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Created: Apr 25th 2023 at 7:31 PM
Last modified: Jul 6th at 4:12 AM
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Latest file for Various v1.19.x: 1-click install

JakeCool19's Wild Farming mod, revived...Thanks Jake, you're the best!
Original Mod HERE

Thanks to ehm-93 for working the bugs out for the 1.19 release!
Thanks to Maltiez for the mod configuration gui!

This mod allows for the farming of flowers (including crotons and rafflesia), berry bushes, and mushrooms. It also overhauls tree growth. I'll admit that I don't know much about this mod, so if you're reporting an issue be VERY specific.  And report issues here, not on the forums or on Jake's GitHub repo page. Thanks to genderneutralnoun and Yooooyyy and Sp0wN over on the VS Discord for helping get the bugs out! 

IMPORTANT: Dynamic/self propogating trees and vine growth are now disabled by default, considered experimental only, and unsupported - use at your own risk.

More info below, or in game check out the handbook Wild Farming Revival:Botany Guide.

 Seed Extraction and Plant Reproduction
  • Seeds from grain can be extracted by putting it into a crafting grid with a wooden pan.
  • Seeds from vegetables and legumes can be extracted using shears in the crafting grid.
  • Cattail/Papyrus roots can be grown and split into two roots by putting tops in the crafting grid with a full bucket of water.
  • Place vine tips up somewhere high, and the tip will grow down leaving vine sections you can harvest.
  • Place seaweed trimmings in deep water and they will grow up, leaving seaweed you can harvest.
  • Seeds for flowers, fruits, cacti, and fern can be extracted with a knife in the crafting grid. These seeds do not require farmland or water, but they are sensitive to temperature and will get a heat boost in a greenhouse.
  • Pine and acacia trees can be scored with a knife to leak resin.
  • Muddy gravel can be panned for shells and seeds.

 Mushroom Farming

To start farming mushrooms you will need mushroom substrate and the mushroom you want to grow. Right clicking on the substrate with the mushroom will set it. For ground mushrooms, they will grow within 7 blocks of the substrate randomly on dirt that is on the same level as the substrate. For side growing mushrooms place 5 logs on top of the substrate that match the mushrooms preferred type and they will grow on the sides of the log.


 Tree Farming

All saplings/trees have specific needs in order to grow them. They must all in a certain temperature range. The trunk of the tree will tell you if it is too hot or too cold. Trees will regenerate leaves if they meet the above criteria and the place where the leaves should go is not blocked. Tree health is 50% based on the amount of leaves and 50% based on the health of the wood. Breaking or blocking leaves will reduce its leaf health. Parasites like termites will reduce its log health. Trees grow into the next stage if they have at least 85% health. Leaves and branches will regenerate BUT destroying a log will kill the tree and the trunk will die and turn into a regular log. Fully grown trees will attract different flora and will plant more saplings in the area if at least 75% health. Be careful though, as fully grown trees can also attract harmful organisms like termites. Note: Bamboo and fern trees are not “living”.



OPTIONAL: Now configurable in-game with a GUI! This new feature requires Config Lib and ImGui as dependencies. In-game: simply press [ESC] and click the new Mods Settings button to configure (or press [P]).

If you want to customize this mod the old fashioned way, see %appdata%/VintagestoryData/ModConfig/wildfarmingconfig119.json.

  • "MaxTreeGrowthStages": How many times trees grow until they are fully mature
  • "FernRepopRate": This percentage of ferns will actually be planted.  i.e. 100 for all the ferns.  Default = 20.
  • "PropogateIntoWater": propogate plants and saplings into water. Default is false.
  • "PropogateIntoClaims": propogate plants and saplings into land claims (i.e. traders). Default is false.
  • "SeedlingGrowthRateMultiplier": Increase this number to speed up seedling growth rate. Only applies to newly planted seeds
  • "GrownTreeRepopMinimum": Minimum range trees will plant saplings and max range for foilage
  • "GrownTreeRepopVertSearch": How far up and down the tree looks to plant something
  • "SaplingToTreeSize": Starting size of trees grown from saplings
  • "TreeSizePerGrowthStage": How much bigger the tree gets with every growth stage
  • "TreeRevertGrowthTempThreshold": How much colder or hotter the tree can get past its min and max temperature before growth and regeneration resets
  • "TreeRegenMultiplier": Speed at which trees regenerate leaves
  • "TreeRepopChance": Chance the tree plants a sapling
  • "TreeFoilageChance": Chance the tree encourages forest foilage
  • "TreeFoilageTriesPerDay": How many times the tree will try to plant forest foilage if it cannot find a suitable spot
  • "HarshWildPlants": If disabled, wild plants will ignore temperature
  • "FlowersEnabled": If true seeds for flowers can be crafted
  • "SeedPanningEnabled": If true muddy gravel can be panned for shells and seeds
  • "CropSeedsEnabled": Crops seeds can be extracted
  • "BushSeedsEnabled": Seeds for bushes can be made(Note: Automatically disables self if Wildcraft mod is installed)
  • "CactiSeedsEnabled": Seeds for cacti can be made
  • "MushroomSpawnEnabled": Starter cultures for mushrooms can be made
  • "VineGrowthEnabled": Vine will grow with this enabled
  • "LogScoringEnabled": Pine and acacia logs can be cut to leak resin
  • "ReedCloningEnabled": Reed roots can be grown
  • "LivingTreesEnabled": Trees will have dynamic needs and growth stages
  • "HarshSaplingsEnabled": When enabled saplings will require the same thing as trees. When disabled it will use vanilla mechanics
  • "SeaweedGrowthEnabled": If true seaweed will grow
  • "TermitesEnabled": If true termite mounds will regenerate termites

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.2.1 742 Jul 6th at 4:12 AM Show Install now
v1.2.0 1623 Jun 16th at 4:13 PM Show Install now
v1.1.9 4783 Apr 17th at 7:02 AM Show Install now
v1.1.8 4322 Feb 25th at 5:17 AM Show Install now
v1.1.7 2716 Feb 3rd at 11:56 PM Show Install now
v1.1.6 11857 Sep 17th 2023 at 5:51 PM Show Install now
v1.1.5 246 Sep 17th 2023 at 7:01 AM Show Install now
v1.1.4 498 Sep 15th 2023 at 2:28 AM Show Install now
v1.1.3 1318 Sep 5th 2023 at 6:06 AM Show Install now
v1.1.2 2429 Aug 13th 2023 at 10:41 PM Show Install now
v1.1.1 1211 Aug 6th 2023 at 3:46 AM Show Install now
v1.1.0 1839 Jul 20th 2023 at 5:53 PM Show Install now
v1.0.9 1484 Jul 9th 2023 at 11:49 PM Show Install now
v1.0.8 326 Jul 9th 2023 at 4:49 AM Show Install now
v1.0.7 1119 Jun 25th 2023 at 10:40 PM Show Install now
v1.0.6 1414 Jun 11th 2023 at 4:28 AM Show Install now
v1.0.5 2110 May 6th 2023 at 7:57 AM Show Install now
v1.0.4 308 May 5th 2023 at 6:15 AM Show Install now
v1.0.3 673 Apr 30th 2023 at 4:54 PM Show Install now
v1.0.2 310 Apr 29th 2023 at 11:48 PM Show Install now
v1.0.1 524 Apr 28th 2023 at 4:06 AM Show Install now

256 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 JamminBT, Jul 6th at 2:41 PM


You are a star! Thank you so much 😁

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jul 6th at 2:35 PM

I planted several redwood seeds in creative mode and then advanced time rapidly - when they grew every single one of them skewed in a South-East direction, So anecdotaly I believe that this is the correct answer. 
Tree growth relies heavily on vanilla code (even for living trees), so I imagine that even without this mod or without living trees enabled, the same thing will happen.

I also tried to influence the skew by placing blocks in the way, but they simply stomped over the placed blocks and still skewed South-East.

💬 JamminBT, Jul 6th at 1:05 PM

Hi Spear. I have a quick question about tree growth. It may be a bit difficult to explain what I mean so I'll do my best. When Living Trees is enabled, do 2x2 base trees (like large Oak trees) have a specific orientation in which they grow? For instance, if I plant an Oak seed with the intention of having a 2x2 as decoration, will the tree grow in any of the 4 diagonal directions (North-East, South-East, South-West or North-West) randomly to make a 2x2 or, for example, always skew towards "South-East"?

Cheers in advance 👍

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jul 6th at 4:04 AM

Thank you!

💬 Chrizzlybear, Jul 2nd at 8:51 AM

Hi, i updated the german translation.



💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jun 22nd at 4:58 AM

Who's writing that code, me or you?
Because it sounds rather difficult...

💬 Marlim, Jun 20th at 9:09 PM

Regarding your comment about disabling the dynamic/self propagating trees option, I was thinking about the possibility of optimizing this functionality. Considering this, I propose that this mechanic only works when a player is rendering the chunk where the tree is located.
What do you think about this? SpearAndFang

💬 MadGnome, Jun 13th at 6:42 PM


Unfortunately I was never able to get modded trees to work for Wild Farming for the temperature growth restrictions. 

For the growth stages I would imagine no modded trees would be able to be supported, since seperate growth stages (and tree states) would have to be built for each tree.

💬 Kaidra808, Jun 13th at 3:33 PM


I've turned that on, and it's working as it should for the vanilla trees! But I'd love it if I could get the bearnut and poplar trees to spread on their own as well. I tried adding them to the trunk.json file mimicking the format of the other trees, but then the mod wouldn't load in game at all.

💬 MadGnome, Jun 12th at 8:46 PM


I was trying to get the temperature requirements to apply to modded trees, so I could get trees to only grow in certain areas, but wasn't able to get it to work. 
If you want the dynamic tree growth/spreading you should be able to do it in the config by changing the following entry to true.

"LivingTreesEnabled": false,

💬 Kaidra808, Jun 12th at 5:17 PM

MadGnome Did you have any luck getting the wildcraft trees to be dynamic? I really want to get some of those trees to self propagate, but I'm not sure how to go about setting that up...

💬 gndrneutralnoun, May 28th at 4:43 PM

Is there any possibility at all that you could add compatibility with the Floral Zones series of mods? No rush of course! I just adore the plants from those mods and would love to decorate my base with them, even the ones that you can't normally pick up. Edit: Also, forgot to mention: I'm Flamy, a Dragon (my nickname on the VS server is now genderneutralnoun, my Discord username, so you can check) and I'd honestly prefer if you credited me by "genderneutralnoun" than "Flamy, a Dragon".

