Mods / QPTECH - v1.6.4 - Electric Crucible and Heaters now available in survival!

Category: #Furniture #QoL #Technology
Author: QPTECH
Side: Both
Created: Mar 17th 2021 at 3:29 PM
Last modified: Jan 20th at 1:29 PM
Downloads: 7294

QPTECH - Machines & Automation for your survival world.

- bugfix: crash when shift-right clicking clayformer with no item
- added model for crucible
- added (temp) models for heaters
- added heating coil lv part (made via smithing)
- added recipes for industrial lv & mv heaters (uses heating coils, removed old heater-mv recipe)
- added crucible chamber part (smithed)
- added recipe for crucible
- new crusher & bloomery machine models from Andy
- ui tweaks

- electric forge slighly increased max heat so you have time to transfer to machines if heating manually
- bugfix: macerator etc still plays sound and animates when switched off
- added maceration recipe: stone-chalk->lime
- added recipe list ui for Recipe Processor type machines (wiremill and bloomery)
- electrical devices have a status ui, right click on device to view - and also turn device on or off
- heater device will heat up contents of neighboring chests (with a heatingefficiency setting) - Creative Block no recipe yet
- crucible block: can be set to alloy or single mode, will pour ingots based on available heated items in input hatch
*will only process exact quantitites - Creative Block no recipe yet
- changed steam boiler to require the "combustion" processing type - which right now is provided by the industrial bronze firepit
(to prevent infinite power issues)
- changed carrying capacity integration to patch based (should clear errors)

QPTECH 1.6.x Change Log
- VS 1.16 ONLY
- fixed Tanks to use new water portion units
- fixed pipe network to use new water portion units
- fixed boiler water usage
- fixed prim generator water usage
- fixed water tower water generation and storage
- adding sound to industrial generator
- added wiremill sound (more as a test)
- added washplant sound

- roughed in steam particles and sound for boiler block
- increase boiler water usage
- primitive/creative generator animations running again \o/
- added simple turbine Animation and sound
- added crusher model
- added crusher animation
- added bloomery model
- Added crusher sound
- batteries now power from all directions (updated graphic)
- added sheet roller animation
- most devices will stop animation/doing particles etc if not in use
- added lathe animation
- added wiremill animation
- readded animations for metal press based machines and clayforming based machines (produciton time now 3 sec)
- readded animations to washplant and macerator

- macerator: processes quartz, cinnabar, bones, limestone

- added bloomworker - iron bloom to ingot machine makeable at iron age
- bugfix weird empty electric forge contents

- todo - fix bloom worker running with no heat, and reduce sound

- washplant has chance to drop limestone from gravel

[dev]Roughed in drill
- adding concrete recipes


Support QPTECH

Discord (check out the #help section!)

New Youtube Channel with Tutorial Videos!



1.5.4 Changelog
- watertower snowcoverage set to false
- fixed "INVALID POWER NETWORK" messages
- fixed Macerator not making powderedsulfur
- added metal channel part
- added recipes for Iron Frame, Iron Platform, Iron Stairs
- added lathe model
- added boiler block model
- added turbine block model
- added generator block model
- girders, metal stairs, metal platforms now climbable

1.5.3 Changelog
- Washplant now has partial processing of bony soil

  • added recipes:
    • bloomery-mv
    •  crusher-mv
    •  wiremill-mv
    •  boiler-small
    •  heater-mv
    •  turbine-small
    •  industrialgenerator-mv (Generator MKII)
    •  lathe
  •  added new block machineryblock-steel (core part for new mv machines)
  •  added some creative tabs and moved things around (QPTECH, QPTECH-Parts,QPTECH-Decor)
  •  fixed pipewrench recipe

1.5.2 Another small update
- primitive generator will no longer explode!
- should fix generator "off off", and "no heat"
- fix generator sound and "generating power" display when not running
- adding hardmetalplate press to handle iron & steel plates
- adding iron machineplate recipe

1.5.1 Small update!
- added ru.json (let me know how this works)
- added carrying capacity support

1.5 released!

1.5 Changelog (* devices are only available in creative right now)

  • QPTECHAPI no longer used or needed (will be ignored)
  • much improved power networks, connected devices form networks share storage/generation/usage as a single network
  • fixed device powering on/off
  • disabled animations to preven major crash
  • added Fluid networks to more smoothly move fluids thru pipes
  • a pipe on side or bottom will take fluid out of a network
  • only pipe on top of fluid tank will input into tank
  • barrel filling
    • pipes over barrels will fill them (if possible)
    • will stop filling if a valid sealable recipe is present
    • will also drain from bottom if barrel cannot be sealed or if it's not sealed
  • LV Punching Machine - plates->drilled plates
  • *MV Lathe - cold ingots -> rods
  • new machine types/industrial processes:
    • *MV Heater - supplies 2000 units of heat if powered (needs electricity)
    • *MV Crusher - supplies crushing power (needs electricity)
    • *Boiler- provides steam (requires heat + water)
    • *Turbine - provides torque (NOT related to the mechanical power system...yet)
    • *MV Generator - provides power from torque (from the turbine NOT related to mechanical power system)
  • irrigation pipes tweaked to use new fluid network
  • added items:
    • braided copper wire
    • cable
    • cracked rubber crucible
    • steel screws, steel bolts, steel rings
    • MV Stator, MV Rotor, MV Motor
  • MV Sheet Roller - metal plates-> metal sheets
  • *MV Wiremill - metal sheets-> metal wire

