024 20:59:07 [Notification] Server stop requested, begin shutdown sequence. Stop reason: Exception thrown by server during startup or process
10.7.2024 20:59:07 [Notification] Entering runphase Shutdown
10.7.2024 20:59:07 [Error] [aculinaryartillery] An exception was thrown when trying to start the mod:
10.7.2024 20:59:07 [Error] [aculinaryartillery] Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at ACulinaryArtillery.ACulinaryArtillery.Dispose()
   at Vintagestory.Common.ModLoader.TryRunModPhase(Mod mod, ModSystem system, ICoreAPI api, ModRunPhase phase) in VintagestoryLib\Common\API\ModLoader.cs:line 648
10.7.2024 20:59:07 [Error] Failed to run mod phase Dispose for mod ACulinaryArtillery.ACulinaryArtillery
10.7.2024 20:59:07 [Error] [expandedfoods] An exception was thrown when trying to start the mod:
10.7.2024 20:59:07 [Error] [expandedfoods] Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at EFRecipes.EFRecipes.Dispose()
   at Vintagestory.Common.ModLoader.TryRunModPhase(Mod mod, ModSystem system, ICoreAPI api, ModRunPhase phase) in VintagestoryLib\Common\API\ModLoader.cs:line 648
10.7.2024 20:59:07 [Error] Failed to run mod phase Dispose for mod EFRecipes.EFRecipes
10.7.2024 20:59:07 [Error] While shutting down the server:
10.7.2024 20:59:07 [Error] Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at BalancedThirst.Compatibility.HoDCompat.HoDCompat.ShouldLoad(EnumAppSide forSide) in /Users/jacopouggeri/workspace/VintageModding/BalancedThirst/BalancedThirst/Compatibility/HoDCompat/HoDCompat.cs:line 18
   at Vintagestory.Common.ModLoader.RunModPhase(List`1& enabledSystems, ModRunPhase phase) in VintagestoryLib\Common\API\ModLoader.cs:line 576
   at Vintagestory.Common.ModLoader.RunModPhase(ModRunPhase phase) in VintagestoryLib\Common\API\ModLoader.cs:line 564
   at Vintagestory.Common.ModLoader.Dispose() in VintagestoryLib\Common\API\ModLoader.cs:line 664
   at Vintagestory.Server.ServerSystemModHandler.OnBeginShutdown() in VintagestoryLib\Server\Systems\ModHandler.cs:line 88
   at Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.EnterRunPhase(EnumServerRunPhase runPhase) in VintagestoryLib\Server\ServerMain.cs:line 627
   at Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.Stop(String reason) in VintagestoryLib\Server\ServerMain.cs:line 1074
10.7.2024 20:59:07 [Event] Shutting down 4 server threads... 
10.7.2024 20:59:07 [Event] Killed console thread
10.7.2024 20:59:07 [Event] All threads gracefully shut down
10.7.2024 20:59:07 [Event] Doing last tick...
10.7.2024 20:59:07 [Event] Stopped the server!
💬 jayuAuthor, 5 days ago

v0.0.28 Changelog: fixes, fixes, fixes...

  • Should have fixed drinking from air/worms
  • Fixed not being able to interact with blocks underwater
  • Fixed kettle not brewing because they counted too many water litres inside
  • No more tooltip patches for better compatibility
  • Removed wet salt and wet salt crystals – they were unobtainable since kettles have been reworked
💬 jayuAuthor, 5 days ago

Astella sorry but I can't do much without a crash report it could be anything as far as I know

💬 jayuAuthor, 5 days ago

Blaze_wraith you area able to boil water as long as there are 12 or less litres (combined) in the kettle and the firepit gui of any type of water.

Edit: alright I don't know how but the code changed on its own (probs some IDE auto refactoring I didon't pay too much attention to) and so all litres were being multiplied by 100 because the division was taken but not applied somehow. Next version, it will be fixed.

💬 jayuAuthor, 5 days ago

Bcore yeah the pure water will generate in newly generated areas, both on the surface in smaller reserves and deeper underground. Dowsing rods have a radius of 50 blocks in all directions (configurable) but I recommend against making it any higher for performance reasons. Once you find water, it will put a marker on your map, but that is not the water location, just a location close enough that the dowsing rod can guide you to it. Follow the indicator particles to find the source.

💬 Bcore, 5 days ago

Is there any guidance or clues to where you can find pure water? I've used the dowsing rod near any source of water I come across, but I never get any indication that there's pure water. I did add the mod to an existing world, if that might be the issue.

💬 Blaze_wraith, 6 days ago

so, how do i boil water, seeing that when i have a kettle of water on a firepit, it aint saying that its turning into boiled water or somethign

💬 Astella, 6 days ago

Hey! I downloaded this newer version and put it in my mods folder, I can't load into a game with it, as soon as I take it out iI can, I deleted the config and cache and it still gives me the same thing where i cant load into a world

💬 adres4t, 6 days ago

@jayu I couldn't pick them up but instead I could drink like from the water block while they were on the ground.