💬 MadGnome, May 23rd at 7:08 PM

Ahh, that's odd then. 
I did see the note above for the disabled by default portion, and had not enabled that but I wasn't aware the temperature growth requirements for tree farming was included in that since the temperature values seemed to be working for the Vanilla Trees.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, May 23rd at 2:23 PM


hmmm. I'm pretty sure that trunk.json is only used when Dynamic/self propogating trees is enabled in the modconfig file. Unfortunately this feature of the mod was causing quite a bit of grief for multiplayer servers (performance issues mostly iirc, and the occasional crash) so I finally decided to disable it by default (see the IMPORTANT: note above).

💬 MadGnome, May 22nd at 4:12 PM

I'm trying to add trees from Wildcraft and the Floral Zones to the Min/Max Tempby Type tables in the wildfarmingrevival/blocktypes/wood/trunk.json file with no success. I see the Vanilla trees names are taken from the treegenproperties.json from the 'Generator' field, but when I add similar ones from Wildcraft and the Floral zones to the list the Min/MaxTempByType requirements never work.

Example, from wildcraft.

"Generator": "sal",

In the trunk.json I place it after the acacia in the same formatting to no avail.

"minTempByType": {
     "*-acacia": 23,
     "*-sal": 23

Is there different/additional requirements for wildfarming revival to recognize/add modded trees to the minTempByType/maxTempByType tables, or am I just doing something wrong perhaps?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, May 22nd at 2:11 PM

An old version of the configlib mod is causing that crash.  The latest version of this mod is trying to leverage that mod but it is not a new enough version

Please update it to one of the more current versions (i.e. the latest one)
💬 Ghaelen, May 22nd at 12:05 PM

Hi there!  I believe the mod is crashing Vintage Story.  It's weird, because the mod is not mentioned anywhere in the crash report, but the game consistently crashes when I install the mod, and stops crashing when I remove the mod.

One curious thing I noticed is that the mod makes reference to D:\Projects\VintageStory\configlib\configlib\source\ConfigLibModSystem.cs, which is not on my system.   Is this a filepath on your system?  But even curiouser, the actual thing that caused the crash is: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\Users\p\AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\ModConfig', which does exist on my system and is accessible, so the unauthorized access exception is mysterious.

Crash report is here.

Edit: I have something definitive that is almost certain to help figure out what's happening.  I uninstalled the mod (version 1.1.9) and installed the previous version (version 1.1.8) which seemed to work just fine.  So whatever is going on with my game, it was introduced in version 1.1.9.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Apr 25th at 2:44 AM

ha no, no worries.  If you mod some stuff up I will gladly add it to this one.

💬 conninator2000, Apr 25th at 1:46 AM


Thanks for the reply! Hope I didn't come off as pushy - definitely don't expect you to be bending over backwards for new suggestions - especially considering that most of your effort with this is taken up by keeping it up to date. Thanks for the suggestion though. There is an option to turn off grass trample, but its a cool feature to see where rabbits/animals went through the trampled grass when the visibility is low. I was worried it might be a bigger issue than it is, but grass grows back somewhat fast - just no way to keep a consistant amount around the base as I am use to :)

If I have the energy to, I might make a mod for that (and maybe creating tule roots too) since I couldn't find anything like that in the mods either (which is why i ended up here!)

If I do end up modding those 2 recipes, would you want to add it to this mod or rather I keep it in a separate mod on the db

💬 Mayadzuko, Apr 24th at 5:57 PM

If you need, I have prepared a modlist:
[Notification] Mods, sorted by dependency: aculinaryartillery, emotemenureload, fantasycreatures, pipeleaf, primitivesurvival, game, alchemy, alloycalculator, animationmanagerlib, expandedfoods, fromgoldencombs, hudclock, sailboat, medievalexpansion, moreanimals, pelaguswinds, petai, prospecttogether, storageoptions, creative, survival, vsvillage, wildfarmingrevival, workbenchexpansion, bullseye-continued, cats, foxtaming, wolftaming

And yes, maybe it’s Wildcraft. Thank you

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Apr 24th at 2:21 PM

thanks!  Not critical for sure, and I'm assuming this is a bit of a mod conflict - Wildcraft Fruits and Nuts perhaps. 

appreciated! I like the idea but have little motivation to work on something like that.  I went looking for another mod that did such a thing but could not find one.  Perhaps the Natural Trail Mod modder would consider this request, since they're the one that's killing all the grass?  ;)

💬 Mayadzuko, Apr 24th at 12:37 PM

Hello there. Thanks for the mod, I really like it. But my console complains about this:

[Error] Grid Recipe 'wildfarmingrevival:flowerseeds': Output Item code wildfarmingrevival:wildseeds-flower-treeheath-free cannot be resolved
[Error] Grid Recipe 'wildfarmingrevival:flowerseeds': Output Item code wildfarmingrevival:wildseeds-flower-treeheath-snow cannot be resolved

I understand that this is most likely not critical, but I consider it necessary to inform you that some recipes have broken.

💬 conninator2000, Apr 23rd at 7:04 PM

Hey, absolutely love this mod. Its been a staple of every playthrough since I found it - glad to see how you have kept it up to date and bug free. Would it be possible to add some kind of recipe for making grass seeds? I know they can grow randomly on grass tiles if they have sunlight/space etc - but with the trails mod that creates trails as you walk routes, it can be pretty easy to trample a lot of the grass before you end up needing to cut it - and having some kind of way to farm it would be really neat!

I can change it by altering the trails mod settings but it would be a really interesting feature to help organize some kind of grass farming!

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Apr 5th at 11:31 PM

In Windows browse to:  %appdata%\VintagestoryData\ModConfig
Use a text editor i.e. notepad to edit the file: WildFarmingConfig119.json

The setting you are looking for is "LivingTreesEnabled":

Also, see the Configuration section above.

💬 GreenPig, Apr 5th at 6:04 PM


Don't know how I missed it, sorry and thank you very much.
 One more question, where can I find the modconfig file or how exactly is named and in what program should I open it?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Apr 4th at 11:03 PM

Huh.  It's working for me, and nobody else has reported a problem.

💬 Abduwitdapoo, Apr 4th at 8:07 PM

wont work for me i tried 1.17 and 1.18

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Apr 3rd at 9:24 PM

Copy paste from above
IMPORTANT: Dynamic/self propogating trees and vine growth are now disabled by default, considered experimental only, and unsupported - use at your own risk.

You can enable this via the modconfig file

💬 GreenPig, Apr 3rd at 7:16 PM

Guys, can you please help me with one thing?

My trees have no growth stages displayed and I did a test on creative to speed up the time and see if they change or something and nothing happended.
I tried to look for something similar in the rest of the comments but no luck.

Does it work for the rest of you or is just me?

💬 DejFidOFF, Mar 16th at 8:15 AM


ooh thank you, never went to far.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Mar 15th at 7:51 PM
💬 DejFidOFF, Mar 15th at 6:23 PM

How I can get aquua vitae?

💬 ManaWei, Mar 13th at 7:51 AM

Yeah.. it's a damn shame this mod isn't compatible with Ancient tools

💬 conninator2000, Mar 2nd at 10:56 PM

Were there any plans to add the new Tule to be able to create seeds with its roots? The roots just came with the 1.19.4 update and it would be amazing to be able to create more like you can with cat tails! Love the mod, keep up the great work

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Feb 14th at 1:32 AM

It's working fine for me. The only time I've seen something like this is when dynamic/self propogating trees are enabled.  When the trees go through a growth stage the scored trees disappear.  But I've disabled those living trees in the mod config and do not recommend anyone enable it again.  ever.

💬 Wizard76, Feb 13th at 2:06 AM

I noticed when scoring a pine tree that it does work, but when I relog back into the game, the scoring has disappeared. Has anyone else noticed that?

💬 Dracomancer, Feb 9th at 1:01 AM


The mod that has tree scoring enabled is Ancient Tools, by Taska.

💬 bringitonwimps, Feb 9th at 12:16 AM

So yeah, its a me issue cause apparantly readin is hard.  I did not realize somehow that i couldnt turn on living trees and vines.  but its working now.  Thanks

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Feb 7th at 2:57 AM

I don't know what to tell you.  That crash should only happen if you enabled living trees (which is unsupported - see IMPORTANT section above), or I guess if the world had parts of it generated with a previous version of this mod (which I guess could be fixed by regenerating the offending chunks - the /wgen command - use with caution).

The thing that crashed (BlockEntityTrunk) simply shouldn't exist anymore.

Fwiw, Primitive Survival does not have tree scraping, and shouldn't conflict with this mod at all.

💬 bringitonwimps, Feb 7th at 1:32 AM

i rermoverd the mod and our crashing stopped.. really like this mod so ill be keeping my eyes open for any ideas... thanks

💬 bringitonwimps, Feb 7th at 1:21 AM

i do have primitive survival mod which has tree scraping, and it is on there and i turned it off on survival and i do know there are scraped trees in area.  idk if this could be a conflict

💬 bringitonwimps, Feb 7th at 1:03 AM

It appears that wild farming is causing this crash when we are in a specific area of thew map.  one my players crashed and i got close to the area he instant crashes in and now i cant get loaded back in game without instant crashing.

