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Hide And Fabric Mod v1.2.2

This mod adds individual animal hides for each species and animal hide/fur clothing articles, additional fibre crops and plant fibre fabric, wool and sheep shearing and more.

Use animal hides to create warm fur clothing!

Animals furs and fur clothes
This mod adds animal hide items specific to each animal type and their subvariants, you can turn each type of hide into a generic raw hide by placing it into the crafting grid on it's own, which is required if you want to process them into oiled pelts or into leather. Currently you can create a fur/hide cap and fur/hide boots out of each type of hide available, the types available are as follows: Boar hide, Fox fur (arctic, forest), Hare fur (arctic, ash grey, dark brown, dark grey, desert, gold, light brown, light grey, silver, smoke grey), Raccoon fur, Sheep hide (lamb and large both produce the same clothing item) and Wolf fur (dark grey, smoke grey, light grey, dark ash, light ash, white, dark brown, light brown, gold).

Gather new plant fibre crops that provide an alternative to flax!

Plant fibre crops
Currently you can find cotton growing wild wherever the temperature is between 10-45 degrees C, the rainfall is between 40-100% and the forestation 0-80%. You can use cotton twine, fabric blocks and cloth for most of the purposes that you could use linen for and can make a homespun shirt, pants and gloves from it and dye the cloth to produce coloured chairs or tailored gambeson armour.
You can also discover jute growing wild in areas between 12-45 degrees C, 30-80% rainfall and up to 70% forestation, jute fibres can be turned into coarse, scratchy but tough burlap cloth that can't be used to make armour but can be used in almost every other recipe you can use flax/linen in. Burlap cloth is required to construct standing large burlap sacks which serve as an improved form of food storage, providing useful decay reduction to protein and fruit foods contained within.

Raise sheep and shear their wool as an alternative source of fabric!

Sheep, wool and shearing
Once you've bred sheep up to generation 3 you can begin to shear them every 14 days either with a pair of shears or if none are available, with a knife (which is less effective and produces less usable wool). You can use wool twine, fabric blocks and cloth for all the same purposes that you can use cotton for which is most of the recipes you can use linen in. Like cotton, you can make a woolen tunic, leggings, shoes, overcoat, parka, gloves, mittens and neckscarf from the cloth or dye it to produce chairs, neckscarves and tailored gambeson armour in your favourite colour.

Make and wear cool and functional clothing!

Shoes and movement speed
The new courier boots and tailor-only travelling boots provide a 6% and 8% movement speed boost respectively which is great for long-distance treks, the linen/cotton/wool shoes (and silk if you have SpiderSilk installed) provide a lesser but still useful 4% (and 5% for silk) movement speed bonus. Overcoats and gloves, which can be converted into parkas and mittens respectively by combining them with fabric and a stuffing of feathers, loose wool or plant fibres, both provide great warmth and serve as great cold weather gear. Stylish leather hats and overcoats, along with an assortment of other garments allow you to make strides toward your dream outfits.

Credit to Jakecool19 for providing the shearing entity behaviour code I adapted for this mod, Craluminum2413 for totally restructuring the mod for version 1.1.0 and

This mod includes a document intended to aid modders in implementing the sheep shearing entity behavior in their own mods configured to use this mod as a dependency.

Support me and help me make more mods!

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.2.2 490 Jun 16th at 12:32 AM Show
v1.2.1 616 May 27th at 1:07 AM Show
v1.2.0 47 May 26th at 7:42 PM Show
v1.1.0 972 Feb 12th at 2:25 PM Show
v1.0.2 163 Feb 10th at 11:38 PM Show
v1.0.1 116 Feb 10th at 12:26 PM Show
v1.0.0 119 Feb 9th at 9:11 PM Show

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Catasteroid, 6 days ago

PhyDoesStuff Good call and thanks for the concise feedback, I'll fix all these texture issues for version 1.2.3 and release it today or tomorrow.