💬 jayuAuthor, 6 days ago

MRGOOSE you can edit the config manually in your VintageStoryData folder (parent folder of the Mods folder, will have a ModConfig/BalancedThirst folder), or just disable HoD and edit it ingame.

If something still doesn't work, try resetting your config. The mod works fine for me with HoD

💬 MRGOOSE, 6 days ago

@jayu the world doesnt even load, it is just stuck forever, and i cant find the config file.

💬 jayuAuthor, 6 days ago

MRGOOSE disable use HoD hydration values in your config, it's an option I'm going to remove anyway because the two mods have very different balance and it's not that useful. You can still use HoD by disabling thirst, or by leaving it if you want to have two thirst bars lol.

💬 MRGOOSE, 6 days ago

doesnt seem to work with hydrateordiedrate.

An exception was thrown when trying to start the mod:
10.7.2024 18:20:49 [Error] [balancedthirst] Exception: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Users\mrgoose\AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\ModConfig\BalancedThirst\BT.AddItemHydration.json'.
at Microsoft.Win32.SafeHandles.SafeFileHandle.CreateFile(String fullPath, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share, FileOptions options)
at Microsoft.Win32.SafeHandles.SafeFileHandle.Open(String fullPath, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share, FileOptions options, Int64 preallocationSize, Nullable`1 unixCreateMode)
at System.IO.File.OpenHandle(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share, FileOptions options, Int64 preallocationSize)
at System.IO.File.WriteToFile(String path, FileMode mode, String contents, Encoding encoding)
at BalancedThirst.Compatibility.HoDCompat.ItemHydrationConfigLoader.GenerateBTHydrationConfig(ICoreAPI api) in /Users/jacopouggeri/workspace/VintageModding/BalancedThirst/BalancedThirst/Compatibility/HoDCompat/ItemHydrationConfigLoader.cs:line 77
at BalancedThirst.Systems.BtCore.StartPre(ICoreAPI api) in /Users/jacopouggeri/workspace/VintageModding/BalancedThirst/BalancedThirst/Systems/BtCore.cs:line 38
at Vintagestory.Common.ModLoader.TryRunModPhase(Mod mod, ModSystem system, ICoreAPI api, ModRunPhase phase) in VintagestoryLib\Common\API\ModLoader.cs:line 660
10.7.2024 18:20:49 [Error] Failed to run mod phase Pre for mod BalancedThirst.Systems.BtCore

💬 Blaze_wraith, 6 days ago

apprently i can drink from the air for some reason

💬 jayuAuthor, 6 days ago

Disposable thank you! It seems like a really weird bug, I can't reproduce it on my machine, at least with the latest version of my mod and of primitive survival. Does a little "Drink" interaction appear above your hotbar, even before you right click? That should always happen if you can drink a block, and you can only drink blocks that have been whitelisted to do so. Earthworms aren't even blocks so I have no idea how that is happening. Also the worst quality water is only set to rot right now, that is the only way you can puke almost half the time you drink it. Not sure how that fits into this either. Please do keep an eye out if you manage to find more hints on how to reproduce this.

💬 Disposable, 6 days ago

I have the same problem with drinking the primitive survival worms. Instead of picking them up when you right click on them, you start to drink from them like a river or bucket. If you hold right click the option to drink from the worm goes away after a few seconds and you instead can pick it up (you can then eat it and it has a hydration value as per config). Makes the worms unusable as they seem to count as the worst quality water, so drinking one makes you puke every time. Happens with fresh config as well. Not a super big deal as you can disable the worms in primitive survival, and I don't find them very useful.

Awesome mod though, it is a must have for me now and I really appreciate all the work you have put into it!

💬 jayuAuthor, 6 days ago

v0.0.27 Changelog: Compatibility, fixes and hydration changes

  • Added config option for drink speed
  • Nerfed drink speed to 0.25
  • Added config option for xSkills skill modifiers
  • Buffed default hydration values by 2x
  • Fixed default juice and cider hydration values (before they weren't being applied because of wrong item codes)
  • Added Floral Zones and Butchering hydration values
  • Added more Expanded Foods hydration values
  • Added some catch all hydration values for some standard drinkable items (juiceportion, ciderportion etc, add more specific modifiers to override)
  • Fixed broken container transition multiplier for water
  • Now survival traders sell and buys waterskins
💬 jayuAuthor, Jul 9th at 6:57 PM

adres4t you'll need to be more specific, could you drink like from a bucket? Or do they simply have a hydration value? They should have hydration like anything that has a nutrition value, since they're probably protein they will give 0.1 of their saturation as hydration by default. Also if you encounter such problems reset your config, after taking notes of the settings you care, just in case. A huge compatibility update is coming with lots of default hydration values.

