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Rough gems can drop from different types of stone: diamonds, emerald, corundum, fluorite, lapis lazuli, olivine, quartz, uranit. They can be found in 3 sizes, their usefulness depends on it. To process these stones, you need to make a grinding machine (jewelgrinder), which is connected to the shaft. You will also need different grinding wheels. To put a circle inside you need to press RMB + ctrl. Rough, medium, fine in that order will need to use circles. By holding RMB in a rotating circle with a stone in hand, particles will begin to appear, which shows an ongoing process. As soon as the processed stone is processed for this stage, the particles will stop appearing and one of the unnecessary parts will disappear from the stone shape.

The finished stones can also be used to receive bonuses when inserted into sockets in tools/armor. The sockets have 3 levels: bronze(any), iron, steel. Only small gems can be inserted into bronze, medium and small gems into iron, any gems in steel sockets. The sockets are forged on an anvil. The items that you can attach nests to will have info in the description about how many gems can be encrusted. For example, the plate armor, where 2 stones can be inserted into the chest, 1 gem into the head and legs. For a knife or pickaxe, the amount depends on the material. To attach sockets or insert gems into already attached sockets on an item, you need a jeweler's table. In the first tab, nests are attached (nests can no longer be changed after). The gems themselves are inserted in the second tab. You can change the stones in the socket, the old gem will be replaced.

bonuses of gems:
diamonds - movement speed 2%, 4%, 8%
emerald - add. health 1, 2, 4
corundum - digging speed 3%, 6%, 9%
fluorite - melee damage 3%, 5%, 8%
lapis lazuli - hunger reduction -3%, -6%, -10%
olivine - armor wear reduction 5%, 10%, 15%
quartz - bonus to mined ore 5%, 8%, 11%
uranit - healing bonus 5%, 10%, 12%
malachite - bonus drop for wild crops 2% 5% 9%
You can insert into the sockets on the armor: diamond, emerald, lapis lazuli, malachite, olivine, uranit.
On a pick: corundum or quartz.
On the knife: malachite.
On melee weapons: fluorite.

Textures and shapes for gems are taken from the game.

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+drop from wild crops

💬 Dimanari, 5 days ago

what does Malachite do?

there are descriptions for all the rest.

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