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Author: Minni6in
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Created: Mar 7th at 3:11 AM
Last modified: Mar 18th at 1:33 AM
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Creatures & Critters 1.2.0 (always the latest required) -

A mod that makes animals from my Creatures & Critters mod into pack animals.

You must train a baby animal first and they grow into trained adults.

To access the trained animal's commands and inventory just sneak/crouch-right click them.

To give them treats for training and for gaining obedience just right click them with the treat.

The config file is for allowing following pets to teleport to you if they get too far away, this is disabled by default.

Animals the mod affects:

  • Alpacas - pack animal
  • Elephants - fighting and pack animal
  • Camels - pack animal
  • Caribou - defends itself and pack animal

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.1 3712 Mar 18th at 1:33 AM Show
v1.0.0 353 Mar 7th at 3:42 AM Show

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💬 Stejer, 5 days ago

so i tried to tame an alpaca but it seems that you cant order them with the petai and i just cant make them move (note the alpaca was a baby one since from my experience from other petai mods that is how you do it so that might be the reason but anyway if you could make so the baby ones could listen to you id be grateful!)

💬 Artor, Jun 1st at 6:08 AM

I don't suppose you can ride these animals, huh?

💬 Chuck_Formerly, Apr 23rd at 12:04 AM

Gerste Everything seems to be working as it is supposed to. Thanks a bunch for checking it out!

💬 Gerste, Apr 20th at 7:20 PM

As Minni6in has announced his absence from modding in the near future, I tried fixing this on my end. Please checkout the new version of petai to see it that resolves the issues. Sry for the inconvenience. Chuck_Formerly

💬 Chuck_Formerly, Apr 12th at 6:27 AM

Taming and training animals is working out fine, but I'm having trouble actually storing items on the animal.

The first item will transfer to the animal's inventory just fine. When a second item is selected to transfer, a duplicate of the first item is then created in the player inventory in the location the second item occupied.

At times it will be random whether the item that appears in the player's inventory, or the animal's inventory is in fact the 'real' item.

These duplicated items can be moved, stacked, and held in the player's hand but the entire stack will vanish if the player throws them with 'Q'

This is making it functionally impossible to use the animals to store and transport items since trying to add more than a single item to its inventory will fill both the player and animal's inventories with glitched out items.

I have tested using this mod in a fresh creative world with no mods enabled besides Pack Animals, Pet AI, and Creatures & Critters. The bug persisted.

Given how immediately apparent this bug is, and the fact that nobody else has posted about it here, I can only assume something is going massively wrong on my end! Any advice would be very much appreciated.

💬 Minni6in, Mar 20th at 8:23 PM

hotfix is just updating required dependencies

💬 Minni6in, Mar 17th at 9:21 AM

update will be released today

edit : and there it is 😁

💬 Minni6in, Mar 13th at 7:30 PM

the elephant, camel and caribou update is now in full development

💬 Minni6in, Mar 7th at 4:43 AM

@ Shion   gonna do elephants too, alpacas are less noisey now if thats what was making you not like them 😅

edit : oh also I'll be adding camels and caribou or elk to Creatures & Critters soon so they'll get pack versions as well

💬 Shion, Mar 7th at 4:26 AM

Will there be only alpacas there? Rly don't like em for some reason...

💬 Minni6in, Mar 7th at 4:03 AM

nope sorry I didnt notice I dragged the wrong zip over until I was doing C&C's and it said it was already uploaded 😅

💬 HersheysWaffles, Mar 7th at 3:58 AM

Ah, I wondered why the file was named C&C, thought it was a replacer :)

💬 Minni6in, Mar 7th at 3:57 AM

k it's all good to download now

💬 Minni6in, Mar 7th at 3:53 AM

hold up I put C&C here by mistake, 1 sec

💬 hussar, Mar 7th at 3:49 AM

Awesome!  I've been wanting this feature for a long time!

💬 HersheysWaffles, Mar 7th at 3:48 AM

Very nice!

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