💬 adres4t, Jul 9th at 6:05 PM

I had a bug where I could drink from the earthworms from Primitive survival

💬 jayuAuthor, Jul 9th at 1:30 PM

v0.0.26 Changelog

  • Fixed drinking bug that removed more litres than hydration given
  • Fixed kettle not being fireable in a pit kiln
  • Luxury trader sells porcelain kettle and chamberpot, survival goods trader sells ceramic kettle, commodities trader sells ceramic chamberpot and kettle
💬 jayuAuthor, Jul 9th at 12:51 PM

Westernby fix to the firing issue is coming up, as for the firepit, does that happen every time? Try to delete the VS cache
Also if you can next time link the crash log in a pastebin or something, as it is it makes the comment section feel really cluttered.

💬 Westernby, Jul 9th at 10:34 AM

Hi @Jayu, I've found that I can't build a kiln around ether the chamberpot or the kettle. Placing a filled kettle ion the firepit crashes the game:


Running on 64 bit Windows 10.0.22631.0 with 16301 MB RAM
Game Version: v1.19.8 (Stable)
09.07.2024 12:47:19: Critical error occurred in the following mod: balancedthirst@0.0.25
Loaded Mods: aculinaryartillery@1.1.5, balancedthirst@0.0.25, hqzlights@1.1.1, TA_fieldsandplateaus@1.0.2, fieldsofgold@2.1.6, flourbags@1.0.4, geoaddons@1.3.4, HangingOilLamps@1.0.1, hideandfabric@1.3.0, HumanSkinTones@0.0.3, indappledgroves@0.7.1-dev.1, leaflanternlining@1.1.1, millwright@1.1.5, moreparchment@1.0.0, palisademod@1.1.0, pipeleaf@1.8.0, primitivesurvival@3.5.7, simpleclasses@2.0.2, sortablestorage@2.2.6, spyglass@0.5.1, swordz@1.1.8, game@1.19.8, wlts@1.0.0, abcsreborn@0.2.2, alchemy@1.6.34, animalcages@3.0.2, animationmanagerlib@0.8.8, betterfirepit@1.1.4, butchering@1.6.1, carryon@1.7.4, chickenfeed@1.1.2, clipfix@2.0.2, commonlib@2.5.0-rc.2, Crateful@1.2.8, danatweaks@2.3.0, expandedfoods@1.6.9, exlico@1.1.0, fromgoldencombs@1.4.32, herbarium@1.2.0, hudclock@3.4.0, kevinsfurniture@1.2.0, lavoisier@1.3.0, maltiezbows@1.0.4, metaltongs@1.1.3, moreanimals@1.3.5, oneroof@0.11.3, simplewinddirectionpelagus@1.0.0, petai@2.2.6, pigfeed@1.0.4, primitivetools@1.4.1, prospecttogether@1.3.0, rivers@3.1.0, rockstratavariety@0.0.1, sailboat@1.3.1, scatastrophe@1.1.1, simplecloth@1.0.2, stillnecessaries@1.1.2, stonebakeoven@1.1.3, usefulstuff17@1.3.2, vhfp@1.1.0, creative@1.19.8, vsimgui@1.1.5, survival@1.19.8, vsvillage@1.0.5, wildfarmingrevival@1.2.1, xlib@0.8.5-pre.1, alchemistry@1.0.2, bullseye-continued@2.5.8, cats@2.0.3, chemistrylib@1.1.5, configlib@1.3.13, em@2.6.3, fsmlib@0.4.5, glassmaking@1.4.0, helvehammerext@1.6.0, stonequarry@3.3.1, vanity@2.2.0, wildcraftfruit@1.2.1, wildcraftherb@0.0.1, wildcrafttree@1.1.0, wolftaming@2.1.3, xskills@0.8.7, bricklayers@2.5.5, kosfire@1.1.3, kos-goldamalgam@1.0.0, kosphotography@1.4.3, maltiezcrossbows@0.3.11, tailorsdelight@1.5.4, ashes@1.0.0, coloredjugs@1.0.1, dressmakers@1.2.1
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Vintagestory.Client.RenderAPIBase.RenderMultiTextureMesh(MultiTextureMeshRef mmr) in VintagestoryLib\Client\API\RenderAPIBase.cs:line 117
at BalancedThirst.Blocks.KettleInFirepitRenderer.OnRenderFrame(Single deltaTime, EnumRenderStage stage) in /Users/jacopouggeri/workspace/VintageModding/BalancedThirst/BalancedThirst/Blocks/KettleInFirepitRenderer.cs:line 113
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientEventManager.TriggerRenderStage(EnumRenderStage stage, Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\Util\ClientEventManager.cs:line 186
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientMain.TriggerRenderStage(EnumRenderStage stage, Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientMain.cs:line 809
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientMain.MainRenderLoop(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientMain.cs:line 815
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientMain.MainGameLoop(Single deltaTime) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientMain.cs:line 731
at Vintagestory.Client.GuiScreenRunningGame.RenderToPrimary(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\MainMenu\Screens\GuiScreenRunningGame.cs:line 200
at Vintagestory.Client.ScreenManager.Render(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ScreenManager.cs:line 676
at Vintagestory.Client.ScreenManager.OnNewFrame(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ScreenManager.cs:line 651
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientPlatformWindows.window_RenderFrame(FrameEventArgs e) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientPlatform\GameWindow.cs:line 88
at OpenTK.Windowing.Desktop.GameWindow.Run()
at Vintagestory.Client.ClientProgram.Start(ClientProgramArgs args, String[] rawArgs) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientProgram.cs:line 324
at Vintagestory.Client.ClientProgram.<>c__DisplayClass9_0.<.ctor>b__1() in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientProgram.cs:line 128
at Vintagestory.ClientNative.CrashReporter.Start(ThreadStart start) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientPlatform\ClientNative\CrashReporter.cs:line 93

💬 jayuAuthor, Jul 9th at 2:08 AM

v0.0.25 Changelog: Kettles!