Version 1.2.1-pre.2
Hotfix - make it so screw press doesn't require heated rods as you can't heat up rods on the forge

Version 1.2.1-pre.1

Rebalancing release:

- cheaper crafting recipes in general
- improved machine output flow (eg: 2 ingots into press, yields plate, which can be fed into the rod machine to yield 5 rods, each
rod can yield 12 screws in screw press, so you can now get 30 screws from an ingot)
- preview builds of the motor and generator - electrical and mechanical power together! Please test in creative and provide feedback in the discord!
     Motor - electricity to mechanical power
     Generator - mechanical power to electricity - no you can't hook a motor to a generator and have them power each other :D
     Thanks to Novocain for making the models, and getting the code working!
     (one issue is on load the generator would have to be re-placed, i'm sure there are many other issues that will pop up!)
- better descriptive text in many places
- pipe bending machine - 2 plates yields 3 chute sections
- batteries, junctions, and wires can handle a lot more power
- new junction graphics, thanks Andy!

  • - you can now make bronze plates in the plate press-
  • tin wire is being deprecated, you can now use copper in all the machines


Version 1.1.5 - tweaks and balancing
- cheaper recipes in some cases - 2x motors now require single motors.
- metal plate press can now make bronze plates
- added bronze wire pull plate (needs a quick fix)
- increased Kitchen Cabinet storage to 20, also increased wood cost
- copper wire now usable for wireplates (will probably phase out tin wire)

Version 1.1.4 - Electrical devices can now be powered from all 6 sides (so you can run wires along the top)
                       - Electric Kiln - will retrieve raw items from a container on its left, and with sufficient power, will output fired items to a container on its right (this is fairly power hungry and will need its own lv generator or a lot of stored power in order to complete the firing process)
Version 1.1.3 - Vintage Story 1.15.1 support, don't forget to also update your QPTECH API mod
Version 1.1.2 - fixes an OP wash plant bug where way too much ore was being given when washing ore chunks

(Fixes wires not working)

Version 1.1.0 Has been released! \o/

REQUIRES The QPTECH API Mod (very small simple mod to allow other mods to integrate)

Added Electricity! Check the new qptech getting started entry for details!

Current devices include:

Presenting QPTECH 1.1 the LV update
1.1 additions:
- Electricity: basic power generation and several handy devices
- Clayformer: produces unfired clay goods from raw clay
- Metal Press: produces metal plates and other items from heated ingots (softer metals only at this tech level)
- Macerator: chews up ore chunks to yield more ore as well as processing other materials
- Wash Plant: a second layer of processing, pass thru sand, gravel, other items (more to come soon) with a chance of gaining other items such as clay, ore nuggets etc
Electric Forge: limited but useful 2 slot forge that heats ingots and metal pieces with electricity, no ignition required!
- includes the original automated firepit parts, cabinetry, cast iron stoves, and the icebox.

Sound OP? Get ready to make a lot of parts and subparts first! Some on the anvil and some assembled. You'll also want a screwdriver!

Join the mod discord

This tech mod will seek to add balanced, useful devices to Vintage Story.

Cast Iron Oven - Add a bit of vintage charm to your kitchen with this old style cast iron oven. Features smoke effects, placeable in different directions, and has a 10% heat bonus for cooking times. (v1.02)

New in 1.03 (Available now!): Kitchen update!


  • Kitchen cabinets - 3 part kitchen cabinets now available in all wood types. Act as containers (less slots than chests)
  • Icebox - a high food preservation block, put in a glacier ice block to get an extra bonus to food preservation (will very slowly use up ice) - only 5 slots for balance (with one to be taken up for ice if you chose)
  • Kitchen sink - decorative block available in all wood types, also functions as a liquid storage container
  • Large Cast Iron Oven - similar to the small one, but has a solid top and lines up with blocks. You can place items on top of it (for display only food items cook inside of it) Doesn't need a solid block below it.
  • Encased Lantern - a very bright, full block light source great for fitting into builds
  • Bronze Item Hatch - 24 slot storage chest to fit with the automated firepit

Automated Firepit - Automatically loads a firepit with items to process and fuel and outputs the items to a container. Saves you on fuel waste, and lets you load multiple different items, light it and come back later.