Running on 64 bit Windows 10.0.22621.0 with 32689 MB RAM
Game Version: v1.19.3 (Stable)
2/6/2024 7:01:18 PM: Critical error occurred in the following mod: wildfarmingrevival@1.1.7
Loaded Mods: aculinaryartillery@1.0.16, carpet@1.0.2, cellardoor@1.4.0, chiseltools@1.10.2, craftingtable@0.5.0, creaturescan@1.0.6, decor@1.0.13, effectshud@0.2.10, flourbags@1.0.2, caninae@1.0.10, machairodontinae@1.0.1, pantherinae@1.0.9, HangingOilLamps@1.0.1, millwright@1.1.4, leadroof@1.3.4, newworldgianttortoises@1.1.1, pieontheshelf@1.0.0, potontheshelf@1.0.0, primitivesurvival@3.4.5, somethinginthewater@1.19.3, ssppvv@1.0.5, thecritterpack@0.8.5, translocatorengineeringredux@1.4.9, game@1.19.3, wallpaper@1.0.0, abcsreborn@0.1.7, alchemy@1.6.23, ancienttools@1.5.12, animalcages@3.0.2, egocaribautomapmarkers@3.1.0, betterruins@0.3.2, blacksmithenhancements@1.0.4, butchering@1.4.4, carryon@1.7.4, commonlib@2.3.2, decoclock@0.9.3, expandedfoods@1.6.8, fieldsofsalt@1.2.0, fromgoldencombs@1.4.25, hudclock@3.4.0, sailboat@1.2.7, lc@1.0.0, lavoisier@1.3.0, medievalexpansion@3.13.1, meteoricexpansion@1.2.5, moreanimals@1.3.3, moreplaster@1.0.2, petai@2.2.3, playerlist@1.7.4, scarecrow@1.4.2, simplestep@1.1.5, stonebakeoven@1.1.3, stonerailings@1.1.0, storageoptions@1.0.2, creative@1.19.3, vsinstruments@1.2.6, survival@1.19.3, wildfarmingrevival@1.1.7, woodbarrels@1.0.4, woodchests@1.1.0, xlib119@0.7.4-dev.119, awearablelight@1.1.1, cats@2.0.1, chemistrylib@1.1.5, em@2.5.0, feverstonehorses@1.6.0, gespileslib@1.2.0, morefloors@1.4.0, playercorpse@1.9.0, simplewinddirection@1.0.2, slanted_display_cases@1.1.0, stainedbeams@1.0.0, xskills119@0.7.5-dev.1191, yeet@4.0.1, bricklayers@2.5.0, gespilesgran@1.0.1, kosphotography@1.3.4
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at WildFarmingRevival.ModSystem.BlockEntityTrunk.Regenerate(Single dt) in C:\net7repos\wildfarmingrevival\wildfarmingrevival\ModSystem\BlockEntity\BlockEntityTrunk.cs:line 213
at Vintagestory.Common.EventManager.TriggerGameTick(Int64 ellapsedMilliseconds, IWorldAccessor world) in VintagestoryLib\Common\EventManager.cs:line 57
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientMain.MainRenderLoop(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientMain.cs:line 831
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientMain.MainGameLoop(Single deltaTime) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientMain.cs:line 723
at Vintagestory.Client.GuiScreenRunningGame.RenderToPrimary(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\MainMenu\Screens\GuiScreenRunningGame.cs:line 163
at Vintagestory.Client.ScreenManager.Render(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ScreenManager.cs:line 675
at Vintagestory.Client.ScreenManager.OnNewFrame(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ScreenManager.cs:line 650
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientPlatformWindows.window_RenderFrame(FrameEventArgs e) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientPlatform\GameWindow.cs:line 88
at OpenTK.Windowing.Desktop.GameWindow.Run()
at Vintagestory.Client.ClientProgram.Start(ClientProgramArgs args, String[] rawArgs) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientProgram.cs:line 318
at Vintagestory.Client.ClientProgram.<>c__DisplayClass9_0.<.ctor>b__1() in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientProgram.cs:line 128
at Vintagestory.ClientNative.CrashReporter.Start(ThreadStart start) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientPlatform\ClientNative\CrashReporter.cs:line 93

Event Log entries for Vintagestory.exe, the latest 3
{ TimeGenerated = 2/6/2024 7:00:39 PM, Site = , Source = Application Error, Message = Faulting application name: Vintagestory.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x65310000
Faulting module name: openal32.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x63dd31ad
Exception code: 0x40000015
Fault offset: 0x00000000000df046
Faulting process id: 0x0x5eac
Faulting application start time: 0x0x1da5960d2617fcf
Faulting application path: C:\Users\Cheddar\AppData\Roaming\Vintagestory\Vintagestory.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Users\Cheddar\AppData\Roaming\Vintagestory\Lib\openal32.dll
Report Id: d8833c86-5911-401c-ab11-492c4d03bae7
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID: }
{ TimeGenerated = 2/6/2024 7:00:37 PM, Site = , Source = Application Error, Message = Faulting application name: Vintagestory.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x65310000
Faulting module name: openal32.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x63dd31ad
Exception code: 0x40000015
Fault offset: 0x00000000000df046
Faulting process id: 0x0x9270
Faulting application start time: 0x0x1da5960fa23f8cb
Faulting application path: C:\Users\Cheddar\AppData\Roaming\Vintagestory\Vintagestory.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Users\Cheddar\AppData\Roaming\Vintagestory\Lib\openal32.dll
Report Id: 22a4af67-d072-4428-9c6a-bf2c043eba10
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID: }
{ TimeGenerated = 2/6/2024 6:58:53 PM, Site = , Source = Application Error, Message = Faulting application name: Vintagestory.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x65310000
Faulting module name: openal32.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x63dd31ad
Exception code: 0x40000015
Fault offset: 0x00000000000df046
Faulting process id: 0x0x823c
Faulting application start time: 0x0x1da5960af880198
Faulting application path: C:\Users\Cheddar\AppData\Roaming\Vintagestory\Vintagestory.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Users\Cheddar\AppData\Roaming\Vintagestory\Lib\openal32.dll
Report Id: 782058ce-52d7-4fc3-aa5d-bcce4233c620
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID: }

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Feb 4th at 10:49 PM

There's nothing to spawn.  I added it to my own world after 200 hours.
Of course it never hurts to make a backup before adding new mods.

💬 Xaro, Feb 4th at 5:46 PM

Quick question - If I add this mod to an existing server, will things spawn in already loaded chunks or not? Should I re-roll my server?

💬 Kiladin, Feb 4th at 3:51 PM


"Tree scoring is already available elsewhere".  Would you please share which mod it is that has tree scoring?  That was the one feature I was pining for when this mod was not yet updated.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Feb 4th at 2:42 PM

Aww hell, so do I.  I checked my logs twice before releasing so I'm not sure how I missed that.  Thanks

Correct. At least for the foreseeable future. 

💬 XurxoMF, Feb 4th at 12:57 PM

Just to know. The unsupported features will not be updated/fixed if they are not working right?

💬 Cpt_C0nfus3d, Feb 4th at 11:19 AM

I have this error in the log...


4.2.2024 12:17:20 [Error] Patch 21 (target: wildfarmingrevival:recipes/grid/vinetrimming.json) in wildfarmingrevival:patches/enabledpatches.json failed because supplied path /0/enabled is invalid: The json path /0/enabled was not found. No such element '0' at the root path

💬 AzuliBluespots, Feb 4th at 2:55 AM

I seriously would if I knew how to code or make mods for VS in Linux at all. There's too much of a learning curve here and I'm already too invested in the translation department. :/

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Feb 4th at 12:06 AM

new "lighter" version up, 1.19 only.

💬 Pursec, Feb 2nd at 5:00 AM

Id offer to take on the 1.19 developement and testing - and some bug fixing attached, but for the same reason as you, id not want to be the dedicated owner/maintainer of it going forward

💬 Pursec, Feb 2nd at 4:59 AM

I agree with Yanazake, I think ideally merging the seed extraction, cattail roots, and perhaps mushroom, into smth like Primitive Survival, and leaving the broader systems changes with tree framing and other vine/vine related growing in its own mod. I also think there are probably a larger group of people who desire those features, but might not want the changes/addition of tree growth requirements (and yes its configurable to turn off, but it feels like its the big feature of the mod and the rest are QOL or sprinkles on top). 

💬 AzuliBluespots, Jan 30th at 4:09 PM

There's stuff in this that's absolutely necessary, but those are the things that weren't already implemented elsewhere.

They are mainly seed extraction (SPECIALLY from flowers), root splitting, plant reproduction, seaweed growing and mushroom farming. Aside from the seaweed one, the rest should be just extra items and recipes. Tree scoring is already available elsewhere, and the growth of trees is cool and organic, but ultimately very intensive on the world.

I'd say add these to primitive survival with making sure that you can't just forever split cattail roots - split once and plant them, no re-splitting - since it's also very popular, and we're done with this. Heck, even without the mushroom and seaweed parts, we just want a way to get seeds from crops and flowers and fruits.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jan 28th at 7:41 AM

Now were getting somewhere.  Volunteers?
The thing is, I support 7 mods and not to brag but they've all reached a certain degree of popularity. And it's burning me out.  My options are

(a) merge it (or at least parts of it) with another one of my mods so it is more manageable
(b) drop it completely
(c) have someone take ownership of it.

Reviving this mod was really me doing Flamy a favor (because they asked nicely and I was feeling generous that day). And a nod to JakeCool for all his hard work around here.  I didn't realize how much tlc this mod needed, and it's not a part of my regular loadout when I play VS.

Hell, there's already a pull request available to make it 1.19 compatible.
Just need someone to build and upload it to the modDB, and provide support. Then maybe iron out some of the outstanding issues.

💬 tntjperic, Jan 28th at 1:26 AM

If you all know he/she doesn't want to update it then its time for a 3rd person to take over it.

💬 XurxoMF, Jan 27th at 7:36 PM

I know you said you don't want to update the mod but... please!!!! This is mod is one of the best mods on the moddb and we need it updated to the 1.19 ;-;

💬 Shrimpins, Jan 21st at 9:55 AM

The mod is great, love it and it just doesn't feel the same without it.

As the game has moved to v1.19, I do hope that this mod follows. :)

💬 AzuliBluespots, Jan 20th at 1:08 AM

Confirming there's stuff broken in the mod. At the very least, seed extraction from flowers isn't working, probably because the model is different now and the old one doesn't exist.
Sadly seems like Spear and Fang won't work on this anymore.

At least the rest of their content is pretty great, so we'll have to do without a few things.

💬 XurxoMF, Jan 19th at 10:32 PM

1.19 pleaseeee 🙏

💬 YokieWartooth, Jan 18th at 7:08 PM

Yeah I completely agree. The seed extraction and pine tree scoring should already be in the base game, but having them in a mod like this makes the mod essential to playthroughs. 

💬 Marlim, Jan 18th at 6:01 PM

Will this mod be updated to 1.19?

💬 Phraxas, Jan 18th at 5:20 PM

Perhaps a Wild Farming Lite would be more manageable?  I feel like the seed extraction, seaweed growing, mushroom farming, and pine/acacia tree scoring is absolutely necessary for a good VS experience.  It seems to me like the tree farming is getting a bit out of scope due to its management requirements.

I really don't understand why these aren't Vanilla features.

💬 SpacemanSpliff, Jan 14th at 5:57 PM

Hey I read in the comments that you're considering abandoning this mod. I'm aware my word won't mean much, but please don't. Your work is incredible and has legitimately made the game better. 

💬 VaelophisNyx, Jan 12th at 12:32 AM

I've had to remove and replace about 100 forest floor from a 20 tree orchard in under a year

this is just far, far too much

💬 xAzural, Jan 9th at 2:44 PM

One can only hope D;

💬 Lexingtondavid, Jan 9th at 2:11 PM

I'm inclined to agree - this mod is one of the necessary mods I use every time I play this game - I really hope it doesn't become abandoned!

💬 YokieWartooth, Jan 9th at 1:38 PM

I really hope this gets an update for 1.19. This is one of those mods that's almost essential with how much gameplay it adds in. 

💬 xAzural, Jan 7th at 6:07 PM

"Agreed. I'm actually thinking about abandoning this mod, hence no 1.19 version."

Man id love to have this in 1.19. Seems like it shouldnt be abandoned D:

💬 Cpt_C0nfus3d, Jan 5th at 5:09 AM

Ok then I know. Yes, I actually use the mod.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jan 3rd at 8:57 AM

You maybe have the mod "In Dappled Groves?"
regardless, that error is just failing to add a gizmo called the "Administrator Axe", a creative only axe that I use for playtesting, and will not efffect gameplay - so you can just ignore it.