Added better kettle and reworked water boiling (you can now only boil water in a kettle or ACA saucepan)

Added chamberpot (stop using a bucket!)

Fixed bug that didn't sync configs properly in servers

Added fallback for mod detection with a null api for better compatibility with other mods

💬 jayuAuthor, Jul 9th at 2:05 AM

RomixERR there does seem to be a problem with how hydration is processed, might be due to the recent rework. Guess I know what I'll fix next. In the meantime you can change thirst rate or hydration values to compensate.

💬 jayuAuthor, Jul 9th at 2:03 AM

ReGiiT fix up in 5 minutes

💬 RomixERR, Jul 8th at 4:46 PM

Очень странно, но кувшин, берестяная бутылка должны давать 200 и 300 гидратации, но они всегда дают только 100. Возможно, проблема во мне, у меня много модов, но очевидно, что они не должны создавать проблем. Моды, которые могут вызывать проблемы alchemy_1.6.25, lavoisier-1.3.0, ACulinaryArtillery 1.1.3, chemistrylib-1.1.5.

💬 ReGiiT, Jul 8th at 1:54 PM

Hey i love the mod. but i can't synchronize the config file. it keeps resetting to default values. i also tried changing the configlib with the synced option, but it doesn't update for anyone on the server, but me. Any ideas what can cause this?

💬 jayuAuthor, Jul 7th at 10:49 AM

CassMerry fortunately, a kettle rework is coming very soon which will work much more smoothly

💬 jayuAuthor, Jul 7th at 10:48 AM

IAMspEeDex Is this a bug report / suggestion or approval ahah, you can edit the thirst rate and max hydration in the configuration if you find the values not to your taste.
Later edit: apparently there was a sneaky bug that reduced water in a container by more than the hydration given when drinking, it has now been fixed. Drinking speed has been reduced to half a liter per sip, might adjust in the future.

💬 jayuAuthor, Jul 7th at 10:47 AM

Astella try deleting your VintageStoryData folder Cache contents

💬 jayuAuthor, Jul 7th at 10:47 AM

Sidfu right now you can disable certain parts of this mod or of HoD, what you would probably want to do is disable the thirst from one of the two. then, there is enough compatibility that you get bladder working with hoD even if you disable BT's thirst, or that you get the clothing cooling effect working if you disable HoD's thirst

💬 IAMspEeDex, Jul 6th at 12:03 PM

I just drank 8 liters of water in 5 seconds, and im still thirsty. 10/10

💬 Astella, Jul 6th at 12:01 AM

Hello! I downloaded the update and I can no longer right click to drink from my well, also after boiling water in a kettle I cant drink the water I can only drink juice from buckets currently!

💬 Sidfu, Jul 5th at 7:14 PM

could you go more into detail on how to use HOD and BT together. i get a feeling im missing a setting  to make them work together.

💬 CassMerry, Jul 5th at 9:36 AM

@jayu I've done some more testing and reset things and I realized I;d just defaulted to testing with saltwater, but at some point an update fixed the issue with still water, so boiling a kettle or boiler of saltwater still seems to do nothing but other water appears to work fine now! (And for me I think that's enough to make this properly playable :) )

💬 jayuAuthor, Jul 5th at 1:52 AM

v0.0.24 Changelog

  • Added compatibility:
    • ACA: bottles extend water shelf life, can boil water in cauldron
    • Expanded Foods
    • Wildcraft: Fruits and Nuts
    • Wildcraft: Herbs and Spices
    • A Warrior's Drink!
    • Rivers: now river water is potable!
💬 jayuAuthor, Jul 4th at 12:38 AM

Vargur Boiling water takes a little to cool, but it should be less than 1 in game hour. It will turn into boiled water.

Rain collection is already available in DanaTweaks with barrels, I'm not sure if it's really needed here at this stage. Perhaps if/when I add more water management systems in the future.

💬 jayuAuthor, Jul 4th at 12:36 AM

v0.0.23 Changelog

  • Changed config directory to BalancedThirst to avoid clutter (this will reset all your config settings, you will have to copy the ones you care about manually)
  • HoD Thirst Disable is now a general enable/disable thirst toggle
  • Added distilled water, obtailed with a boiler like distilled alcohol
  • Now config settings update in real time, server admins can change synced settings without restarting the server
  • Added bar color option to client config
  • Fixed liquidcontainers compatibility patch not working and disabling waterskins even when the mod was disabled
  • Slight drinking improvement (can drink water through non solid blocks, avoids awkward situations near corners)
💬 Vargur, Jul 3rd at 3:48 PM

How long does it take boiled water to cool? Or is it not meant to be drinkable straight from the kettle?


