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Author: NemaxuswarZet
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Created: Jan 10th at 7:55 PM
Last modified: Jun 20th at 7:49 PM
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Latest file for Various v1.19.x: 1-click install

With this mod you you gain the ability to transform logs into planks by sawing them when they are placed in the world.

You cannot get planks in a traditional way though(via crafting grid).

The istructions are simple:

  1. Place a log.
  2. Use your saw on a log by holding right click.

Simple as that!

The higher tool tier of the saw is, the less time it takes to saw a log.

Todo List:

  • compatibility with other mods
  • third person animations
  • configs(currently mod has some but more can be added in the future)

In current state the block will be sawn always from one predetermined side. I am currently working on a way to make it more flexible.

Also only logs are sawable atm. Planks, stairs, etc are still made/converted to planks via grid crafting.


Configs that are in mod and how to access them

If you want to change the configs you need to go to folder named ModConfig which is located in VintagestoryData(VintagestoryData/ModConfig/ImmersiveWoodSawingConfig.json)


  • "AutoLogPlacement" (true/false) - will autoplace log from your inventory as soon as you completely saw previous one (default value - false)
  • "AllPlanksAtOnce" (true/false) - if true you will get all the planks in one go, so you don't need to get them one by one (default value - false)
  • "PlanksPerUse" (int) - how much planks you will get per use. Recommended values are between 1 and 12. Lower - will be ignored and set to 1. Higher - only works if you have modified grid recipes which result in more then 12 planks per log. (default value - 1)
  • "DisableGridRecipe" (true/false) - If true will disable grid recipes. If false will leave them enabled.(default value - true)
  • "SawSpeedMultiplier" (float) - changes the speed of interaction. Lower value - slower. Higher - faster(better not make value too high as it can break the interaction) (default value - 1.0)

Version changelog:

  • "AllPlanksAtOnce" config was replaced with "PlanksPerUse" which uses int valuse so you can change the amout of planks you get
  • Now there is an option to keep grid recipes enabled via "DisableGridRecipe" config. 
  • Added "SawSpeedMultiplier" config. Now you can change how fast/slow each interaction will be.


If you need any support follow the link to the discord mod post by clicking on the icon >

(I do read the comments on ModDB but they are uncomfortable to use for conversations)

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v0.2.2 605 Jun 20th at 7:49 PM Show Install now
v0.2.1 114 Jun 19th at 8:26 PM Show Install now
v0.2.0 1260 May 9th at 2:20 PM Show Install now
v0.1.1 1363 Jan 11th at 5:15 PM Show Install now
v0.1.0 125 Jan 10th at 9:14 PM Show Install now

46 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 gndrneutralnoun, Jun 20th at 8:07 PM

Ah, I see. I was probably having the silent crash as well, I've just updated my version of the mod. Thank you for this essential mod! :)

💬 NemaxuswarZetAuthor, Jun 20th at 7:52 PM

gndrneutralnoun, you need to download a mod that adds plank recipes for debarked logs. Basicaly if any other mod has such recipes they will be supported.

💬 NemaxuswarZetAuthor, Jun 20th at 7:46 PM

Maamessu, thank you for the report. Found out what the problem was. Will make a hotfix now. But will warn you there may be some unintended behaviour with certain type of nonstandart wildcraft logs.

💬 gndrneutralnoun, Jun 20th at 7:45 PM

Hi! I appreciate the update! How do I enable the support for recipes using debarked logs?

💬 conninator2000, Jun 20th at 7:10 PM

Just came by to report what maamessu just encountered, I wonder what changed to break the compatibility in the latest version - anyways great mod! Keep up the good work, your mods are a staple of my playthroughs now :)

💬 NemaxuswarZetAuthor, Jun 20th at 6:45 PM

Tels, thank you for telling me. I left it unchecked cause i accidentaly deleted it :)

💬 Maamessu, Jun 20th at 5:47 PM

I reported this on discord as well, but there seems to be an issue in the latest version. The mod simply stops working if installed alongside Wildcraft: Trees & Shrubs. For now I've rolled back to v0.2.0, which works fine.

💬 Tels, Jun 20th at 4:38 PM

The modinfo.json still says it needs 1.18.8 - which makes VS complain when you are on 1.19.8. This seems to be a typo or leftover?

💬 MrTango, Jun 14th at 6:15 PM

Instead of the animation only cutting 1 slice and giving 1 board, maybe just make the animation fully extended to cut the full log, as a way around punishing board to tool durability ratio.

💬 DeansOnToast, May 21st at 6:25 PM

Hi NemaxuswarZet, Could you add a little line of text to the planks entry in the handbook (same goes for immersive wood chopping)?  Dont think I'm going to play without these mods ever again!