💬 Cpt_C0nfus3d, Jan 3rd at 6:12 AM

I have found this error in my log.


3.1.2024 07:08:44 [Error] Patch 6 (target: game:itemtypes/tool/axe-metal.json) in wildfarmingrevival:patches/wfr-survival-itemtypes-tool-axe-metal.json failed, following Exception was thrown: Index must be within the bounds of the List. (Parameter 'index')

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jan 2nd at 10:27 PM

Agreed. I'm actually thinking about abandoning this mod, hence no 1.19 version.

💬 Coleroni, Jan 2nd at 4:37 PM

this mod has cool features, it needs WORK. optimize your mod please.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Dec 28th 2023 at 5:45 PM

Yes thank you.
Wild farming is the old version of the mod.  Do not use that, it will not work.  Wild farming revival is the replacement.

💬 MexiBlob, Dec 28th 2023 at 3:36 PM

@Elfini13 from my understanding, Wild Farming Revival is the updated version of wild farming. you don't need wild farming installed in order for Wild Farming Revival to work. it worked perfectly for me on v1.18.15 (Stable)

💬 Elfini13, Dec 28th 2023 at 10:05 AM

Will Wild Farming Revival work without Wild Farming ?

💬 Mantoron, Dec 16th 2023 at 10:52 AM

I've no clue why wildfarmingrevival has suddenly decided to crash my game, but it has and I am too clueless to understand why. Can someone point out what the problem could be?

My Crash-Log:

Game Version: v1.18.15 (Stable)
16/12/2023 11:14:58: Critical error occurred in the following mod: wildfarmingrevival@1.1.6
Loaded Mods: aculinaryartillery@1.0.15, betterbricks@1.1.1, bettercrates@1.6.0, betterruins@0.2.4, bettersticks@1.0.0, cellardoor@1.4.0, claycasting@1.1.1, driedpeat@1.0.3, extrachests@1.7.0, HangingOilLamps@1.0.1, primitivesurvival@3.3.0, quicklimepk@1.0.0, game@1.18.15, abcsreborn@0.1.3, alchemy@1.6.20, ancienttools@1.5.11, egocaribautomapmarkers@2.6.0, beehivekiln@1.5.1, betterfirepit@1.1.2, betterjonasdevices@1.0.2, betterstonepath@1.0.2, blacksmithenhancements@1.0.3, blocksoverlay@2.5.0, butchering@1.1.5, carryon@1.6.1, clearerquartz@1.0.0, commonlib@2.2.0, expandedfoods@1.6.8, farmlanddropssoil@1.4.0, fromgoldencombs@1.4.25, hudclock@3.4.0, sailboat@1.2.4, knapster@2.6.3, metaltongs@1.1.3, postsandbeams@1.2.0, prospecttogether@1.2.4, rivers@1.1.1, sharablewaypoints@1.3.2, simplecloth@1.0.1, sprucedup@1.0.3, stonebakeoven@1.1.1, storageoptions@1.0.1, vtpp@1.1.0, creative@1.18.15, survival@1.18.15, wildfarmingrevival@1.1.6, woodenfortifications@0.0.4, metalrecovery@0.1.19-pre.1, simplewinddirection@1.0.2, stonequarry@3.1.7
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at WildFarmingRevival.ModSystem.BlockEntityTrunk.Regenerate(Single dt)
at Vintagestory.Common.EventManager.TriggerGameTick(Int64 ellapsedMilliseconds, IWorldAccessor world) in VintagestoryLib\Common\EventManager.cs:line 84
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientMain.MainRenderLoop(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientMain.cs:line 809
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientMain.MainGameLoop(Single deltaTime) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientMain.cs:line 711
at Vintagestory.Client.GuiScreenRunningGame.RenderToPrimary(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\MainMenu\Screens\GuiScreenRunningGame.cs:line 163
at Vintagestory.Client.ScreenManager.Render(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ScreenManager.cs:line 668
at Vintagestory.Client.ScreenManager.OnNewFrame(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ScreenManager.cs:line 643
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientPlatformWindows.window_RenderFrame(FrameEventArgs e) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientPlatform\GameWindow.cs:line 77
at OpenTK.Windowing.Desktop.GameWindow.Run()
at Vintagestory.Client.ClientProgram.Start(ClientProgramArgs args, String[] rawArgs) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientProgram.cs:line 313
at Vintagestory.Client.ClientProgram.<>c__DisplayClass9_0.<.ctor>b__1() in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientProgram.cs:line 129
at Vintagestory.ClientNative.CrashReporter.Start(ThreadStart start) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientPlatform\ClientNative\CrashReporter.cs:line 93


EDIT: I finally found that this has to do with Living Trees. It seems a sappling I planted for regrowth in the middle of nowhere has grown and wanted to check for conditions to grow further? Probably? In any case changing the config and yeeting harsh-sapplings and livingtrees to false fixed it for me. I would've liked to play with it, but I guess I'll either wait for a fix or just live with the vanilla version of trees.

💬 MarcAFK, Dec 2nd 2023 at 7:03 AM

We have some trees that appear to have skipped a growth stage. image
I have 2 theories as to what may have caused this, either the chunk needs to be loaded for growth to occur properly, and somehow the tree missed a stage but then as the chunk was loaded later on it finished the next growth stage, or, the more likely explaination is tree growth could be checked when chunks are loaded, but then can only physically occur if the chunk is in entity tracking range, which is by default significanty lower than view distance.
i can test this second theory by raising or lowering entity tracking range in test worlds, and will do so, but if raising entity tracking range to meet view distance fixes the issue its not ideal as that will have a very significant performance impact on large multplayer servers.
I also have a minor issue, manually planted trees have the "Wild farming revival- health 100%" tooltip at the trunk, while worldgen trees dont, this is an issue on pvp/anarchy servers as it gives away which trees are natural and which ones were likely planted by players. I cant find an easy way to remove this label but I think ideally worldgen trees need the base log to have the same label anyway, But I guess worldgen trees arent technically alive. llmao.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Nov 24th 2023 at 1:03 AM

I think I would have disabled wild vine growth via the mod config file instead.  Removing a mod like this (or any mod that adds/alters content) can be a real hassle.  Anyways, I replied to the BEVines issue in Discord.

💬 Newfie, Nov 23rd 2023 at 7:56 PM

This mod is EXTEMELY performance heavy and causes lag spikes every few seconds on large worlds that incorporate alot of wildfarming, it was making 11000 plus calls a tick for growing vines on my world making it unplayable for 80% of the players. SO I removed the mod which drastically made it better. Now after removing the mod it still has edited a file somewhere and is spamming my console full of;
23.11.2023 19:50:09.336 [VerboseDebug] Failed loading a blockentity in a chunk. Will discard it. Sorry. Exception: System.Exception: Don't know how to instantiate entity of type BEVines did you forget to register a mapping?
at Vintagestory.Common.ClassRegistry.CreateBlockEntity(String className) in C:\Users\Tyron\Documents\vintagestory\game\VintagestoryLib\Common\ClassRegistry.cs:line 498
at Vintagestory.Server.ServerChunk.AfterDeserialization(IWorldAccessor worldAccessorForResolve) in C:\Users\Tyron\Documents\vintagestory\game\VintagestoryLib\Server\Models\ServerChunk.cs:line 441
23.11.2023 19:50:10.900 [VerboseDebug] Failed loading a blockentity in a chunk. Will discard it. Sorry. Exception: System.Exception: Don't know how to instantiate entity of type BEVines did you forget to register a mapping?

How can i remove this without making a ton of errors in my 500+ hour world....


💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Nov 23rd 2023 at 4:51 AM

Wildcraft trees themselves are not supported by this mod, but I've made a number of changes to at least make the two mods load up cleanly together. So there shouldn't be any weirdness. 🤷‍♂️

💬 Whiteshadoh, Nov 23rd 2023 at 4:04 AM

What is the easiest way to make this work with Wildcraft Trees? SpearAndFang

💬 TSense, Nov 9th 2023 at 11:31 PM

"Cattail/Papyrus roots can be grown and split into two roots by putting tops in the crafting grid with a full bucket of water."
I think this is overpowered, as the water is not removed while crafting. Starting with one bucket and 1 cattail roots, you can fill your whole inventory in like 30 seconds. Since these can be cooked for food, it is an infinite food glitch.
It would make more sense to seal up to 20 roots in a barrel with water for 10 days and get double the amount back


💬 Alatyr, Oct 23rd 2023 at 9:39 PM

In general, I would like to express feedback. I think the vegetation generation is too aggressive. Almost 90% of the land in the pine forest is covered with bushes (eagle fern), with vines hanging from each tree. I would like to make the forest visually cleaner, or at least make a config where you can configure such things.

💬 Alatyr, Oct 23rd 2023 at 9:24 PM

SpearAndFang As I noticed, double air blocks are still appearing in the trunk. There are also sometimes tree branches hanging.

💬 VaelophisNyx, Oct 16th 2023 at 9:54 PM

btw could a config be added to disable forest floor generation specifically from this mod? Makes operating an orchard or even just decorative trees an excersize in frustration

💬 MrTango, Oct 15th 2023 at 7:53 PM

Ive disabled tree growth in the configs, if that helps.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Oct 14th 2023 at 3:34 PM

Hmm...thank you for that MrTango, I'll revisit that code and see if I can determine what's going on there.  I do know that if you score a tree that is not fully grown, that the scored logs are removed entirely when the tree goes through a growth stage. But that does not sound like what you are describing at all.

💬 MrTango, Oct 12th 2023 at 8:30 PM

I scored a bunch of new logs after checking i'd updated. Some have resin visually, some dont, seems 50/50 split.

💬 jhadred, Oct 9th 2023 at 5:09 PM


No worries, I was just searching to see if it was mentioned and in case anyone else was looking for the same.   Based on the new wildcraft rollout that just started (in particular wildcraftfruit for the berry changes, let alone any other tree compatibility when that rolls out), it might be better to wait anyway.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Oct 9th 2023 at 3:17 PM

My apologies for forgetting to revisit this, and thanks for the detailed explanation.  I'll see what I can do for the next release.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Oct 9th 2023 at 3:14 PM

Noted. I'll see what I can do about that. Thanks!

💬 jhadred, Oct 9th 2023 at 2:52 AM

Not sure how big of an ask this is, but Wildcraft overwrites the fruit bushes and berries to a different type which breaks the default Wild Farming fruit seed making process for the vanilla berries.  Is adding this to the recipes and having it toggleable on the future list or a possible ask?  I know you mentioned that you were  going to be looking into it back in May.