Suggestion for the roadmap: Some kind of rain-water collection options. It could be balanced maybe by being a slow process requiring a filter?

💬 jayuAuthor, Jul 3rd at 12:01 AM

CassMerry maybe try resetting the configs since that only works for containers in the HeatableLiquidContainers list. If it still doesn't work, you can edit some purity levels in the config while I figure out an alternative method to boiling water, since I do plan on reworking that. Next update will also add water distillation with a boiler, although distilled water will not give any Euhydration.

💬 CassMerry, Jul 2nd at 11:40 AM

Not sure if I'm just missing something but I don't seem to be able to boil water, when putting water (I've tested with several different kinds including still and salt) in a kettle or bowl and putting it into a fire it progresses the arrow but then does nothing when complete. I've tried with every other mod disabled, with all superfluous mods deleted, with just library mods enabled, from the earliest version to the most recent, for some reason the issue persists and I don;t know if I'm just misunderstanding how the system works. Any help very much appreciated!

💬 jayuAuthor, Jul 2nd at 1:26 AM

v0.0.21 Changelog (probably last version before stable release)

  • Smoother interaction help
  • Now bladder can overload, debuff will start at that moment, urinating will be possible only then
  • Changed standing bladder keybind (again -.-) to the control key (might be the same as sprint for you, depending on your mappings)
  • Soup can be cooked with boiling water (will look invisible, this is a temp fix)
  • Fixed small issue with hydration display in item tooltips not updating with the food spoilage state
  • Massively simplified drinking code, should be more compatible with other mods and more lightweight
  • (As a consequence) Fixed honey squeezing not working
  • Fixed stagnant water transitioning to massive quantities of rot
💬 jayuAuthor, Jul 1st at 10:57 PM

Westernby I will check if it's something with my HoD compatibility but it might be something directly from HoD, or your config files (even if you delete the mods, the configs stay). The only way to get negative saturation is if that item has some negative nutrition properties assigned, but I never mess with saturation in my mod.

💬 Westernby, Jul 1st at 7:59 AM

Hi jayu

I've completely kicked both HoD and Balancewd thirst, redownloaded them and started a new world. 

Still when I boil a kettle of Water I get this tooltop:

It shows the kettle with 8 Liters of Boiled water giving me 800 Hydration and -5600 Saturation. 

Best Wishes



💬 jayuAuthor, Jul 1st at 1:57 AM

Aparlin301 I can see why it might happen, a rework I was planning should fix that.

💬 Aparlin301, Jun 30th at 10:07 PM

hey jayu I solved the urine issue by downloading Configlib. While I was playing with the mod I may have found a bug when it comes to adding honey into the buckets, the game says your adding honey to the buckets but it doen't show it and you can't pick up the buckets and the empty blocks you get your squeezed honeycomb back.

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 30th at 9:57 PM

Westernby Hmm the only way to get negative saturation is from grain, can you check your config? It works fine for me so maybe there is some issue there. Perhaps take a note of what you changed in the config then reset it.

💬 Westernby, Jun 30th at 8:15 PM

Hi jayu

I think I've found a bug. When drinking pure or boiled water even from a jug, it gives me a massive negative saturation. Is this supposed to be the case? 

Best Wishes



💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 30th at 4:31 PM

Sammy_SMD WickedSchnitzel

Next version will have a notification for the player to set the urination mode if not set.

Best fix I found for the soup is that you can use boiling water for it... is that good enough? The game hates what I did to make water boilable so I have to use this workaround. Unless I make a completely different firepit to boil water or rework the kettle code to be a pseudo-pot for water only... The game really doesn't like liquid only soups cooking recipes is a shame, otherwise all of this could be avoided by making a cooking recipe in the pot.

Actually the boiler is so cool, I'll try to make a similar but simpler block with different tiers that allows you to simply boil water. For now, the temporary fix will be soup from boiling water (which is invisible for some reason).

💬 Sammy_SMD, Jun 30th at 12:19 PM

WickedSchnitzel I had the same problem and I fix it changing ingame "stand" in "Sitting or Standing" parameter in "Balanced Thirst (client)" (using config lib) hope it helps

💬 WickedSchnitzel, Jun 30th at 6:10 AM

Taking a dump seemed to work this time while sitting. Peeing still does not work for me with the latest version. Maybe there should be a pee bar on top of the thirst bar to avoid confusion. A small one like the poop bar. I have also noticed that eating a lot does not fill up the poop bar faster.