💬 gndrneutralnoun, May 17th at 2:16 PM

Awesome, thanks! I'll look forward to that!

💬 NemaxuswarZetAuthor, May 17th at 1:39 PM

gndrneutralnoun, this will probably be a standalone content mod which will be compatible with sawing mod. The reason is simple - there is no recipes for planks using debarked logs in vanilla. Instead you normaly get support beams. Although as you metioned before logicaly there should not be any difference.

💬 gndrneutralnoun, May 17th at 2:16 AM

Hi! Could you possibly add a config option to be able to saw debarked logs? Preferably giving the same amount as a barked log. I believe bark would be useless for making planks anyway, so I think that debarked/barked shouldn't have any difference. Thank you for making this mod!

💬 NemaxuswarZetAuthor, May 13th at 1:11 AM

Undea, yes it is true. Unfortunately i couldn't find the solution that wouldn't become either unrealistic or abusable. The way it works now is the tool is damaged each time you complete the interaction. But you can modify the amount of progress (how many planks per interaction) you make via mod's config. So technicaly you can make it use one durability per block(by sawing it all in one go) if you so desire.

💬 Undea, May 13th at 12:38 AM

hey there, i did notice.

when you saw you use 1 durability from the saw (1 log 12) and in vanilla when you make planks you use 1 durability per 12 planks (1 log 1)

so you get much more planks in vanilla out of one saw.

💬 NemaxuswarZetAuthor, May 7th at 9:34 PM

Marlim, yes i am currently work on updating it. But you can still use the current version if you desire. It just lacks saw animation. 

💬 Marlim, May 7th at 8:08 PM

Do you intend to update this mod to 1.19?


💬 ManaWei, Mar 17th at 11:09 AM

Somehow this mod doesn't work.. and my crafting grid recipe is still enabled 

💬 NemaxuswarZetAuthor, Mar 11th at 6:49 PM

Austin, it's not exactly broken, it is just not used by the game anymore. Speaking of Wildcraft Trees it is already supported. And generally this mod will support any other mod that follows the vanilla recipe patterns for planks.  

💬 Austin, Mar 10th at 7:06 PM

Sad to see the animations broken but your work alone has made the feeling of surviving and building a home much more of a challenge, and by extension, a triumphant achievement. Is there any plans to eventually add support to the Wildcraft Trees eventually, as was done with your Wood Chopping mod as well?

💬 NemaxuswarZetAuthor, Feb 11th at 12:48 PM

SovietPacop , it is due to changes on how fp animation works in 1.19 - it uses third peson animation instead. So any code made in previous versions like 1.18 for this animation will not work. It needs to be rewriten.

💬 SovietPacop, Feb 10th at 11:19 PM

I love the idea behind the mod, and I read that there's no longer 1st person animation. Is that a bug or...? Im loving the gameplay but I feel like watching the saw go back and forth would make the time waiting for the plank to finish go by faster!

Not to take away from it ofc, really enjoyed it so far :D

💬 NemaxuswarZetAuthor, Feb 8th at 8:00 PM

LarekFlynn , thank you for the report. Will fix that as fast as possible. Although this  may take longer than with Chopping mod because i am also working on come other part for Sawing mod. 

💬 LarekFlynn, Feb 8th at 7:05 PM

I love your mods! looks like sawing needs the same fix as chopping did. conflicting with toolworks 1.5.4

12:56:48 [Error] [immersivewoodsawing] An exception was thrown when trying to start the mod:
8.2.2024 12:56:48 [Error] [immersivewoodsawing] Exception: An item with the same key has already been added. Key: game:log-placed-aged-*
at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.TryInsert(TKey key, TValue value, InsertionBehavior behavior)
at ImmersiveWoodSawing.ImmersiveWoodSawingModSystem.GenerateBasicPlanksRecipeList(ICoreAPI api) in C:\Users\Maxim Sobanin\AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryModDevelopment\ImmersiveWoodSawing\ImmersiveWoodSawing\ImmersiveWoodSawing\ImmersiveWoodSawingModSystem.cs:line 58
at ImmersiveWoodSawing.ImmersiveWoodSawingModSystem.AssetsFinalize(ICoreAPI api) in C:\Users\Maxim Sobanin\AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryModDevelopment\ImmersiveWoodSawing\ImmersiveWoodSawing\ImmersiveWoodSawing\ImmersiveWoodSawingModSystem.cs:line 39
at Vintagestory.Common.ModLoader.TryRunModPhase(Mod mod, ModSystem system, ICoreAPI api, ModRunPhase phase) in VintagestoryLib\Common\API\ModLoader.cs:line 654
8.2.2024 12:56:48 [Error] Failed to run mod phase AssetsFinalize for mod ImmersiveWoodSawing.ImmersiveWoodSawingModSystem

💬 Lodey, Feb 6th at 10:45 PM

Regarding getting boards from planks, stairs, etc. what about a new sledgehammer tool that busts apart certain crafted blocks when you right-click similar to the woodcutting mod?

