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Author: gndrneutralnoun
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Created: Jun 1st at 7:45 PM
Last modified: Jun 1st at 7:50 PM
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Latest file for v1.19.8: 1-click install

Have you ever played with Ancient Tools, and thought it was silly that you get less planks for debarked logs? Sure, it might be a good difficulty feature, but realistically, bark would be completely useless for planks. I prefer realism over difficulty, so I made this mod.

Craft a saw and a debarked log together, with the saw over the log, to get 12 planks just like with a normal log. I added compatibility with Wildcraft: Trees and Shrubs and all the current Floral Zones mods with new wood types as well. (East Asiatic's new trees give vanilla wood types.)

The detail-oriented among you will notice - this recipe conflicts with the vanilla recipe for support beams! Not to worry. I've added a patch for those recipes that makes them shaped instead of shapeless. You will now craft support beams by placing the debarked log to the right of the saw, rather than simply in any slots.

Future plans:

  • Add patches for any other mods that add new wood types as they are made public/I learn about their existence.
  • All below plans depend on learning how to use ConfigLib.
  • Patch for Ancient Tool's firewood recipe, replacing it with a recipe that yields 4 firewood instead of 2 (disabled by default).
  • Configurable plank output - choose to suffer with only 8 planks if you so wish, or maybe 10. Or increase it to 16, or any number.
  • Shapeless alternate recipes where saw + debarked log = planks, and saw + chisel + debarked log = support beams (disabled by default).
  • Take suggestions.

FYI: I struggled way too much trying to get the Wildcraft Trees compat working. I figured out that putting a file under /assets/compatibility/modname/ with the same filepath and name as a file that exists in the mod you're providing compatibility for causes Problems. In my case, it was /assets/compatibility/wildcrafttree/recipes/grid/plank.json. Don't make the same mistake I did.

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3 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Maamessu, Jun 11th at 4:23 PM

No worries. That's exactly what I did, actually. XD

💬 gndrneutralnounAuthor, Jun 11th at 2:11 AM

@Maamessu Sorry I missed your comment, I've had a busy few days. I'll look into fixing that as best I can and as soon as I can, but no promises. If you really need the fix ASAP, you can open the .zip and remove the file /assets/sawdebarkedlogs/patches/beams.json, which should hopefully revert the beam patch and remove beam crafting via the grid again.

💬 Maamessu, Jun 3rd at 6:01 PM

By including the beams patch, you appear to be overriding Ancient Tool's configuration setting for in-world beam crafting only.

That is to say: I have a recipe for crafting beams when I shouldn't after installing this because I have that option turned off in Ancient Tools. =<

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