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Author: Medeka
Side: Both
Created: Dec 27th 2023 at 8:27 PM
Last modified: Mar 15th at 7:52 PM
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Latest file for v1.19.4: 1-click install

I. Dismantle

Adding a variety of recipes for dismantling the clutter found around the ruins. Should cover most clutter blocks.

Basic required tools:

  1. A saw for wood-like clutter. Get those aged planks and put them to good use.
  2. A chisel for metal-like clutter. Mostly iron bits will be recovered, but also some brass.
  3. A hammer for smashing whatever looks like glass. Gives crushed quartz usually.
  4. A barrel for those rotten books. Get some linen pulp back from the ancients, it's your turn to write history.


II. Repair

In case you like the aestethics of ruined furniture, now you can fix some of it to reuse it in you homestead. Fix broken lanterns with some quartz or just replace the broken boards of the aged chests.


III. Illuminate

Hate it when all the jonas lamps you find are broken? Yeah me too, that's why now you can fix 'em too. All that gooey shiny stuff in them, called from now on temporal fluid, can be yours!

Step 1: Acquire temporal gears (that's a you problem).

Step 2: Pulverize them! (Tier 3) to get Coarse Temporal Dust.

Step 3: Acquire Aqua Vitae (another you problem).

Step 4: Combine one part of Aqua Vitae with one part of Coarse Temporal Dust to obtain Temporal Fluid.

Step 5: Scoop up a bowl of Temporal Fluid and combine it with a broken jonas lamp in the crafting grid.

There it is, your refurbished jonas lamp (warranty not included).

This mod is prone to changes, so if I missed out any clutter objects please do bring it up.

Special thanks to all the people in the mod-development channel in the official discord for their guidance.

Note: this mod should technically work with most other mods, it only adds recipes. The only part where issues might appear would be the temporal fluid production, in case other mods make the temporal gears pulverizable. In any case, back-up your world and never take any risks.

Note2: the 1.1.0 version works with no erros for me, but testing every recipe takes time. If you have any issues it is faster to contact me on the main discord post.

IV. Changelog

1.0.1 - for game version 1.18.15

  • ADD - Conversion recipe for blister steel to steel.
  • ADD - Secondary output from crates and barrels that are full of other scraps and some other items.
  • ADD - Ruined weapons dismantling.
  • ADD - Recipe for dismantling the rust rotten book.
  • FIX - Lore bookshelves - missing recipes.
  • FIX - Candlestub recipes missed an "s" (candlestub -> candlestubs).
  • FIX - Jonas lamps - missing recipes.
  • FIX - Locus parts - missing recipes.
  • FIX - Forgotten the "collected" tag from the clutter attributes. Collected tag makes clutter collected not have a chance to be destroyed like clutter found in ruins.
  • FIX - Random clutter - missing recipes.

1.1.0 - for game version 1.19.x (tested on 1.19.3, should work on all 1.19.x versions)

  • ADD - Recipes for all the new clutter added in 1.19 (Ruined bed, Drying rack, Coat rack, Suit and Suit racks, Metal fences).


  • FIX - Random clutter - missing recipes.

V. Special thanks:

  • pervysage4559 for pointing out items missing recipes in the VintageStory discord server, on the mod post.
  • Everyone downloading this mod.


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.1.1 1849 Mar 15th at 7:52 PM Show Install now
v1.1.0 203 Mar 13th at 7:18 PM Show Install now
v1.0.1 68 Mar 13th at 7:18 PM Show Install now
v1.0.0 1101 Dec 27th 2023 at 8:55 PM Show Install now

12 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 LadyJade90, Jun 18th at 1:14 AM

the handbook doesnt show all the recipies

💬 Aeonsteel, May 24th at 4:37 PM

Could we get a compat recipe for Expanded Matter's Temporal Grains?

💬 Novabella, May 23rd at 3:36 AM

How possible would it be to make clutter items usable? I found an aged bed, and gluing it made it useless clutter.

💬 MedekaAuthor, Mar 13th at 7:27 PM

Sorry for the delay. I had less free time, but it's now out, version 1.1.0 for game version 1.19. Let me know if it anything errors out.

💬 Novabella, Mar 3rd at 12:50 AM


Not trying to be pushy or rush, I just wanted to make sure this one wasn't abandoned or anything. I look forward to trying it out whenever you have the time! Best of luck to you

💬 bogidenzzz, Feb 12th at 2:38 PM



thx thx, great mod btw, truly an underrated QoL feature!

💬 bogidenzzz, Feb 12th at 2:33 PM
💬 MedekaAuthor, Feb 12th at 1:36 AM


That's a good idea, thanks for suggesting. It will go into the next update most probably.


Hey, yes, I had some personal troubles but I will update it the following weeks for 1.19.

Thank you for the feedback!

💬 bogidenzzz, Feb 4th at 12:23 PM

is there  any chance to add dismantling without tools for earlygame? which would just give aged firewood.

also can you update this to 1.19 

💬 Novabella, Jan 28th at 8:15 PM

Will this mod ever get an update for 1.19? 

💬 Randwulf, Dec 30th 2023 at 9:40 PM

Pretty baller! Even if with Bricklayers and Expanded Matter 2, I can't craft the Jonas Lamps, the rest seems in working order, albeit maybe a bit "cheaty" in some cases (the metal barrels are one example of this : Imo, 1 plate or 2 should be enough; same with the easy molybdo lanterns (maybe have a few nuggets in there are to "repair" the frame before getting some clear glass in there or just get the plate recipe)).

Locust parts have been forgotten, but I suppose either tinbronze or brass nuggets could be the result of their recipe. For the rest, I am still scouting about to try and test most of the clutter.

It makes me hopeful that the main game/ core game would use the clutter in the same way (dismantling /research kind of deal). Keep it up!

💬 Aedis, Dec 28th 2023 at 6:45 PM

Hello Medeka
How about 2 ruined bed pieces (different) crafted together + maybe some planks or/and cloth to repair them into bed?

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