💬 Sammy_SMD, Jun 30th at 1:08 AM

jayu Ok thank you 🙂

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 30th at 12:53 AM

Sammy_SMD that is known, will fix in the next version, as for the soup, you will have to wait because I found out another issue with boiling water that might be related

💬 Sammy_SMD, Jun 30th at 12:49 AM

@jayu I have found another bug, cannot disable bladder feature, if I set it false in the config file when I launch the game it come back to true

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 30th at 12:33 AM

Sammy_SMD works fine for me, are you sure it's not another mod? I did mess with recipes in a previous version to try to boil water, but none of that code should be in the newer ones. Or do you mean you can't make soup with my own custom water (pure, stagnant, boiled) ? If so, thanks for reminding me, I still have to add that manually in the jsons.

Edit: Nevermind I realise the problem, vanilla is stupid for some reason so water can go beyond 100 degress, and this is needed for the food to finish cooking, instead I made it so water can't go beyond 100 degrees for realism. Will have to remove that.

Will upload fix soon

💬 Sammy_SMD, Jun 30th at 12:25 AM

I'm unable to make soups (for example turnip soup) is it a bug or I'm doing something wrong?

Thank you for this amazing mod

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 30th at 12:08 AM

v0.0.20 Changelog

  • Changed keys controls again: now can pee only when not walking by sneak-right-click for standing, sit controls are g-right-click
  • New interaction info to showcase the keybinds
  • Reworked player right-click detection to hopefully fix some issues with it


💬 RenayEdor, Jun 29th at 2:26 PM

 Absolutely can't wait for the server fix. I definitely want to give this mod a try for my server (maybe with the bladder dissabled)

I'll be keeping tabs on this for when the multiplayer fix drops :D

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 29th at 2:07 PM

WickedSchnitzel that error is because the item is disabled if you have liquidcontainers, will disable the recipes too to avoid the error but it is innocuous

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 29th at 2:06 PM

Aparlin301 bladder bar is disabled by default, you should check the client config to enable it. I am reworking the whole system anyway so next update it may work.

💬 Aparlin301, Jun 29th at 1:53 PM

the drop item key isnt working for me as well, i tried doing it with empty hands, i don't even have a bladder bar

💬 WickedSchnitzel, Jun 29th at 1:07 PM

I tried the drop item key. did not work for me as well. no clue why. also disabled all other mods. also tried in a fresh world.

There are also some console warnings not related to that problem:

29.6.2024 10:51:06 [Warning] Failed resolving crafting recipe ingredient with code balancedthirst:waterskin-pelt in Grid recipe
29.6.2024 10:51:06 [Error] Grid Recipe 'balancedthirst:recipes/grid/waterskin.json': Output Block code balancedthirst:waterskin-pelt cannot be resolved
29.6.2024 10:51:06 [Warning] Failed resolving crafting recipe ingredient with code balancedthirst:waterskin-leather in Grid recipe
29.6.2024 10:51:06 [Error] Grid Recipe 'balancedthirst:recipes/grid/waterskin.json': Output Block code balancedthirst:waterskin-leather cannot be resolved

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 29th at 11:13 AM

Gonna add the changelogs here since people often don't read them:


  • XSkills compatibility: Camel Hump and Elephant Bladder skills added
  • Now you have to press the drop item button to pee

Will probably make it a configurable hotkey in the future.

💬 WickedSchnitzel, Jun 29th at 8:47 AM

Deleting the configs did not do anything for me. sprint is working in a new world though.peeing was not possible, but maybe the bladder was just not filled yet (i believe there is a second smaller bar on top of the thirst bar which has to be filled first?). Thirst bar was full though and blinking.

💬 Maamessu, Jun 29th at 12:00 AM

Honestly I thought it was kinda funny that the first thing you had to do after spawning into existance was urinate. XD

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 28th at 11:47 PM

WickedSchnitzel is the walk speed at 50%? Or is the issue just that you can't sprint? I will upload a version with a small fix that should start you with 0 bladder in a new world. Just tested it.

Also I know you tried before, but another person that had an issue with peeing and drinking fixed it by deleting all the configs.

💬 WickedSchnitzel, Jun 28th at 10:38 PM

yes. also in new worlds. thirst bar is full right at the beginning and sprinting is not possible. peeing as well.

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 28th at 9:34 PM

WickedSchnitzel does this happen in a new world too? I will ask if there's a way to reset all stat modifers, then if it doesn't happen on a new world, you should be fine in the new version.

💬 WickedSchnitzel, Jun 28th at 9:23 PM

Won't work for me. Deleted the configs and i am still not able to empty the bladder. Is this supposed to work only when the thirst bar is full or also when like at 80%? Sprinting still not fully available though (it's only slightly faster than walking atm).

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 28th at 7:53 PM

WickedSchnitzel is your walk speed 50%? Apparently some people couldn't use right click functions (drinking or bladder) before deleting their configs, so try if that works, then to remove the speed debuff you should disable bladder while keeping the mod and in a few seconds it should disappear. Then you can delete it if you want.

