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Author: Catasteroid
Side: Both
Created: May 26th at 3:10 PM
Last modified: Aug 5th at 1:59 AM
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Liquid Containers Mod v1.1.0

This mod adds fourteen new liquid containers for carrying juices, alcohol or water in the form of:
- Eleven 4-litre waterskins/wineskins (in every colour of leather can be dyed)
- Three 2-litre canteens (in yellow and green bamboo, and birch bark)

1.1.0 Update for 1.17: Since you can now dye leather every colour you can dye cloth, you can now make waterskins in blue, red, yellow, green, gray, white, purple and pink as well as plain, black or orange, you can use leftover dyed leather from making a fancy shield to make a waterskin!

These containers can be stored and used in all the same ways you can use a ceramic jug, including adding 0.2l stacks of liquids to a cooking pot.

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v1.1.0 453 Aug 5th at 1:59 AM Show
v1.0.0 1315 May 26th at 3:13 PM Show

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