PhyDoesStuff, Jun 22nd at 2:32 PM

Looks like texture assets are missing or incorrectly specified in some Item and Shape files in 1.2.2:

22.6.2022 09:11:46 [Warning] Texture asset 'hideandfabric:textures/item/bag/jutesack/jute.png' not found (defined in Item hideandfabric:sack-jute).

Should be hideandfabric:textures/item/bag/burlapsack/burlap.png?

22.6.2022 09:11:46 [Warning] Texture asset 'hideandfabric:textures/item/bag/jutesack/top.png' not found (defined in Item hideandfabric:sack-jute).

Should be hideandfabric:textures/item/bag/burlapsack/top.png?

22.6.2022 09:11:46 [Warning] Texture asset 'hideandfabric:textures/entity/fox/forest-female.png' not found (defined in Shape file hideandfabric:item/resource/hide/small-fox).
22.6.2022 09:11:46 [Warning] Texture asset 'hideandfabric:textures/entity/sheep-bighorn-male.png' not found (defined in Shape file hideandfabric:item/resource/hide/large-sheep).

These two files just don't exist in textures/entity

22.6.2022 09:11:46 [Warning] Texture asset 'hideandfabric:textures/entity/humanoid/serapharmor/forest-female.png' not found (defined in Shape file hideandfabric:entity/humanoid/seraph/clothing/head/foxcap).
22.6.2022 09:11:46 [Warning] Texture asset 'hideandfabric:textures/entity/humanoid/serapharmor/female-darkbrown.png' not found (defined in Shape file hideandfabric:entity/humanoid/seraph/clothing/head/harebrowncap).
22.6.2022 09:11:46 [Warning] Texture asset 'hideandfabric:textures/entity/humanoid/serapharmor/raccoon-male1.png' not found (defined in Shape file hideandfabric:entity/humanoid/seraph/clothing/head/raccooncap).

These items don't exist, nor do equivalents exist inside textures/entity/humanoid/seraphclothes/head

22.6.2022 09:11:46 [Warning] Texture asset 'hideandfabric:textures/entity/humanoid/seraphclothes/neck/neckscarf-cotton-gray.png' not found (defined in Item hideandfabric:clothes-neck-neckscarf-cotton-gray).
22.6.2022 09:11:46 [Warning] Texture asset 'hideandfabric:textures/entity/humanoid/seraphclothes/neck/neckscarf-linen-gray.png' not found (defined in Item hideandfabric:clothes-neck-neckscarf-linen-gray).
22.6.2022 09:11:46 [Warning] Texture asset 'hideandfabric:textures/entity/humanoid/seraphclothes/neck/neckscarf-wool-gray.png' not found (defined in Item hideandfabric:clothes-neck-neckscarf-wool-gray).

The texture pngs use "grey", so just a naming issue


22.6.2022 09:12:21 [Warning] Failed resolving a blocks blockdrop or smeltedstack with code hideandfabric:fabric-burlap-normal-down in tradehandbookinfo

Catasteroid, May 27th at 5:40 PM

PeterSanderson I've reuploaded version 1.2.1 with fixes for the language file lines and recipes for silk mittens/gloves

PeterSanderson, May 27th at 4:47 PM

A search under mittens in the handbook shows "hideandfabric:item-clothes-hand-silk-mitten"

I'm assuming this is interfacing with the Spider Silk mod, but the item appears uncraftable at the moment.

EpsilonSequence, May 27th at 4:21 PM

ate0ate Do you mean the placeable pelts and stuff? They don't drop as items from Primitve Survival afaik, you get them by placing oiled hides. It randomises based on what size pelt you use. Likewise if you break them they drop as regular pelts, not the item.

ate0ate, May 24th at 12:37 AM

Greetings Catasteroid! I absolutely love the mod but had one tiny compatibilty issue. I pestered SpearandFang about this earlier and they stated that the issue was rather complicated to fix (which is fine) so I figured I'd run it by you as well. When using Hide and Fabric along with Primitive Survival both mods create unique hides that drop from various animals but only the hides from Hide and Fabric actually drop in-game. The pelts used in Primitive survival can be used as decorative items on floors and walls so it would be nice if the mods could somehow play nicely together. Its certainly not game breaking since it seems it just results in missing decorative items, but not losing that would be pretty nice too. No problem at all if this is an issue that cannot be fixed or is just far too involved, I just thought it worth asking. Either way, I thank you for your work here!