💬 NemaxuswarZetAuthor, Jan 26th at 6:12 PM

SuaveDoggo, In general the mod will work fine. But there is no more first person animation for saw. 

💬 SuaveDoggo, Jan 26th at 2:51 AM

It seems to work fine for me on 1.19.1 though from what I can see !

💬 NemaxuswarZetAuthor, Jan 20th at 8:44 PM

Shion, possibly? But right now i need to port this mod on 1.19 and that will require some mod rework in terms of animation first.

💬 Shion, Jan 19th at 10:45 PM

Sawing speed option?

💬 Vari_Ares, Jan 19th at 12:26 AM

FINALLY !!! <3

💬 NemaxuswarZetAuthor, Jan 14th at 10:34 PM

Gorfinhofin, Yes this a bug in current Ancient Tools. I managed to contact the author and he said that he will try to fix it in the next update

💬 Gorfinhofin, Jan 14th at 6:43 PM

I can confirm that this is not compatible with Ancient Tools. With Ancient Tools enabled, trying to saw a log will convert it into the sawed log variant, but you can't actually initiate the sawing animation or get boards from it. It works just fine if I disable Ancient Tools.

💬 NemaxuswarZetAuthor, Jan 14th at 1:32 PM

Stroam, Thank you for the ideas. Unfortunately there is already a mod that has such block/mechanics in "In Dappled Groves" mod. The only thing it's lacking are the animations. Not shure if i should do such imitaion..

💬 Stroam, Jan 14th at 3:01 AM

Love the particles. Love the in-world crafting.
One thing that would make it better in my opinion is if you clicked the saw on the log and the saw became part of the animation with each right click or holding right click it moves the saw back and forth. However, I'm aware that may make changing the speed of the cut difficult as I don't know if it is possible to do varying animation speeds in which case you'd have to do a different animation for each tier.
Also, maybe consider a trestle/saw horse not because what you have isn't great, but because this is a block game and players would love to build a lumberyard. So anything that supports that aim such as log piles, players would love. Bonus points if stations can be set up to automatically draw from a nearby woodpiles.

💬 Dante, Jan 13th at 4:35 PM

This is very cool, thank you.
Devs take note, we need more gridless immersive ways of crafting and doing things :)

💬 Alatyr, Jan 13th at 3:18 PM

Need to make sawhorses for logs

💬 Alcyonaria, Jan 12th at 9:59 PM

loving it

💬 Farian, Jan 12th at 1:53 PM

Yes! I super love immersive wood chopping and I'm so glad this exists too now :D

💬 NemaxuswarZetAuthor, Jan 11th at 9:40 PM

It sounds like you used the creative block for testing...

💬 NemaxuswarZetAuthor, Jan 11th at 9:36 PM

TimSithis, what were you doing when this happended? And what mods do you have?

💬 TimSithis, Jan 11th at 7:15 PM

Not sure why but for me, and on my Server it seems that the Mod isn't working, where could I check why? I got those ???? Cubes as for the immersive block sawables.

It says when I press shift Something about it not being a Log, + that there is 0 planks left.

I think it could be because of the Ancient tools mod..I belive but not sure.

💬 NemaxuswarZetAuthor, Jan 11th at 3:07 PM


Yeah, I saw the problem. I will probably add a config for now to make disabling optional

💬 NemaxuswarZetAuthor, Jan 11th at 2:47 PM

Exmortis, NeksAltrein

Right now there is a config in mod that lets you change the behavior so you can saw a whole log in one go. If you need a more precise control i will look what i can do.

💬 Exmortis, Jan 11th at 7:08 AM

Howdy NemaxuswarZet 

Have you seen the Linear Power mod? That adds in a mechanical Sawmill for making planks
It's not compatible with this, as this removes the recipe that the Linear Power Mod uses
I am wondering if there is anyway to do a work around?

Also, I think you should do 4 planks at a time, sawing a quarter of the log, rather than 1 at a time, just for speed purposes.
I love the immersive aspect, but this takes quite a while longer!

Thanks for the mod

💬 NeksAltrein, Jan 11th at 1:25 AM

It looks great! But you either need to speed up the sawing, or add a shaft-driven mechanism. Otherwise it will be beautiful, but it will hurt to play.

💬 A_Tree, Jan 11th at 12:26 AM

Holy cow! That is awesome

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