I don't know enough about the modding yet, but it looks like a content mod could be added with just the recpies taken from WildFarmingRevival1.1.6\assets\wildfarmingrevival\recipes\grid\fruitseeds.json where I directly copied the json into a private, nonpublished zip and changed all the "game:fruit-*" to "wildcraft:fruit-*" keeping it to just the base fruits that were changed and leaving the other wildcraft berries (whatever they are) out of it.

Ideally, I think it'd be nice to have this in one of the two mods with an option to disable if someone wants just the wildcrafting berries process vs the wildfarmingrevival berries process.  But if not, a standalone mod of just that would be more than enough but I'm not sure that I should be the one to do it as all I did was directly copy and modify the json from wildfarmingrevival and I haven't done any significant testing on it in my personal game.  Heck, I even copied the modinfo and tweaked a few things, keeping the original authors despite not having it public.  Also, I haven't played in 2 years and may have a gap where I wouldn't maintain anything.  I'm still going through the wiki on mod making and tweaking my personal one though.

Admittedly the only reason I put in wildcraft was due to some pipe smoking mod so...

💬 VaelophisNyx, Oct 8th 2023 at 11:00 PM

I've noticed tree mushrooms seem to pop off of redwood trees sometimes when they grow

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Oct 8th 2023 at 10:09 PM

oof thanks for reporting that. It seems when I greatly restricted undergrowth (ferns, claims, water) that I accidently prevented ground mushrooms and other plants from growing.  I am investigating.

💬 XurxoMF, Oct 8th 2023 at 5:47 PM

Qustion: I've planted a lot of trees, they regenerate leaves and grow in 5 stages, but in the video, some mushroms and plants grows between trees, and thats not working in my world(only ferns are "planted", and some vines, mooshroms are not). Is there some requirement for that?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Oct 6th 2023 at 1:26 AM

I've added it to the to-do list and will see what I can do.

💬 Vityuri, Oct 2nd 2023 at 5:17 AM

Could there be a configuration to exclude Terra Preta from turning into forest floors? On the same train of thought, do clay and peat also get turned into forest floors?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Sep 28th 2023 at 2:38 PM

I too am not fond of how easy this mod makes resin collection, but this mod isn't really focused on balance.  My best suggestion if someone has concerns about that is to disable that option via the modconfig: "LogScoringEnabled"...or do what I do - change vanilla game settings to make the game much more difficult in order to offset the impact of my mod loadout.

My intention when reviving this mod was simply to pay respect to JakeCool and his massive contributions to the modding community!

💬 Jimzawy, Sep 28th 2023 at 12:13 PM

Great mod,I have a weird question regarding resin,  I do like the idea of creating resin farms instead of having to roam around to collect it from random spawns, however I'm afraid that with every QOL change like this the game may become less challenging, how is the mod balancing the ease of resin collection ?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Sep 28th 2023 at 4:26 AM

Thanks for the exhaustive test.  282/290 is >97% and is much better than I expected! I had concerns that my fix would be a performance hit so I didn't get overly aggressive with the solution. I may revisit that code and try and shore it up a bit more.

Please ask the XSkills modder if they can address this on their end first. Since that mod is closed source it is a bit of a hassle to come up with a solution on my end.  If they simply can't add that compatibility then I will be willing to look at it.

💬 Alatyr, Sep 26th 2023 at 3:11 PM

Of the 290 pine trees I grew, only 8 had problems with floating tops. A big improvement, but still some work to do.
Is it possible to make it compatible with XSkills? Skills to speed up tree growth don't seem to work.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Sep 26th 2023 at 7:33 AM

I just tried it out (latest game version, latest mod versions), and all the vanilla knives seem to work fine for tree scraping, as well as many of Ruddi's knives.  Some of his knives don't work though - not sure what makes them so special, but I would guess that they also don't work for other "knife like" purposes as well.

EDIT: I've continued the investigation on my end, and it seems that some of that mod's knives are not classified as knives. Perhaps there is a reason for this, idk. It would be strange for me to patch that from this mod - it really should be fixed from that mod.

tool: "knife"
💬 Moon_Dew, Sep 26th 2023 at 4:02 AM

I don't know if it's on your side or theirs, but there's an incompatibility between your mod and Medieval Fashion Vanilla Textures that prevents tree scraping.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Sep 23rd 2023 at 9:19 PM

No worries.  Glad you got it figured out!

💬 Inabikari, Sep 23rd 2023 at 8:26 PM

SpearAndFang It was a false alarm. Just me being stupid. Xskills adds a skill called 'vampire' that reduces your healing effectiveness in a weird way, and I had that skill. Sorry about that.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Sep 20th 2023 at 10:15 PM

@MrTango. You didn't score those logs with v1.1.5 of the mod by chance?  Or are running 1.1.5?  I quickly released a hot-fix, but may have permanently messed up the scrored log resin visually in either case.

1. Make sure you're upgraded to 1.1.6
2. Score some new logs.  I'm pretty sure the resin will show up on them. 

The previously scored logs (anything using 1.1.5) might be perma-bunged. Chop that tree down!

💬 MrTango, Sep 20th 2023 at 7:46 PM

I have scored logs, and they've generated resin which I harvested, but I cant/couldnt see that its ready to harvest visually...

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Sep 17th 2023 at 9:08 PM

Yeah that all sounds pretty awesome.  
But that's all beyond the scope of what I'm trying to do here, which is to revive this mod as a nod to JakeCool and all the awesomeness he brought to the community.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Sep 17th 2023 at 9:03 PM

That update was completely unrelated.

Those logs have a lot of other mods/issues to digest. But I didn't see anything related specifically to your issue below.  Personally, I would do this - most importantly step #2.

1. Backup your saved game. Exit the game.
2. Open your mods folder and completely remove any older versions of mods that are sitting at that location.  Having the same mod in that folder (even if they are different versions) can be problematic, and disabling mods via the mod manager isn't always enough.
3. Navigate to your Cache folder (it's in the same folder as your Logs folder).  Delete everything in there.
4. Go back to the mod manager and click "reload mods" to ensure that it's all looking clean.
5. Update to the latest game version if possible.

💬 Inabikari, Sep 17th 2023 at 7:36 PM


I see you've pushed another update since then. I'll give that a try real quick.

Edit: Same issue still persists. Here's the entirety of my logs:


💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Sep 17th 2023 at 6:37 PM

I tried to recreate that and couldn't (latest version of game and mods).  It also seems pretty unlikely that that would happen. idk what else to say - maybe there's something in your log files that might provide a clue.

💬 Inabikari, Sep 17th 2023 at 5:40 PM

The newest update has a bug with Alchemy where the healing oil flask damages you roughly equal to the amount healed, resulting in a health total close to before drinking it in the first place. I have no idea how this interaction even exists.

💬 meuhey, Sep 17th 2023 at 4:58 PM

I really wish there was a mod to make trees growth dynamic & look like hytale trees , tall, with visible smaller diameter branches, old growth & snag trees.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Sep 16th 2023 at 3:09 PM

When Jake wrote that bit of code he probably just called the vanilla method for establishing a resin block which would have a randomizer for orientation. It wasn't a deal breaker for me when I first witnessed it, because you can harvest resin from any side of the block as well in vanilla.

Should be an easy enough fix though - I'll add it to the to-do list.

💬 Ryuu, Sep 16th 2023 at 11:25 AM

What would be causing trees that are being scored with a knife to have the resin part placed not in front of the player where they scored but on the opposite side of the block ?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Sep 15th 2023 at 2:29 AM

@Alatyr @Sindin
The new release has somewhat addressed your concerns. See the changelog for more info.

💬 NukoSan, Sep 10th 2023 at 6:35 PM

Thanks  got my genders all wrong ;-) 

💬 Alatyr, Sep 10th 2023 at 10:27 AM

The fact that the tops of trees sometimes remain hanging is really a big pain in the ass. So I hope this problem will be fixed soon.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Sep 9th 2023 at 1:10 AM

That does not appear to be configurable - I've put it on the to-do list and will see if it's something I can implement.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Sep 9th 2023 at 1:06 AM

Yarrow is not from this mod, so I don't think this comment has anything whatsoever to do with me.  But please do annoy *him*, because she makes it a habit of annoying me at every opportunity.

💬 NukoSan, Sep 8th 2023 at 10:38 PM

Yarrow, planted it and destroyed the block underneath it, so with the soil I have picked up something that crashed my game, young Yarrow? Looks like water but brown, whenever I put my cursor above that, the game goes bye-bye ;-) Don't worry about it though, it's not your mod, after a wee bit I've noticed it's the Extended info that's crashing the game, will annoy him ;-)

💬 Sindin, Sep 8th 2023 at 8:42 AM

Was wondering if there is a way to reduce the time it wake for seedlings to grow for bushs and other crops. For some reason its taking 34 days to grow the bush and thats about 1.5 years at default time settings. (almost two seasons with my time settings)

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Sep 6th 2023 at 1:57 AM

It will take much more than just editing some json files, and I'm not willing to tackle that just yet, sorry. I'm assuming that you're talking about Wildcraft Trees...

💬 RobertS42, Sep 5th 2023 at 9:40 AM

Would it be possible to manually add modded trees to this mod? As in editing some manually.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Sep 5th 2023 at 6:13 AM

RogueRaiden Vityuri
Acacia tree scoring has been added to the latest release.


I've removed king crimson maple from the mod so there won't be any more weirdness with that. 
And I'll add your other reported issue to my to-do list, although I'm not overly optimistic that I can fix that one.

💬 Alatyr, Sep 4th 2023 at 11:25 PM

Unfortunately, sometimes the tops of trees remain after felling. When tree growing, in some places the trunk does not continue and a block of foliage remains inside.

💬 RogueRaiden, Sep 4th 2023 at 5:58 PM

Thank you.

I agree with excluding the Crimson King Maple for now at least. Otherwise its basically disabled.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Sep 4th 2023 at 5:28 PM

@Vityuri @RogueRaiden
Fair enough. I've put resin from scraping acacia trees on the to-do list

This is due to limitations in vanilla. I'll look at it yet again - perhaps I can exclude king crimson maple from the mod completely.

💬 Vityuri, Sep 4th 2023 at 2:48 PM

Could we get another option, resin from scraping acacia trees for the drier and hotter climate in the tropics? If balance is an issue, an option to limit only one scrape per tree?

💬 RogueRaiden, Sep 4th 2023 at 12:02 PM

the Acacia resin scraping is for the players of the south. seems to be a desired feature. it could have an optional config for those who dislike it.

💬 Alatyr, Sep 4th 2023 at 11:32 AM

Krimson king maple, when moving from stage 1 to stage 2, it changes foliage to regular maple. Pretty critical issue.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Sep 3rd 2023 at 11:28 PM

I could make acacia trees scrapeable, but I'm not terribly fond of that mechanic as it is.  Find one tall pine tree and all of your resin needs are met.

Primitive Survival tree hollows only exist in world gen trees, not player planted trees.