💬 WickedSchnitzel, Jun 28th at 7:31 PM

well, i am not able to empty the bladder. neither while standing nor sitting. i do not see any effect and the walkspeed debuff is still there, no matter what i am pressing.
plus i am still not getting back the normal sprint after removing your mod. latest version 0.0.15

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 28th at 2:04 PM

WickedSchnitzel I think you have a full bladder, I will upload a new version where you should be able to disable the bladder feature in the config, then reloading the world shold remove the walk speed debuff.

Should be easy to check, the thirst bar will flash like when at low thirst when you bladder is full. You can also try /setBladder <player> 0 to reset its capacity.

💬 WickedSchnitzel, Jun 28th at 7:27 AM

So after installing this mod, my character is not able to sprint anymore (thirst bar is full) and it will remain like that, even after removing your mod.

💬 AntisocialCat, Jun 28th at 1:06 AM

jayu Dunno if it helps but i was hosting a LAN server. I could create a singleplayer game easily, my friend could create a singleplayer game easily (We are running the same mods). When she tried to connect it said she joined and then that the client crashed. Soo yeah 99% sure it was the client crashing and not the server.


💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 28th at 12:23 AM

WickedSchnitzel PsychomorJulek New version is up and will adjust the thirst bar positioning automatically. If you had some offset in your client config, I suggest you reset it to 0 as it should work fine now.

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 28th at 12:22 AM

AntisocialCat That's the next bug fix on the list. I have an idea of why it happens, could you confirm that only the client crashed, not the server? If so I'm pretty sure I know the cause. 

💬 AntisocialCat, Jun 27th at 10:05 PM

Hello, is this mod compatible with multiplayer ? (Sorry if It was mentioned somewhere), my friend tried to join but it crashed his game, otherwise the game works just fine singleplayer. Tried multiple times and no progress.


💬 WickedSchnitzel, Jun 27th at 8:32 PM

Thirst bar is not properly alligned on my screen. I have sent a screenshot on github.

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 26th at 2:44 PM

The_Teller A similar system is my dream for the future. I have no idea how to implement it yet though. Right now, I'd like to focus on polishing up what's already here and fixing a few bugs.

💬 The_Teller, Jun 26th at 3:30 AM

I had an idea for the fresh underwater sources. (if it's not already thought up yet) would it be possible to make an automated pulley system with ropes n buckets ,connected to a windmill, in order to bring water into a makeshift aquaduct for easy transport of water to towns n such?

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 26th at 3:01 AM

PsychomorJulek Are you saving and reloading the config? Plus it needs you to exit and come back into the world for it to work. I will change it to place itself next to the hunger bar automatically when I have time.

💬 PsychomorJulek, Jun 25th at 11:57 PM

Hello. Cant move this thirst meter on screen , simple config client dont work for me , Parametr x-y in config, this + and - do nothing for me and cant place bar were i want. I have StatusHud mod too. Someone have same issue ? I playing on 2k monitor.

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 25th at 4:55 PM

Moby_ Btw you seem like the right person to ask, I plan on adding some thirst mineral nutrition system to rework the current health boost and to give endgame players a reason to set up some more complex water processing or looking for right mineral values in water. Salt could be one, since it's already in game. Maybe choose a limited selection of these: calcium, magnesium, sodium (salt), fluoride, potassium, iron, and zinc. (From a quick google search on water). Perhaps you have some idea of how I could set up such a system? Could be well integrated with Lavoisier.

Random idea: maybe I could just use the crop minerals and integrate them in watering, although I'm not sure those are the minerals humans need from water other than Potassium

💬 LarekFlynn, Jun 25th at 7:38 AM

ManaWei In the Config for DanaTweaks you can set the liquid code for what the barrels collect, just set it to "balancedthirst:waterportion-pure"

💬 ManaWei, Jun 25th at 6:29 AM

You should check out DanaTweaks. Dana did a good job with the rainwater collection maybe you could add that as a "pure" water source somehow..

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 25th at 2:52 AM

Stejer Your dream arrived faster than you could have imagined, now you have some compatibility options on my side. Other side should arrive soon too.

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 24th at 4:09 PM

Moby_ that'd be pretty cool! Could work on some integration with Lavoisier. There's so much to do 😅.

💬 Moby_, Jun 24th at 3:43 PM

Do you want recipes for activated charcoal using ChemistryLib for water filtering?
I think there's everything needed to make it :D

(also I'm planning to add a funnel thing to Lavoisier so that might help)

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 24th at 1:31 PM

Stejer Unfortunately they are not compatible at the moment, we were discussing this on the discord but the author of Diedrate believes the two mod's philosopies are different so it wouldn't make much sense. I partially agree, but I also think there are some strengths of Diedrate that Balanced Thirst is lacking in and there could be players that want to enjoy the best of both worlds. I could try to add some compatibility options on my side (which would basically disable a lot of my thirst system while giving my items the properties to hydrate in Diedrate), but for now you if you want difficulty you could tweak the configs of Balanced Thirst to make thirst kill you and to have a steeper hunger debuff. I will add some tutorials when I'm done, but the curve that determines the hunger buff/debuff is very configurable right now so you could set it to only debuff you if you don't have full thirst, or debuff you if you have less than half thirst, or to use a very steep curve like InvertedQuintic (or ArcSin, or Inverted Cubic), you can check the options in the graph here:

💬 Stejer, Jun 24th at 12:25 PM

Excuse me but I have a few questions.

