Mods / QPTECH v1.1.4 (for VS 1.15.1) Now Available! Clayforming, Metal Press, Wash Plant, Macerator, Electric Kiln!

Category: #Furniture #QoL #Technology
Author: WQP
Side: Both
Created: Mar 17th
Last modified: 6 days ago
Downloads: 2153

QPTECH - Machines for your survival world.

Version 1.1.4 - Electrical devices can now be powered from all 6 sides (so you can run wires along the top)
                       - Electric Kiln - will retrieve raw items from a container on its left, and with sufficient power, will output fired items to a container on its right (this is fairly power hungry and will need its own lv generator or a lot of stored power in order to complete the firing process)
Version 1.1.3 - Vintage Story 1.15.1 support, don't forget to also update your QPTECH API mod
Version 1.1.2 - fixes an OP wash plant bug where way too much ore was being given when washing ore chunks

(Fixes wires not working)

Version 1.1.0 Has been released! \o/

REQUIRES The QPTECH API Mod (very small simple mod to allow other mods to integrate)

Added Electricity! Check the new qptech getting started entry for details!

Current devices include:

Presenting QPTECH 1.1 the LV update
1.1 additions:
- Electricity: basic power generation and several handy devices
- Clayformer: produces unfired clay goods from raw clay
- Metal Press: produces metal plates and other items from heated ingots (softer metals only at this tech level)
- Macerator: chews up ore chunks to yield more ore as well as processing other materials
- Wash Plant: a second layer of processing, pass thru sand, gravel, other items (more to come soon) with a chance of gaining other items such as clay, ore nuggets etc
Electric Forge: limited but useful 2 slot forge that heats ingots and metal pieces with electricity, no ignition required!
- includes the original automated firepit parts, cabinetry, cast iron stoves, and the icebox.

Sound OP? Get ready to make a lot of parts and subparts first! Some on the anvil and some assembled. You'll also want a screwdriver!

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This tech mod will seek to add balanced, useful devices to Vintage Story.

Cast Iron Oven - Add a bit of vintage charm to your kitchen with this old style cast iron oven. Features smoke effects, placeable in different directions, and has a 10% heat bonus for cooking times. (v1.02)

New in 1.03 (Available now!): Kitchen update!


  • Kitchen cabinets - 3 part kitchen cabinets now available in all wood types. Act as containers (less slots than chests)
  • Icebox - a high food preservation block, put in a glacier ice block to get an extra bonus to food preservation (will very slowly use up ice) - only 5 slots for balance (with one to be taken up for ice if you chose)
  • Kitchen sink - decorative block available in all wood types, also functions as a liquid storage container
  • Large Cast Iron Oven - similar to the small one, but has a solid top and lines up with blocks. You can place items on top of it (for display only food items cook inside of it) Doesn't need a solid block below it.
  • Encased Lantern - a very bright, full block light source great for fitting into builds
  • Bronze Item Hatch - 24 slot storage chest to fit with the automated firepit

Automated Firepit - Automatically loads a firepit with items to process and fuel and outputs the items to a container. Saves you on fuel waste, and lets you load multiple different items, light it and come back later.

  • Bronze Machine Hull - intermediate, placeable item used to make the other parts
  • Firepit Loader - takes items from the container above it and pushes them into the firepit below it
  • Firepit Unloader - takes completed items from a firepit and pushes them into a container below it
  • Firepit Stoker - Takes fuel from a chest above it and pushes it to firepits on all four sides as needed. (Will only insert fuel one at a time and only if an item is being processed)
  • Bronze Industrial Oven - just a firepit with a fancy model and name (does not require the Machine Hull to build) gives a 10% heat bonus

KNOWN ISSUES: (Latest version of xskills works fine now!)

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.1.4 137 6 days ago Show
v1.1.3 79 Jul 17th Show
v1.1.2 281 Jun 10th Show
v1.1.1 69 Jun 9th Show
v1.1.0 36 Jun 10th Show
v1.1.0-pre.1 370 Apr 30th Show
v1.0.5 478 Mar 31st Show
v1.0.4 234 Mar 24th Show
v1.0.3 117 Mar 23rd Show
v1.0.3-pre.1 98 Mar 21st Show
v1.0.2 159 Mar 18th Show
v1.0.1 85 Mar 18th Show


Juliusvanvern, 5 days ago

Für alle die wissen möchten was genau der Mod macht und wie man ihn benutzt (auf Deutsch), anbei ein etwas längeres Tutorial, bzw Modvorstellung. (Mit Inhaltsverzeichnis) ❗❗❗❗❗


Theisgood, Apr 19th

I can't explain what happend but my fishing lines from primitive surival mod turned intro your kitchen cabinets when installed this for the first time.

I can't even think of why. There is a error in the change log I can send you. 

Theisgood, Mar 25th

Thank you so much for making such an amazing mod! :)

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