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Category: #QoL #Technology #Utility
Author: ZigTheHedge
Side: Both
Created: Feb 14th at 7:41 PM
Last modified: Oct 11th at 8:13 AM
Downloads: 2891

Hey, fellow players!

Here's the initial public release of my "tweaks collection" mod, which aims to make yours (actually, mine :)) survival experience better!

This mod adds the following:

-------------------- Blocks and Items -------------------------


Build one on a server and ask your friends to do the same. Afterwards, craft yourself a parcel and fill it with with whatever your friend needs. Then choose your friend's address and use your mailbox to send the parcel along with a short message.


Get rid of all your garbage with a convenient method of trash disposal! You are able to recover up to three items placed last before it will disappear forever.

Rusty Spikes:

These sharp rusty spikes able to hurt anyone who will try to jump on it! So, keep your eyes open!

Branch Cutter:

Ever wanted to build a hedge out of leaves? Well, there's a tool for leaf-gathering now! It's called a Branch Cutter! Five variants available (Copper, three kinds of Bronze, Iron).


Give your instruments a breath of a new life. Use Grindstone Assembly with a Grindstone to spin the handle and sharpen your old tools to repair it.

Sulfuric Acid and Glue:

Now to make a proper grindstone, you'll have to make a glue first!

-------------------- Patches -------------------------

Trapdoor patch:

Now trapdoors will act like a ladder. So, you can use it on a block instead of a ladder to climb the last block!

Vines Patch:

Now players can use those Wild Vines as a ladders

-------------------- Compatibility *For Modders* -------------------------

It is possible to make use of my Grinder to sharpen modded tools. All you have to do, is to add the following information to your item's attributes (or attributesByType) CASE-SENSITIVE:

"sharpenable": true,
"onGrindstoneTransform": {
		translation: { x: -0.2, y: 0.3, z: 0.4 },
		rotation: { x: 50, y: 0, z: 0 },
		origin: { x: 0.5, y: 0.1, z: 0.5 },
		scale: 1

Of course, use your proper values for onGrindstoneTransform.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.1 193 Oct 11th at 8:13 AM Show
v1.0.0 102 Oct 5th at 8:03 AM Show
v0.8.12 645 Jul 25th at 10:02 PM Show
v0.8.11 206 Jul 12th at 7:28 PM Show
v0.8.10 96 Jul 8th at 5:12 PM Show
v0.8.9 660 Apr 17th at 6:24 PM Show
v0.8.8 377 Mar 24th at 1:38 PM Show
v0.8.7 302 Mar 12th at 10:09 AM Show
v0.8.6-B 162 Feb 25th at 9:42 PM Show
v0.8.5-B 148 Feb 14th at 7:49 PM Show

7 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

Dythanos, Oct 8th at 3:42 PM

You're recent update does not seem to fix the Lead Vessel Molds as intended... It says in the item discription that you need to make it in the pit kiln, but it won't let you build the kiln.

Skanell, Jul 31st at 12:12 PM

Hello! Could make the branchcutter able to pick up green spire cypress logs?

SimonTheVampyre, Jul 31st at 12:12 PM

The lead vessel mold parts can't be fired in a pit kiln.
Can't place down grass or twigs around them.

Ravingmad, May 16th at 6:36 PM

Awesome! Thanks so much, Lisabet!

Lisabet, May 16th at 8:21 AM

if you go to VintagestoryData/ModConfig (instead of the Mods folder you put mods in) there's a file called NecessariesConfig; you can disable any parts of the mod you don't want to use :)

Quite a few mods have config files/folders you can change stuff in, though not all of them ofc.

Ravingmad, May 16th at 6:08 AM

Is there a way to turn off the vines as ladders (or if not, can I request a toggle for that in the next update?) I love the rest of the mod, but I keep accidentally climbing up trees when trying to run somewhere fast through the forest and it gets a little annoying...

Leonoric, Apr 5th at 12:01 AM

Thanks for the mod !

Cool idea with sharpening tools and a trash can.💯
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