💬 RogueRaiden, Sep 3rd 2023 at 8:24 PM

could acacia trees be resin scrapeable?

also do Primitive Survival tree hollows appear in grown/growing trees at all?

💬 Dj3dzx, Aug 30th 2023 at 1:18 AM

Could anyone do a tutorial for the mushroom farm pls?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Aug 21st 2023 at 2:17 AM

Unfortunately, yes. The two types of maples are too similar to each other in vanilla (in the backend code that is) for me to distinguish between them for modding purposes...without a lot of work.  

💬 Janeator, Aug 20th 2023 at 11:26 PM

I had a Crimson King Maple grow into a normal maple by stage 2. Is this normal?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Aug 18th 2023 at 3:41 AM

You can add it at any time - new or existing world. Just make a backup first because it's always a good idea to make a backup prior to adding/removing mods.

💬 BlueFuryDragon, Aug 18th 2023 at 12:16 AM

Can you use this mod on a already created world or is it required you start a new world?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Aug 10th 2023 at 12:55 AM

Well I did not have an answer for that so I tried it out.  I made a single change - setting the tree growth stages to 40.
If you want to try it yourself:

1. Start a new world
2. Immediately switch to creative mode /gm 2 so you won't die and have access to the entire inventory
3. Press e, Grab a tree seed and plant it
4. Use /time add 240 over and over again to accelerate tree growth. Note: Once you run that command once you can do like / followed by up arrow to access that command again easily (then press enter).

Before long you will end up with the tallest (and probably gangliest looking) tree ever.

I doubt that you will ever get a 4 block wide trunk ever though.  Maybe with a redwood, because I *think* that that's pretty exclusive to redwoods.

💬 Retsof, Aug 9th 2023 at 9:04 PM

I have a question.  If you increase the tree growth stages will the trees get huge?  And also will they get 4 block wide trunks eventually?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Aug 6th 2023 at 4:40 PM

I do not think that your issue is related to this mod.  I could not recreate the issue and I did not get the impression that the two mods would conflict like this. I have reached out to the In Dappled Groves modder (Vinter), shared my findings, and asked him to look at the issue.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Aug 6th 2023 at 1:41 PM

The second one.  Wildcraft trees aren't included in the growth system.  But the two mods do indeed play nice together - no crashing or other weirdness.

II will try my best.

💬 RobertS42, Aug 6th 2023 at 11:27 AM

"While not integrated with any other mods, Wild Farming - Revival loads up cleanly and functions properly when used in conjunction with mods that you might suspect it would conflict with, like Wildcraft and/or Wildcraft Trees."
When me and my friend tried it with wildcraft trees, the growth system didn't work with the new trees. Or do you mean that the mod doesn't break?

💬 Galena, Aug 6th 2023 at 6:34 AM


Can you leave propagation untouched but just fix this problem?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Aug 6th 2023 at 3:47 AM release up.  Highlights:

FIX: plants and saplings will no longer propogate into water
FIX: plants and saplings will no longer propogate into land claims (including traders)
FIX: only 20% of "proposed" ferns will actually be planted

The changes above will all take effect by simply installing this new version.

See the update log for more info about changing these new default settings.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Aug 6th 2023 at 3:14 AM

Oof.  Yeah I'll see what I can do. The best might be that I disable tree farming/propogation completely in this mod if In Dappled Groves is detected, because both mods seemingly need to control the trunk of the tree for very different purposes.

In the interim, you could definitely do this yourself by setting "LivingTreesEnabled" to false in the mod config file.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Aug 6th 2023 at 3:07 AM

You can only change a config file setting to something similar i.e. true->false, 1->2, 1.0->2.0, that sort of thing.  I've got a release almost ready to go that will address the fern issue. Should be out soon (tonight I think). And thanks!

I've successfully grown mushrooms above and underground.  I've mostly just ensured that there's lots of low or medium fert soil around the mushroom substrate. Some mushrooms are intended to grow on logs only (hover over the mushroom for a hint, and see Mushroom farming for more info on that).  Temperature definitely matters though - just like vanilla mushrooms - you only ever see them at certain times of the year. Now I haven't tested every vanilla mushroom but I've tested several ground and tree type mushrooms and they would all grow.

💬 Galena, Aug 6th 2023 at 12:57 AM

Pine stump in birch tree

We had broken chunks for some time and saw this after the server restart. It seems like a minor conflict between Wild Farming and In Dappled Groves. Please, solve it.

💬 Screwy, Aug 5th 2023 at 1:02 PM

I have a question. My mushrooms don't grow and I wonder why. What blocks are considered dirt exactly? Do they need darkness or cellar effect or something like that to grow?

💬 Castor, Aug 5th 2023 at 3:26 AM

Eyyy, so is there a way to simply slow down the rate at which grass and ferns spread? it would literally take me all of my time, food amd resources to try and clear the field in which i have made my home, but i still really like the feature, it has taken the grassy plains they once were and turned them into a veritable garden of eden, but my only issue is i dont like the shear amount of ferns that have "taken root", so to speak.

In the Config File it says "Harsh Wild Plants: True." Can i put a value there to slow down or increase the speed at which ferns grow with that? does this also effect regular grass? What would a good Value be to say halve the speed?

Otherwise this mod is TOP notch. Really adds to the immersion and make it feel like the land is actually alive and growing. Mad F***in Kudos.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Aug 4th 2023 at 11:15 PM

I think you mean that the stumps without roots are easier to chop down.

This mod creates stumps without roots (when you plant a tree), that have growth stages and propogation.  But are a lot like vanilla trees.  In Dappled Groves creates a different type of stumps entirely (with roots). The two mods might not be a good fit together.

I meant that the two mods together were not causing me any big issues (like crashing).

💬 Galena, Aug 4th 2023 at 8:37 PM


Is that ok that stumps without roots are being destroy faster than stumps with roots? Like few times.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Aug 4th 2023 at 5:35 PM

I did some light testing of this mod and In Dappled Groves the other day and they *seemed* to work ok together.

💬 ribacebola, Aug 4th 2023 at 5:11 PM

Thanks! I thought the mushroom substrate was normal dirt, forest floor or logs.  Thanks again!

💬 Galena, Aug 4th 2023 at 11:24 AM

Does this mod work correcly with "In Daappled Groves" from Vinter_Nacht?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Aug 2nd 2023 at 8:48 PM

You need to right click the mushroom on mushroom substrate. The recipe is in the crafting grid but it's not easy to make since it requires aqua vitae.

💬 ribacebola, Aug 2nd 2023 at 7:29 PM

How can i plant a ground mushroom? When i right click the mushroom over the dirt, my character starts to eat it.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Aug 1st 2023 at 9:16 PM

This mod is highly configurable - edit the modconfig file - change all of the "true" to "false" except for "FlowersEnabled" and maybe "SeedPanningEnabled".

💬 Guimoute, Aug 1st 2023 at 6:48 PM

It's a shame there isn't a standalone version only for flower reproduction. I feel like this mod changes too many things at once.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Aug 1st 2023 at 2:48 PM

Thanks for the additional info SecretFoxfire
I'll also look at preventing regrowth in trader claims.  And if you have some setting changes to share I will gladly make them the new default settings.

💬 SecretFoxfire, Jul 31st 2023 at 6:43 PM

I agree that the foliage regrowth is a little extreme. Everything is completely overgrown with giant ferns and we've even got a tree growing inside a trader claim that can't removed in survival mode. I've tweaked the config values on my server and will see how it goes, but my players are all a little annoyed that the areas they used to use for growing grass are completely dominated by ferns and they're constantly having to fight against having their land taken over by new growth. I don't dislike the idea of the forest recovering and slowly spreading with time, but it's happening way too fast and growing way too much. (Thank you for all the work I'm sure has gone into making/fixing/reviving this mod! I love that I can grow mushrooms. \o/ )

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jul 31st 2023 at 6:20 AM

From what I've seen of the code, I'm an agreeance with FinkThinker.  This mod simply leverages vanilla worldgen code to regenerate foliage, just like vanilla would do. Although now that I've got that working again, I do need to revisit that code yet again to prevent it from regenerating that foliage (and trees) in water. It is highly configurable via the mod config options though - maybe the defaults are a bit extreme...

💬 FinkThinker, Jul 31st 2023 at 2:23 AM

I don't believe this mod changes how much of foliage spawns, the author can correct me if I'm wrong.

💬 IKira, Jul 31st 2023 at 12:49 AM

Please fix the number of eagle ferns that spawn, the forests are filled with vegetation, it's lagging, it's absurd!

💬 Zuul, Jul 23rd 2023 at 11:48 AM

Great mod! 💜

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jul 22nd 2023 at 5:05 PM

I'm not sure, but if it did it would surely have to do with living trees.
you could set "LivingTreesEnabled" to false in the WildFarmingConfig.json

💬 Moon_Dew, Jul 20th 2023 at 10:54 PM

Is this compatible with In Dappled Groves?  I'm trying to figure out which mod's preventing me from splitting logs into slabs.

💬 MrTango, Jul 19th 2023 at 4:58 PM

Kinda needs to have the growth speed reduced and some maximum growth area boundary; had to disable the growth function as my clear plains is infested with tall hedges now, dont want to feel Im at war with the forest, or solely responsible for trimming it.

💬 Ultimaheart4, Jul 16th 2023 at 10:48 PM

SpearAndFang thank you for the reply i wasnt sure just figured the rest of the mod was very useful but was a bit turned off by the tree functions seeing as again world travel is crazy and teleporting seems a bit... not realistic and not super easy to get translocators as is in base game. 

l33tmaan i noticed lol. most of them are really neat and nice features so im glad someone is taking care of the mods.

💬 l33tmaan, Jul 16th 2023 at 2:40 AM


Spang's shoulders are big and broad from carrying some of the most important VS mods into the present day.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jul 15th 2023 at 8:45 PM

Yes, changing those two settings to false will make trees vanilla again.

💬 Ultimaheart4, Jul 15th 2023 at 7:24 PM

jeeze i feel like im perstering you. i didnt know you maintained so many mods! i was wonderinf if the config options for turning off harsh saplings and living tree's would make just the trees standard vanilla mechanics? its a neat idea but i dont really want to travel 10k blocks north/south to farm certain tree's if i read the infor correctly that is posted above it seems that it would work that way wasnt sure if you could confirm that. SpearAndFang


💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jul 14th 2023 at 10:04 PM

A LOT of things can be disabled.  See the configuration section above.  Not sure if you can get it down to simply mushroom growing, but it looks like you can get it close.

You just have to edit your %appdata%\VintagestoryData\ModConfig\WildFarmingConfig.json file with a text editor and change a lot of true to false. 

💬 Cusco, Jul 14th 2023 at 9:57 PM

Is it possible to only have the growing mushrooms part, like edit the mod file or something like that?