  • Bronze Machine Hull - intermediate, placeable item used to make the other parts
  • Firepit Loader - takes items from the container above it and pushes them into the firepit below it
  • Firepit Unloader - takes completed items from a firepit and pushes them into a container below it
  • Firepit Stoker - Takes fuel from a chest above it and pushes it to firepits on all four sides as needed. (Will only insert fuel one at a time and only if an item is being processed)
  • Bronze Industrial Oven - just a firepit with a fancy model and name (does not require the Machine Hull to build) gives a 10% heat bonus

KNOWN ISSUES: (Latest version of xskills works fine now!)


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.6.4 307 Jan 20th at 1:29 PM Show
v1.6.3 172 Jan 17th at 12:50 PM Show
v1.6.2 853 Jan 9th at 4:47 PM Show
v1.5.4 303 Dec 12th 2021 at 1:43 PM Show
v1.5.3 161 Dec 4th 2021 at 12:21 PM Show
v1.5.2 99 Dec 2nd 2021 at 1:27 PM Show
v1.5.1 104 Nov 30th 2021 at 2:16 PM Show
v1.5.0 104 Nov 29th 2021 at 12:03 PM Show
v1.4.0 478 Nov 1st 2021 at 11:18 AM Show
v1.3.0 628 Sep 12th 2021 at 5:25 PM Show
v1.2.1-pre.2 550 Aug 4th 2021 at 12:08 AM Show
v1.2.1-pre.1 91 Aug 3rd 2021 at 8:53 PM Show
v1.1.5 278 Jul 25th 2021 at 1:26 PM Show qptech
v1.1.4 257 Jul 18th 2021 at 2:38 PM Show
v1.1.3 174 Jul 17th 2021 at 12:32 PM Show
v1.1.2 380 Jun 10th 2021 at 7:49 PM Show
v1.1.1 150 Jun 9th 2021 at 10:42 PM Show
v1.1.0 117 Jun 10th 2021 at 7:46 PM Show
v1.1.0-pre.1 453 Apr 30th 2021 at 1:46 PM Show
v1.0.5 565 Mar 31st 2021 at 12:56 PM Show
v1.0.4 313 Mar 24th 2021 at 12:28 PM Show
v1.0.3 185 Mar 23rd 2021 at 10:57 AM Show
v1.0.3-pre.1 176 Mar 21st 2021 at 11:27 PM Show
v1.0.2 229 Mar 18th 2021 at 8:36 PM Show
v1.0.1 157 Mar 18th 2021 at 10:05 AM Show

11 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

Leatherneck, 3 days ago

playing 1.15.1 added your storage container under a firepit unloader and it crashed the server , just repeats the following after restarting the server and trying to log in unsuccessfuly 


16:33:00 [Server Fatal] System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at qptech.src.FirepitUnloader.FirepitUnloaderEntity.OnTick(Single par)
   at Vintagestory.Common.EventManager.TriggerGameTick(Int64 ellapsedMilliseconds, IWorldAccessor world)
   at Vintagestory.Server.CoreServerEventManager.TriggerGameTick(Int64 ellapsedMilliseconds, IWorldAccessor world)
   at Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.Process()
QPTECH, Jan 17th at 12:47 PM

Pitoucc ah I will look into that.

Pitoucc, Jan 13th at 3:14 PM

Seems like crouch clicking on a clayformer with an empty hand might cause a client crash.

QPTECH, Jan 12th at 6:51 PM

@Buggi Carry Capacity not required, but it is implemented

Buggi, Jan 12th at 5:46 AM

Is Carry Capacity a required mod? I'm getting my log files filled with CC errors for some of your blocks.

Xestisa, Dec 5th 2021 at 12:19 PM

Maybe a suggestion too make power in walls :) nice mod keep the work up

OmegaHaxors, Dec 4th 2021 at 11:21 PM

You should probably specify somewhere that normal firewood can't get hot enough for the generator.
The current wording implies you can just start a fire and get power, when that's not the case.

Risepolak, Oct 7th 2021 at 12:35 PM

Water tank work ?? i was create it  outside with spruce wood pland  and  copper block but no work when i  using  right  mause key i dont see structure block...

Juliusvanvern, Jul 20th 2021 at 9:09 AM

Für alle die wissen möchten was genau der Mod macht und wie man ihn benutzt (auf Deutsch), anbei ein etwas längeres Tutorial, bzw Modvorstellung. (Mit Inhaltsverzeichnis) ❗❗❗❗❗


Theisgood, Apr 19th 2021 at 1:26 AM

I can't explain what happend but my fishing lines from primitive surival mod turned intro your kitchen cabinets when installed this for the first time.

I can't even think of why. There is a error in the change log I can send you. 

Theisgood, Mar 25th 2021 at 5:58 AM

Thank you so much for making such an amazing mod! :)

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