I was hoping to use the mod hydrate or diedrate since its harder however as far as I understood that mod still doesnt have a well mechanic wich is something I really REALLY like about balanced thirst.

are the two mods are compatible with each other so I can have a bit of both features without having different thirst bars or if there is some other alternative



Id also like to know if there is or if you will make a similar mod for hunger making so you NEED to have a diverse diet and a minimum amount of calories etc (btw I know there is a mod that makes so instead of a hunger bar you get an calory measure but it doesnt really give the realism I am hoping for)



💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 23rd at 11:28 PM

Thranos definitely! Will be one of the first thing I add compatibility for! Doesn't need much, just setting the mod to recognise the containers as water containers so the water lasts longer.

💬 Phinxter24, Jun 23rd at 10:39 PM

I love your idea. Thanks a lot!!

💬 Thranos, Jun 23rd at 6:23 PM

Can't wait to use this on my server once there's Expanded Foods/Wildcraft compat. 
Oh! I forgot to mention before, but this seems like it would pair very well with canteens/waterskins.

Heck, they're practically made for each other.

💬 Michaloid, Jun 23rd at 4:29 PM

Placing a raw kettle crashes the game. Details are on the github.

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 23rd at 4:27 PM

LarekFlynn UA_Shaman 

Now added client config so you can place it wherever you want

💬 LarekFlynn, Jun 23rd at 4:08 PM

Seconding that on wider aspect ratio monitor the thirst bar is off to the side.

💬 UA_Shaman, Jun 23rd at 3:48 PM


💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 23rd at 1:23 PM

RogueRaiden yes the drinking value are attributes (like the waterTightContainerProps) you can patch them like this:

"hydrationProps": { "Hydration": 100, "HydrationLossDelay": 10, "Purity": "0", "Salty": false, "Scalding" false }

Purity goes from 0 (pure) to 5 (rot)

The config I intend to add will expose how I attach these internally to anyone who wants to change them without the need of patching every single block or item, making it also easier to share so people can share compatibility configs for the mods they play without me manually adding each one.

EDIT: I have now added the config! It was easier than I thought. Simple numerical values can be edited with configlib, while for more advanced settings like which containers can be used to boil water or which item or blocks give hydration, those can be found in the balancedthirst.json config file. Look at the default to learn how to edit it.

💬 RogueRaiden, Jun 23rd at 12:58 PM

i mean are the values something that is placed into the attributes section of an items json? so for example, a mod could have compatibility for this on its own by just patching in the thirst value for their items or a patch mod could adjust values for specific server use (so that its easy for something like Expanded Foods to do its own compat)

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 23rd at 12:51 PM

RogueRaiden not yet, but it is my next plan. I intend to add handbook explanations first, then add a config where one can set a lot of parameters and items.

💬 RogueRaiden, Jun 23rd at 12:40 PM

how configurable/mod friendly is it? are all values easily editable in json?

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 23rd at 12:04 PM



Fruit, juice and milk do restore thirst. Alcohol does not right now as alcohol does not really sate your thirst, and actually makes you more thirsty. It's true that it does contain water though... I might change it to give you a thirst over time effect like salt water does. Other foods restore a portion of thirst based on their nutrition type. Grain will actually make you more thirsty.

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 23rd at 12:00 PM

RiRin Thanks, will fix.

💬 jayuAuthor, Jun 23rd at 12:00 PM

Hydromancerx Bladder sounds like a silly add-on I could make! Hygene is interesting but I'm afraid you'll have to wait since it would need a fully fledged mod, and I have a lot of ideas right now.

💬 silentium_noxe, Jun 23rd at 8:45 AM

What about alcohol?

💬 RiRin, Jun 23rd at 7:48 AM
[Server Error] [balancedthirst] An exception was thrown when trying to load assembly:
[Server Error] [balancedthirst] Exception: Could not load file or assembly '0Harmony, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.
What is the harmony assembly?
Edit : Found out that it use a weird harmony.dll that will break other mods so I have to remove it for now,  but I will be looking forward for it to be usable with others!
💬 Frepo, Jun 23rd at 7:35 AM

BEHOLD; THIRST!! Finally!! :)
I love your philosophy of trying to make it a full-fletched mechanic, and not just a mechanically copied hunger bar.

💬 Jonathonsky, Jun 23rd at 5:39 AM

Finally the day comes when someone adds thirst to VS. I've waited for too long. Thank you for making this mod.

💬 Thranos, Jun 23rd at 5:34 AM

-Does fruit juice/milk restore thirst at all? 
-Do you plan to add compat with Expanded Foods and drinks therein?

💬 Hydromancerx, Jun 23rd at 2:08 AM

I have been dreaming of a mod like this!

I hope hygene and bladder are next on your mod list!

(edit comment delete)