💬 Aljistar, Jul 12th 2023 at 11:35 PM

SpearAndFang Thank you for your time. its prob a mod confict on my server. its heavly modded and wanted to reach out to confirm. 

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jul 12th 2023 at 11:30 PM

I don't think this mod is related to your issue.  The vines that are mentioned in the documentation above are references to vines that grow on trees, not pumpkin vines.  I don't believe that this mod touches pumpkins in any way.

For further confirmation, I set up a pumpkin patch with this mod enabled.accelerated time in one month intervals, and had plenty of pumpkins grow.

💬 Aljistar, Jul 12th 2023 at 9:18 PM

im having issues with growing pumkins.  This may not be a mod problem but id like to state it.  they reach 8/8 growth and change to Withered pumkin without vining out. i have 12x12 area, offset water block, free of grass and any blockages, and proper moisture and temp ranges.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jul 10th 2023 at 6:46 AM

Good info. Appreciate that. 🧡

💬 Zetoya, Jul 10th 2023 at 3:27 AM


Tested ! And it's work again !!!!

Thank you for your work ! I will play it on my server with some friend, if I find others bugs, things, you can count on me to do another report ^^

I also tested this mod with a "bunch" of other mods. And so far it seems that it's working without issue.

And since this mod affect only new tree planted by the player, it's compatible with any other mods that add or modify tree handling so far (like Wildcraft Trees, In Dappled Groves, Wildcraft (it does not add new tree but some flora and this mod has no problem with it because it's using only the vanilla plant)).

Caution for others player it's compatible in a way that it's does not prevents them from working together. And I didn't tested all the features that theses mods add to the game together, so take my report with a grain of salt.

Thank you again for your work !

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jul 9th 2023 at 11:50 PM

Another release up! Tree spawning issue solved.
Thanks yet again Zetoya

💬 Mendall, Jul 9th 2023 at 11:33 PM

Wow, I haven't looked in here in a while, it seems from the comments that tree spread is not working. Sad as that is for some it was the only thing about this mod that had me worried, so I think ill give it a shot right quick before it gets fixed. 

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jul 9th 2023 at 10:42 PM

Thanks for the thorough test - I thought I was just unlucky to not have any trees spawn during my limited testing.  I'll dive back in to the code and see what's going on with trees.

💬 Zetoya, Jul 9th 2023 at 7:34 PM


So it works better, but not entirely.
Automatic propagation seems to work on a survival world, but not entirely. I have the impression that this one doesn't generate new trees.

I tested it in a vanilla survival world (vanilla config too), where I modified the terrain to have a large flat area with medium fertility soil (grass). I put different seeds/trees at a good distance from each other. And I passed the time with the command "time add 120 or 480".

So it seems that the automatic generation make new plants/mushrooms/forest blocks/flowers but no tree saplings. Tested on the span of 3 in game years.

I made a few screenshots:

Thanks for the update, we're close!

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jul 9th 2023 at 4:50 AM

New release! 
FIXED: Tree propogation was only working in creative. Now it always works - thanks again Zetoya
NEW: French translation courtesy of Laerinok

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jul 8th 2023 at 5:57 PM

Wow thanks Laerinok!
It will be a part of the next release!

💬 Laerinok, Jul 7th 2023 at 6:27 AM



Here are the fr.json :

Thanks for having made this revival ! :)

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jul 6th 2023 at 2:28 PM

Thank you for the detailed report - I had only tested auto propogation in creative - I'll revisit this and try and get it sorted for the next release

💬 NikolayBrony, Jul 5th 2023 at 12:04 PM

@BigShasta Thank you, I will know who to contact. I'm sorry, I rarely go to the mods section, which is why I answer for a long time.


💬 Zetoya, Jul 5th 2023 at 3:58 AM

Hello !

I have a problem, it seems like the auto propagation system is working only on a creative map.
I was using several mods and I have constated after some testing (compatibility check) that the auto propagation wasn't working. So I tested it on a creative world and it was working well (not for the new sapling from wildcraft tree but as you said, it only work with vanilla trees).

So I decided to test with this mods only, on a brand new normal world (absolutely no change in map config or in the config file of the mods) and it's not working either. It seems that the other features are working because vine, mushroom are present after some time. The base of the tree in the HUD said that is from Wild Farming Revival, and the living process is working too.
In a creative world with this mods only, it worked like the previous test with some mods.

I have tried to clean the area around the tree (remove grass, rock, flower, etc), tried to use richer dirt (high fertility), tried with saplings/seeds of different tree types, tried to change parameters in the config file to ramp up some value. Tried to uninstall completely the mods (deleted zip file, conf file, cache directory). And all of that with a new map for each try. And it did nothing too.

I was using the command /time add number to accelerate time for my testing (like in the demonstration video). I don't know what to do, I think I have tested all the things that I could think of ^^ So please tell me that it's a bug and I'm not crazy xD

Game version : 1.18.6 (Stable)
Mod version : 1.0.7

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jul 4th 2023 at 2:43 AM

I can't say for certain, but that sounds about right.

💬 TiredGamerSynd, Jul 4th 2023 at 1:46 AM

Just wanted to confirm that if I change the following


That the trees will be like vanila but still allow for Resin harvest and the likes yes?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jun 28th 2023 at 11:15 PM

I theory that sounds about right.  In reality, I think that the uniqueness of the vanilla maple trees that may present some real challenges - especially for someone like me that hasn't spent any time looking at tree gen code.  Why they don't have their own trunk block like every other tree is a bit of a mystery.

Most every time I dive into some new vanilla system and try and repurpose it/modify it, I discover some things that are difficult to sort out.

💬 WhiskeySunshine, Jun 28th 2023 at 11:00 PM


The only other thing I could think of doing would be to copy the entire code block for maples, make a new "crimson king maple tree" block and replace all references to like, leaves, seeds, etc with the crimson ones instead for the new block. Though that's mostly just theorycrafting since I don't have access to said code

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jun 28th 2023 at 5:45 AM

I see reports of this on the forum and the discord from a couple of years ago - long before I revived this mod.  I also see that vanilla crimson king maples simply have "maple" trunks (and crimson king maple leaves)  - which is surely why JakeCool never addressed this issue - there's no easy way to do so.

If he couldn't come up with a solution I doubt that I could.  I would consider something like excluding them from the mod though, or locking them in at growth stage 1, so that players can at least permanently have some crimson king maples around their homestead...

💬 WhiskeySunshine, Jun 27th 2023 at 11:13 PM

So, a bit of a weird bug has been popping up for me, I wanted to start planting crimson king maple trees around my village, but after the first growth stage (from stage 1/5 moving to 2/5) the leaves instead turn into a normal maple leaves, making it impossible to cultivate the crimson king maples. Happens on both 1.0.6 and 1.0.7, on vintage story versions 1.18.4, 1.18.5, and 1.18.6-rc.2 thus far, on both server and single player. None of the logs say anything regarding the mod that I could find.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jun 27th 2023 at 5:52 AM

I did plant a bunch of trees in a flat world and advanced time quickly using commands.  There was a LOT of tree spread just like in the video above, but it was hard to guage how quickly that would happen in real time.  I wonder if they only spread in perfectly flat areas?

💬 Kishmond, Jun 27th 2023 at 3:30 AM

@Mendall I've been planting trees in various places for a year in my game and I haven't noticed trees spreading yet. If they do at all it's very slow.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jun 27th 2023 at 12:17 AM

hopefully someone else can answer that question about trees spreading.  I haven't used this mod long enough to know.  sorry!

Also, I searched this mod for any changes to bony soil and there was nothing to be found.  Then I panned bony soil for a while and it seemed aok. 🤷‍♂️

💬 Mendall, Jun 26th 2023 at 7:25 PM

I have thought about trying this mod again (I tried it in the past, and it crashed my game every time I panned bony soil)  but the tree spread mechanic worries me a bit. Are there any limits as to where and under what circumstances trees will spread. I don't want trees to spread out across the desserts or over my animal pastures etc…

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jun 24th 2023 at 4:12 AM

@Rekeme thank you for reporting this. I will add it to my list and try and fix it.

💬 Rekeme, Jun 24th 2023 at 3:11 AM

Hey there! Thank you for reviving this mod. I'm here to report Muddy gravel panning behaves oddly. With no other mods active, panning muddy gravel doesn't reduce the block size so you can pan the same block infinitely.

Another potential problem is that the activity yields nothing most of the time. Coupled with the gravel not decreasing in size it initially seemed like the feature was broken. Is it supposed to give nothing of the time?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jun 23rd 2023 at 2:00 AM

@PeterSanderson nothing reported.  I'm hesitant to test those two mods together, because Vinter's mods tend to go in the opposite direction of what this mod has to offer. 

💬 PeterSanderson, Jun 22nd 2023 at 9:58 PM

Any conflicts with In Dappled Groves?

💬 Coleroni, Jun 19th 2023 at 10:19 AM

the trees are coming

💬 BigShasta, Jun 15th 2023 at 8:08 PM

Hey NikolayBrony Спасибо! I have been studying Russian for many years at this point, as a native English speaker, so if you'd ever like a second opinion or a proof reader, message me in лс! I would love to help bring more Russian speakers into this gritty survival game! Cheers!

💬 NikolayBrony, Jun 9th 2023 at 10:40 AM

@SpearAndFang I was glad to help.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Jun 6th 2023 at 6:55 AM

NikolayBrony yes thank you for this!  I have downloaded your language files and will include them in the next release.

💬 NikolayBrony, Jun 6th 2023 at 5:00 AM

I wrote the Russian language for your mod, since it is used in my build, please answer if you are interested. I also want to say that I am not a professional translator and the translation was done partly with the help of a machine, but with my edits..

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, May 20th 2023 at 2:45 PM

Crossthebase I can only assume it's a mod conflict as I can not easily recreate that when running the latest versions of the game and this mod. I also have wildcraft and wildcraft trees.

Not that it's serious, it just means that there will be no seed drops from saguarocactus.

I'm not sure what other mod would be changing saguarocactus drops.

💬 Crossthebase, May 20th 2023 at 6:30 AM

hey i have this error

20.5.2023 08:23:46 [Error] Patch 2 (target: game:blocktypes/plant/saguarocactus.json) in wildfarmingrevival:patches/saguarocactus.json failed because supplied path /dropsByType/*/0 is invalid: The json path /dropsByType/*/0 was not found. Could traverse until /dropsByType, but then '*' does not exist. Full json at this path: {
"*-topripe": [
"type": "item",
"code": "fruit-saguaro",
"quantity": {
"avg": 2.5,
"var": 1.5
"type": "block",
"code": "saguarocactus-topempty",
"quantity": {
"avg": 1,
"var": 0
"*-branchysegment": [
"type": "block",
"code": "saguarocactus-branchysegment",
"quantity": {
"avg": 1,
"var": 0
"*-segment": [
"type": "block",
"code": "saguarocactus-segment",
"quantity": {
"avg": 1,
"var": 0

💬 AzuliBluespots, May 14th 2023 at 9:43 AM


I got issues similar to what Zerovoid was experiencing. I started a world with the tree growth turned off and wanted to try and turn it on. For whatever reason, both me and a friend but not the other two players in the server crashed. We turned the tree growth off and it went back to normal. And yes, the server is heavily modded. I can send you a crash log for it if it helps.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, May 12th 2023 at 11:31 PM

I'm so confused right now.  

bringitonwimps cattail roots can be split into two with a bucket of water, not a knife, correct?  But this doesn't seem to be necessary.