macoto_hino, Apr 13th at 6:07 AM

@Catasteroid Looking forward to warm clothing in version 1.2.0!😆

Catasteroid, Mar 20th at 7:14 PM

JaeSaber Which version of the mod are you running? If I remember correctly I fixed this issue with the 1.0.1 release, download the latest version and if it still crashes let me know

JaeSaber, Mar 20th at 3:32 AM

When opening medium hides in the hand book it crashes my game

Catasteroid, Feb 25th at 12:06 PM

macoto_hino Again thank you very much for the translation, I've integrated it and have added you to the authors list. I've begun work on version 1.2.0 and it will include more cold weather clothing including warm woolen clothes, fur jackets and less effective but still fairly warm quilted fabric clothing.

macoto_hino, Feb 18th at 9:56 PM

Translation complete.And I have a request from you as well.I need better winter gear.
I'm currently playing in a very cold area, and in the middle of winter, it can get down to -40 degrees Celsius, and I can't handle that with my vanilla winter gear. Please help me.🤣

HideAndFabric-1.1.0 - ja.json

Catasteroid, Feb 15th at 12:11 AM

Lisabet Initially I had disabled the vanilla wolf entities and used my own which had variants like the hares and that allowed me to make wolves drop the matching hide but I went back on this decision and decided to use a generic wolf hide instead and let people customise their wolf hide boots/hats by placing them in the crafting grid in specific slots to produce a specific variant. I hadn't adjusted any of the other animals. Apologies for rendering your previously harvested hides useless- me and Craluminum2413 compiled all the different hide items into a single item with multiple variant groups to cover all the current hides and any future hides I might add. You can throw the broken hide items away by dumping the items on the ground and they'll despawn after a while. I won't be changing the hide item again so this will only be a one-time occurrance.

Lisabet, Feb 13th at 12:45 AM

I'm curious if your mod forces spawns of the various animals that give fur; I see your changelog mention 'massive wolf overpopulation' and I'm actually seeing a similar issue with foxes (7 foxes chasing the same rabbit in a line is amusing but not normal :P) the game itself already spawns these animals, so is there really a need to spawn 'more' of them?

also, the latest update seems to have broken my previous furs from rabbits, a boar and a fox, they're just white squares in the chest now. 

Catasteroid, Feb 12th at 2:27 PM

Abed Obligational Please download the new 1.1.0 patch, it resolves the wolf pelt issues

Abed, Feb 12th at 10:29 AM

I didn't get any wolf pelts. Are they not included in this mod? I'm using version 1.0.2.

Obligational, Feb 12th at 1:41 AM

Love the mod so far!

Downloaded the new patch though and it looks like the wolf hide is still messed up, as wolves don't drop anything and in the handbook it shows its name as "hideandfabric:item-wolfhide", and then there is no icon for the wolf fur cap as well.

YourCreator, Feb 11th at 2:38 PM
ManaWei, Feb 11th at 12:24 PM

How does this mod Play with Lichen and Farm Life ?

1618, Feb 10th at 7:58 PM

Look forward to checking this out.

One thing that I dislike in vanilla is that clothes, beds, textiles, etc... dont have much variability in warmth differences. And no variables beyond temp and strength. We really need more meaningful variables in this game to create more complex and challenging survival mechanisms. Its all just so easy and thus boreing currently.

Catasteroid, Feb 10th at 12:32 PM

Lisabet SilverBird I've corrected the raw hide recipe issue, the issue with wolf fur drops and another issue that involved traders, thank you for the feedback

Lisabet, Feb 10th at 5:39 AM

also I'm not getting furs or hides at all; killed a good 15 wolves and on butchering only got meat/bones/fat

edit got the crash on trying to look at raw hides in the handbook too

SilverBird, Feb 10th at 4:54 AM

I cannot turn furs into raw hides, the game crashes upon looking up recipes for raw hides.

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