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Created: May 29th at 6:01 PM
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Latest file for v1.19.8: 1-click install

This is the first iteration of a Class mod for the server Vintaria.


 Please DO NOT use this Mod! 

I uploaded it only to have it available for potential players of my server. I am a newb moddev and will not be responsible for anything this mod does or doesn't do to your server, your pc, you or your extended family!


It is most likely
- grandceptionally buggy.
- hilariously imbalanced.
- exceptionally not thought through.
- just a customization of other class mods like "More Classes" (original, _Revised, Fixed, ...) or BarenAD-Classes, Simple Classes, and you would be better off using those (if still up2date).
- not translated to anything but english (and even the en.json could be shortened!).

I tried to add a few recipes to these classes and that might need some testing and fixing.

Same goes for class descriptions and the whole charsel gui: most likely needs some fixing.

I want to add more traits and attributes but I'm not mod-dev enough to do so.

I found an issue with hats where some hats (hunter hat thingy, helmets and so on) trigger some errors about missing hair (because it's removing those) but I'm not sure that's the mods fault.

I COULD but will not add starting gear for each class (like linen sacks or tools).

For any questions or issues please contact "NMND" (username "nmnd." - mind the dot!) via DM on discord (you can mention me or send me a friendrequest if necessary).
I will add a issue tracker/bug report on github if required but am too lazy for now. :P


- Commoner (Cook, Scribe and Taylor) - townsfolk, not very hardy.
- Farmer - can farm, ranch and butcher.
- Hunter - quiet and quick, good at dismantling animals.
- Metalworker - Miner and Smith.
- Woodworker - Lumberjack, Forester and Carpenter.
- Mason - Mason and Potter.
- Tinkerer - Not really thought through yet. Needs testing and A LOT of feedback!
- Explorer - Quick and bonus for collecting ancient things.
- Scout - Silent and deadly, but weak.
- Archer - Deadly from afar, but weak.
- Warrior - Take a lot of damage, deal a lot of damage!


## 0.0.7
A bit of balancing:
- Nerfed movement speed of commoners, explorers, hunters, archers.
- Lowered hunger rate for hungry classes. (=a bit less gluttonous.)
- Increased hunger rate for fasting classes. (=a bit more hungry.)
- Added "hungry" trait to woodworkers, masons, farmers. (It's hard work, you need more energy!)
- Some changes to mason class description

Uploaded some new screenshots to this modDB.

## 0.0.6
- added candles to paper lantern recipe
- changed paperlantern-lit recipe to using a torch to light up.
- changed woodtrash.json to result in agedfirewood.

## 0.0.5
- Added recipe to turn wood trash into firewood. With an Axe.
- Maybe fixed debarkedlog `"shapeless": false` from 0.0.3.

## 0.0.4
- Fixed crash for improv wood armour handbook page. Maybe some others.

## 0.0.3
- Merged Taylor into Commoner
- Patched debarked log recipe to be NOT shapeless (so palisade mod works!)

## 0.0.2:
- Added more masonry reCurrently I am planning:

 2x5 (10) of any clay = 12 bowls (pottery: 12 bowls = 12 clay)

 2x6 (12) of blue clay = 4 crocks (pottery: 4 crocks = 14 clay)

3x7 (21) red clay = 8 crucible (pottery: 8 crucible = 26 clay)

7x9 (63) blue or any clay = 2 storage vessel (pottery: 2 storage vessels = 70 clay)

5x4 (20) any clay = 14 any shingles (pottery: 7 shingles = 12 clay)cipes:

## 0.0.1:
- "Creation" of the mod.

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