@denoven I have no problem making rush matting with this mod installed.  The shapeless recipes in this mod are far removed from that recipe, and shouldn't impact that in any way.  I also have no problem planting cattail roots without splitting them.

I don't know much about this mod but I'm not understanding these recent comments at all.

💬 bringitonwimps, May 12th 2023 at 11:22 PM

DeNoven, the catail roots have to be cut with a knife into 2 pieces then planted

💬 DeNoven, May 12th 2023 at 8:54 PM

I'm seeing a conflict with the Vintage Story Sacks mod; to make rush mattings the craft grid has a square of reeds and a knife in the upper right corner, a orientation required recipe. However, the shapeless seed making recipe takes precedence instead, so I can't make mattings. 
Is there any way to change that as/is or could that be fixed?

On the other hand I am also seeing a small, maybe deliberate issue with reeds as well - whole roots can't be replanted (no action on shift click, no hud indicator saying to shift click) but CAN be planted if halved. 

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, May 9th 2023 at 6:17 PM

Zerovoid Oh my that's quite the mod line-up.  Surprised to see Farm Life in there.  If it was me, I'd try a couple of things:

1.  Start a new world with that same set of mods to see if the problem persists.  If it does, it's surely a mod conflict (or a problem with Wild Farming on multi-player servers if you are playing MP, although no one else has reported such an issue yet).

2. Make a backup of your existing world, then in the modconfig file for Wild Farming, set LivingTreesEnabled to false.  This will of course disable all of your living trees, but it *should* clear up that error message completely.  Then zip around to all of the chunks you've visited to ensure that they all get re-loaded.  Finally, if you tried #1 above and it worked without issue, and you're feeling brave, I would go ahead and enable LivingTreesEnabled again.

I mean, it's even possible that these trees were broken because of a previous version of Wild Farming itself.  idk.

💬 Zerovoid, May 9th 2023 at 5:39 PM


Here are the `server-main.txt` logs:

Do you see what you need in there?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, May 8th 2023 at 6:26 PM

Again, I am only accepting feature requests on the official VS Discord.  Click here:

💬 DanaCraluminum, May 8th 2023 at 4:46 PM

Is acacia too solid (hard) to be scored with a knife, or pine is just too soft?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, May 8th 2023 at 3:42 PM

I am only accepting feature requests on the official VS Discord.  Click here:


💬 DanaCraluminum, May 8th 2023 at 2:45 PM

Why not acacia trees? They leak resin too

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, May 8th 2023 at 1:54 PM

"Pine trees can be scored with a knife to leak resin"

💬 DanaCraluminum, May 8th 2023 at 9:39 AM

Can acacia trees be scored with a knife to leak resin?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, May 8th 2023 at 2:20 AM

Zerovoid Sorry I could not replicate that issue here with those versions and the 10 or so mods I normally use. If you post the list of mods and it's not too many I can try and recreate the issue.  Otherwise I will wait for another similar report from someone else before looking.  Both the server-main.txt and client-main.txt have such a list of mods loaded, near the top.

💬 Zerovoid, May 7th 2023 at 8:11 PM


VS 1.18.1 stable; Wild Farming Revival 1.0.5; other mods -- yes, lots

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, May 7th 2023 at 7:33 PM

Zerovoid game version 1.18.0 or 1.18.1?  latest mod version?  Other mods installed?

💬 Zerovoid, May 7th 2023 at 5:05 PM

Hi I'm getting tos of this error in logs and the world just stops:
7.5.2023 19:52:09 [Fatal] System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at WildFarmingRevival.ModSystem.BlockEntityRegenSapling.CheckGrow(Single dt)
at Vintagestory.Common.EventManager.TriggerGameTick(Int64 ellapsedMilliseconds, IWorldAccessor world) in C:\Users\Tyron\Documents\vintagestory\game\VintagestoryLib\Common\EventManager.cs:line 84
at Vintagestory.Server.CoreServerEventManager.TriggerGameTick(Int64 ellapsedMilliseconds, IWorldAccessor world) in C:\Users\Tyron\Documents\vintagestory\game\VintagestoryLib\Server\ServerEventManager.cs:line 122
at Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.Process() in C:\Users\Tyron\Documents\vintagestory\game\VintagestoryLib\Server\ServerMain.cs:line 769

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, May 6th 2023 at 2:27 PM

Burgersim I believe that that's what the modconfig setting "LivingTreesEnabled" is for.  Set it to false.  Or maybe adjust "MaxTreeGrowthStages".  I have not played around with the configuration file much.

Wildcraft + Wildcraft Trees integration is next on the to-do list, but I need to take a break from this mod for a while.

💬 Burgersim, May 6th 2023 at 10:03 AM

Hi, I wanted to ask if there is a possibility to disable the tree growth changes but use everything else? Is Wildcraft Trees integrated to the Tree growth yet? And I get that this takes time, so no pressure ^^

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, May 5th 2023 at 2:14 PM

Willow22 I still don't know sorry.  I have been testing it a bit with Wildcraft, Wildcraft Trees, and the mods that I maintain , but am mostly trying to sort out any remaining issues with the mod itself. Have not tested with other mods.

💬 Spigot, May 5th 2023 at 2:02 PM

We're so back

💬 Willow22, May 5th 2023 at 1:01 PM

Is this compatible with Dappled Groves and Fields of Gold?

💬 AzuliBluespots, May 5th 2023 at 11:56 AM

Oh dang, we're still so early in our multiplayer session D: I TOTALLY want to grow shrooms, but the need for aquavitae makes it pretty much mid to endgame stuff.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, May 5th 2023 at 6:26 AM

New version up.  I really need someone to test the mushroom substrate/farming in multiplayer.  I think it is fixed now.  If not, I've got one more trick up my sleeve.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, May 4th 2023 at 1:51 AM

Shion I will try my best.  EDIT: I have done it for the next release.

💬 Shion, May 3rd 2023 at 11:58 PM

Can you make it so pan stays in the crafting grid when extracting seeds?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, May 1st 2023 at 2:02 AM

Dammit.  Time for plan B.  Thanks for the heads up Khaligufzel

💬 Khaligufzel, May 1st 2023 at 12:28 AM

Unfortunately, using mushrooms on mushroom substrate still crashes the client on version 1.0.3 :<

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Apr 30th 2023 at 4:56 PM

@Gnomp I just now released a new version that makes this mod Wildcraft Trees "friendly".  Not integrated, but there shouldn't be any more crashes when the two are used together.

💬 Gnomp, Apr 30th 2023 at 4:08 PM


Is the WildCraft Trees incompatability Fatal? In other words: is it possible to use the mods in conjunction without crashes like my prior error log?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Apr 30th 2023 at 2:42 PM

Friskain not for me. The video link is this one that Jake made

💬 gndrneutralnoun, Apr 30th 2023 at 2:41 PM

Something weird: Either 1.18 or one of the mods I have makes it so that when I cut a wild vine tip, I just get a regular wild vine segment instead. If it's a mod, I guess I should probably figure out which one... but if it's vanilla, then there's no way to grow more vines afaik.

Edit: I am dumb - there's a recipe for making tips out of regular segments in this mod. Disregard this.


💬 Friskain, Apr 30th 2023 at 1:43 PM

Im sorry but the youtube video shows its for the game Minecraft????

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Apr 29th 2023 at 11:52 PM

@Gnomp sorry this mod is not compatible with Wildcraft Trees (yet). I was mistaken below.

💬 Gnomp, Apr 29th 2023 at 5:55 PM

29.4.2023 17:53:32 [Fatal] System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at WildFarmingRevival.ModSystem.BlockEntityRegenSapling.CheckGrow (System.Single dt) [0x004f2] in <77a3e55e40bf4f25ac3d8e16a816ab74>:0
at Vintagestory.Common.EventManager.TriggerGameTick (System.Int64 ellapsedMilliseconds, Vintagestory.API.Common.IWorldAccessor world) [0x000d3] in <53a52d6c9cac448aa583eeff54e6c897>:0
at Vintagestory.Server.CoreServerEventManager.TriggerGameTick (System.Int64 ellapsedMilliseconds, Vintagestory.API.Common.IWorldAccessor world) [0x00000] in <53a52d6c9cac448aa583eeff54e6c897>:0
at Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.Process () [0x0020d] in <53a52d6c9cac448aa583eeff54e6c897>:0

I hope this is of help!
World is frozen and does not recieve any player inputs.
Wildcraft trees was used.

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Apr 29th 2023 at 2:26 PM

Heads up/Correction: Wildcraft Trees and this mod are not playing nice together, so do not use them both at the same time. Sorting this out is high on my priority list.

💬 AzuliBluespots, Apr 29th 2023 at 9:47 AM

Brace yourselves, SaF said it, mod support is coming (eventually)

Let the fellow vintarian cook :)

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Apr 29th 2023 at 3:21 AM

bringitonwimps I've intentionally disconnected it from wildcraft trees when I debugged it.  I did so to help get all the bugs out as a standalone mod (regardless of whether wildcraft trees was installed or not).  Once I'm fairly confident that it is 100% stable, I will try and have it integrate with that mod.

Also, a couple of fairly serious bugs have been identified with this initial release, so you might want to wait for the next one.

💬 bringitonwimps, Apr 28th 2023 at 11:53 PM

i have always been wanting to utilize tyhis mod.  i am also wondering if it works with in dappled groves, but even more so cause it would seam since dapplked grove doesnt effect tree growth just the logs after it would likely.   but the mod im wondering if anyone knows is does it work with wildcraft trees?.. will it recognized a tree as a tree and effect them.  i amn going to attempt to test it but if anyoine has any knowledge on this be great, or if anyone is genuis enough to make it work that would be amazing!

💬 Tyyni, Apr 28th 2023 at 8:39 PM

Anyone know if this works with Vinter's In Dappled Groves?

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Apr 28th 2023 at 4:25 PM

Yanazake The config file was unchanged, so it should be the same.  I only crushed the bugs.

💬 AzuliBluespots, Apr 28th 2023 at 3:25 PM


Is the config file the same?

💬 rboys2, Apr 28th 2023 at 3:14 PM

You love to see it, great revival!

💬 SpearAndFangAuthor, Apr 28th 2023 at 2:44 PM


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